of some words for hrafes of the Faith. If any man, who thai dehre ancieat ufige, in terms more tuitable to a more particular account of the leve. the lapfange of the present times, and ral

Alterations in any part of the Li. the clearer explanation of lome other turgy, shall take the pains to compare words and phrases, that were either of the present look with the former, doubtful Gignification, or otherwise li we doubt not but the reason of the able to milconltructiop: Or thirdly, for change may easils af pear. a more perfe&t rendring of such porti And havine thug endeavoured to dir. ons of holy Scripture as are inserted charge our duties in his weighty Affair, into the Liturgy which, in re Epi. us in the light of God, and to approve htlesand Gospels efpecially, and in lun. our fincerity therein ( lo far as lay ip dry other place!, ire now ordered to us ) to the consciences of a media! be read according to the latt Tranflati tough we know it impoflible ( in luch on : and that it was thought conveni. yariety of apperhenfions, humours, nad ent that some Prayers and Thankkei interests, ai are in the world) to plealo Pings fitted to crecial occafions should ad; nos can expect that men of factie be added in their due places; parti. pus, peevith and perverse spirits (bould cularly for those at Sea, together with be latisfied with any thing that can be in Office for the Baptism of such as are done in this kind by any other than of riper years; which, although not to themselves: Yer we have good hope deceffary when the former Book was that what is here presented, and hath compiled, yet by the growth of Anabap. been by the Convocations of both cism through the licentiousness of the Provinces with great diligence exac date times crept in amongit us, is now mined apd approved, win be allowed de come neceffary, and may be always accepted and approved by a foberg pleiul for the Baptizing of Natives in peaceable, and truly consejepiou

fons our plantations and others converted to of the Church of England.

Concerning the Service of the CHURCH. Hege was never any thing by the would have such language fpoken to the wit of man fo weg devised, or to people in the Church, as they might on. fure ettablished, which, in conti- deritand, and have profit by hearing the

noance of time, hath not been fame, The Service in this Church of corrupted: As, among other things, it England chef many years hath been may plainly appear by the Common read in Latio to the people, which they Prayers in the Church, commonly call. underltand not; fo chet they have heard ed Divine Service. The first original and with their ears only, aad their heart, ground whereof, if a unao would earch spirit and mind have not been edified our by the ancient Fathers he had had, thereby. And furthermore, notwithwhat the faine vas nor cruained but of ftanding that the ancient Fathers have • good purpose, and for a great ac divided the Pfalmus into seven porcions, Venicernent of godliuefs. For drey to whereof every one was called a Nocturn; ordered the matter, that all the whole Now of late time a few of them have Bible, Corche, greatelt part thereof? been dailylaid, sad the reit afterly o honld be read over once every sear; pitted. Moreover, the number and intending hereby, that the Clergy, and hardness of the Rules called the t'ie, and specially such as were Misillers io the the manifold changings of the Service, Congregation, mould (by, often read. was the cause, that co turn the Book ing, and meditation in Goes word) de orily was lo hard and intricate a martitred up to godlines then felves, and ter,

that many times there was more bu. be more able to exhort orhers by wholea tiness to find out what should be read, bi Doctrine, and to confute them that the read it when

it was found out. were adversarits to the i rutin; and fi There ironveniencies therefore cosi ther, that the people by daily hearing fidered, here is set forth such an Orders of holy Scripture read in the Church) whereby the same that be redreifed. And might continually profit more and for a readiness in this matter, here mor: in dhe kuowledge of God, and be drawn out a Kalendar for the purport, the more inflamed with the love of his which is plain and cafe to be under. true Religion.

