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Monday, Dec. 24.

Yesterday morning the following accident happened at lady Pakington's, at Perdiswell, near Worcester. H-r ladyship's two postilions being in the servants hall, where a gun happened to lie upon the dresser, one of them casually took it up, not imagining it was charged, and handling it in a careless manner, it suddenly went off, and instantly killed his fellow servant John Cot field. The coioncr's inquest have brought in their verdict accidental killing by misadventure. And on Wednesday the servant, in whose hand the gun went off, was committed to gaol, io order to be tiied at the next assizes. Tuuda Y, Dec. 25.

This being Christmas-day, and an high festival, there was a brilliant court at St. James's, when the knights companions of the most noble orders of the Garter.Thistle, and Bath, appeared in the collars of their respective orders.

On Saturday last in the afternoon, a sailor accidentally ran against a potter in Threadneedle Street, which the latter resenting so far as to strike him, though the other had very civilly asked his pinion for it j a battle ensued, in which the porter falling with his head against a stone, he fractured his skull, and unfortunately died on the spot. The sailor not being the aggressor, the populace suffered him to make his escape.

Wednisday, Dec. 26.

His majesty has been pleased to grant letters.patent appointing the right hon. John earl of Hyndford to be vice-admiral of Sco'land, in the room of the right hon. James earl of Findlater, deceased.

His majesty has also been pleased to appoint the right hon. Hugh earl of Northumberland (lord lieutenant of Ireland) to be vice-admiral of nil America.

Thursday, Dec. 27.

On Sunday morning, the following unhappy accident happened :it Mr. Bailey's, a consldernb e dealer in tnpe, 4rc. in Trotter-Alley, Bermondscy-street. About 8 o'clock his woman servant was, without any k.iown previous circumstances, suddenly taken with a fit of lunacy, and immediately ran into a back kitchen,' where she took up a knife and rut her taroa;. Mr. Capel, a surgeon in that neighbourhood, being sent for, he directly sewed up the wound; but although the wind-pipe was missed being cut, yet as tlic knile had

separated the great carotid artery, the woman thereby lot so great a quantity of blood, that (he expired in less than two hours. The only sensible wxds (he 'vaa heard to repeat the wWt time were, "O death! de.vb! death!" soon after which she expired in agonies.

1 I I 1 li The du'chess A Mai thorough of a daughter.


The lion Marmaduke Marvel, Esq. to Mil's Charlotte Morgan of Swanfey, Glamorganshire. Thomas West, Esq. of Chancery-Lane, to Miss Greathead of Colney Hatch, in Middlesex. Duffield, Esq.

to Mis. Sutton. Captain Scmpill, to Mis* Clive, youngest lister of lord Clive. John Keeling, Esq. an eminent biewer in Clerkenweli, to Miss Round of that place. HenryWtrstenra, of Queen's County, in Ireland, to Miss Harriot Murray, youngest daughter of lady dowager Blaney. Charles Garth, Esq. to Miss Fanny Cooper, of Camberwell. Savill Finch, Esq. member for Malton, to Miss Fullerton, of Dorsetshire. Major Moncrieff, to Miss Polly Lungstone. Henry Panton, Esq. member for the city of Winchester, toMiss Knowlec of Canterbury. Sir James Max well of Polio.k, bart. to Miss Fanny Colquhoun, of St. Kit's. Mr. Baker of Covent-Garden 1 It cat 1 c, to the amiable Miss Miller of the lame house. Samuel Daniel, Esq. of King llrcer, Westminster, to Miss French of privy Garden. Rev. Mr. Hays of Durham, to Mils Porrett Afhtcn Lever, Esq. of Alkiington, to Miss Fanny Baylcy. Thomas Walker of Lincoln j-Inn, Esq. to Miss Baldwyn of Grosvenor-street. D x A T 11 s.

