Tlie palace was superbly illuminated, as was all the neighbourhood, even as far as the old castle. After supper there was a ball in the squire before the palace, which was opened by the j».n;c of Prussia, and the princess, spouse of the hereditrary prince of Brunswick. The next day there was an open table at Potsdam, where a veiy fine concert was performed in the evening by his majesty's band of musicians.

It is observable, that since last Christmas, there have been no less than seven prosecutions carried on against the press, by informations in the court of King's Bench, viz.

I. Mr. Wilkes, for re-publishing the North Biiton, Numb. 45, in volumes.

x Mr. Wilkes, for printing the Essay en Woman.

3 Mr. Corbet, for an advertisement in the Whitehall Evening Post.

4. Mcns. D'Eon, for publishing a book in French, entitled Lcltrci, Mtmcirs, it l\'tgtctjtim.

5. Mr. Wilkes, as the original publisher of the North Biton, Numb. 45.

6. Mr. Williams, for tlie re publication of that number in volumes.

7. Mr, Kr-arsly, for publishing the same piper separately.

AU of which, (except the fifth, which was always looked upon to be the principal J fiave been tried before Lord Mansfield. fork, July jl. On Sunday the 1 51b in■ Aant died, in the 115th year of his age, George Kirton, of Oxnop-Hall, near Reeth, in this county, 'Esq: a gentleman more rerojrlcab'e for fox huntlni; than the famous Mr. Draper; for after following the chace on horseback till he was upwards of So, so gmt wae his desire for the diversion, that (1 !1 he was ico yea-s old) he reguU'ly aticcHed unkennelling the fox in his singieliotCc chair : and, as a proof that lengrb of ca>» i* not always intailed on a life ns temperance a - s"b tc y, he was an instance to the coot -ry j f°r n° man, er en till within ten yea.-* of his death, made fre-.r with his ia:tie. His esta'e, which ispre ty confide■ahi*9 and bas been in the family near three ■entu-ie"*-* descends to his f n, ThoflHM £isto0. 2-r1i 3n "nintnt physi.un in Yarn), Satuiday, August 4. few days sin.e one John Parsons, a. \l4ier in trie first regiment of gi ards, havforme words will) a woman, he ,t.,bLied »r st»J' l>i.T>self wi.h his musqnet at his d*i >& Ln ^^^'"'"ster, and <iieJ t!)c fame

"x'eftttd^y '*Port was raa.de to Us ma.


jesty in council, of the malefactors under sentence of death in Newgate ; when Archibald Nelson, for personating John Wallis, a seaman, in order to receive his wages, &c. and James Lacey, and Thomas Edwards, for robbing Philip Roper, Esq; near Marybone turnpike, were ordered for execution on Wednesday the 1 5th instant. Margaret Weston, for robbing Ann Pierce on the highway, were respited during his majesty's pleasure.

Oxford, Aug. 3. On Tuesday last, at the assize at Abingdon, for the county of Berks, Mr. Justice Wilmot fat on the crown side, when Joseph Hone, for stealing about three gallons of cyder, the property of Mr. Goodall of Wallingford j and Abraham Dungworth for stealing five silk handkerchiefs, the property of Mr. Hall of Abing, don, were both found guilty of grand larceny e for which Hone was burnt in the band, and Dungworth was sentenced to be transported for 7 years.—One was discharged by proclamation ; and John Dixon, capitally convicted at the last assize and respited, was ordered to be transported lor 14 year).

On Wednesday morning, at this assize, Elizabeth Cooper, a girl of sixteen years of age, servant to Jonathan Bedford, a baker, of Stanford, Berks, was trier for the murder of her bastard child, by drowning it in a sand pit ; when after a most candid and impartial trial, that lasted upwards of five hours, in which there having appeared cir^ cumstames of infinity, occasioned by the very uncommon hardships under which she bad labouied in the hour of her distress, she was most compassionately acquitted.—She said her master, who is a married man, and has had many children, was the father; that during her pregnancy, he had not onlyforced her to take medicines to procure ahirtion, but had tried every means to persuade her to swear the child wrongfully, and, upon a refusal, had struck her so violently on the belly, that file fainted; and that, the morning before her delivery, he harr forced her from his house, destitute of money, at the same time encouraging hef to get rid of the child, and then she should want for nothing; that early on the Friday nmrnine, after lying out, in a deplorable wet condition, for a day and a nighr, without the least sustenance, and in labour, the was returning home, but being met by her mister was refused even a shelter from the inclemency of the weather ; and that afterwards being delivered alone, under a hedge,


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she fainted away, and on coming a little to life again, sound the child dead, and'threw it into the water.

At this assize the great cause relative to the tolls of Windsor bridge, was tried before a special jury, and given in favour of the corporation.

, Monday, August 6.