Itood; wherein (lo much as may be)

che But there any years passed this godly reading of holy Scripture is fo fet ford, and de:ent Order of the ancient Fathers that all tings Mall be done in order, hath been fo altered, broken and nego without breaking one piece from ano. lected, by planting in uncertain Stories, ther. For this caule be cut of Anthems, and Legends, with multitude of Re. efponds, Invitacories, and such like Iponds, Werfes, vain Repetitions, Com- things as did break the continual course memorations and Synodals; that com. of the reading of the Scripture. monly when any Book of

the Bible was Yet, because there is no remedy, but begun, ifter three or four Chavters were that of neceffity

chers uit be lone read out, and the relt were unread. And Rules; thercfora certain Rules are here jo dais fort, the Book of Ifaiab as be set

forde which, as they are few in gun in Advent, and the Book

of Genefis pumber,

to they are plain and eafie to Sepenagefima; but they were only be- beurderitood. So that bere you bave to gun and never read through : After like Order for Fraver, and for the reading Tort were other Books of holy Scrirture of the holy Scripture, much agregable used. Apd portovat, ubercas St. Paul to the mind and Forpose of tre old


Fathers, and a gore del more profit: fhall alway resort to the Bishop of the asle and COD

Dodions, than that which Diocefa, bo by his diccretion that of lace was afad. it is more profitable, tako order for the quieting and up: becaufa bere are left sut many things, peating of the same; so that the fase whereof some are uncrue, come uncet. order be not contrary to any thing lain, fome rain and supersticious ; and contained in this Book. And if the BiDothing is ordained to be read, but the shop of the Diocese be in doubr, cben very pure Word of God, the holy Scri- bu may send for the relolution thereof pearest of that which is agreeable to to the Archbithop the farde ; end that is such Language and ordet uis mon cafie and plain for Things the be read and long iä

Hough it be appointed, Thar ad the underltanding both of the rea jers and hearers. It is also anore commodi the Church in the Englig Tongue, to ous, both for the shortnes thereof, the end that the Congregation may be and for de plainness of the Order, thereby edified; yet it is not meantz cod for that the Rules thereof be few but that when men say Morning and and cafe.

Eropiog Prayer privately, they may fay And whereas heretofore there hath the came in any language that they been great diverfity in faying and fing. Chemfölves do understand. ing in Churches within dis Realm And Prietts and Deacons are to say fome following Salisbury Ufe, fome daily che Morning and Evening Prayer, Hereford Ure, and forre dhe Use of Ban. either privately or openly, not being foro some of York, some of Lincoln } now let by fickness, or some other argent From henceforta at the whole Realm caule. that have but one Ure.

And the Curate that miniltrerb to And forafmuch as noding can be fo wery Parish

Church or Chapel,

being plainly set forth, but doubes may arise at home and not being otherwise rets io che use and pra&ice of the fame to fonably

hindred, shall try the fame

in appeare an such diverfity (if any arise) the Parish

Church or Chape! where he and for the resolution of al doubts miniftreth, and the case e Ret to be concerning the manner how to under colled thereanto a convenient ene be. Hand, do, ad execute the things con fore ha berin, that the people may coma tained in this Book ; the parties that to hear Gods Word, and to ptı) with so doubts or diveellý uake any thing him.

Of Caremonies, Why some are abolished, and some ret ained.


F such ceremonies as be used in pinds of men are ro diverse, that lone the Church, and have had their think it a great matter of Confeience beginning by the inftitution of to depart from a piece of the least of

man, fome at the first were of the is Ceremonies, the be so addicted godly intent and purpose davised, and to their old

custom and again on this yet at length turned to vanity and fu: other side, lome be so new fangled,

that perstitioneSose entred i eco the Church they could innovate all things, and so by updiscteet Devotion, and such a zeal derrife the old, that cothing

can like us was withoat koowledge and for them, but that is cew: it was thought because they were winked at in the be: expedient not so much to have refpece cioning, they grew daily to more and how to pleafes and satisfie cither of mor: Abuses, not only for meir unpro- these parties, as how to please God, and fitableness, but also

