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full of ,תרעלה Though the Syriac Version renders [יין תרעלה:

thou kast made us to drink the Wine of Astonishment. 13Hype77

] , Lees, and Js, signifies evaporated, there is no Occasion to depart from the usual Sense of the Word, viz. TREMBLING, or ASTONISHMENT. The Wine of Astonisment may be considered as equivalent to the Cup of Fury, or of Trembling, Isa. LI. 17. Zech. XII. 2. For it is usual to denote the Dispensations of Providence, good or bad, by some similar Metaphor. See PS. XXXVI.8. Job. XXI.20. Ifa. XXX.20. Jer. XXIII. 15. - XXV. 15. Matt. XX. 22, 23. John. XVIII. 11. Rev. XIV. 10.

V.4.that it may be displayed because of the Truth. : Oup 3D DDIONS] Rather, I think --- THAT IT MAY BE DISPLAYED IN THE FRONT

or before ) Truth: for otherwise the Allegory is lost. oup occurs only here and Prov. XXII. 21. In Chaldee and Samaritan it signifies both Truth and Justice, which Senses will suit either Place. V.6. God hath spoken in his Holiness ;—90722 727 Dobx] Rather

V. 8. —- Philifia, triumph thou because of me.

: ] Rather — COME UP, O PHILISTIA, TRIUMPH THOU : for Sy is the 2d. Person fem. singular of the Imperative of the Verb. roby, in the same Manner as 'yy1700, but of a different Voice.


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thou hast given me the Heritage of those that fear thy Name. : 70w 87 HWT ona] nw seems.. here, contracted for 1712e9e. I would therefore render — THOU HÁST GIVEN INHERITANCES TO THOSE THAT FEAR THY NAME.

V.7. O prepare Mercy and Truth, which may preserve him. : 1.7055 10 roxton] Or — Let MERCY AND TRUTH PRESERVE Him: for you is frequently used as a mere Expletive. Particle, see Noldius, Art. 19.



and Men of high Degree are a Lie : -28'2 273] Rather


Rather [ במאזנים לעלות המה מהבל יחד : .nity

- A Deceit, or DeCEITFUL; for the Hebrews delight in using the Abstract for the Concrete.

to be laid in the Balance, they are altogether lighter than Vanity. : ]

when LAID IN THE BALANCE, THEY are ALTOGETHER VANITY. The Gerund has here the Force of the Preter, and the Preposition ® is redundant: It is prefixed to a Nominative, Judg. X. 11, 12. Ezek. XVI. 20. &c.

- if Riches increase, fet not your Heart upon them. Sono :]



Rather [ ינוב אל תשיתו לב:

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It is not improbable that the true Lection is [חלב ודשן תשבע נפשי

והמה לשואה יבקשו

Rather [ נפשי

V. 5. My Soul shall be satisfied as with Marrow and Fatness ; - 103

] 192: in which Case I would render - My APPETITE SHALL BE SATISFIED WITH MARROW AND FATNESS. V.9. But those that seek my Soul to destroy it, : ]


V. 10. They all fall by the Sword; - ] Translators, not knowing what to make of 1791, gave it the best Sense that offered. As the Words are now read, they fignify - he will make him run out upon the Hands of the Sword. It is hence evident that 1777934 is corrupt; and it is also highly probable that 9793 is the true Reading; for all the ancient Versions seem to have read so; and this Word suits the Context; thus --- THEY SHALL ABIDE IN THE Power of THE SWORD: i.e. be always subject to it.

Our [ יגירהו על ידי חרב

[blocks in formation]

V. 3:

and bend their Bows to shoot their Arrows, even bitter Words. : 09 727 DYT 2077] Rather THEY SHOOT BITTER Words like THEIR Arrows. See Note Pf. LVIII.7. V.4. That they may shoot

] ,



לנו Syriac and Arabic read_here

V. 5. - they say, Who Mall

, see them ? : 105 ogas 1708] The

- who shall see us ? This Reading seems better adapted to the Context; except we understand by 125 them, viz. the Snares.

V.6. both the inward Thought of every one of them, and the Heart is deep. : poy aby W'N 2771] Rather — BUT THE INWARD Part of A MAN, AND THE HEART are deEP : i. e. “ notwithstanding “ their diligent Search they cannot penetrate into another Man's .“ Thoughts, who may be contriving to render their Machinations $ abortive." V. 8. Sọ they. Mall make their own Tongue to fall upon themselves :

] seems signifies be shall make him fall, which cannot be connected with the rest of the Sentence. Remove the 17, you have the proper Number, obinson, as in the old Versions, and get clear of that surreptitious Person. See the same Error in the last Psalm, V. 10.

all that see them shall flee away. :D2 1789 - 977131" ] Here again is another Solecism : but this may perhaps be remedied by only reading 521 77138) - AND EYERY ONE THAT SEETH &c.

