Aberdeen Water-cure Journal: And Family Guide to Health, 第 1〜2 巻

Partridge and Company, 1859





186 ページ - is a wise man, he has the feeling that he is doing his duty by his country, or by his king, or by his queen. I am not horrified or shocked at the sight of the man who dies on the field of battle : let him
186 ページ - of four, if one takes time, trouble, and care enough, one can, with the help of the doctor who has been attending them, run the evil home to a very different cause than the will of God; and that is, to a stupid neglect, a stupid ignorance, and what is just as bad, a stupid indulgence.
248 ページ - Invariably, in the course of a few minutes, the pulse has been diminished in frequency, the thirst has abated, the tongue' has become moist, a general free perspiration has broken forth, the skin has become soft and cool, and the eyes have brightened, and these indications of relief have been speedily followed by a calm and refreshing sleep
62 ページ - godliness has the promise of the life that now is, as well as of that which is to come, it is
186 ページ - have these books put into their hands, and are persuaded to spread them, and to enforce them, by their own example, and by their own counsel, in the course of a few years, this system being thoroughly carried out,
199 ページ - either actually from their eyes, or virtually from their apprehension. The constant interference of art, in the form of medical treatment, with the normal processes of disease, has not only had the frequent effect of distorting them in reality, but, even when it failed to do so, has created the belief that it did so ; leading in either case to an
186 ページ - has taken his chance, he is doing his duty ; he has had his excitement, he has had his glory, if that will be any consolation to him ; if
186 ページ - we just take it and cast it away ; we cast our pearls upon the dunghill and leave them. A dying child is to me one of the most
250 ページ - all the rest you can do for him is as nothing, with which I had almost said, you may leave all the rest alone, is this—To