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Annett 2":tacii'il 0 itott ideel till plate',
As from tie iene il ...(nemli ile ;';.d's
Hle planet i rinio ir..; and uncons
Wil nerd di!end-, it:: 1). Lin did;
Buitill mi ludi..! Oh!?, !01! iiori;
Be silent, is voll PXFor bru. Islov.
Go, icar me 1101,---'lis liroirth: !!:))
The Irislante, filter, from liinche',
Went to th’apirilar, his viltiin look,
And on any vincio.vtini his amous luok.
Now, from a different met the trior cat?ne',
S reuy to pollate (iteri's fine;
Without delay the wonie'l junal made
To me, who little hriev liimtivmi' was laid.
Then in a diess Cenoura in 10 var,
Soon as I found my Polinesat there,
I from th' apartment to the gallery drew,
Anri 5106:1, on ev'ry side conil in view.
Irrest was white, and richly to behold,
Deckil all arolind with co-tly fringe of scolil;
A golden nei descending from my head
With crimson ilowers, was o'er my babit spread.

Lurcanio now, who deem'd with anxious mind
Some ill for Ariodantes' lite diese n'd,
And partly by a natural passion led,
Desire of knowing how his fortune spel,

trcall his brother's steps pursu'd,
And silent near him undiscoverd stood.
Meanwhile I thoughtless came: the silver moon
Resplendent on my glittering garments shone:
Nor seem'd I much unlike the royal fair,
In outward person, or in borrow'd air;




And both the brethren, by the duke deceiv'd,
The well-concerted fraud for truth believ'd.

Judge at that time what cruel pangs possess'd
The wretched Ariodantes' tortur'd breast.
Now Polinesso comes, and full in sight
Receives the ladder, and ascends the height.
Then, thinking none beheld what fondly pass’d, 340
Around his neck my eager arms I cast,
And, as I ever had my duke caress’d,
With many a tender kiss his lips I press’d,
Which he with warmth return'd: th' unhappy knight,
Who stood spectator of this hated sight,

345 So deeply sunk beneath the load of grief, His soul resolv'd from death to seek relief; Then drew the sword, despairing, from his side, And to his breast the fatal point apply'd. Lurcanio (who surpris'd my lover view'd

350 Ascend the gallery where disguis’d I stood, But knew not for the duke) advanc'd with speed, Soon as he saw his brother's frantic deed, And seizing hastily his furious hand, From his rash act the hapless knight restrain'd: 355 IIad he been more remote, or longer stay'd, in vain, alas ! had prov'd his pious aid.

Ah wretched, senseless brother! (thus he cry’d) What rage has turu'd

your better thoughts aside? Thus for a woman is your death design’d?

360 All false as clouds that fit before the wind ! Far rather let her die, her sex's stain ! But for a nobler end your life retain. Before this crime she justly claim'd your love; But now she should alone your hatred move; 365

Since your own eves have witnessid to hre shume,
And seen how low she prostituies her fame.
Then let those arms, a rainst yourself emploid,
Before the king her sire ber file decide

When Ariod:intes ses his brother nigh,
He seeks no longer on his sword to die;
With seeming calın la veils his secret pairis,
But still his former purpose fix'd romains.
Departing thence, he wiih lim ber the smart
That gives no ease 10 his districtric heart,

Next morning Curly he thin court for-ook,
Vor leave of brother or of friend!!! tuok)
None but Lurcanio and the chute (nud 1. now
The cause that make him thus his liome föreço;
While of his aliuence', in the limbat curt,

380) An o'er the land, 11'ls variou. the report.

Eight das elapsi, int lenoih a pilriin came With mouwfulldin -- :') the primali dhe, That iriodanics in the vicina: Not by the Eastern wind, or Bordels trin?, But that himself iis on se-truction lund, And leaping headlons in the waves, Hot-cliown'il. Ere this last fatal act (the strenger aid) Ile thus bespoke me, there liv fortune lect: “ Draw near, my friend, and be Gernra toll 290

The hidden cause of what on non behold:

Tell her 'tis this, thesap; Ps too much have sol,
“Ah! happy, if theuerte's hx? never be iin!"
By chance we then upon a mountain steel
That tow'rds llibernia bellies v'er the Crik.


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Si ol! as lie Casal 10 stk, I :* him !
From the high roch, and plunge into the dee:
llim in the sea I left; and now I come
To luring the tidings of his hapless doom.
Ilalf dead with grief the news Geneura heard ;

A sudden paleness on her face appear'd.
( Heaven! what did she, and what words she said,
When laid in private on her faithful bed!
She strikes her bosom, and her garment tears,
She rends with cruel hands her golden hairs; 405
Repcating oft what, with his latest breath,
Sad Ariodantes nam'd his cause of death ;
That the strange issue of his fate was such,

eyes in hapless hour had seen too much! Soon was the fame o'er all the kingdom spread, 410 Of Ariodantes thus untimely dead. Not with dry eyes the king his loss survey’d; While pious tears each knight and lady paid, At these unhappy tidings, o'er the rest Ilcart-piercing anguish fill'd his brother's breast; 415 By such example oft his soul inclin'd To die, and be at least in death conjoin’d; This many a time returning to his thought, That false Geneura such destruction wrought. At length revene so far possess'd liis mind, 420 So far did rage and grief his reason blind, That he the royal grace no longer priz'il, But the king's hatred, and the land's despis'd. The peers assembled now, the time !?c took T' address the throne, and thus indignant spoke. 125

Attend, my lord! while I the cause relate That urg'd my brother to his hapless fate.


Tour daughter's as the crime: '{was slie ústrena
With dep aflliction Arines' breast.
Ile lov'd the princess; (why should concer!
Or blush so pure a passion is reveal?)
And hop'd ai length i' obtain le for his brides
By numerous virtues, and by service tryi.
But while the lashful torer thus receives
The modest onour of the distant leaves,
lle cos another to the tree ascend,
An from the bou.hs she blooming fuitare rend.

He said, and instant to the king display'd
The sceming crime, so late to sight betray'd,
Attestins' thai himself bchold the daino

Receive the secret partner of her shame;
A wretch unknown, thai veil'd in dark disguise
Conccalal liis person from observing eyes :
Corchiling, that he stood in fult prepar'd
To prove the truth of all his tongue declarii.

Jurige is the father struik with griei appear’ı,
When he this fa-al accusation hrard;
Both with he tale surpris’ıl, and that he knew
Unless to her defence some warrior drew
To give Lurcanio in the fieil the lye,
He must his dearest child condemn to die,

Our laws, iny lord! have iloubtless reach'll your car,

every damsel is by doom severe
Condemn'd to certain death, who yields her charms
To any other but a husband's arms :

Unless some knight th' accuser dares to brave,
And from her threaten'd fate the damsel save.

The king has cuus’d his heralds to proclaim,
CAs deeming falsehood wrongs Geneura's fame)

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