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Conftantinople, Jan 2.

Out of the regiments of foot guards and TIPON the remonftrances made by his grenadiers, which were lately broken, they

U Brittanick Majefty's ambassador, joint- are now forming two life regiments ; one ly with the other foreign minifters refiding under the rille of Denmark, and the other ai the Porte, again ft the uncivilized and in- of Norway: the former of there it is said buman behaviour of the Turkish officers, in is to be given to Prince Charies of Hellecontenancing rather than reftraining the mob Cassel, and the latter to Prince Frederick, as in the barbarous scenes of rapine and outrage being superior, in some degree, to the regicommitted by them during the late dreaful ments they command at present. fire at Smyrna; the Grand Signior expressed On the 15th inst. died, after a short illness, very b gh displeasure against the authors and and at the age of 68, his excellency M. abetiors of those proceedings, lo contrary to d'Often, Knight of the Order of the Eleancient privileges, so repugnant to hospitality, phant, and director of the Custom-house in and so totally in confiftent with the good the Sound. faith and friendship (ubGlling of old between Lieut. Gen. Moltke, Knight of the Orthe crown of Great Britain and the Ottoman der of Dannebrog, and governor of the fortPorte; and an Officer of distinction was im- rels of 'ronenbourg, died there the 20th mediately ordered to repair to Smyrna, bear inst, after a fhor illness, at the age of about ing an imperial command, directing all porn 62. He was elder brother to the Grand fible means to be used for discovering the of. Marshal. seaders, and punishing them in an exemplary An ordonnance, dated the 19th instant, is manner, according to the degree of their come out this morning, which renews and ofence, and ordering the plundered effects, prolongs, to the end of this year, the general as far as they could be diftinguished and pardon offered the zoth of December 1762, known, to be restored to the unhappy fuffe- to all Danish seamen, who, having secreted rers Though the imperial command has themselves from there dominions during the Det perhaps, in this respect, produced all the late war, mall return again to the service effect that could be wished, yet as the Grand within the time limited. Signior has ordered it to be regiftered in the By the ordonnance of the 17th instant, the proper offices, to serve as a standing rule, and King alters some points in the capitationa public manifeftation of his pleasure, and tax: The peasants are no longer to pay for to be rigorously maintained and observed as the poor in the couniry, but the pr prietors such, there is no doubt of irs producing very of land are to bear that burthen : Children falutary consequences, if ever, in future times, are exempied from taxation till the age of the like calamity should again befal that up. 16: Bui'all persons comprehended in the rehappy city. Mustapha Pacha, who now gulation of rank, are to furnish an annual fucceeds to the Vizirat for the third time, contribution in ihe following pr portions, arrived here, from his late government of viz. those of the If class pay 8 rix-dollars Aleppo, about a fortnight ago.

each ; of the 2d, 70; of the 3d, 40; of Copenhagen, Jan. 21. The French am. the 4th, 24; of the gth, 18; of the 6th, ballador, M. d'Ogier, has lately presented, 15; of the 7th, 12; of the 8th, 8; and of in the name of the King his mafter, a gold the gih, 6: Widows are to pay one hall, bilted sword to Capt Lamb, one of the seven except when their income does not amount Danish officers, who had leave to serve on to 100 rix-dollars yearly. All the subaltern board the French feet. Three of that num. officers, both by sea and land, are to pay 24 ber bave been already gratified with the or- Danish Phillings (twelve pence English) every der for military merit; and of the remain- month ing three, two were killed in action, and Ratisbon, Jan. 23. Several work men are the third died soon after his return bieber. arrived here from Vienna, in order to build

Count Schmettau. Lieut General of the twenty velTels, in which the Imperial Court Cavalry in the Danish service, arrived here proposes to descend the Danube, on their re. about ien days ago from Holstein, and is to turn from Francfort : These veílels are to be have the chief command of the army in Nor. ready by the 12'h of April. The Chevalier way, that poft not having yet been filled up de Buat arrived here from Paris on the 20th face :he dea h of Gen, Gruner,

infant, February 1764.