Her grace the dutchess of Roxburgh. Lady Amrlia Hotham. Dr George Stone, a.clibtlhop of Armagh, primatcofall Ireland. 7 he hon. lieut. gen. Thomas Murray. Philip Baynton,'Esq. Capt. Patrick Oiilvie. Mr. James Leaks, bookseller at Bitiv. Wm. Mabbot', Esq. Capt. Jamea Straixtewsy. Thomas Drummond, Esq; Rev. Mr. Barnard Mills. Wm. Merrick, Esq. capt, in the Gloucestershire militia. Hev. Mr. Hen. Took. Edmund Bowyer, Esq. Mr. Orpin, engraver. Lieut. Alexander Goidon. Hon. Mrs. Lowtl-er. Philip Dution, Esq. Thorn**. K.entiiri, Z'q. Col Graham, at Baibadoes. At the island os GnnaHa, jo*n Woodward. Esq. Sir John Sinclair, but. The hon, Mr. Jamet

668 List of Promotions, Eccltfiaflical Prffermints, &C.


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Home of Ayrenhall. Mr. Robert Lloyd, the celebrated poet. Bartholomew Webster, Esq. Rev. Richard Walker, vicemaster of Trinity-college, Cambridge. At Stockton, Burton, tsq. Isaac Thornton, Esq. Nathan Elmcs, Esq. Rev. Mr. Wm. Noble.

Promotions. Thomas Sewell, Esq. Master of the Rolls. Montfort Browne, Esq. lieur. gov.of West Florida. His grace the duke of Maryborough, elected a governor of the CharterHouse. Samuel Gibbs, Esq. nominated a capt, in the 10th reg. of dragoons. Capt. Wm. Harcourt, lieut. col. of the 31st reg. of foot. Thomas Sandby, Esq. Reward to his royal highness the duke of Cumberland. Robert Wood, Esq. groom-porter to his majesty. John Richmond Webb, Esq. member for Bossmney, in Cornwall, appointed one of the Welch judges. Major Alexander Duncan lieut. col. of the {.clh rec. of loot. Rachel Lloyd, housekeeper and wardrobe-keeper of his majesty's palace at Kensington. Ulysses Brown, Esq. tub b. it/adier and cornet in the 2d noop of ho se guards.


Rev. Mr. Pinnock, rec. of Lelham in Hantl. Rev. Mr Stinton, rec. ot Mai tinhoe, in Devonshire. Rev. Mr. Dtake, rrc. of Layer Mainey in Essex. Rev. Mr. Talbot Harris, rec. of Upton-Warren in Worcestershire, Rev. Mr. George Build, vie. of Moulders in Northampronsli.ie. Rev. Osmond Beamotr, rec. ot Milton in Ktfl'. Rev. Wm. Harley, canon of Christ-church in Worcester. Rev. J >hn S.vkeld, vie. of Savil-Bot'le in Northumberland. Rev. Robert Harding, rec. of Grafton-Kings in the fame county. Rev. Joseph Backhouse, rec. of Aldrington in Northimp on (hire.