because they have profit themoth. Add vet let any idad much blinded the people, and obfcured innuld be offended, whom good reaton the Glory of God, which are wordsy to might fetishe, here be certain causes be put away, and clean rejected : Other readred, why some of the accustomed mere be, which although they have been Ceremonies be put away, and some re. devised by maq, Yet it is thought good tained apj kept itib. to reserve de no ftit, as well for i decent Some are put away, because the great Onder in the Chur h (for the which excels and multitude of them hath ro they were first devised (as because they increased in these latter days, that the pertain to edification, whereunto al burden of them was intolerable; where. things done in the Church (as the 4 of saint Auguftine in his time complain. rolle teachech) ought to be referred. ed. that they were grown to such a num.

And although the keeping or omit ber, that the eltate of Chriftian people ting of . Ceremony, in it self confi. was in worse case concerning dlat mat. derd, is bar a imao mingi yet the rer, were the Jews And he

coun piliul and contemptuous tranfgiefli felled that such yoke and burden should And breaking of a come on Order and be taken away as time Fould ferrequi. Discipline, is no small offence before et iy to do it But what would Saint An, God. Let all things be done among you, sustine have laid, if he had seen the Ce. faith Saint Paul, in a seemal, and due or? remonies of lare days used amougus, der The appointment of the which whereunto the multitude used in bis Ouder petra ipech not to private

men, time wsS DOO to be compared? This ou therefore no map ought.co take in hand, exceffive multitude of Cere nonjet u or presume to appoint or alter any lo great and many of the ro dark, mac publick or common Order in Chrifts they did more confound and darken, Chutch, excert he be lawfully alled then declare and set forth Chrifts be und outhorized there unto.

nefits unto us. And behides this, Christs: And wberces in dis our time, the Gospel is sor 1 Ceremonial Law (45


The Order bow the Pfalter, &c. is appointed to be read. auch of Moses Law was ) but it is a Re. quiry, if they will declare themselve Rgion ou trve God, not in ondare of to be more Itedious of nicy and Conthe figure or shadow, but in the freedom cord, thap of Innovations and Newof the spirit; being content only with fangleneis, which ( as much as may be those Ceremonies, which do serre to with true Terring forth of Christs Redesent order and godly Discipline, and ligion ) is alway to be eschewed. Fur. such as be apt to stir up the dul sind thermore, such shall have no just caule of man to the te ne mbrance of his duty with the Ceremoonies reserved to be to God, by foxe notable and special offended. For as those be taken awty Geai fication, whereby he might be e. which were moft abused, and did burdified. Furthermore, the most weighty deo mens Consciences without any caure of Mae abolishment of certain Caufe ; fo che other that remain, gro Ceremonies wes, That

they were fo fat retained for a Discipline and Order, shused, partly by the superftitious wbich (upop jalt Causes) may be ale blindness of the rude and valearned, tered and changed, and deerefore ere ind partly by the unfatiable avarice got to be esteemed equal with Gods of such as rought more their own la Law. And moreover, they be oritter

cre, then the Glory of God, that the dark nor dumb Ceremonies, but are lo abuses could not well be taken away, set forth, thnt everyman may under. dae thing remaining Bid.

Itand what diey do m'an, and to what But now as concerning

those, Persons use wey do serve. So that it is not like nich perairercure will beoffended, that they in time to come should be a for hat some of the old Cere nonies até buted as oches have best. And in wele tecained itib:If they confider that with our doings we coadern no other Naont forge Ceremonies it is not poffible tioni, cor prescribe any thing but to to keep any Order, or quiet Discipline our own People only : for we think it to the Church, they fhal easily perceive convenient that every Country Inould jutt caufa to reforro tacir judgments. use such Ceremonies as they hap drink And if they thiak much dirat any of use bett to the setting furth of Gods Hoold do remain, and would rather have nour and Glory, and to che reducing

a devised anew : en fuch men grant of the people to a molt perfect and inp fome Ceremonies convenient to be godly living, withont Error or Superhad, surely where the old may be wel itition; and that they should put a. osed, there they cannot reafonably te. way other things, which from time to prave te old only for their age, with time they perceive to be molt abu-ed, out hewraving of their or folly. For es in mens Ordioances it often in such a cafe they oughe ratier to have chancette divertly in divers Coua. te 'erence unto there for their Anti- tries