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place has occafioned. Their Highnesses dined corn, having ftruck against the piles, immeat Prince Lewis's yesterday, and sup there this diately funk. This brought a great crowd crening.

of people upon the bridge, whose weight Hague, Feb. 10. The Prince and Prin- broke that part which lifts up. Sixtyor cess or Welbourg, having expressed their eighty fell into the river, some were drowned, wishes to the Hereditary Prince and Princess and others hurt. It is thought there were in of Brunswick, that they would be sponsors all about thirty lives loft. to their new-born d: .jhter, their Serene Paris, Feb. i. The Archbishop of Paris and Royal Highnesses were pleased to afif at having acknowledged the Pastoral Inftructhe ceremony of the baprizing, at the great tion, occafioned by the encroachments made church in thic town, on Wednesday evening on the authority of the Church by the feculal, when the young Princess was named Jar Tribunals in the affair of the Jesuits, to Augufta Maria-Carolina. The Prince of be his ; the parliament ordered all the peers Weilbourg gave a grand supper after the ce- to be summnned for Monday, the 23d palt, remony: The Hereditary Prince and Prin- to confider of this matter. This affair becels set out for Utrecht yesterday morning at ing sccordingly brought on the carpet, the nine o'clock, where they rested that evening. first predent (who had gone to ask the King Tu-day they proceed to Loo; to-morrow to that he would be pleased to be present in his Twickel; and the following days by Ben. parliament this day) reported frim the King: theim and Osnabrug to Lunebourg.

6. That he had punished the Archbishop [by Abbeville, Feb. 5. This afternoon at two banilbing him ;] and that it was his pleao'clock an unhappy accident happened. The sure that they should proceed no further aPonte Rouge on the Somme is built of wood, gainst him." Whereupon the parliament and composed of three parts. The middle resolved to present remonftrances on this part is a draw-bridge, which is lifted up to bead. The Instruction was burnt by the let barges, &c. pals. A barge, laden with common hangman next day.


SATURDAY, Jan. 28.

left a sulphurous Atench behind it: lightning D Btween eight and nine o'clock at night, and meteors in the air were observed in diveri B as Jonh Amphlett, Esq; of Hadley, in the other places. parith of Omberley, was returning home

THURSDAY 2. from Worcefter marker, he was attacked by A moft extraordinary robbery was com. à fiogle highwayman in a cross-lane, near mitted on Thursday morning last on Finchley the turnpike to Droitwich, who presenting a Common, by a single footpad, who stopped pifiol, Mr. Amphleit knocked it out of his a Gentleman's coach, in which there were bard with a stick; upon which the high (wo Ladies, a Counsellor of eminence, and a wayman knocked Mr. Amphlett off his Captain of foot. The fellow had no weapon horse, then dismounted himself, and began but a large clasp knife, which he thrust into to rifle Mr. Amphlett's pockets; but some the coach, and swore inftantly to prod, as he gentlemen on horseback happening to be on called it, into the Gentleman, if they made the road near the spot, and hearing the cry of the least hesitation in delivering their purses; murder, made up towards the place from the counsellor gave him five guineas, and the whence they heard the noise ; upon which officer three and a half. The ladies were all the highwayman left Mr. Amphlett without the time in the greateft agitation for fear the having time to rob him, mounted his horse fellow would commit some barbarity, and again, and rode off full speed, leaving his beld their money out, begging he might be whip behind him. Mr Amphlet's breeches content with it. and go about his business; pocket was very much torn by the highway- but he had no fooner done with the Genle man's endeavouring to get a purse that was in men than he removed their uneasiness, by it, while Mr. Amphiete kept his band close saying, “Nay, ladics, don't be frightened, upon the pocket.

I never did the least injury to a woman in my TUESDAY Jan 31.

life, nor never will, damme; as for your About seven o'clock, a gentleman coming money, keep it to yourselves; all that I over Wimbleton common, observed a large fall ask from you will le a kiss a-piece, and ball of fire in the air of an uncommon bright. if you 'grudge me that, I am sure you are pels; the same was observed by another gen neither fenfible nor good.bumolied." The tleman at Farnboroveh in Kenr, where it ladies having complied, be tock his leave burft in various ftrcams of fine azure, and very civ:lly, declaring ihat was the fift robe


bery he ever committed, and should be the a stop to. It is, indeed, and has long been Jat ; that he had served on board one of bis a growing evil; during all the last war the Majesty's ships the whole war, but that being stores aboard many King's ship were converfoolish and extravagent, be bad spent all his ted, in a great measure, to private use, and wages, and was then utterly deftitute of em- as bad examples are too often followed, even ployment and bread;.“ butihis sum, says he, the red bays, allowed by the King for lining will carry me home cleverly to I eland, and the fide-rores, &c. is converted to private then I ball be ia no danger of wanting ei- use; but his trade is pretty well over, Gnce ther, as I have a good many friends.” The so many thips are paid off. whole transaction lased ncar five minutes,

