dispiritedness of the men, and a great de. A detached party under the command of' fertion among the feapoys, it was found Capt. Long, at the same time pofleffed them. impracticable to make any stand there ; felves of the fort of Cutwa, on the other and a resolution was therefore taken to pro- fide of the river; and all the artillery they ceed to Sujah Dowla's country ; that they had there, as well as what they had brought accordingly crossed the river the 26th in inw the field, fell into our hands. In this the evening, and met with no obstruction action Mahomed Tuckey-Cawn, who, it untill they paffed Churpa ; that then they is said, commanded Mr. Amyatt's party, were attacked on the zoth by the phoul- was mortally wounded, and died a few days dar, with about 2000 men, whom they after. cally routed ; but he being that evening The good effects of this success were dis. joined from Budgepore with four or five played in the easy conquest that followed of hundred seapoys, and five or fix field pieces, the city of Moorthedabad, which the army he attacked the party on the next evening, entered with a trifling opposition the 24th the 1st of July, and entirely routed them, at night. Here the Major established and the Europeans having quitted their ranks at proclaimed the nabob Meer Jaffier in due the first coset; thar in the whole there form, and halted some days to refresh the were about fifty Europeans killed, and army. about eight or nine officers, amongst the last Gn the 28th of July, the Major contiCaptain Carstairs, who was killed by a nued his march towards Mongheer; and on cancon-ball in the morning of the ist; that the ad of August, having 'arrived near a on the zd Mr. Ellis, with the officers, and' place called Sooty, at the head of the Core private men were taken prisoners, and by fimbuzar river, a very obstinate engagethe last advices were all'at Mongheer, ex- ment ensued with a numerous army of the cepting Captain Wilson, ensigns Mackay enemy's best troops and artillery, wlia and Armstrong, Mro. Anderson, surgeon, there occupied a very strong and advanand Mr. Peter Campbell,' who then re- tageous post. The stand that they made mained prisoners at Patna.

was refolute and uncommon for troops of Upon these and other acts of hostility this country, having closely engaged our againk several of the company's settlements forces for no less than four hours : howcommitted by Coffim Aly, it was deter- ever, by.che intrepidity and good conduct mined to declare war against him, and to of Major Adams, and the remarkable braverestore the former nabob, Meer Jaffier, to ry of the officers and men, the enemy fura the subahfhip, upon his entering into a new tained a total defeat. The loss on our side treaty with the company. War' was ac- was not so considerable as might have been cordingly deciared, and an advantageous expected from so severe an action, confittreaty was concluded the most material ar-' ing only of fix officers and forty Europe. ticles whereof are a confirmation of his ans, and 292 seapoys and black horse killed former treaty, and also of the provinces of and wounded. On the fide of the enemy, Burdwan, Nidnapoorhand Chittagon, a great number of men were killed and granted by the la' e nabob Coffim Aly, en- wounded, 33 pieces of cannon, and about gaging to igive thirty lacks of rupees to 150 boats, laden with military and other defray the expences and loss accruing to stores, . taken; amongst these last were the company from the war, and engaging found all the artillery and most of the Patna also to reimburse tee amount of private per- detachment; and within fome days after fons ietiesIni

the action, between fixty and seventy of Meer Jaffier, fet out a few days after to the men who were taken prisoners at Pate join the army under Major Adams, which na, and had been engaged by foul means was then on irs march towards Moorthe- and fair to serve the enemy's guns, redabad.1. The first adion which happened, turned to their colours, was on the rgth of Joly, oppoqte to Cut- Immediately after this battle the Major wa, on the Coffimbuzar side of the river, advanced with the army near to Rajamauti The Major having creffed the army the about three or four miles from which place night before, in the morning came up with the enemy had thrown up a strong ena large body of the enemy's troops, who trenchment from the hills to the river, and were strongly posted to oppose his progress for the forcing of wbich, it was judged most to the city; and having attacked them, proper for ensuring the safety of the troops they were routed, after a small resistance, to carry on regular approaches. Every zod with an inconfiderable lofs on our fide, thing having been accordingly prepares!