The Order box the Pfalter is appointed to be read. HE Pfalter all read be through long ro be read at one time ; it is fo of: out every Month, as it is there dered, chat at one time mall got be read appointed,hoch Fr Morning and above four or five of the faig Portions.

Evening Prayer. Bit in February And at the ead of every plain and i had be read only to the Twenty eighth of every fuch part of the CXIX Pfalm, or twenty ninth day of the Month. Mal be repeated this Hymn.

And whereas Hansary, March, May 71!), Auguft, vctober, and Dicember have

Glory be to the Fa ber, and to the Son : One a-»thirty day a iece: It is Order and to the Holy Ghot; ed, that the fame Pfalms that he read

As it was in be beginning, is nopo, and the la day of the said Months, which ever fail b? : world without end. Ameno Were real the day before: So that the Nore, That the Pfarer fotoweth the Platrer may begin train the first day of Divifion of the He rews and the Tranrthe next Month ensuing.

hecicn of the great Engli : Bible, lec And whescas the CXIX Pfalm is die forth and cred in the time of King vided into XXII. Portions, and is over. Henry the Eighth and Edward the Sixth.

The Order bow Ebe rest of the boly Scripture is appointed to be read. HE Old Teftament is appoint. shall be read for: the Leffons both at est for the first Leftoos at Morn. Morning and Evening Prayer .except ing and Evening Prayer , fo as ooly the Moveab!: Pealts, which ate

the most pare thereof will be not in the Kalendar, and the Immove. read every year ofice, as in the Kalen- ahle, where there is a blank left in the dar is sp ointed.

Column of Lessons; the proper Leftons The New Test zment is appointed for for a which days are to be found in the second Lessoas

at Morning and the Table of proper Lessons.. Evening Prayer, and shall be read over And note, That whenfuever proper orderly every yeer thrice, belides the Psalms or Lesions are appointed; then Epiltles and Gornels; Except the Apo. the Pralms and Leffons of ordinsiy calyps, out of which there are only cer- conrle appointed in the Pfalter and tain proper Lelons appointed upon Kalendar if they be different ) shall be divers Featts.

Omitted for thae time. Aad to know what Leffons (ang be read every day, look for the day of the and Gospel appointed for the Sunday,

Note also, That the Collect, Epistle Month in the Kalendar fopowing, and they ferre at the Week after, where le there ye sean find the Chapters ebat is got in this Book ocherwife ordered.

TABLES 12 9tov. 20


TABL AS and RULES, for the Moveable and Im moveable Feafts, toge

ther with the days of Fafting and Abitinence, through the whole Year Rules to know wben ibc Moveable Feasts md. A 1.ble of the Vigils, Fasts and Days of i Moly-days begin.

Abftinence to be observed in the Tear. El trany one which le teh dependo The Everisor Vixils before the FuriArt full Moon, which happens next after fication of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Be. the one and twentieth day of March. fore the Annunciation of the Blessed And if the ful Moon happens upon i Virgin. Before Eatter-day. Before Af: Sunday, Rafter-dag is the Sunday after cenfion-day. Before Pentecott. Before Adveni-Sunday is always the neareft S. Matthias. Before S. John Baptift. BeSunday to the Feait of S. Andrew, fore S. Peter. Before S. James. Before S. whether before or after.