John Morkins, of Ely, in the Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire. John Ireland, of King-street, in the parish of St. Maigaret, Westminster, Middlesex, peruke maker. Hugh Rose, now or late of East Cowes in the Isle of Wight, Hampshire, mcichant. George Morris, late of Duke-stitet, Lincoln'a-Inn-fields, Middlesex g'oeer. John Pea-ce, of the paiiii of East Moulsey, Surry, victualler. Samuel Wells, late of Addlethorp, Lincolnshire, dealer. Henry Gardner, late ot ihe parish of St. Ann Limehouse, Middlesex, mariner. Chattel Hart, late of Richmond, Suny, grocer. John Beardmore and Alexander Mau.stone, both of Thames-street, London, oilmen. Mary Blake, of Winchester, milliner and haberdasher. John Warner PhippS, lite? of London, im reliant. John Jefferson, cf Chcapside, London, b.azier. John Hamilton, of St. Giles's in the Fields, Middlesex, painter, glazier, and b eker. Joseph Cawthornc, late of the island of Madeira, but now of London, merchant, (copartner with Wm. Ca.vihorne). Sir Thomas Ridge, of Portse3, in Ihe county of Southampton, knt. brewer, distiller, and winemerchant. Wm. Hill, oi Little Walfinjham, Norfolk, vratc -maker. Robert Maddern, late ot Virginia America, but naw of Bristol, linen draper and merchant, (surviving partnlr of Wm. Hale, late of Bristol, linen-draper and merchant, deceases'). ThciiMs Howson, of the parish of Cieikenwell, Middlesex, salesman. George Mills, of the parish of St. Margaret, Westminster, jeweller. Francis Tilley, otherwise Francis Albert Tilley, now or late of the parish of St. Ann, Westminster, Middlesex, jeweller. Richard Reeves, of the parifii of M. J jmes, Westminster, Middlesex, victualler.

Yearly Bill or Mortality.

A general Bill of all the Christenings and Burials, from Dec. 13, 1763, to Dec. 11, 1764.

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JBWGDOX, earl of, genealogy of 40;
-SI Account of a woman buried six days
under snow without eating any food
18S—of the modern Athenians 505—of
the poetry of the ancient Welsh bards
313—of the heroic composure of the
late king of Prussia at his death 32,^—of
the present king of Prussia's being made
a free mason ibid.—of the precautions
used in electing a king of Poland 350
—of Pandolpho's deliverance 368—of
new books, pamphlets, &c. 376, 433,
—of Mr. Harrison's longitude time keep-
er 421—of the surprising effects of the
rattle snake's poison 466—of a young
lady's return to life 5x4—of an experi-
ment to render wood less combustible

Address os the Irish parliament to the king
13—of the city of London to the royal
family 40

Affectionate wife and heroic daughter 356
Agumas, Thomas, anecdote of 71
Almena: an English opera; plan of 569
Ambition: an allegory 507
Ancients, reflections on the imitation of the


Anecdotes, two military 18—of some Dutch

and Flemish painters 298
Anglesea, Annefley, earl of, genealogy of


Apology for high sauces 296
Appeal of a North-American and a West-
India planter 28

Beikley, earl of, genealogy of 357
Bankrupts, 500, 556, 612, 668
Baobab tree, natural history of 59X
Bajhfulncss, essay on 333
Birtbt, 107, 332, 388, 555, 6 ir, 667
Boiffi, M. remarkable anecdote of 177
Boyse, Mr. Samuel, life of 557
Breeches, the; a tale 4 ;o

Brunswick, prince of, military actions of the
zo j—account of the house of 22

Canadian chief, surprising resolution of a


Capn'cuus Lovers; an opera : plan of 637
Cardigan, earl of, genealogy of 17
Carlisle, earl of, genealogy of 142
Cafe of a g'ul born without a tongue 427
Casimir II. king of Poland; anecdote of


Chaldean philosophy ; account cf 75
Charles V, remarkable story of 632

Charles XII. of Sweden, anecdotes of 413
Churchill, Mr. memoirs of 643
Civita Turchino: account of some subter-
raneous apartments discovered there 544
Cochineal fiy, natural i istory of 421
Col ffus "of Rhodes, description of 597
Commerce, reflections on 145
Contentment: a fable 347—in our station,

the necessity of: a vision 566
Ccnti, aneedute of the prince of1 654
Cromwell, Oliver, anecdote of 516
Cul-ibach, marquis of, anecdote of 601
Cyder-act, alterations in the 1 a 10


Darkness, account of a remarkable 536
D'Eon, anecdotes ot the chevalier 367
Death strangely prevented 424
, Deaths, 51, 108, 332, 388, 444, 500, 555.

611, 667
Description of St. Peter's church at Rome

263—of Septimius Seveius's arch, Sec.