St. Jamti's, Aug. 3. His majesty in council was this day pleased to order, That the parliament, which stands prorogued to Thursday the 16th of (I is instant August, should be further prorogued to Tuesday the 30th day of October next.

Tuesday, August 7.

On Thursday last the assizes ended at Northampton, when the following persons were capitally convicted, viz John Croxferd, Benjamin Deacon, and Richard Butiin, for robbing and murdering Thomas Carey, afterwards burning bis body to asms in an oven near Guilsborough, in Noithamptonfhire. They were executed lalt Saturday; Crox ord was hung in chains on Guilibotough-common, near the place where the fact was committed; Deacon and Builin were delivered to the surgeons.

Salisbury, Aug. 6. At Winchester assize, which ended on Saturday, only one received sentence of death, viz. James Boyce, for stealing brass locks of carriage guns belonging to his majesty's stores at Potfmouth. Wednesday, August 8.

Newcastle, August 4. We hear, that Mr. William Bell, of Cailifle, has completed a snoveable Time-keeper for the discovery of the longitode, which has been proved to a certainty both at sea and land, and which will go with a fun dial for the space of twelve months, without varying one moment. In consequence of which he intends to apply for the premium offered for finding out the longitude.

Thursday, Augusta.

The following is an exact copy of the proclamation made at the great door of St. Margarets church, Westminster, on Sunday last, by theunder-fheriff of Middlesex:

"John Wilkes, lite of the parish of St. Margaret, within the Liberty of Westminster, in the county of Middlesex, Esq; appear before the lord the king at Westminster, on Tuesday next, after the morrow of All Souls, to fa'isfy the lord the king for your redemption, on account of certain trespasses, contempts, and misdemeanors, whereof you are impeached, and thereupon, by a certain jury of the country, taken between the king and you the said John Wilkes, y^u axe convicted."

On Tuesday the assize ended at Hertford, where, we are informed, two persons received sentence of death, and three were cast for transportation.—At this assize, a wealthy farmer of Hcmpstead, in Hertfordshire, was tried on suspicion of robbing the house where he boarded, when, aster a long hearing, only examining the evidences for the prosecutor, without any one evidence for the prisoner, he was acquitted by the court.

FatDAY, August 10: This day there was a genera) court of the governors of Guy's hospital, when Thomas Lucas, Esq; was chosen treasurer, in the room of Dr. Avery, deceased; and Dr. Tomlinson, physician, in the room of Dr. Wollaston, deceased.

Last week, at the aslizea at Hull, Thomas Cressey and John Storey were found guilty of fheepstealing, and received sentence of aleath, but were reprieved by the judge. Saturday, August II. At the assizes at Buckingham, Mary Goodsteed and Nathaniel Cripps, receive'* sentence os death for burglary, but were both reprieved before the judges left the place; Richard Collins;*, for stealing of hogs, and James Pu'.ham for robbing a Jew at Aylefbury fair, to be transported for -7 years, and Richard Edwards, a former con vict, was ordered to be transported for 14. years.

At Bedford assizes, Ann Grey, ElizarxtH Barton, and John Stephens, were capitatHy convicted for fheepstealing, but were afterwards all reprieved; Philip Hayes, for stealing silver spurs from the boot-caters ate the Swan Inn, to be transported for fcveai yerrs, and Samuel Britnall, a former convict, to be transported for 14 yean.

At Huntingdon afhzes which ended oca Monday last, James Ja.kfon ahas Turtles, was capitally convicted of stealing Cattle, and received sentence of death, but v*ai as. terwards reprieved.

At Cambridge assizes, which ended oai Tuesday evening before Lord Chief JwaYce Pratt, and Mr. Serjeant Sayer, _J< Gynn, a boy about 17 years old, wis victed of an unnatural attempt ora & about six years of age, and was Ordered -< be imprisoned six months, to sta cad e>r*c« the p illory, and to find surety sotbehaviour fer four years; Ja-rra^j phreys, who was convicted at the

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Tuesday, James Pigeon, for stealing an ewe sheep, was condemned, but afterwards reprieved. James Pilkington, charged with forgery, and who has appeared to be deaf and dumb for some months, was ordered to remain in gaol till next assizes.

Salijbur), Aug. 13. At our assize, whioh ended Wednesday last, the three following received sentence os tieatli, viz. William Jacques, otherwise Spencer, of Leign Delamere in this county, mariner, for the murdering and robbing George Hartford, a black, his fellow sailor and companion, as they were travelling through a wood, in the parish of Stanton, near Malmfbury ; Abraham Barret, for horse-stealing; and one for breaking open a box, and stealing seventy-sour pounds, the property of Mr. Musslewhite, at the Red Lion and Cross Keys in this city, where he had lodged some weeks before. The two latter are respited for transportation.

