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pair ;

On Miss HOLLES, of Redbridge, rear Her handh,. I wish--but I fear 'cis in Southampton.



That lilly-white hand she would give FOR wealth to the Indies let others re. To me, who adore lier : shus perfe&ly

i ..blert, A treasure more rich I've in view

How happy with Holles I'd live. Than the proud, jealous monarch of Spain could c'er boall,

A CONSOLATORY EPISTLE.. ** Follo'd of the mines' of Peru.

W HEN troubles on a dear friend's back Goll doubtless bas charms; yet it's charms Are heapt, like faggots, pick o'pack, mult decay,

'Tilt with the weight he raves and roars, Compard to the charms of my fair: Like baited bulls or hunted boars; To ten thousand guineas of fam'd Anna's 'Tis then, as fages all agree, coin,

The time to few our amity; - Dear Holles, I vow, I'd prefer.

To spur our wits for fjendhip's sake, I wit and good sense, with true modesty

And give advice we would not take : "I join'd,

"y Therefore this verse consolatory (In the fex to be met with so rare)

Appears in hcmely guise before ye. Bave the fortune to please, such pertections

Tlat you, dear friend, in love are crost, you'll find,

And have a beauteous mistress loft, Such perfections you'll meet with in her.

Is true, I grant ;-but heed it not; .

Another's ealy to be got
If the will to oblige, and the fear to offend, You'll say, another's not the same;

Have to merit the leasi claim or thare; But, let me tell you, you're to blame
Il rudeness you less than civility love,

To heed such trifling differences, There perfections you'll meet with in As hardly can affect the senses :: hier.

For beauty's beauty, woman's woman, Il a countenance chearful, a stranger to

The sex and quality are common,

And both will please and be admir'd frowns,

As long as--vill the husband's tird. You to prize to it's cppofite dare;

Besides, my friend, the grapes that grow If a hearty affection for virtue has pow's

Along the river Seine or Po, To charm, you'll be charm’d, faith, with

Tho' big as English white-heart cherries, her.

Do us less good than our gooseberries : But if Nander, like most of the sex, you ad. The fruit that we can pluck and eat, mire;

Will surely prove the better treat.
Or if pride you to meekness prefer ; And then physicians grave declare.
W y you'll find these, I think; but (How true, indeed, I will not swear)
I'll vouch

That fruits molt tempting to the eye
You'll ne'er will meet with them in hier. May often do us injury,

And that the man has better luck Not the di'monds, lo priz'd, that Golconda

Who milles, than who gains the pluck; affords, As her eyes, with such luftre e'er glow;

Nor can it c'er be understood
The ruby looks faint, if apply'd to her lips; "Till tasting oft, digefling, voiding,

Whether a thing is bad or good,
And her teeth like fair ivory thew.

It never fuck by th' way or cloy'd him ; Ye critics in beauty, 'tis no more than Such fruit as this a wife may be, truth :

For all the wiseft man can fee. Not Venus's Aow'r can excel

I have a little tale, my friend, The fine modest blush by kind nature be. Just itching at my finger's end, Now'd,

With make this do&trine's truth appear That her cheeks, sweetly dimpled, reveal, As plain as Bab in half a year:


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GANDEANDERTHSfgnnett etAsset


Dantzig, Jane 7.

mall have the privilege of cgering and car. THE advices received here from Warsaw rying away log wood in the Bay of Hondu. 1. speak only of the movements and ef* ras, with liberty to build houses and maga. forts making by the two parties to gain zines, necellary for themselves and tami. the superiority. It is apparent, that if the lies) in the month of Apriliant year, came diet does not obtain it, the number of down here for the aforesaid purpose of cut. Ruffian troops in Poland will increase ; ting logwood; and on their first arrival, at least the quarrel is now risen to that difpatched a letter to the commandant of height that force must decide it. What Baccalar, being the nearest Spanish sectlepaffes at present in the kingdom recals inent, who returned for answer, That he to our minds the transaction of the yeat would transmit it to the governor and cap1733. .

tain-general of the province of Jucaran; Strelitz, June 5. Colonel David Græme, whore orders on the fubject, he, the raid and Stephen Martin Leake, Esq; Garter commandant, communicated to your peti. Principal King of Arms, plenipotentisries tioners, which was, 'to comply entirely for investing his Serene Highness the Duke with the XVIth article of the preliminary of Mecklenburgla Strelitz with the habit treaty of peace. That afterwards, by virand enligns of the most noble order of the tue of a letter from the said governor of Ju. Garter, arrived here the 29th of May. catan, No.', in the answer to a letter from The same evening they bad an audience of foreph Maud, one of your petitioners, a the duke, and presented their credentials copy of which is No. 2, several of your with the book of Itatutes ; and his Serene petitioners went into Rio Hondo, to cut Highness declaring his acceptance of the logwood; and from that time unmolested order, under the usual reservations as a followed their occupations will the 4th of prince of the empire, the plenipotentiaries this instant February, in good harmony and immediately invested him with the Garter, correspondence with the Spaniards, by freRibband, and George, Garter King of Arms quent letters from the governor of sucatan, pronouncing the usual admonitions in Lan and answers by Joseph Maud, one of your to, and afterwards delivered the stars and petitioners, all hereunto annexed ; ar which ribband.

time Don Joseph Rorado, commandant of During the ceremony the guns were fired Baccalar, delivered the said Joseph Maud, three times, and in the evening there was one of your petitioners, the letter from the a ball.

governor of Jucatan, aforesaid, No. 3. os.

dering your petitioners to retreat to Balais, A M E RIC A. till they produced either a schedule from

his Catholic majesty, or orders from the New York, May 7. By á vefsel arrived at Philadelphia from the bay of Honduras,

king of Great-Britain, to authorise them to

cut logwood. In consequence whereof, we have received the following advices, viz.

your petitioners, with all possible dispatch, To bis Excellency William Henry Littleton,

endeavoured to withdraw their effects to the Ela; Governor and Captain General of sbe

New River and Ballais, in both which riand of Jamaica, and orber obe territories

vers your petitioners had formerly retilei sbarcanto belenging, Chancellor and Vice- Ad.

monts. But on the ed instant they were

m miral of tbe fame, &c. the bumblc petition of again dillurbed, by an order from the comibe principal Settlers on the Bay of Honduras, mandant of Baccalar, directed to the ferfor cutting logwood, and the commanders of jeant of the guard at the mouth of Rio vaffels now lying ibere to load.

Hondo, an authentick copy of which is Humbly sbewerb,

likewise annexed, No. 4; by which your THAT your petitioners, by virtue of petitioners are ordered to evacuate every the preliminary treaty, of peace (in the river, except Balais, where it is admitted XVI:h article whereof it is ftipulated, them to stay a little while, but as your peThat she subjects of his Britannick majesty citioners believe, not to have the privilege

June 1764.

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