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Accounts from Russia inf-im os, that Satin, Nov. lo. The war against ths the Empress, be n,j eiermmrd to em- French has been for s me lime past carried cn bellish the c tjr of Peieisburg as much ar »ery briskly, the King having gi\en orders pcSible, hat. by a public adveititement, in- to the Captains of all hit cruireis to take vrea a>l architects, a- well foreigners as na- as many French as they can, tho' there is rvra, to g:ve plans for that i urpnse j and f)i]| a report that a treaty of peace it rn the those whose p:ani shall be approved ot will tared. Notwithstanding this, great rrefaie re»arde) accor.inj to their sneile. rations are making; about silt weeks ago, a O her accounts from Russia further inform large ship, mounting 50 guns, was launched »», that, being sensible the h'gh duties upon here, which, under the ceimmand of an Algoods brought into and sent out of rhe coun- ferine, is to fail on a entire this winter. The try, are very prejudicial ro the tiade and ma- King procured from Algicr a Neapolitan natactures thereof, the Empress has crdjined slave, who i an e< gii.eer, and has employed a new faiiff to be mare, whereby thele duties him in fortifying the entrance of an harbour are to be dim'nlfhed. in the neighbourhood of Safst, capable of ennDa**,:ci, D/c. 27. Advices f.om good tain ng auove thirty men of war; ab.ne 1 coo hanss assure u«, ihat the Chinese,to the num- slaves and reregadocs have been these tlvee her of 100,ceo, have penetrated far into Si- months >t woik there. The Christian powers, a; tbat the Taras have joined tbem with » hom the King is at peace, furnish him there wi:h a cor siderabl- corps ofdroops ; and with naval stores, and particularly Denthat they haj>e alreai'y conquered all the mark, who is to supply him with enough to country firm ArguuJkcffas far as the river fit cut ten fail. You need not be under any Baikal. a: prehension of his breaking with the EngTamii, AVs>. It On the u'h inffant, the lifh, for we have a friend at court. There ky signified to the Swedish consul, that he is in this place a Portuguese reneged-, a bold, had declared war against the King his master, acti-.e, spirited, intelligent, and enterprising asd immediately aster an ejib.irgo wa laid man; he is gieatly attached to the English, uteri all thr ships in the harbour. This rup having for many years sailed in their setvice; sure ii occasioned by the refusal of the court but what purs it mere in his powtr to counof S«cden to comJy with some deman s tenance and protect the English, is his ha» trade by the Bey, Four slii s are going out ying married one ot the Moorisl) King's ircxtd:a:ely to cruize against the Swedes, daughters.

ar.d they will be followed by three more as They write from Copenhagen, that ths

soon « they can be got ready. Contagious distemper, v> hiih broke out lately

Nataiithstanding the repeated remonstran- among the horj/es, serms now to be entirely

ces of the French consul, the Bey of Ta- stops j but that of the horned cattle still

barca is determined to deliver up to the Bey rages without intermission. We hear, that

of Algiers, the French who escaped from the it had penetrated into Norway by means of a

rerteiition of the latter, and took refuge un- transport of cattle f om hence, and had reach

&r the former ed some places near Christiana ; but that the

Utters from Aleppo assert, that Kerim governor ot the district, by taking proper pre

Kan had convoked all the Persian grandees cautions, pre-en'.ed it frrm spreading; so

tuncet him at Ispahan, to assist at his coro- that, after having carried off about for.y

nation atTanrit, the issue of which is wait- bead, the distemper ceased, td for with jrcat impatience. V. is added, Letters from Berlin of the 31st ult. men

'bat tie father juard an of Jerusalem, who 'im, that one Nicholas IVlanducka, a Greek

hears the title of Revereodissimo, arrived at merchant, was arrived there from Holland,

Aleppo in Septerfber last, and took up his with four vessels that came up the Elbe by

lod| njs in the French consul's, wheie he Hamburg, laden with sundry sorts of tner

cojifirnjed a gteat number of Christian chil- (hand se. Upon his arrival, he had the ho

crea, and was visited by the English, Dutch, nour to be presented by the Turkish minister

at>d other Christian consuls and factors, and to his Prussian Majesty, and has been several

