Genealogical Account of D'Arcy, Earl es Holderness. $ I f

great deal of presence of mind, said, May it please your highness ! 1 have a long time courted that young gentlewoman there, my lady's woman, and cannot prevail : I was therefore humbly praying her ladyship to intercede for me. The Protector, turning to the young woman, cried, What's the meaning of this, hussy f why do you refuse the honour Mr. White would do you? he is my friend, and I expect you should treat him as such. My lady's woman, who desired nothing more, with a very low curtsy, replied, If Mr. White intends ine that honour,

I (hall not be against him. Say'st thou so, my lass, cried Cromwell I call Godwyn ; this business shall be done presently, before I go out of the room. Mr. White was gone too far to go back; his brother-par* son came; Jerry and my lady's woman were mariied in the presence of the Protector, who gave her five hundred pounds for her portion, which, with the monev the had saved before, made Mr. White easy in his circumstances, except that he never loved his wife, nor she him, though; they lived Together near fifty year* afterwards.

Genealogical Aciouni os D'ARCY, Earl t/HoLbemESS.

'T'HIS noble family is descended ■*■ from Norman de D'Arcy, who came into England with William the Conqueror, and by that king's gift enjoyed no less than thirty-three lordships in the county of Lincoln, From him descended

Sir John D'Arcy, knt. who served in the expeditions against the Scats in the reign of Edward I. and was by Edward H. successively appointed governor of the castle of Northampton, sheriff of the counties of Nottingham and Derby, and lord-justice of Ireland. In the reign of Edward 111. he was constituted governor of the castle of York, sheriff of that county, constable of the Tower of London, ambassador to Scotland, steward of the king's houshold, twice lord-justice of Ireland, and governor of that country, having an assignation of certain sums of money for his service in the wars there, and a grant of divers lands He was also summoned to parliament from the 28th year of the reign of Edward I. to the 16th year of Edward HI, inQa»ber 176$,

elusive. He was twice married. By his first wife Emetine, daughter and co heiress of Walter Heron of Hedeston in Northumberland, he had three sons, Sir John, Sir Roger, and Adomar. By his second wife Joan* daughter of Richard Burgh earl of Ulster, he had a son, William; and a daughter, Elizabeth, married to> James, the second earl of Ormond. Sir Roger, his second son by his first wife, was lord-justice of Ireland in: I346, from whom the D'Arcys of Esse« descended;

Sir John, his elder brother, was made keeper of the king's liberty of Holderness in the county of York, constable of the Tower of London* and was summoned to parliament: from the twenty-second to the twenty-eighth year of the reign of Edward III. but dying in the thirtieth year of that monarch's reign, left issue by Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heiress of Nicholas Menil, two sons, John and Philip; of whom the eldest died in his minority, and

Philip his brother became heir, 3 x Richa/4 5.8

Ctncalegical Account of D'Afcy, Ear! csHoltfernefs. British

Richard II. made him admiral, of his fleet, tiom the riner of Thames northward; and he fat in parliament from the first to the twentyliist year of that monarch's reign, when he died. He mariied Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thpmas Grey of Htton, knt. by whom he had John, Thomas, and Philip, and was succeeded by

John, his eldest son, who also was summoned so parliament from, the twenty-third jear of the reign of Richaid H. to the twelffb of Henry IV. and marrying M.-ugaiet, daughter to Henry lord Grey of Wilton, left two sons, Philip and John.

ot the fame monarch's reign, was oi.e vf thfjse northern lords that marched with the earl of Sany lo plunder the borders of Scotland; and, being then knight of iht- !)ody .to the king, was made constable of Bambotctugb-rastle- in Northumberland, as also captain of tin- town and castle of Berwick, warden of the east and middle marches towards Scotland, and constable and ii.aill.jl of England. In the eighteenth year of .the reign of Henry VII. be was constituted <*ne of the king's commissioners for receiving, the oaih of James tV, king of Scotland, ufioa a treaty of peace, and afterwards was made of his majesty's privy council.

Philip, the eldest son, reamed He had also the title and dignity of JWa£; datalogical Account r>/"D'Arcy, £W «/" Holderness. 519

Eleanor, daughter to Henry lord Fitz-hugh; and dying, August; 2, J419, before he came of ag?, left only two daughters; E!izah>eih,wl>a married Sir James Strangeways, knr. and Margery to Sir John Conyers> knr. so that ,

John, the second son, succeeded; And during the time of his minority, whilst he wa? under the guardianihip of the king, having married loan, daughter of John lord Greyliock, without licence, paid two hundred maiks for pardon of that transgression. He died in the reign of Henry VI. having an only son, Richa d, and a daughter Joan, . Richard married Eleanor, daughter of John Scrope of Upsal; and dying in the life-time of his father,


