Rediscovering Japanese Business Leadership: 15 Japanese Managers and the Companies They're Leading to New Growth

John Wiley & Sons, 2011/08/24 - 256 ページ
Who are Asia's biggest business leaders? What kind of leadership skills and philosophies do they possess that have put them at the forefront of their respective industries? What makes these business leaders, in particular, best-equipped to meet the challenges of a 21st century global economy?

In Rediscovering Japanese Business Leadership, we gain insights into the leadership strategies of Japan’s most successful global brands, including Toyota, Canon, and Nintendo.

This book will be the first title in a series on Asian business leaders, leading companies and corporate philosophies in the 21st century. The inaugural volume will focus on business leaders and strategies at Japanese companies that are not only driving and reshaping their respective industries in the 21st century, but are demonstrating a knack for consistently meeting the various challenges of today's rapidly changing world.


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In the Right Place Good Things Sell Themselves
Is Something Holding You Back?
The Customer Always Trumps Legacy
Standing with Consumers on Deregulated Ground
From Japan to the Worlds Dinner Tables
Matching BrickandMortar Innovation with
Growing in a World of Change
Reviving the Engine of Japan Inc
Adversity is a Reversal of Fortune Opportunity
When Business Must Not Come First
Increasing Management Quality
Returning to Ones Roots
Work Steadily Toward Objectives

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著者について (2011)

Yozo Hasegawa was born in Tokyo in 1943. After graduating from Keio University's Faculty of Economics in 1967, he joined Nikkei Inc. as a journalist in the business and foreign-news departments and was posted as a foreign correspondent and bureau chief in Warsaw and Vienna between 1982 and 1985. He returned to Japan as senior staff writer until his retirement in 2007. Hasegawa is now a full-time professor at Teikyo University and adjunct professor at Gakushuin University in Tokyo, while also serving as a regular commentator in radio and television. He regularly interviews top business leaders as host of a weekly television show, “Top Leadership, Up Front.” His books include: Clean Car Wars: How Honda and Toyota are Winning the Battle of the Eco-Friendly Autos; Lexus: A Challenge of Toyota; Would You Like to Work for Carlos Ghosn?; Passing on the Honda DNA; Carlos Ghosn’s 5 Revolutions; and Jack Welch & Japan's Recovery.

Tony Kimm is a freelance translator, writer and movie subtitler who makes his home in Tokyo, Japan. He has worked for a major Japanese publishing company and has translated articles and publications for the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the Asahi Shimbun and various Japanese government agencies. Tony, a Minneapolis native, graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.