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J. Dodsley., 1908

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9 ページ - ... school on any day exclusively set apart for religious observance by the religious body to which his parent belongs...
449 ページ - ... other than the United States or to any insular possession of the United States or to the Canal Zone are being used for the purpose of enabling the holders to come to the continental territory of the United States to the detri-ment of labor conditions therein, the President...
450 ページ - American citizen is allowed to expatriate himself in time of war. An American woman who marries a foreigner takes the nationality of her husband.
441 ページ - The wise custom which limits the president to two terms regards the substance and not the form, and under no circumstances will I be a candidate for or accept another nomination.
441 ページ - I am deeply sensible of the honor done me by the American people, in expressing their confidence in what I have done, and have tried to do. I appreciate to the full the solemn responsibility this confidence imposes upon me, and I shall do all that in my power lies not to forfeit it. "On the...
449 ページ - That whenever the President shall be satisfied that passports issued by any foreign Government to its citizens or subjects to go to any country other than the United States, or to any insular possession of the United States...
95 ページ - That it is desirable to encourage British emigrants to proceed to British Colonies rather than foreign countries : that the Imperial Government be requested to co-operate with any Colonies desiring immigrants in assisting suitable persons to emigrate...
445 ページ - Among the points to be aimed at should be the prohibition of unhealthy competition, such as by rendering service at an actual loss for the purpose of crushing out competition, the prevention of inflation of capital, and the prohibition of a corporation's making exclusive trade with itself a condition of having any trade with itself. Reasonable agreements between, or combinations of, corporations should be permitted, provided they are first submitted to and approved by some appropriate Government...
441 ページ - ... whatever maneuvers might be necessary in time of war. After war is declared it is too late to find out the needs ; that means to invite disaster. This trip to the Pacific will show what some of our needs are and will enable us to provide for them. The proper place for an officer to learn his duty is at sea, and the only way in which a navy can ever be made efficient is by practice at sea, under all the conditions which would have to be met if war existed.
18 ページ - I received the thanks of both Houses of Parliament, and was presented with the freedom of the city of London in a gold box.