Before S. Matthew. Before Septuagefima Sexagena 2003: 3 weeks be

6. Simon ands.Jude. Before S. Andrew. Ruadragefima ei ole mine SE 2: S fore Bapter.

Note, That if any of these Featt-days kogation Sunday

fan upon a Munday, then the Vigil or

sweeks scension dengano solo days


Fait-day Than be kept upon the Satur. Whitsunday


day, and not upon the Sunday next S weeks

hefore it. Trinity-Sunday sweeks ner.

Ditys of Fafting or Abftinence. A Table of all the Fedts that are to be cabo The The Ember days at the four

Ele fourty days of Lent. Served in tbe Cburcb of England througb ibe Year.

seasons, being the Wednesday, Fridy

and Saturday after the first Sunday ia A of Pentecoft. SeptemCilion of our Lord Jesus Chrift. Of ber 14. December

13 de Epiphany. Of the Conversion of S. Paul, of the Purification of the blessed me Munday, Tuesday, and Wednel:

111. The three Rogation days, beins Virgin. Ofs. Matthias the Apostle of day before Holy Thursday, of the AS. the Annunciation of the blessed Virgin. cention of our Lord. Of S. Mark the Evangelist. Of S. Philir and Jacob the Apostles. Of the Ascenson

IV. All the Fridays in the you, of our Lord Jesus Christ. Of S. Barna

except Christmas-day. bas. Of the Nativity of S.John Bapeit. Certain Solemn days for wbicb peticular Of S. Pacer the Apostle. Ofs. James

the Services are appointed. OF S. Mathew the Apostle. Of $. Mi


the day of the Papifts Conspiracy. chael and af Angels. Of S. Luke the if: The Thirtieth day of Januais, beEvangelift. Ofs. Simon and S.

Jude the ing the day of the Martyrdom of King Apofties. Of all Saints. Of S. Andrew, the Charles the first. Ajottle. Of S. Thomas the Apostle. Of Du. The Nine and twentieth day the Nativity of our Lord. Of $. Stephen of May, being

the day of the Restoran The Martyr. Of S. John the Evangelift. tion of the King and Royal Family: of the holy Innocents.

IV. The Firit day of August, being Monday and Tuesday in Easter-week. the day on which His Mejeity began Munday and Tuesday in Wbiifun-wuk. His Happy Reign Proper LESSONS to be read ae Morning and Evening Prayer on the Sundays and other Holy days throughout the Year. 4 Lefans Propex for Sundays.


>wn & J J.



45 Advent.

Exod. s.

1 Leffon.

Exod 10
2 Leffon. att. 26.


Bafter day Sundaysaf.

i Letton

Exod. 12. ter Cbrift.

? Lesson Rom. 6.
Sund. citer



The firft. Num. 16. Sund. After

23, 24. tbe 4pipb.

Deut. s. 8

g 3 SS

Sund, after 18

Ascens.day 64

19 63

bitfun. (v.18. Septuager.

i Lellon. De. 16.10

Ha. 11. Samages.

6 3

2 Lefton. Acts 10. Acts 19 Quinqua

(v. 34 (too. 21 game.

Trinity Lent.

Standay 1 Sunday. 19.00330

I Leffon
Gen. I

Gen. 19
2 Lelfon.
Matth. 2.



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Exod. 9,

12. Exod. 14

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Acts 2.1




Num. 22


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Deut. 4

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Gen. z.



Exed. 17.


Ezek. 2.

Joel 2


(v. 18.

Sund. of her Mattins. Ever jong

Martins. Erin.jong

Lafter Luen.
The first Joh 10. jom. 23 1 Lefton. Zech. 9. Exod. 13.

Judg. 4 Judg, si 2 Leffon. Luke 23. Heb. 4
I sam. 2. i Sam. 3

Mund, in V. 50

Laft.w. 17

I Leffon Exod. 16. 292m. 12 2 Sam.19.

Leffon. Mat. 28.

A&s 3 21


Tueftley in
1 Kin. 13

i Kin.17 KAA..

I Leffon Exod. 20 Exod. 32.

