MONDAY, Dec. 24.

- reparated the great carotid artery, the woYesterday morning the following acci. man thereby lost so great a quantity of dent happened at lady Pakington's, at Per.' blood, that the expired in less than two diswell, near Worcester. Her Jadyship's hours. The only renible words she was (wo poftilions being in the servants hall, heard to repeat the whole time were, “O where a gun happened to lie upon the death ! death! death!" foon after which dieffer, one of them casually took it up, the expired in agonies. noć imagining it was charged, and band

в г в тн. ling it in a careless manner, it suddenly The dutchess of Marlborough of a daughwent off, and instantly killed his fellow ter. servant John Corfield. The coroner's

MARRIAGES. inquest have brought in their verdiet ac- The bon. Marmaduke Marvel, Esq. to cidental killing by misadventure. And on Miss Charlotte Morgan of Swansey, GlaWednesday the fervant, in whose hand the morganshire. Thomas Welt, Esq. of Changun went off, was committed to gaol, in cery-Lane, to Miss Greathead of Colney order to be tried at the next allizes. Ha:ch, in Middlesex. ----- Duffield, Esq. TUESDAY, Dec. 25.

to Miss Sutton. Captain Sempill, to Miss This being Christmas-day, and an high Clive, youngest bíter of lord Clive. Joha festival, there was a brilliant court at St. Ke-ling, Elq, an eminent brewer in ClerJames's, when the knights companions of kenweli, to Mifs Round of that place. the most noble' orders of the Garter, Tbiftle, Henry Wefteora, of Queen's County, in Ireand Bath, appeared in the coilars of their land, to Miss Harriot Murray, youngest respective orders.

daughter of lady dowager Blaney. Charles On Saturday last in the afternoon, a Garth, Esq. to Miss Fanny Cooper, of sailor accidentally ran against a porter in Camberwell. Savill Finch, Esq. member Threadneedle-Street, wbich the latter re- . for Malton, to Miss Fullerton, of Dorsetsenting fo far as to strike him, though the fire. Major Moncrieff, to Miss Polly other had very civilly asked his pardon for Lungstone. Henry Panton, Esq. member it ; a battle ensued, in which the porter for the city of Winchester, to Miss Knowles falling with his head against a stone, he of Canterbury, Sir James Maxwell of fractured his skull, and unfortunately died Pollock, bare. to Miss Fanny Colquhoun, on the spor. The sailor not being the ag- of St. Kit's. Mr. Baker of Covent-Gargreffor, the populace suffered him to make den theatre, to the amiable Miss Miller of his escape.

the same house, Samuel Daniel, El. of WEDNESDAY, Dec. 26.

King Itreet, Westminster, to Miss French His majesty has been pleased to grant of Privy Garden. Rev. Mr, Hays of Dupletters. patent appointing the right hon, ham, to Mils Porrett. Alhton Lever, John earl of Hyndford to be vice-admiral Esq.of Alksington, to Miss Fanny Bayley. of Scotland, in the room of the right hon. Thomas Walker of Lincolns-Inn, Esq. to James earl of Findlater, deceased.

Miss Baldwyn of Grosvenor-street. His majesty has also been pleased to ap

DEAT! . point the right hon. Hugh earl of North Her grace the dutchess of Roxburgh, umberland (lord lieutenant of Ireland) to Lady Amelia Hotham. Dr. George Stone, be vice-admiral of all America.

aichbishop of Armagh, primate of all IreTHURSDAY, Dec. 27.