FI 2


the works were begun upon the 29th of maintenance, and they are sent to Lubeck August, and continued till the sth of Sep- at the emprefs of Ruffia's expence, where tember, when the Major resolved upon an they embark for Petersburgh. assault, which was executed with very lit- On Tuesday laft in the afternoon, three tle loss, and their whole works were in barges, two loaded with coals and one our poffeffion that morning. Their success, with timber, in paffing through one of the we have great reason to believe, will be arches of London Bridge ran foul of each decisive of the ja e of the war, as the enemy other, by which accident two of them funk, Kerned to repose their chief confidence in but by the timely affiftance of boats none ile ftrength of these works, and now by of the persons in them were drowned. te lufs of them are deprived of all supplies

FRIDAY, April 6. of provision from the psovince of Bengal, It is said a very valuable pearl fishery has which is entirely secured to us.

been discovered in Florida, by means of THURSDAY, April s.

fome Overhill Indians who came down to This day his majeity went to the house trade with the English at St. Auguftine. cf peers, accon anied in the state coach by The Spaniards were, it seems, acquainted Bus Grave the Duke of Rutland, and one of with it long ago, but from the natural anibe tvrds in waiting, and gave the royal tipathy subfifting between them and the naaffent to the following bills ;

tives, were never able to derive so much To the bill to enable John Pollard, Efq; advantage from this filery, as might other(la e'y called John Carter) and his heirs to wise bave been expected. tahe and use the surname and arms of Pol- On Monday lait forty journeymen tay: Jard.

lors were taken out of the Bull Head in To the bill for naturalizing John Alric. Bread-ftreet, and confined in Wood-street

To the bill for regulating buildings, and Compter, for not working the hours acto prevent mischiefs that may happen by cording to the last order of Sessions. But fire within the bills of mortality.

on their re-examination before the fitting To the bill for widening and keeping in alderman at Guildhall yesterday, Mr. Field, repair several roads in the several parishes judge of the Sheriffs Court, was called in as of Lambeth, Newington, St. George, South-' counsel for the master taylors, and Mr. Cox, wark, and Besmondfey, in the county of counsel for the journeymen; when it ape Surry, Lewisham in Kent; and for repair- pearing that the masters had acted illegally, ing Lambeth Back-Lane, and for lighting by taking up many more who were not and watching the same.

guilty, but only called to drink with their To the bill for citablishing a nightly brother-trade, the masters were ordered ta warch, maintaining, regulating, and em- pay to each man one guinea, for his impriploying the poor of the parish of St. Cle- ronment and loss of time, which was paid ment Danes.

them at the above house, and releases exoTo the bill for granting to his majesty a cuted by all parties. The journeymen have certain sum of money out of the finking also liberty to present a petition to the juffund, for the service of the year 1964. tices at the next sessions, to have an hour

To the bill for repairing the harbour of taken off (from seven to eight); which peDover.

tition the major part of the masters have To the bill for better fupplying the town agreed to back; and thereupon they were of Wigan, in the county of Lancaster, all set at liberty. with fresh and wholesome water.

SATURDAY, April 7. To the bill for laying a duty on beaver Among the many ingenious new invenskins and wool,

tions in the '

mechanical way, we are inTo the bill for better securing and en- formed, that a master watchmaker has iacouraging the trade of his majesty's fuzar vented a curious watch key, a small fize colonies in America.

larger than the ordinary fort, which conAnd to several other private bills. tains two plates, one for lhe day of the