Tbzsoa Y, August 14. On Friday last the assize ended at Chelmsford, when one person was capitally convicted, and received sentence of death: viz. William Bacon, for robbing James Mahew, a farmer of Great Tray, in or near the parish of Hatfield-Peveril, of 10 s. in money, his mare, saddle, and bridle.

At Winchester assizes, which ended on Sarurday, thirty-five prisoners were tried, one only of which received sentence of death, viz James Boyce, for stealing brass locks of carriage guns belonging to his majesty's stores at Portsmouth j fifteen were cast for transportition, three to be whipped, eight acquitted, fix no bill, and two to re

Thubsday, August 16. Yesterday morning the following malefactors were carried in a cart from Newgate, and executed at Tyburn, viz. Archibald Nelson, for personating John Wallis, a mariner, in order to receive his wages and prize imney; James Laccy and Thomas Edwards, for robbing Philip Roper, Esq; near Marybone turnpike.

Gloucester, Aug. 13. At the conclusion of our assizes on Friday evening, three persons were capitally convicted j John Davis, for stealing a deer out of the park of Chai les *VVyndham, Esq; (but was afterwards rejpriesred); John Jordan, for a highway r obb>:ry on Durdrtam {Down; and John J Hancock, for robbing William Cooke, of F-m orton; both of whom are left for execucson. Thomas Powel, and William Wilfor deer sttaling, were ordered to 5


remain; and Edward Thompson, and Edmund Smith, condemned last assizes, were sentenced to be transported for 14 years. , Fr Ida Y, August 17.

Yesterday both houses of parliament met at Westminster, pursuant to their last prorogation; and were, by his majesty'seommand, further prorogued by the, lord chancellor, to the 30th of Octocer next. Thomas Tytwhitt, Esq; chief cletk to the honourable House os Commons, supplied the place of Sir John Cust, Bart, the speaker, w ho is absent at the German Spa.

Yesterday the assizes ended at Maidstone, when five prisoners were capitally convicted.

Tcrt, Aug. 14. At the assizes for this county, which ended last Friday, Abraham Clayton was sound guilty of the murder of his wife, and on Saturday he was executed at Tyburn, and his body sent to the county hospital to be dissected and anatomized, puisuant to hit sentence.

Monday, August 10.

St. Jamcs'i, August 17. The king hat been pleased to grant unto William Lowther, of Swillington in Yorkshire, clerk, master of arts, and his heirs male, the dignity of a baronet of Great Britain.

By a letter from New-Yoik there is advice, that most part of the loss sustained by the English in Turks Island falls to the share os the Bermudians, w' o had five fail of turtlers there when the French landed. All the salt which their people on shore were preparing for the Newfoundland fishery, was either destroyed or carried off. Tuesday, August 21.

Norwich, Aug. 16. At the assizes for the county of Norfolk, William Brentnall, for returning from transportation; Samuel Creasy, for a highway robbery ; and John Carman, for house-breaking, teceived sentence of death.

Bury, Aug. if. At our assizes, which ended on Saturday, Matthew Hindes, an old convict, was sentenced to be transported for 14 years ; and Emanucl Knights convicted of theft for seven. John Cathercoi* was ordered to be privately whipped, and Thomas Dowsing was acquitted. William Blake is to remain in gaol till next assizes.

Salijbury, Aug. 10. On Tuesday William Jaquts, for murder, was, pursuant tc his sentence, executed in the parish of Stanton, near the spot where he committed the fact; on his way he seemed to hint that he thought it no crime to I: II a black, and dropped some other expressions that shewed

him 4.44 List os Promotions, A:

him to have lint little remorse. On Monday night, when he lay at Devizes Bridewell, two men were ordered to sic up with him, in order to accompany him in prayer; but about eleven o'clock, he desired to be excused, as he had been much fatigued that day, therefore wanted to go to deep, which he did, and slept very sound the who'e night. When he came to the place of execution, he seemed half dead, and said hut little, desired he might not be turned otT a ladder, or from the cart, but be drawn up wi h a pulley from the ground, in the same manner as sailors aie executed on ship board, which was complied with. The' number of spectators present on the occasion, was supposed to be near ten thousand.

WlDNISDrtY, August 22.

On Monday lad, a boxing match was fought on Mousehold-Hi", for five guineas a siJe, between serjeant Watling of the 50'.h regiment, and Thomas Aljrer, a burciur from Diss; which lasted one hour and five minutes.. The butcher was victorious, and carried to Bear street, in triumph. It was computed there were upwards of 5000 persons present.

Norwich, Aug. 18. On Tuesday last at our assizes, a cause was tried on the Nisi Prius side, before Mr. Serjeant VVhitaker, for the breach of a promise of marriage, when the plaintiff had a verdict for 300 guineas damages, besides her costs.

Thursday, August 23.