land. The hon. lieur. gen. Thomas MurOn Sunday morning, the following un- ray. Philip Baynton, Esq. Capt. Patrick happy accident happened at Mr. Bailey's, Oxilvię. Mr. James Leake, bookseller at a congderable dealer in tripe, &c. in Trot- Batis. Wm. Mabbotr, Erq. Capt. James ter-Alley, Bermondsey-street. About 8 Strangeway. Thomas Drummond, Esq: o'clock his woman fervant was, without Rev, Mr. Barnard Mills. Wm. Merrick, any known previous circumstances, sud. Esq. capt, in the Gloucestershire militia. denly taken with a fit of lunacy, and im- Rev. Mr. Ben, Took, Edmund Bowyer, mediately ran into a back kitchen,' where Esq. Mr. Orpin, engraver. Lieut. AlexThe took up a knife and cut her throat. ander Gordon, Hon. Mrs. Lowler. PhiMr. Capel, a surgeon in that neighbour- lip Dution, Erq. Thomas Kentih, Esq. hood, being sent for, he direally fewed up Col Graham, at Barbadoes. At the inand the wound; but although the wind-pipe of Granada, Join Woodward, Erg. Sir was mired being cut, yet as the koile had John Sinclair, bast. The hon. Mr. James


Home of Aytenball. Mr. Robert Lloyd, • BANKRUPI S. the celebrated poet. Bartholomew Web- John Morkins, of Ely, in the Ine of ster, Erą. Rev. Richard Walker, vice- Ely, Cambridgeshire, John Ireland, of master of Trinity-college, Cambridge. At King.streer, in the pariin of St. Margaret, Stockton, ---- Burton, Erq. Isaac Thorn Westminster, Middlesex, peruke maker. ton, Esq. Nathan Elmes, Esq. Rev. Mr. Hugh Rose, now or late of East Cowes in Wm. Noble.

the Ine of Wight, Hampshire, merchant. PROMOTIONS.

George Morris, late of Duke-street, LinThomas Sewell, Esq. Master of the Rolis. coln's-Ion - Fields, Middlesex, grocer. John Montfort Browne, E'q. lieut. gov. of West Pearce, of the paria of East Moulley, Sur. Florida. His grace the duke of Marlbo- ry, victualler. Samuel Wells, late of Adrough, elected a governor of the Charter- dlethorp, Lincolnshire, dealer. Henry House. Samuel Gibbs, Esq. nominated a Gardner, late of the parish of St. Ann Limecape. in the roth reg. of dragoons. Capt. house, Middlesex, mariner. Charles Hart, Wm. Harcourt, lieut. col. of the ziit reg. late of Richmond, Suriy, grocer. John of foot. Thomas Sandby, Esq. fteward to Beardmore and Alexapder Maidstone, his royal highness the duke of Cumberland. both of Thames-ftreet, London, oilmen. Robert Wood, Esq. groom-porter to his Mary Blake, of Winchester, milliner and majesty. John Richmond Webb, Esq. haberdasher. John Warner Phipps, late member for Boffinney, in Cornwall, ap- of London, mercbant. John Jefferson, of pointed one of the Welch judges. Major Cheapfide, London, brazier. John HaAlexander Duncan lieut, col. of the 55th milton, of Sc. Giles's in the Fields, Middlereg, of toot. Rachel Lloyd, housekeeper fex, painter, glazier, and b:cker. Joseph and wardrobe-keeper of his majesty's pa Cawthorne, late of the isand of Madeira, Jace at Kensington. Ulyffes Brown, Esq. but now of London, merchani, (copartner lub b.igadier and cornet in the ad croop of with Wm. Cawthorne). Sir Thomas ho fe guards.

Ridge, of Portsea, in the county of SouthECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. ampton, kot. brewer, distiller, and wine.

Rev, Mr. Pinnock, rec. of Lesham in merchant. Wm. Hill, of Little WalfingHanrs. Rev. Mr. Stinton, rec. of Martin. ham, Norfolk, watch-maker. Robert hoe, in Devonshire. Rev, Mr. Drake, Maddern, late of Virginia America, but rec, of Layer-Marney in Effex. Rev. Mr. now of Bristol, linen draper and merchant Talbot Harris, rec. of Upton-Warren in (rurviving partner of Wm. Hale, late of Worcestershire, Rev. Mr. George Budd. Bristol, linen-draper and meschant, de. vic. of Moulders in Northampton in re. ceaser). Thomas Howfon, of the parith Rev. Ormond Beauvoir, rec. of Milton in of Cierkenwell, Middlesex, falciman. Kent. Rev. Wm. Harley, canon of George Mills, of the parish of St. Marga. Christ.church in Worcester. Rev. Jyhn ret, Weitminster, jeweller. Francis Tilley, Sa keld, vic. of Savil. Bottle in Northum. otherwise Francis Albert Tilley, now or berland. Rev. Robert Harding, rec. of Jate of the parish of St. Ann, Westminster, Grafton-Kings in the same county. Rev. Middlefex, jeweller. Richard Reeves, of Joseph Backhouse, rec. of sidrington in the parish of St. James, Westminster, Mida Northampionshire.