Detraction, essay on 618
Dialogue between a gentleman and hit

dog 15
Dolphin-sty, method of destroying 580
Domestic intelligence, 47, 103, 162, 218,

272, 326, 382, 440, 494, 550, 606,


Doncaster, Scot, earl of, genealogy of 201
Dorset, Sackville, earl of, memoirs of 1
Double assignation: a novel 600
Dublin, description of 153

Dye, account of the discovery of a new



£o/9-India affairs ; pamphlet! relative to


Ecclesiastical preferments 388, 556, 6ixt

Eden, remarkable decrease of the river

48 r

Egyp'i description of the pyramids of 485
Elephant, diverting instance of the sagacity

of 489
Elm-biards, experiments for staining of a

mahogany colour 657
Endowments requisite for the study of the

law 240
Envy, essay on 633
Ejjays, 30. 62, 72, 126, 13C, llS, 333,

391. 5°'> 59°> 6lg> 633
Events, prii(cipal, in the year 1763 23
Every man dis own physician j lecipet ex-
tracted I om 96, 142, 186

Fetid biea1 h, lotion for correcting 657



Fear, sudden effect of in a deserter 165
Fielding, Henry, account of the life and

writings os 115, 289, 341, 406.
Flattery, essay on 590
Ilimijb tradition 400
Florence, description of the city of 373
foreign uteiature, account os 14
——Transactions 45, Ioi, 16r, 217, 571,

319, 3ffi, 437,493, 549, 605, 661.
Fontaine (la) anecdotes of 305
Fountain-tree, account of a 53
France, compendious history of; 7, 66,

118, 175, 232, 307, 35», 415, 461,

516, 5.81, 635
Frattcaux, narrative of the seizure of the

marquis of • 363

Freethinker's (the) progress 59
Frhndfiip, refiectioni on the uncertainty of


• reflections on true 506

Fruits, directiens for gathering and pre-
set ving 338

Gainsvsrottgb, earl of, genealogy of 469
Government, essay on the three different

forms of 30
Gratitude, extract from Dr. Watkinson's

essay on 258
•—— remarkable instance of the force of


Creek water: recipe for the preparation of


Grcse, Mr. affecting story from his Voy-
ages 94
Guardian Outwitted: an opera: plan of



Hates, Dr Stephen, life of
Hermit of Lebanon: a tale
xHighmore, Mis. her complaint, &c.
Historical anecdotes
History of Abdalzar

■ of Eudoslus and Selinda

■ of Elvira and Jaeintha
— ot" Mariui and Luanda
—— of Lothario

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Hujbandiy, the advantages of; a fable 467
Hypocrisy, reflections on 261


Ibrahim and Almira: an eastern tale 619

Imagination; essay on jiS

Impostor detected 577
Imposture, account of a remarkable, J:

Milan jlj

Indian irk, recipe for making 284

Innocence protected; an oriental tale 1S4

hijh bards, account of the »J7

Journey thro' a writer's head: a dream 595

Katntschadales, marriage ceremonies of 83
Kilda, St. extracts stom the history of 317
King's speech to"both houses of parliament
on April 19, 1764; 20}
Kntller, fir Godfrey, anecdote of 11;


Ltgge, account of the character of *4j
L'Espicn Cbirrois, humorous letter from


Letter from fir Walter Raleigh to prince
Henry 151

— from Voltaire to Mr. Elie de Beau-
mont 4S8

— oiiginal.from Mr. Pope to the dutch-
ess of Hamilton 627

— original, from Mr. Boyse to the Rev.
Mr. Hervey 655

Letters of secrecy, artificial water for wri-
ting 140
Liberty of the press; essay on the 7>
Lijhcn, description of the city of 54I
Litchfield, earl of, gencalopy of 197
Love and marriage, the origin of j an al-
legory 561
Luther, anecdote of 5?4