2 Leffon. Lu. 24. to Cor.is
11 2 King.s.
. Kip.9.

12 2 Lin 10. 3 Kin.18

S. Mark Ecclus 4. Eeeluss

8. Pbilip.

Jer. 32

I Leffon.


Ezek.13 2 Lekon. Joh. 1. v.


Den. •
Den. 6.

1 Leilon. Deut. so. 2 Kin. 3

Mich. 6. 2 Lellon. Lu.24. Eph.4. to 21 Hab. 2. Prov.1.


17. 22 Prov. 2


Mund. in (v. 1o.

Wbits. w


NU.11.. 14

1 Leffon. Ge 11. to

2 L.effois. I Cor.13.

1 Cor. 14
Thesa, in

(to *.26

Whits. w. g Lefon paper for Wels-dags.

i Leffon.

I Sam.19. Deut. 30
Matrins. Even -song

2 Leffon. i Th.g. v. 1 Joh. 4
S. Andrew
Prov. 20. Prov. 21.

12.00 v.24 (tov. 14
6. Tbomas

8. Barnab. the Ap.

Eccl. 12.

I Leifon. Eccl. 10.

2 Lefton. Acts 14.

A&t. I. or Chrin.

(tov. 36
(v8 (to v.19.

S. Fob. B.
I Lesson.

MR. 4.
Ifa. 9. to 1f.7.0.10

I Leffon, Mal. 3.
2 Leffon.

Mat. 14
Lukizo Tit.3.v.4.

2 Leffon. Mattb. 3.
S. Steven.

(to W.13
(v. 1 (tov: 9. S. Peter
I Leffon. Prov. 28. Ecclef. 4

Eccl. 19.

I Leftoo
2 Lellou. Afts 6. v.

AA$ 4.
Act. 7. v. 1 Lefon.

Acts 3
8. &6.7
30. to.
S. James.

Eccl. 22.

Eael. 21. 3. 7obon.

S. Bartb.

tov. 30
i Leffon. Ecclef. s. Exclef. 6. S. Martb. 35
- Leftop.

S. Michael.
Apoc. 1.

Apoc. 22.
Inxor. dag. Jer.31. to

Wif. i.
1 Leffon. Gen. 3%

2 Leffon. Aas ia.
(*. 18.

Jud. v.6. Cireum.

(tov. 20. (to -16. kon.

S. Luke.

Job I.

Eccl. si.
Gen. 17.
Deut. 10,

S. Simon
a Leston.
Rom. 2
Colof. 2.

8. 7wide, Jo.24.261
1 Leffop. (fa. 60).

tv. 57
Isa. 49.
All Saints.

(JO. 2 Leffon.

Wif.s to
Luk. 3.00

Joh. 2 ro i Leffon. Wil. 3. to
Converkon (v.23.
( v. 12

Apoc. 19 3 Leffon. He.in ver.

(tov. 17 FS: Paul. i Leffon. Wif. s Wird. 6.

12. tov.y.
• Leflon, A&. 22.

Acts 26.
Purificati. (tov. 22.

Propa Pfalmus on certain days.
P. Mary Wifd. 9.
S. Matthias 19

Eeclus I.

of ont L. Ecclus 2. 3


PL 19,45,85 Pfal.89,110, bet. Last.


i Lesson.
Hof. 13
Hof. 14.

Pf.6, 32, 38. 102,130.143 2 Leffon. Joh. II.

Good Friday.

Pf. 22,40,84.
bof. Bart.

Daniel 9. Jer. 31.

pr. 2,67, 111. 113, 114, Leffon.

118 John 13

Afcenfon-dag. 6. Friday. (•. 20

Pr. 8, 15, 21. 24. 47, LOS 1 Lefton. Ge, 22. to Ifa. 63.

Whitsunday z delom.

104. rac Tohn B. i Per. 2.

Pr. 48, 68

Eccl. 1.




33. & cap.

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on of the

Wif. 12.

69. 88.


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