The Ruffian minifters at Ratisbonne and month, the other for the moon's age ; and Hamburgh are engaging a great number of regularly, every twenty four hours, at the Cerman families, nianufacturers, &c. to go winding up the watch, thews the same. and seitle in the north-caft part of Rusia; Thursday in the evening, as a lady was as foon as they enter, a man has eight, a coming down Ludgate-Hill, a well-drest woman five, and a child three fchillings, fellow standing by a poft near the Fountain, heavy money, allowed them daily for their (supposed to be one of the hand-bill gang)

fell down at her feet before her, as the stept yard, and two gentlemen, belonging to the forward, by which the lady fell upon him; said manufactory, had the honour to be in. when others, of the same gang, very kindly troduced to his majesty's presence and preaffifted in taking her up; but when she fent their petition, which his majesty' recame to a friend's house, where she went ceived in the most gracious manner, and to pay a vist, me found her pocket was gave for answer, That he would send imgone, with a purse of about nine guineas, mediate orders to put a stop to the imporand every thing else io it.

tation of French filks ; that an affair of Yesterday, about twelve o'clock, William such consequence to the kingdom should be Corbet was executed on Kennington Com, properly laid before his parliament, and mon, for the murder of Mr. and Mrs. that they might depend on his care and proKnight, of Rotherhithe : he behaved very section. decently, and acknowledged the justice of

THURSDAY, April 12. his sentence: he was a stout, swarthy look- On Saturday last a very valuable seizure ing fellow, aged about 35 years, and was was made by Mr. Troit, one of the officers a native of Portsmouth in the province of of his majesty's customs, of a very large New Hampshire, New England. After book of patterns of French wrought filks his execution his body was hung in chains of all sorts, from 5 s. per yard to sl. and at a place called Galley-Wall, between upwards, containing several thousand patKent-itreet Road and Rotherhithe.Soon terns, in the hands of some French agents, after the above execution, a man had the which had for some time been privately misfortune to be thrown down by the con- carried about among the mercers and other course of people, and was run over by a dealers in the filk trade, to engage them to cart, which inftantly killed him. He was become purchasers of the pieces. left on the common, as it is said, in order

FRIDAY, April 13. to be owned.

They write from Tournay, in the AuMonday, April 9.

Atrian Netherlands, of the 27th past, that Last Wednesday morning was taken up several French Jesuits had come there to out of the New River, near INington, float- seek an asylum among their brethren; but ing down with the stream, a bundle wràpt that it was immediately signified to them, up in three small linnen cloths, pioned, and that the empress queen bad forbid all Jetied with a packthread string : which, upon suits, and others her subje&t , in the Ne. opening, was found to contain the body of therlands, to receive into their houses any a new-boro female child, with its thighs profcribed French. In the cities of the Nedisjointed and turned up backwards towards therlands where any French Jesuits have the neck (in order to shorten the bundle, as appeared, they have had a guard set over is supposed) and with a wound on the left them till they went away: Some are gone breast (supposed with a small pointed knife to Liege, others to the frontiers of Germaor instrument) and the cloth covering the ny, and others to Switzerland. breast, bloody; and by an inquisition taken A mechanick of Copenhagen, named befure E. Umfreville, Esq; one of the coro. Henry Schulz, has invented a pendulum ners for this county, the fact was found to for determining the longitude at sea ; and be wilful murder by fome person or persons proposes to those nations who have ofunknown.

fered a reward for such discovery, to make TUESDAY, April 10.

the proof of this pendulum for six months. Yesterday Norborne Berkley, Efq; late, Yesterday twenty-nine children were adknight of the thire for the county of Glou

mitted into Christ's Hospital. cester, obtained the peerage of Botetourt, On Tuesday morning laft, between by appeal to the Right Hon. the house of twelve and one o'clock, a fire broke out peers, after hearing council seven days, in in the stables of Mr. Browne, in Jamesfavour of the appeal.

street, Bedford-row, occafioned by the Yesterday morning several thousand jour. coachman's leaving a candle burning in the Deymen folk-weavers went in proceffion lanthorn, which fer fire to the tallow, and from Spitalfields, and waited on his majetty unfoldered the tin-bottom, and that dropat the Queen's Palace in St. James's Park, ping out, set fire to the litter ; but by acwith a petition, representing the miserable cident a lady's coachman, at the next facondition themselves and families are redu- bles, coming to ret up his coach, alarmed ced to, by the clandeftine importation of the family, and by the convenience of a French alks, They waited before the court horse-pond, near the door, prevented the

fables THURSDAY, April 19. maged several others before it was, extin- A few days fince the wife of an eminent cuished. Six cr leven persons are missing tradesman in the county coming up to who, it is feared, have perilled in the London in a stage-coach to pay away a conflames. It is said to have been occafioned liderable sum of money, was accompanied by a gentleman's reading in hed.