Extract of a letter from Philadelphia, Dec. 10, yet no pasiengers came up; and though there was a footman behind the coach, there was Our Governors are not yet, it should seem, no attempt made for having the fellow secu- sufficiently rouzed, for the frontier inhabired. He was a lusty well made man, near tants are left pretty much to themselves to refix foot high, drested in a blue jacket, and fist a merciless enemy, 800 of our provin. had but very little of his country accent. cial troops being the whole allotted to guard

Yesterday the fix boys who were taken up, an extent of near 200 miles, from Delaware being charged with picking of pockets, were Forks 'to Maryland. Virginia, Maryland, re-examined before the Lord. Mayor ; when New Jersey, and New York, are also afecp, bis Lordhin was pleased to dismiss four of having hitherto contented themselves with them on account of their youth; their friends, sending detachments of militia to the fron. who are people of credit, promiêng to take tiers; the last province supports 200 men care that they would prevent them from go there. The Merchants on your 6de have ing out to play as before ; one was sent back drained us well of specie ; for, by goed auto the Poultry-Compter for further examina.

thority, within this year, 900,000 hard dole tion; and the boy who was first taken up for

win was first taken up for lars have been exported from Philadelphia to picking the gentleman's pocket, is commit. Great Britain. ted to the above prison, in order to take his Extract from the Norwich Mercury. trial the next feffions at the Old Bailey ; some. Sir, on Wednesday, January the 25th, of them are not above twelve years of age. about twenty-five minutes after one o'clock

Letters from Philadelphia mention the safe at noon, as a gentleman was with his fervane arrival of Messrs. Mason and Dixon. These in his garden at Brooke (a village about fix gentlemen, by the appointment of the Royal miles south of Norwich) they heard a noise Society, observed the Transit of Venus over wh‘ch ac firft appeared like the sound of a the Sun at the Case of Good Hope in 1701, large number of cannot at a great diftance; and were sent last year, by the Right Hon. but upon a more close attention to it, it seemLord Baltimore and the Hon. Meflis, Penn, ed to come under the earth as well as from to run the boundary lines between the pro. the air above them; and at the same time vinces of Maryland and Pensylvania, on the that they heard the found, they felt the earth recommendation of Dr. Bevis, who projected move up and down like a wave of the sea, the plan of their operations, and directed the for the space of a few seconds. The sound construction of their inftruments,

came from the north weft, continued for the Extract of a letter from Plymouth, Jan. 29.

space, of two minutes or longer, and both the

gentleman and his servant observed that the It is now to be hoped that a speedy ftop air was remarkably warm at that time. will be put to the many embezzlements committed in the King's yards. It is unnecesary Hamburgh, Jan 20. A difference which to particularize to you what has long been the had arisen between the ministers of Sweden practice here ; canvas, rope, yarn, tar, bays, and Pruffia, has been happily terminated and in fact very many other articles, were by a negociation between the Barons De Man. continually made away with, and all charged teufel and De recht. As this affair is now to the King, who they thought could well fettled, the Swedish and Pruffian minifters to afford to be cheated. Quantities of stores have the States of Lower Saxony, Colonel de Bonbeen at various times found in the neighbour. len and Baron de Cocceii, have fixed their hood of this place, as at Plimpton, Mutton respective departures for the 23d init. Cow, &c. &c. On a search lately made, a Since the reform made in the troops of coil of three inch and a half rope, which was the reigning Duke of Brunswick, a consider. made in the King's yard on the 3d inftant, able number of the troops of that principality was on the gth found in the potention of a have arrived here, the greater part of which man who has been many years foreman of a have taken the route of Holstein, to inlift gang ; he was in course apprehended, and has then selves under General Luckner, in the given sool, bail for his appearance to answer Corps d'Etrangers, in the service of France, the charge; if he is guilty, I hope his pu- According to letters from Conftantinople, nishment will be a terror to others, and that dated Dec. 1\, the dew Vizit, Muftapha t bis perpetual robbing the public will be put Basa, arrived there the 8th, and went im.