•ad set out the 6 h of October on his return times visited by the Turkish ambassador,

to Jerusalem, by way of Tripoly in Syria, and by some of tho fit* nobility, to whom

Tie said fa'hri had not been there since tho he pave, on the »ist, a fij.e concert of mi' c

!'»r 1756. after the Turkish fashion. Thjsjnercbaut

January 176a. H — detcesda

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descends from the famous Mam duck, an ancient R man, who laid the rust stone of the ci y of Mtslcopotit in Albany, about 7«,8 yean ag>H

Paris, Dc 19. The judgment pronounced against feva-al of uur ufricer,* employed <n Canada, and who fhilciehaved there, is ma ie public j nv ft of them aie condemned to bamstiment for a certain time, fun e more, some less j e^ce^t the Sicnr D got, intendant of that province, whose banilhn.enl is nude perpetual. They aie moreover ccndrmi.ed to make restitution of several sums, in ptopertion lo the stands they have b:-en found guilty tf. The Sr. Eagot is to restore 4,500,01-0 hvres j the Sieur Varin, director ot the marine 11 Mont.eal,Sc6,COO M. Bread, comptrol er of the marine, joo,"oo, M. Cader, purveyor general of (he aimy, 6,ooc,ece j Pcnnissint, Maunn, and Corpibn, commissaries under Cadet, 600,000 eich j Esia'e and Mart:), keeper* of magazines, the fuimei jo.co^, and the I tuJr 10,too; the commandant, LauJt ere, joco 1 D thainaux, secretary to the intendant B g.t, 30,0^:0 1.1 all, 11.965,000 livre*.

Advices from France further inform irt, that the Cardira! dc sicinis, lately minister of state, is recalled frem h s banishment, and will he employed. Madame Pompadour raised him to the ministry, and afterwards got him to be dismissed and bar.ifiicd from court, on presence of his behaving ill towards her. He was very much beloved while in power. Mad. Pompadour prested h m to grant her a favour inconsistent with the good of the state, which he refused, saying, ''Madam, I am infinitely attached to you, but (till more to my country M

Paris, Jan. %. When the farmert-gener.I waited on the new coswptroler.general of the finances, they were told that the King would make no alteration in their prese t contact, which expires in about fifteen months hence \

but thit at the expiration of that term new

rcg'i'ations should be made.

Ta is, Jan. 13. The new Comptro'ler-general has given a f/eft proof of his disinterestedness, bv j-aying into the toy-1 treasury a coniiiteiable f'-m, which the farmers-general, u,cn takirg poHcstion of their employmeats, used to present to the cumptrollergenera'i In examining into the general f'a'e os ihe eemmistionerr and clerks employ ed under the farmers general, hetiund that they rciaiHed very large sums for their own u e cut of the public icenucs j and he has actually required them to lefund eighteen millions, of which tliey have defrauded the public w'fhin these fix vears.

Paii% Jan. 16. Tire commissaries of the faculty, appointed to give their opinion on the aJm!iui n or non admission of inoculating having met on the 13th, divideU equally, six a.;ai st six. Each party drew up a menut ia1, in whi.h the faculty are todecide.

Av'gnon, Dec. i3. The fears we were in a week ago, are now c me to pal's The Rhone, which washes our walls on the west, and the Durance, which bounds our territory on the sooth, were, on the 1 r;h, almost dry; w hen a heavy rain, \ receded by a violent south west w'nd, gave us notice of the rising. Accordingly next day the Rhone arose so rapidly, that it surmounted the highest dykes, and the large quay on its banks en tcred the town, and laid two-thirds of it under water, so that the inhabitarts were obliged :o make use of boats. The Du ance, a ii»er still more rapid, broke its dykes, joveistr.wed the country, and mixing with the Khone, as it were, formed one large sea. By the diligence of < ur magistrates, happily the inhabit an'Sjwhu were confined to their he user, wanted for nothing. The inundation Is now almost over, and the waters returned intU their former beds.