Mahmid III. story of 26
Manifesto published on the deith of prince

Ivan 537
Marli, description of the palace os J'9
Marriages, 51, toS, 332, 388, 444, 50c,

555, 611, 667.
Maximilian, account of the emperor n
Mtdicis, John and Caicias de j account of

their tragical dcaihi Si

* N E

Memory, reflections on the regulation of

Method of preserving birdt with their
plumes unhurt. ,' 856

1 1 for curing a sprained foot or hand

■ 3*a

—— of tendering putrid water sweet 480
1 of guarding against smutty crops of
wheat 545
Marlbarougb, duchess of, anecdote of 531
Milton, an obscure passage of, elucidated


Miff, Theophrastus's character of a 426
Misfortunes, essay on the method of bear-
ing j 36
Mole:, way to clear a garden of 410


No one's enemy but his own; account of
the comedy of 33


Observations on the abuse of words 187
Octagon society, letter concerning the 323
Opium, remarkable instance of the strange
effects of 424
Orm'ond, anecdote of the marquis of 184

Parallel between Julius Cæsar and Oliver
"Cromwell 113
■ between sir Francis Bacon and Mr.

Locke 139
— between Lord C— and Oliver
Cromwell 136
Paris, description of the city of 92
Pastures, on artificial 79
Patron (the) a comedy, account of 300
Pedantry, essay on the unreasonable fears of


Piter III, czar of Muscovy ; account of the
conspiracy against 475
Philip, king of Macedon, anecdotes of 1S7
II. king of Spain, anecdote of 428
Philosophy, account of a new system of


Pleasure, the pursuit of: a vision 64
Plymouth, earl of, genealogy os 573
Poetry, 42, 98, i;8, 214, 268, 326, 378,

434. 49°. 546> 6°2> 6S8
Politeness, reflections on 191

Pcl/nilz': memoirs, story from 5S0
Popular discontents, essay on 188
Pratt, fir Thomas, anecdote of 31
Prayer from Mr. Voltaire's Treatise on To-
leration 156
Priesthood, reflections on the dignity &c. of
the 419
Prior, Matthew, anecdote of 6»i

Promotion:, 5*, ic-8, 388, 444, 500, 556,
612, 668

Psalmanazar, George, life of 613

S^uery relating to Elizabeth Stuart, daugh-
ter to Charles 1. 487
Mr, anecdote of '- 541


Reason, the power of, an essay 641
Recipe for mending broken china, tec.


—< for taking out spots in cloths, &c.


1 for making usquebaugh, red ratafia,
and Bergamot waters 304, 30$

— for curing chapped lips 335

— (or curing the tooth-ach 346

— for cleansing the teeth 349
■' for a pain of the stomach 601

Royal Shepherd; story of the opera of 127
Riches, reflections on the universal desire

of 44c.
Roebuck that produces musk; description

of the 455


Salic law, origin of the 464
Sal Mirabile, process for making ai 1
Sameitds, account of the manners tec. of

the • 485

Shaftesbury, earl of, genealogy of 341
Scarborough, earl of, genealogy, of 62a
Sbenstone, Mr. eulogy of 195
Sherlock, bishop, anecdote of 484
Shield, the particoloured; a fable 197
Simplicity in writing, remarks on the beauty

of 565
Stage, objections against the, considered 5
Stomach, recipe for a pain of the 60r,

Stumptl, Col. account of 598
Suffocation, surprising instances of ■ 535
Sugar-cane, history of the 86
Surname:, origin of 324
Suspicion, essay on 501
Swift, Dr. anecdote of 577
Switzerland, account of the revolution in



Tale translated from M. de Marmontel 509
Tafso, Torquato, life of 129
Teastls, best method of cultivating 169
Taste:, essay on the diversiry of 62
Tibtriu:, anecdote of the emperor 508
Irajan': pillar at Rome, description of 420
True love, affecting instance of 451
True ban Scotchman; a comedy ; account
of tt3


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