Bedately to wait on the Grand Sultan, by who had kept up her spirits surprizingly, wai u hon he was moft graciously received. He on the point of taking coach, in going thro *as allo complimented by the Mufti, Captain the hall she found a'l her servants drawn up Bafha, and other grand officers and minifters in a row, to take their laft farewel of an inof the Porte, who conducted him home to dulgent and most dearly beloved min ress, bir palace. Soon after he went incog, to fe- The light of them inftantly melted her into wral of the principal markets, and gave ftri&t tears, ard clapping her handkerchief before siders to the butchers, bakers, &c, to sell her eyes, she haftened to her carriage, untheir meat, bread, &c, at the prices appoint- able to express the emotions the felt in any

, without cheating, or monopolizers de other manner. branding any one amongst them : that, in Extract of a letter from a Lady at Minorca, ale any should be found guilty of the said

dated Jan s. aines, he was determined to punish them

We have had the Duke of York here, severely.

who has won all our hearts by his most ami. Harwich Feb. 3. A dutiful address was able and engaging behaviour ; it was, in presented to their Serene Highnesses the Prince some measure, fortuna e frus, that his and Princess of Brunswick, by the Mayor, highne's Raid but a week, or we should cere Aldermen, and capital Burgesses of this town, rainly have been danced to death ; not a day on their arrival bere laft Friday in the after- paffed without a ball, as splendid as our illand noon; to which her Royal and Serene High- could poffibly render them ; the moft partiness as pleased to return the following an- cular was given by Commodore Hair son, frer for the Prince and herlelf.

which was, in this part, beyond any thing I thank you for this reasonable mark of ever seen; the plate exhibited on the occa. your attention to the Prince and me; for fion cost upwards of soool. " which we are much obliged.'

Christmas- A fembly, Dublin, Jar. 20. 1764. They bad all the honour to kils ter Royal Ordered that the thanks of the Sheriff's and Serene H ghocfa's hand.

and Com tons of this city, in Common CounThe Prince and Princess of Brunswick re.

ick re. cil assembled, be presented to the Right Hon. fided at Griffith Davies's, Efq; on Friday and Lord Chief Justice Pratt, for the diftinguished Saturday laft; and on Sunday, at ten o'clock,

zeal and lo. alty which he has thewn in althe weatber being more moderate, their High- ferting and maintaining the rights and liberi nefles embarked on board different yachts, ties of the subject, in the high Aat on which but a gale of wiod arising, they could not fail he now fills with remarka'ile dignity; and that day. About five in the evening the for his particular services to this kingdom ia Prince went to pay a viết lo bis Royal Con

the office of Attcrney-General. furt, and a'terwards his Serene Highness

Dublin, Jan. 24. Friday laft the Hon Sir came og fhore to lodge. The next morning James Caldwell was vcted the freedom of this Mr. Davies carried a letter, that came from

city in a filver box, on accrunt of the signal the Princess Dowager of Wales, to her High

services which he has performed to his counDels on board the yacht, when the desired

try, in railing, in the year 1759, a regiment am to tell ihe Prince that the was in goed of light-horse, at his own proper ex, ence, pints, and had Nept from nine at night for the defence of this kingdom, when an till seven that morning. On Monday his

invasion was threatened. Serene Highness re-imbarked, and about two o'clock in the afternoon the yatchts failed

Extract of a letter from Amsterdam. wiba (air wind, and, in all probability, The people of Holland are much surprised arrived in Holland the next day : but as the at the sudden depa ture of his Serene Highwind has continued in nearly the same quar ness the Prince of Brunswick with his rovai 127 ,neither packet nor express had then arrived bride from London, especially as it is well from Holland.

known that he is particularly attached to i he When their Highnefles embarked on Sun- English nation. The Dutch are free speakers, day, the Prince was dressed in blue c!oa hs and many conjectures are formed on the or. trmmed with gold lace, and the Princess in casion, but all of them I think wide of the farlet damalk, made up in the German fa. mark. It is wh (pered that he will again pass fhion,

through Holland in his way to England beThe behaviour of his Serene Highne's the fore the re urn of the winter ; but this is Pereditary Prince of Brunswick, in every very improbable. His Highness has, it is place where he softes, vill his embarkation faid, seen every thing that is remaikable in at Harich oo Sin ay laft, was fe affable and and about London ; ad such was his conDotle, that it has gained him the esteem of tinved atention and unwearied assiduity in all tank and degrees of people.

gratifying that lavcable curiofity, that some One of the moft affecting scenes at the de- wags fcruple rot to affert, that after this panere of our amiable Princess Augufta, we campaign he has an undoubted sight to say ar told, was as follows; when her highnese, with Cæfar, Vini, vidi, vici.


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