ftables from being burnt down. The' which porpose the wheels, or cylinders, are horses were brougál éut alive, but much placed under the body of the waggon, are burnt; two are lince dead, and threel more fourteen inches in breadth, and not more not likely to recover. The coach-liorses than two feet seven inches in diameter. It had not been at home an hour, nor the fa- does not therefore seem calculated for roads' mily in bed half an hour, before alarmed that are uneven, or for steep ascents; but, with the cry of fire.

on the other hand, by the firuation of the SATURDAY, April 14.

wheels, it can pass on narrower roads than Yesterday was held a court of directors the broad wheel carriages, and can turn in' of the East India company, when Thomas a very little space, and without difficulty. Rous, Esq; was elected chairman, and. It is the staze waggon from Leominster to Henry Crab Bouton, Esq; deputy chair- London, and has been two journeys.

On Friday lat the workmen began to dig Last Wednesday a long hearing was had the foundation for a new small-pox hofpibefore the firting justices at Hicks's Hall, tal, in the field between Battle Bridge and on the following entertaining affair : a Prancras-church, which it is said, is to be young woman baving been courted by her built on the same model and plan with the fellow servant, bired; a child and charged Foundling Hospital. frim with being the father, infisting upon Yesterday the worshipful the justices his maintaining it; buç her lover discover. Colepeper, Brittel, and Eastdale, attended ing that the child had been procured elle- by proper officers, seized a great number of where, obtained a warrant against his mil- hogs, and among them fifty from one man, tress; the consequence of which was, that' in the parishes of St. Sepulchre withou', on the above hearing, matters were compro- and St. James, Clerkenwel), which had been miled, and releases given by both parties. fed on unwholesome food, and were all

Last night a fire broke out at a toy-thoptherefore forfeited to the use of the poor, in Janes-itreet, Grosvenor square, which according to act of parliament. cntircly consumed the said house, and da

in ber journey by a pretended clergyman, On Wednelday came on at Norwich, the who, when they came to the inn, offered election of a knight of the thire for the his service to see her fa:e to her lodgings, county of Norfolk, in the room of the Hon. which she accepted of, and a hackney coach Lord Townshend, when Thomas De Grey, was accordingly called; but instead of takEsq; brother to the solicitor general, was ing her where the defired, he privarely orchole without opposition.

dered the coachman to drive to a certain TUESDAY, April 17.

bagnio : the lady, seeing the miltake, reOn Saturday last Mr. Bourne's new in-, fured to get outiof the coach, upon which vente.I wagzon was tried on the New Road, he ordered the coachman to drive about the I Dington, (helore several of the gentlemen streets, in which time he took occafion to belonging to the society of arts) against use her with great brutaliiy, which may a common broad-wheel waggon. Each of probably cost her her life, as she is not yet them had five tons weight of stones, and recovered from the fits that ensued. He was drawn by eight horses, and the two afterwards left her in the coach, in the midcarriages went a breast from the New Road dle of the Atreets, and made his escape, but jult by Pancras, to withip a small distance frict search is making after him. of the Dog-House Bar. On their return This day his majesty. went to the house they were tried with four horles each for a of peers, accompanied in the state-coach little way, when it appeared that the com- by his grace the duke of Rutland, master mon broad wheel waggon had greatly the of the horse, and one of the lords in waitaivantage, and that the four horses in it. ing. Ifis majesty being feated on the did not work seemingly harder, than the throne, made a most gracious speech to both eight holes in the new.inven:ed one. The houses of parliament; and gave the royal intention of Mr. Bourne's caniage is to roll aflent to the following bills: the roads, and keep them from rurting; lur To she bill for velling the fort of Sene

gal, and its dependencies, in the African parliament, made for the encouragement company,

of the whale fishery carried on by his ma. To the bill for ascertaining and regulat- jefty's subjects. ing in what cafes letters fhall be rest or

To the bill for estab.jshing an agreement received irom the duty of postage.

with the governor and company of the To the bill for swearing affidavits to be Bank of England, for railing certain fums made use of in any couris of the county of nioney for the service of the year 1964. palatine of Durbam.

