He took a leading part in the reconstruction, in 1874, of the New Zealand University system and sat on the New Zealand University Senate for over thirty years. He left a widow, one son, and a daughter.

27. Professor T. W. Rhys Davids, D.Sc., Ph.D., LL.D., D.Litt., aged 79, a distinguished scholar and an authority on Pali and Buddhist literature, was the son of a Congregational pastor. From Breslau University he entered the Ceylon Civil Service, where, among other posts, he held that of Archeological Commissioner. Returning to England he became Professor of Pali and Buddhist Literature at University College, London, and Professor of Comparative Religion at Manchester University. From 1885 to 1904 he was secretary and librarian of the Royal Asiatic Society, and was president of the Pali Text Society, which he founded. He did much for the advancement of Oriental study and published a number of books. He left a widow-also a writer on Buddhism-one son and two daughters.

- The Rev. James Cooper, D.D., Emeritus Professor of Ecclesiastical History in Glasgow University, was a Scottish church leader of considerable note. Born in 1846, he was educated at Elgin Academy and Aberdeen University. For many years an outstanding figure in the Assembly of the Church of Scotland, he became its Moderator in 1917. Although he was a convinced Presbyterian, he worked ardently for the wider and catholic unity of the Church, and will be remembered chiefly for his work in this connexion. The Ecclesiological Society was founded by him in 1886. His distinction as a scholar was recognised by honorary degrees from Aberdeen, Durham, and Dublin Universities. He published several works. He left a widow.

– Mrs. Max Green was Johanna, younger daughter of John Redmond, M.P., and was well known as the author of several Irish plays which were produced in London and Dublin. She married in 1913, Max Green, Chairman of the Irish Prisons Board, who was shot dead by a thief in March. She left two children.

28. Sir George Faudel Faudel-Phillips, Bart., G.C.I.E., Lord Mayor of London in 1896-97, the year of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria's reign, was born in 1840, his father being a wealthy Jewish merchant who had also served as Lord Mayor of London. He entered his father's firm of warehousemen and manufacturers in Newgate Street, and when the firm became Faudel's Ltd., became its chairman. His municipal career began in 1884, when he served as Sheriff of London and Middlesex. He was created G.C.I.E. for his services in raising, during his mayoralty, 550,0001. for the relief of Indian famine sufferers. He was president of the Royal Hospitals of Bridewell and Bethlehem and of the Jew's Hospital and Orphan Asylum at West Norwood, and was a governor of Christ's and St. Bartholomew's Hospitals. His wife, a daughter of Mr. J. M. Levy, proprietor of the Daily Telegraph, died in 1916, leaving two sons and three daughters.

- Emile Moreau, the French playwright, whose age was 70, claimed to be the author of “Madame Sans-Gêne.” He first wrote it as a drama, but at the suggestion and with the collaboration of Sardou, treated it as a comedy, and with it achieved world-wide fame. He specialised in historical drama and operatic libretti, and first achieved fame at the age of twenty-six with “ Parthénice," a one-act play, produced by Mme. Sarah Bernhardt. He was awarded the Prix de Rome in 1883 for a cantata, “Le Gladiateur," and won various other awards.

- Colonel Hugh Drummond Pearson, aged 49, had a distinguished career as an African explorer. Educated at St. Paul's School and Woolwich, he obtained a commission in the Royal Engineers, and saw active service in the Tirah Expedition and in China. In 1913 he received the Murchison Award from the Royal Geographical Society for his ten years' work on the survey of the Sudan. He died of fever at Um Dafog in South-Western Darfur, where he was engaged on the delimitation of Franco-British frontiers in the Central Sudan.

31. Wilfrid Ewart, aged 30, a writer of much promise, was descended on both sides from distinguished soldiers. His father, Mr. Herbert Ewart, is the son of a Crimean Veteran ; his mother, Lady Mary Ewart, is the youngest daughter of the Earl of Arran. Owing to delicate health he was educated privately, and when sixteen published a volume on poultry. During the Great War he served in France. Later he travelled in Ireland, and contributed to The Times a number of articles, afterwards collected into a book. A novel, “Way of Revelation,” picturing English life during the war, was immediately successful. He was accidentally killed by the stray bullet of a reveller, in Mexico City, while on a journey through Mexico for literary purposes.


The figures between [ ] refer to Part I.

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[ocr errors]



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