PSALM LXV. V. 3. Iniquities prevail against me; as for our Transgresons, thou

purge away. :– ) Rather --. The PORTIONS OF INIQUITIES PREVAIL : but THOU WILT PURGE AWAY THE NUMBER OF OUR TRANSGRESSIONS. 1927, which is not translated in our Version in this Place, is rendered a Portion, Neb. XII.47. Jer. LII. 34, &c. and I consider9ga as a Noun in regimine, (as Isa. LXV. 11, 1 Kings X. 17. &c.) from 1999 to number. In respect to the Affix Pronoun, see Pl. X. Ver. 5. It is properly rendered, Pl. LXVII.

4. V. 4. Bleffed is the Man whom thou chooses, and causest to approach unto thee, that he may dwell in thy Courts: we shall be satisfied &c. " ! - ]

THOU CHOO SEST AND BRINGEST THE BLESSED ONE that he MAY DWELL IN THY Courts; HE WILL BE GATISFIED &c. Joer is here considered as the Participle present, which frequently admits the paragogic, and ryaw, as the third Person of the Preter Niphal with 77 allo redundant, as Gen. L. 5. Ruth II. 2. Ezek. XXIII. 20. &c.

נשבעה וגו"

Rather [ אשרי תבחר ותקרב - שכן הצריך

a Senie oppofite to נוראות Our Verfion gives [נוראות בצדק תעננו

even of thy holy Temple. :75390 wp] I add here a Part of the next Word, viz. 879), and render - even of THY HOLY TEMPLE, which is TO BE HAD IN REVERENCE. S0x712 is rendered, Pf.LXXXIX. 7. CXI.9. All the ancient Versions (except the Chaldee) read so: and the Hemistic wants here a Word, than which a properer could not be found. V. 5. By terrible Things in Righteousness wilt thou answer us,

] a the whole Scope of the Psalm : for all the Instances subjoined are fo many Proofs of the Mercy, not of the Wrath of the Almighty; and therefore fitter Objects to excite THANKFULNESS than Terror. For this Reason, having already divided the Word nerd, and assigned the former Part a Place in the preceding Verse, I here read 1718, by a Repetition of the $; which seems to have been dropped, either casually, or perhaps by the unskilful Criticism of some Transcriber; who finding the two Words 718 713 written close together, (as is usual in Hebrew MSS; without a Point of Separation, as in Greek and Latin Inscriptions) and being unable to make the proper Distinction, boldly cut the Knot, which he could not untie, and discarding the second * as an Intruder, blended the two Words into one, so as to occasion the present Difficulty. I render 18 a Sign, or Token, as V.8. and connect it with the Rest of the Sentence thus Thou in RIGHTEOUSNESS ANSWEREST with A SIGN, or, THOU IN KINDNESS' SUPPLIEST US WITH A TOKEN

for so p7y signifies, Judg. V. 11. 1 Sam. XII. 7. &c. and 173y - Ifa. XLI. 17. XLIX. 8. and of them that are afar of upon the Sea.

D ] D'y may seem to be a Mistake for Ding9: 'but we should not too hastily draw Conclusions. The present Lection may well be justified if the Words be thus distinguished, Dupon D'l, viz. AND OF THE SEA, The most disTANT SEA: the Words being in Apposition : and by this Construction they become nearly parallel to those that precede, viz. of all the Ends of the Earth.

V. 8. They also that dwell in the uttermos Parts are afraid at thy Tokens :

] — SIGNS, as V.4.

thou greatly enrichest, it with the River of God, which is :- ]

THOU, O GOD, ENRICHEST it with the River which is full of WATER.


V. 12.

[ וים רחקים :

Rather REVERENCE THY [וייראו ישבי קצות מאותתיך


Rather [תעשרנה פלג אלהים מלא מים -: full of Water

V.12. — and the little Hills rejoice on every Side. :mann niyaa bean] Rather, with the old Version AND THE HILLS SHALL BE (or ARE) COMPASSED with GLADNESS.

V. 13. The Pastures are clothed with Flocks :All the old Versions seem to have read and in regimine — The LAMBS OF THE FLOCKS ARE CLOTHED.

נלבשו כרים הצאן

[blocks in formation]

לרוחה All the ancient Verfions read here [לרויה :

· V. 12. but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy Place. 138°3101 ]

TO A PLACE of REFRESHMENT; which is doubtless the true Reading : for 17997 signifies only moist, or well watered.

[blocks in formation]

V.4. — by his Name Jah, 130 73] None of the ancient Versions seem to have read the a in their Texts : or, if they did, they considered it as redundant; which it frequently is before all Cases. However, these two Words cannot be joined to the second Hemistic, as they are in our Version : but ought io be rendered, and connected with the latter, thus --- (His Name Is Jah ;) AND REJOICE BEFORE HIM. Jah seems to be only a Contraction of ,747, Jebovah.

V. 8. The Earth book, the Heavens also dropped at the Presence of God: even Sinai itself was moved at the Presence of God, the God of . i

) ]


V: 9. Thou, O God, didst send a plentiful Rain, whereby thou didst confirm thine Inheritance, when it was weary. Db87an 1127) DVI :1509312 778 778500 — gobny ] Rather - Thou, O GOD, DIDST

- מפני אלהים זה סיני - מפני .JJrael ארץ רעשה אף שמים נטפו

Rather [ אלהים אלהי ישראל:


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