At the assizes at Exeter, which ended on Saturday last, three received sencence of death, viz. Hugh Brown ?nd James Obryan, for robbing Mr. S*ur.ders of his warch, and about twtke shili ngs; and James Rowe for stealing a ro;.ie tlie property of William Endacott.'

■Lticesicr, Arg. iS. Yesterday ended the., assizes for this county and hotough, tvhen Rjbinson Holmes, for stcaljng a horse from Mr. Moley's staee waggon, between Qu,irnden and Loughburough, received sentence' of death.

At Hereford assizes List week, Joseph" Thomas, convicted of flieep stealing, and George Ward for breaking open Mr. MeaRins's shop, were condemned to be hanged; but were aserwards reprieved.

Tuesday, August 28.

On Fiiday afternoon, the assize on the Crown side for Surry began at Guildford, betoro the Hon. Mr. Baron Smythe, when fix prisoners were tried, two of whom were capitally convicted, viz. John Skinner, the noted waterman, for breaking open the bouse of Capt. John Dobson, of Roibcrpj> Remainder of Prgtnctimt, Mi

Carriages, Deaths, ScC. British

Mt' e, and stealing good;, plate, ic. to the value of 3001, and upwards; Skinner's wife was tried vith hirst for being Concerned in [his robbery, but the jury acquitted her, as acting under the diitction of her hufhand. John Hood, for receiving part of ihe goods stolen, was convicted as an accessary aster the fact, and sentenced to be transported for fourteen years. Ricliaid Nonis was capitally convicted of privately stealing two silver wa'ches in the fhep cf Humphry Sellon, watchmaker in Souihwa k. .

On Saturday William Cunis and Matthew Wilkinson were capitally convRied cf robbing William Smith, in the Leek-Field*, near Newington, of his'warch and money. These two men had been evidences againft their accomplices, three of whem were executed some time ago.

List os Promotion!.

Earl of Powis, loid lieut. of the county of Salop.

Eal of Northampton, lieut. of the town ami county of Northampton.

Gsorge Macaitncy, Esq; envdy to the couit os Russia.

List of Maksiages.

Right Hon. Lord Corke, to the Ken. Miss Courttnay.

Dr. Smith, head mister of Westminsterschool, to Miss Ja.kscn.

J.imes Gould, Esq j to Miss Sally Temple.'

Ambrose Pugh, Esq; to Mis* Amelia Josepha Home.

Charles Cornwall, Esq; to Miss Jcstkinsen.

Rev. Mr. Rider, of Heitsordit-.ii'e, to Miss Westcotnb.

Mr. Couit, of Birmingham, to Mifl Bromley of the fame place.

List of Dfaths.

TI10 Right Hon. Henry Bilson Lrg-gr, Es]; un;le to the Earl of Dartmouth, some time chancellor of the Exchequer, rnemh.r for the county of Southampton, .Sec. at Timbridge-Wells.

The Dutches* of Leeds.

Lady Ashley.

General Otway, aged ?o.

Sir William Douglas of Glenbetvie, in. ScotlanJ.

John Hervey, Esq; one of the W<A'> judges.

Sit. Charles Molyneux, Earr. of Netting


Will :am Watts, Esq; late governor ot Bengal.

Henry March, Esq; an eminent Tuikcj merchant,

riitgn, D;ath, ice, i* cur mxt%

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)^^^HERE is scarcely any )eC ® sentiment in which,

0 T ^ amidst ,he innumera4& / ^ ble varieties of inclination that nature or accide.rU have scattered in the world, we find greater numbers concurring than in the wistl for riches; a wish indeed so prevalent that it may be considered as universal and transcendental, as the desire in which all other desires are included, and of whicit the various purposes which actuate mankind, are only a subordinate species, and different modifications.

Wealth is indeed the general center of inclination, the point to which all mindj preserve an invariable tendency, and from which they afterwards diverge in numberless directions. Whatever is the remote or ultimate design, the immediate care is to be rich ; and in whateverenjoymcnf we intend finally to acquiesce, we seldom consider it as attainable but by the means of money, of which

Stpttmbtr 1764..

all therefore confess the value; nor is there any disagreement but about the use.

There is scarcely any passion which riches do not assist us to gratify. He that places his happiness in full chests of numerous dependents, in refined praise or popular acclamation, in the accumulation of cuiiosities or the revels of luxury, ia splendid edifices or wide plantations, mult still either by birth or acquisition possess riches. They may be considered as the elemental principles of pleasure, which may be combined with endless diversity; as the essential and necessary substance, of which the form only is to be adjusted by choice.

The necessity of riches being thus apparent, it is not wonderful that almost every mind has been employed in endeavours to acquire them; that multitudes have vied with each oth;r in arts by which life is furnished with accommodations, and which therefore mankind nia 3 M reasonab

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