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faw*, they were drsirous of being rega'ded> with them as the King's child'en; and, la deserve his protecti-n and favour which they requested, m».Je off rs of undertaking, in ;roof of their sincerty, anything that wa* ieqyi cd of them. The Creeks, who were supposed to be the worst disposed, were, ^in fact, the least friendly; yet assurances wete not wai ting on th-ir paitv, (o persuade the governor! and fupcimtendant tha* their future behaviour would be amicable; and in return for the amnesty, which, in the King's name, was prom fed them, they made a voluntary

wiely to him.


47 lantary offer of asgmenting the Georgia Indians, venture out of the reach of their bao ndaries. The Cherokees leemed very pa. guns, and de, ended, fat, provitions, in:ire. y

Eck, as well in their talks to the governors, en the French at Mobile. This f rt is a z towards the Creeks, who treated them, to kace, fituate.t on a sandy beach, the harhowever, with a good deal of indifference. b ur is very good, we bad neier less than four The Ca abaws are ta isfied with their former fathom c ming in, and the bay is fine and boundar es, part of which has been run, and large, abounding with ofle s and all lots of bage promised, that it shall be turibwith fish. S.me weeks ago about iso lodiers completed. The proportion of the pretenis, came here armed, demanding. fr. fents, they se hear, was determined by the governors and had all their kigs filled with rum, and faid laperintendant, and the delivery only lust they would loon reiura for more. They ai.

wais kept the Saniaids in terror, and when The general alte mby of Pennf.dvania they were sparing, the Indians used to take a kate pated an act to prohibit the selling to few scalpe, to put them in mind of their duty, way Indians whatsoever, any fort of aromu. on which she bounty used to be increased, bition, arms, or warlıke feres, without li. W ale in «aily exiccation of the 35th regicence tron the commander in chief in Ame ment to relieve the battalion now here ; he rica, or the governor of Pennfylvania. Every men will give New York, but Col. Pri vest feston effending, and legally convited i hele. hele.es he will be obliged to winier in Caro1, forfeits 5ool. Pennsylvan'a currency line. The 22d and 34th regvents, com. (one half to the informer, and the other to manded by Major Former, de bere, bound to the governor) and is further more to be whip. Mob:lle, tr take poffertion of that gairifon. pred with thirty-nine lathes well laid on, and Mobille i. aborto miles by land dina.it be commited to the common goal, there to from this place; but two large rivers, which remain for twelve months without bail or must be pafTed, render the journey tedicos, maingrize.

The town is fluated on the river about thirty Erralt of a Letter from Pensacola, O&tober 5,

miles from the sea, is irregular, but the

hou es pretty good; the French inhobiranis are 1763.

very compla:'an', and many of them say itrey The S an arts, and Indians who lived do not intend to remive; they had all their with them, are all gone from hence to the supplies from New Orleans, and the war has Haruna or Vera Cruz, and lett Col. Provest, preatly impoverished them; every ffecies of eth bis batalion of about 300 men, in ios. European goods was incredibly high, a hat letion of this fort and a few houses. Greas that only ott zs nering being cold fir 30 par of the lands without the fort are put do lars. Mobile Bar ha; no more than ten shared by Mr. Nible, who is employed by feer want. The fort, whch they call Con. home great men; he is very busy in clearing de, is it ong, and well built of brick. The the grounds, ad tas done more a'ready Jands are ve y good, but they raise only live that way tban was done in 100 yea's b:fore stuck and Indian corn. There is great plenty by the Spaniards, who never duil, fur the of fish and game of all kinds,

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Dullin caftle, December 23
THI3. day his Excellency the Lord

Lieuteoant went in the House of Peers
with the usual folemnity, and, the Commons
being sent for, gave ibe royal afscal to the
illowing bills :

An að for granting and continuing to his M jelly an additional duty on beer, ale, frong waters, wine, tobacco, hide:, and other anods and mechandises therein mentioned, and for probibiting the importation of all gold and ilves lace, except of the manufaäure of Creat Crita o.

An ad for granting to his Majesty the le. Petzl duties, rates, and impofitions therein fuifti, to be applied to pay an intereit at the rate of four per cent pis annum, for purt

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