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ing to the grave. Hope is yet When he had spoke these words, thine, which can turn the walls that he stretched out his arm over her, confine thee to the bower of content; and the sunk down on a sofa into the then say not in thine heart that thy arms of sleep, from which the awoke portion here is with the wretched, in the morning with a conviction of nor by wishing to alter the allot. her late unjuft repinings, and with ment of Providence, provoke the a perfect relignation to the lot which rage of a power infinitely greater her genius had alligned her in the than mine, which can crush thee to terreftrial abode of life. atoms at a-blow."

Account of AL MEN A, a new serious Englil OPERA, performed at

L', 'the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane...

Mirza, Selima,

, DRAMATIS PERSONÆ. by order of the tyrant, thrown into
Mohammed, Mr. Vernon, prison to linger, out a hateful life in
Mr. Champness,, . misery and chains.

; Signior Giufiinele, But Providence disappoints Mo.

Miss Williams, . Zara, io

Mrs. Vincent,

· hammed's intentions; for his Guer • Aspatia,

Signiora Cremonini, having seen the gallant young prince, Almena,

Miss Wrigkt is struck with his magnanimity and T HE sultan Hufscin, emperor misfortunes, and contrives that very • 1 of Persia, having been depo: night, by bribing the guards, to get fed and murdered, with all his chil him out of prison, in hopes of win: dren, excepting Almena, who mis niog him to her love. Mirza, con raculously escaped, Mohammed, the trary to her expectations, is no sooner tyrant, the chief of the Afghans, in at liberty, than he repairs to his fol. order to secure his usurpation, and lowers, who are now considerably to gratify a passion which he entert seinforced, and prepared to have an. tains for Alpafia, contrives to win other trial with the tyrant. . This or rerrify that lady to his arms, but disappointment cenders Zara almoft to no purpose; her regard for her frantic, who, determined to have an virtue and family would not permit ample 'revenge on her hared rival, her to , look on a villain who had takes an opportunity, while her bros murdered her husband and children ther is complaining of Aspatia's cru

The only remaining comfort fhé had elty, to persuade him that, by putwas Alimena, a young lady beloved ting out Almena's eyes, he would by Mirza, her husband's nephew, a undoubadly terrify the empress to a courageous prince, who had a res compliance with his wishes. , Moa ciprocal mare in Almena's affection, hammed gives into this design, and and was now considered as the only dispatches his grand vizier Abudah hope of the people. This hope to see it executed.' however, was of no long duration; Abudah is a Persian nobleman, for Mirza, who headed a, body of formerly banished for entertaining troops againft' Mobammed, having presumptuous sentiments towards been routed and taken prisoneri, is, the empress. Afpatia, and still che piness. Scarce however was she land- larger fum from it than ever I exed, before her spirits funk at the ap- pečted. This, and an opportunity pearance of a funeral which passed which now presented itself of my by her; her ill-boding fancy imme- settling greatly to my advantage, diately fuggefted to her that it might gave me exceffive fpirits, and I be. poflibly be her husband; he could gan to hope, as I wrote my Eliza, not avoid enquiring who it was, that happier hours might now awhen she heard that it was a strang. wait us. er, whofe name was Erastus. The “ It was not long after my wricolour left her cheek, the fainted in ting that letter, which bad thee haft. the arms of her maid, and recover- en to my arms, that a stranger came ing found herself in the house of a to this part of the island, in hopes ftranger. whole hospitality was a- of improving bis health. Amongst wakened by the appearance of her others I went to pay him my respects. distress. “ Was it for this, laid the, Can you conceive what pleasure I passed the dangers of the sea? mingled with surprize and pain I Unhappy woman in having escaped felt, when in this stranger I beheld its perils: alas! I promised myself a brother : This was that brother fome years of uninterrupted happi- whom Eliza has heard me mention. ness. Good heaven, my sorrows He was banished by my father for will, end but with my life." Thus fome indiscretions of youth, and left did she exclaim in broken sentences, his native country with the litile fortill again the sunk her fainting head, tune which had been given him by and found herself supported at her his grandfather. He fetiled on a recovery by the husband the imagi- distant part of this island, where he ned to be no more. At first the made a conqueft (for his person was spoke to him with an incoherent remarkably fine) of a widow, who wildness which indicated the disor- poflefled one of the largest eftates der of her mind; till at length grown upon it. calmer, she said, " Was it delusion " He was overjoyed to see me. all- And to I live once more I cannot much longer continue here, to behold the man I love ?” “ It faid he; I am going to the eternal was, it was Eliza, said he, presling abode appointed for human nature. her to his bosom, thy husband lives, Since my banishment from my faand we Mall now be bless’d.” ther's house, beaven has blefied me • As soon as their excess of joy was with fuccefs. I am told he forgave fomewhat abated, Eliza desired an me with his dying breath: good old account of what had happened to man ---- You are now, Erastus, the him since he left her; and asked if only remaining of our family: I lithe knew how she came to receive tle dreamed of ever seeing you again ; that melancholy information which but heaven is kind. The terrors of inade her the most miserable of hu- diffolution are leffened at the right man beings. .


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of thee. - 'Tis not an unpleasing re:..“ As soon, my dear, said he, as flection, that thy friendly hand will I came over, I found that the af- close my eyes. Beware, Erastus, nor fairs of she house were not, by much, misemploy the wealth i Shall leave in so bad a way as 'was first imagić thee; ir was got with honour. I axed, and some time after received a can fcarcely advise thee to marry :

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