dlesex, victualler.

YEARLY BILL OF MORTALITY. A general Bill of all the Christenings and Burials, from Dec. 13, 1763, to Dec. 11, 1964. "Males christened 8593 | Males buried

11503 Females 8208 Females


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Charles XII. of Sweden, anecdotes of 413
ABINGDON, earl of, genealogy of 405 Churcbill, Mr. memoirs of

Account of a woman buried fix days Civita Turchino : account of some subter-
under Snow without eating any food ranecus apartments discovered there 544
188-of the modern Athenians 303–of Cochineal fly, natural History of 42 t
the poetry of the ancient Welsh bards Colljus of Rhodes, descriprion of 597
313-of the heroic composure of the Commerce, reflections on
late king of Prussia at his death 325--of Contentment : a fable 347--in our Aation,
the present king of Prussia's being made the neceffity of : a vilon 566
a free mason ibid.-of the precautions Conti, anecdote of the prince of 634
used in electing a king of Poland 350 Cromwell, Oliver, anecdote of
-of Pandolpho's deliverance 368--of Culmbach, marquis of, anecdote of
new books, pamphlets, &c. 376, 433, Cyder-act, alterations in the
-of Mr. Harrison's longitude time-keep-

er 421--of the surprising effects of the Darkness, account of a remarkable 1 536
rattle.snake's poison 466of a young D'Eon, anccdotes of the chevalier 367
lady's return to life 524-of an experi- Deatb ftrangely prevented

ment to render wood less combustible, Dearbs, 51, 108, 332, 388, 444, 500, 555,

1 667
Address of the Irish parliament to the king Description of St. Peter's church at Rome

13-of the city of London to the royal 263~of Septimius Severus's arch, &c.
family 40

Affectionate wife and heroic daughter 356 Detraction, essay on

Agumas, Thomas, anecdote of 71 Dialogue between a gentleman and his
Almena : an English opera ; plan of 569 dog
Ambition: an allegory

507 Dolpbin-fly, method of destroying 580
Ancients, reflections on the imitation of the Domestic intelligence, 47, 103, 162, 218,

532 272, 326, 382, 440, 494, 550, 606,
Anecdotes, two military 18-of some Dutch 663
and Flemish painters 298

Doncaster, Scot, earl of, genealogy of 201
Anglesea, Anneney, earl of, genealogy of Dorset, Sackville, earl of, memoirs of I
85 Double affignation : a novel

Apology for high fauces
296 Dublin, description of

Appeal of a North-American and a Weft. Dye, account of the discovery of a new
India planter




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Berkley, earl of, genealogy of

Eaft- India affairs ; pamphlets relative to
Bankrupts, 500, 556, 612,
Baobab tree, natural history of

Ecclefiaftical preferments 388, 556, 612,
Bashfulness, effay on


Births, 107, 332, 388, 555, 617, 667 Eden, remarkable decrease of the river
Boiffi, M. remarkable anecdote of 177

Boyfe, Mr. Samuel, life of

S57 Egypt, description of the pyramids of 485
Breeches, the ; a tale

450 Elephant, diverting instance of the sagacity
Brunswick, prince of, military a&tions of the


20 ;-account of the house of 22 Elm-boards, experiments for ftaining of a

mahogaay colour
Canadian chief, surprising resolution of a Endowmen is requisite for the Rudy of the
157 law