To the bill to prevent paper bills of cieTothe bill for applying the money granted dit hereafter to be issued within any of his this fefsion, for detraying the charge of pay majesty's colonies or planta:ions in Ameriand sluathing of the militia for one year. ca, from being made legal tender in pay.

To the bill for charging on the finking- ment of money. fund certain annuities, and for consolidating

And to several other road and naturalia such said annuities as are granted for a cer- zation bills; after which both houses were tain term of years irredeemable.

prorogued to the 21st of June. To the bill for granting for a limited

FRIDAY, April 20. time, a liberty to carry rice from his maje- Yesterday was brought to the Bank from sty's provinces of South Carolina and Geor. Porismouth, in two waggons, guarded by gia to America.

a party of sailors, about three' tons of moTo the bill for allowing further time for ney, among which was a considerable quanthe inrollment of deeds and wills made by tity of gold, brought home in the Depiford papists, and for the relief of protestant man of war from the Havannah. purchasers.

On Tuesday John Ives, a noted houseTo the bill for paving, cleansing, lighting, breaker, now in custody in Clerkenwell &c. the squares, streets, lanes, allies, in Bridewell, sent for his fifter, pretending a the city and liberty of Westminiter. visit would greatly oblige him, he having

To the bill for raising money by loans or something particular to communicate to exchequer bills.

her; but when the villain had got the poor To the bill to prevent frauds committed girl in his power, he cruelly cut off one of by bankrupts, and for extending the laws her ears, ftripped her of her apparel, and relating to hackney-coaches to the counties otherwise used her fo inhumanly, that the of Kent and Eflex.

lies dangerously ill. To the bill to indemnify persons who

SATURDAY, April 21. have omitted to take the oaths to qualify Yesterday his serene highness George Authemselves for offices, &c.

gustus, prince of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, her To the bill to amend and reduce into majesty's youngest brother, arrived at the one act of parliament, several laws in being, house in Pall-mall which has been filted up relating to raising and training the militia. fok bis reception, and soon afterwards waited

To the bill to prevent inconveniences ari- on their majefties at St. James's. fing in cases of merchants, and such other Two labouring men, about a fortnight persons as are within the statutes of bank- ago, in digging somewhere in Stow. Langrupts, being intitled to privilege of parlia- toft, a village near St. Edmund's Bury, in nient, and becoming insolvent.

Suffolk, found an earthsea por full of old RoTo the bill for diffolving the marriage of man coins. The metal is not valuable, as John Weller, Esq; with Charlotte Willon, there are no gold or filver pieces among his now wife, and to enable him to marry them, being all copper ; nor are the pieces again,

themselves remarkably rare. Those that To the bill for importing falt from Eve had an opportunity of seeing the most of rope to Quebec for a limited time.

them, could not certainly distinguish more To the bill for granting a bounty upon than four forts; viz. Victorinus, Pofthuthe importation of hemp, and rough and mus, Teiricus Aug. and Tetricus Cæs. undreffed Aax, from his majesty's colonies The number was very confiderable, being in America,

7000, if not more. They were sold to a To the bill to enable his majesty, with man at Bury, for one thilling a pound, the advice of his privy council, to order the and at that rate fo!d for more than two free importation of provisions írom Ireland vineas. The purchaser was conte with during the next recess of parliament, or as a moderale profit, for he offered to rell the necessity of the time may require. them at a farıhing each, pick and choose,

To the bill for continuing leveral asts of or half-a-crown a pound. Excepting two

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