William, his only son, who succeeded his grandfather. He married Euftmia, daughter of Sir John Langton of Farnley, in the county of York, knt. and dying in the beginning of the reign of Henry VII. was succeeded by his only son

Thomas, v>ho, in ihe twelfth year

baron revived ro him by writ of summon* to parliament the frrfr, iixih, twenty-first, and twenty-eighth ye-ars of the reign of Henry VIH. which title and honour bad ceased in the two daughters of Philip lord D'Arcy before-mentioned. Henry VIK. likewise made him steward ff all the kin-g's lands north of Trent, as also chief-justice and watdeft of all his forests in those parts, one of the privy council,, and knight of tbe gaeter; and he was afterwards Ob* of the lords who exhibited the articles, against cardinal Wolsey, and sotrscribed the letter 10 pope Clement Vll. But on the twentittkvof June, in tbe thirty-ninth year of this monarch's reign, he was beheaded on Tower-hill, for delivering the castle of Pomfret to the Yoeksl ire men, who had theo made art in so 1 region, by the name of The Pilgrimage of Grace. He married, first, Elizabeth, sister of William, tbe first lord Sands, by whom he bad an only daughter, Elizabeth, married to Sir Marmaduke-Constable, of Fhmborough io Yorkshire, knt


but by his second wife Dousabella, of Jersey. Edward VI. appointed

slaughter and heir of Sir .Richard him lieutenant of the Tower of

.Tempest, of Ribbledale in Northum- London.. He married Mary, daugh

jberhnd, Lut. he had Sir George, ter and, at length, heirtsi of Sir

>hh -heir, Sir. Arthur, and Richard j Nicholas Carew, of Eedinglon in

and a daughter Mabilla. T» him the county of Suny, knight of the

succeeded . . , > >« .• , . ga ter, by whom he had ten sons,

•George, his eldest son, who had a and n»e daughters,

•command 'in the army which.de- Thomas, the second son, married

fe.ated.theiS.cott at Braunston, when Elizabeth, daughter and co heiress

king jajues IV. was slain j was of John lord Coryers, who was li

knighted after the stege of Tournay, neally descended from Margery,

at which he was present; and was daughter of Philip lord D'Arcy, wha

restored in blood by .Edward VI. He man ied Sir John -Conyers, as fciforj

married Dorothy( • daughter and mentioned; and, dying Nov. 6,

heirese of Sir John Melton of Aston 1606, left issue an only son,

in Yorkshire; and, dying in the Sir Conyers, whose residence was

.fourth ^ear of the reign of Philip »t Hornby-Castle in the county of

and Mary, left issue John, his heir, York; and the said Sir Conyer?,

•.ami. six daughters. setting forth in his petition to king

John lord D'Arcy of Aston mar- Charles I. that after the attainder of *ied Agnes, daughter of Thomas Thomas lord D'Arcy, his great•Babrngton, of Defchiek in Derby- grandfather, Sir George D'Arcy his eflvtre, Esq;:by whom tie had an only eldest son, being restored in blood, zfcr,11 ; < . obtained a grant of the title of lord ..Michael, who, dying in his fa- D'Arcy to himself, and the heirs .ther'a lift-time,-left issue, by M<r- rnale of his body; and that by the •garet, daughter of Thomas Went- death of Joint lord D'Arcy of Aston, worth, of Wentworth*-Wopdhouse, without issue.male, the title of lord (Esq; John, Margaret, and Anne. D'Arcy was utterly extinct, did - • John, the eldest son, succeeded his humbly request, that being grand-grandfather in 1587, as lord D'Arcy, fun and heir male to the before speund died in July 1635. He married cLCed Sir Arthur D'Arcy, and likeRosamond, daughter of Sir Peter wile son and htir of Elizabeth, iFrescheville, of Stavely in Derby- daughter and coheiress to John lord ihire, by whom he had issue John, Conyers, lineal heir to Margaret, •Elizabeth, and Rosamond, who all daughter arid coheiress to Philip lord died, in their father's life.-tiirte un- D'Arcy, ("on of John lord D'Arcy, married. We must therefore now one of 1 he barons of this realm, .in Vettirn to the lime of king Henry IV. hi> peSir Arthur D'Arcy, knt. brother tition toiioht be considered; whereto George, and third son lo Thomas, upon his majesty, in the 17th year mho wds'beheaded. This Sir. Ar.- ot his;rcigo, was pleased to declare ithur, in the reign of Henry Vllf. and confirm to him, and his heirs entered the border* <>t, Scotland, male lawfully begotten, the stile, where he burned several towni, and title, and dignity of lord D'Arcy, as parried away much bjoty, and was enjoyed by his ancestors. He marafterwards msde capfaiti- of *he Isle ried Dorothy, 'iaughtgr. to Sir Henry

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