Capricious Lovers; an opera : plan of 637 Envy, effay on
Cardigan, earl of, genealogy of 17 Ejays, 30. 62, 72, 126, 136, 183, 333,
Carlisle, earl of, genealogy of 142 391, 501, 590, 618, 633
Case of a giid born without a tongue 427 Events, principal, in the year 1763 23
Cafimir II. king of Poland ; anecdote of Every man his own physician ; recipes ex-

429 tracted i om

96, 142, 186
Cbaldean philosophy ; account of

Charles y, remarkable story of 632 Ferid brea' h, lotion for correding 657



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Fear, sudden effect of in a deferter.265 Hiftory of Erastus and Eliza
Fielding, Henry, account of the life and of Bob Scamper

writings of 225, 289, 341, 406. Headley, bishop, anecdote of
Flattery, efsay on

Hogarth, William, memoirs of
Flemish tradition

400 Holderneffe, earl of, genealogy of
Florence, description of the city of 373 Humourift (the); a character
Foreign literature, account of

24 Husbandry, the advantages of; a fable
Transactions 45, 101, 161, 217, 271, Hypocrisy, reflections on
329, 381, 437, 493, 549, 605, 661.
Fontaine (la) anecdotes of

Fountain-tree, account of a

53 Ibrabim and Almira: an eastern tale 619
France, compendious history of ; 7, 66, Imagination ; essay on

118, 173, 232, 307, 352, 415, 461, Impoffor detected
526, 581, 635

Impofture, account of a remarkable, at
Fraticaux, narrative of the seizure of the Milan
marquis of

. 363 Indian ink, recipe for making
Freetbinker's (he) progress

Innocence protected; an oriental tale 184
Friendship, reflections on the uncertainty of Irish bards, account of the

reflections on true
Fruits, directions for gathering and pre- Journey thro' a wrier's head: a dream 595

Gainfoorouch, earl of, genealogy of 469 Kamtsehadales, marriage ceremonies of 83
Government, effay on the three different Kilda, St. extracts from the history of 317
forms of

30 King's speech to both houses of parliament
Gratitude, extract from Dr. Watkinson's on April 19, 1764;

• 203
ellay on

258 Kneller, fir Godfrey, anecdote of 117
remarkable instance of the force of
. 369

Greek water : recipe for the preparation of Legge, account of the character of 649

96 L'Espion Chinois, 'humorous 'letter from
Grose, Mr, affecting story from his Voy-


- ages

94 Letter from fir Walter Raleigh to prince
Guardian Outwitted : an opera : plan of Henry

638 from Voltaire to Mr. Elie de Beao-

Hales, Dr. Stephen, life of

456 -- original, from Mr. Pope to the durch-
Hermit of Lebanon : a tale
477 ess of Hamilton

Highmore, Mrs. her complaint, &c. 266 - original, from Mr. Boyse to the Rev,
Historical anecdotes

425 Mr. Hervey
History of Abdalzar

37, 56 Letters of secrecy, artificial water for wri-
of Eudofius and Selinda


of Elvira and Jacintha

179 Liberty of the press ; essay on the
of Marius and Lucinda 199, Lisbon, description of the city of $41
- of Lothario

204 Litchfield, earl of, genealogy of
of Moraddin, prince of Indonan 244. Love and marriage, the origin of ; an al-
of Clarinda

250 Tegory
of Madam d'Ercombas

252 Lutber, anecdote of
of Abouzaid


- of Sylvia and Amoret, 294 Mabumed III. ftory of
of Eumelos

336 Manifesto published on the death of prince
-- of Palemon and Sylvia

371 ivan
- of Mahmut and Idris

387 Marli, description of the palace of 209
-- of Amintor and Eugenia 393 Marriages, 51, 103, 332, 388, 444, 500,
-- of Alcander and Septimius 402 555, 611, 667.

of Clerimont and Arabella 430 Maximilian, account of the emperor 11
of Maria

473 Medicis, John and Garcias de; account of
of Monimia
521 their tragical deaths


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419 True born Scotchman; a comedy ; account
Prior, Matthew, anecdote of 621 of


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