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Lord, we beleech thee more O moft mighty God, &c.

cifully hear our prayers, and Bleffed Lord, in whore, C. fpare all those who confess their As in the Morning Prayers. fins unto thee, ebat they whose

con- The Epiftle. . $. Pet. 2. 13; merciful pardon may be absolved, dimance of man for the Lords through Cbrift our Lord, Amen." fakes, whether it be to the King as

Moft mighty God, and mer- fupreme ; or unto governors, as pallion upon all men, and bacch for the punilhment of evil doers, nothing that thou haft mads, who and for the praise of them that do wouldit nor the death of a finner, well. For fo is the will of God, but that he should rather tuin from thar' with well-doing, ye may his fin, and be saved; Mercifully, pur to filence the ignorance of foolforgive us our trespasses ; receive in men : As free, and got uhng and comfort us, who are grieved your liberiy for a cloke of mali. and wearied with the burden of our ciousness, but as the servants of fils. Thy property is always to God. Honour all men. Love the have mercy, to bec only it apper brotherhood. Fear God. Honour talneth to forgivs fins. Spare us the King. Servants be subjeđ to

lu's therefore, good Lord, spare thy 'your Mafters with all fear, noc people whom thou haft redeemed; only to the good and gentle, but enter noc into judgment wich thy also to the froward. For this is fervants, who are vile earth and tank-worthy, if a man for consolmiferablc finners ; but focurn thine once toward God endure grief, sula anger from us, who meekly ac- "fering wrongfully. For what glory knowledge our vileness, and truly is it, it when

ye be buffered for your repent us of our faults ; and fo faults, ye shall take it paciently? maks halte to help us in this world, but if when ye do well, and suffer that we may ever live with thee in for it, ye take it patiently; this is the world to come, through Jesus acceptable with God. For even Christ our Lord. Amer.

bereunto were ye called ; Because Turn thou us, O good Lord, Christ also suffered for us, leaving favourable, O Lord, Be favourable low his steps; who did no fin, nclto thy people, who turn to chce ther was guile found in his mouth, in weeping, fafting and praying. The Gospel. S. Mart. 21. 33. For thou art a merciful God, Full Here was a certain houseof compassion, Long suffering, and of great pity. Thou sparest when yard, and hedged lc round awe deserve punishment, And in thy bout, and digged a wine-press in wrath chinkcft upon mercy. Spare it, and builta tower, and let it out thy people, good Lord, spare them, busbandmen, and went into a and let not thine hericage be far country. And wben tbe cime brought to confufion. Hear us, o of the fruit drew near, he sent bis Lord, for chy mercy is great, And servants to che busband men, that after the multitude of thy mercies they might receive the fruits of Ir. Jook upon us, Through the merits And the busbandmen took his ser and mediation of thy blessed Son vants, and beat one, and killed ano Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. acher, and stoned another. Again, u In the Communion-Service, after be sent other servants more than the Prayer for the King, [Almigh- the first : and they did unto theat ty God, whose kingdom is ever- likewise. But lait of all, he sent lafting, oc.) irfead of the Col- unto chem his fon saying, They Lect for the day, Dall these two be will reverence my son. Bus when ufodo

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the husbandmen faw che on, they blessed - King Charles the First (as) said among themselves, This is the this Day to fall into the hands of beir, come, let us kill him, and let violent and blood-thirsty men, and us seize on his inbericance. And barbarously to be murdered by they caught him, and caft him them ; yet chou didft not leave us out of the vincyard, and New bim. for ever, as sheep without a shep-. Wben the Lord cherefore of the herd, but by chy gracious provivineyard comech, what will be do dence didft miraculously preserve unto those husbandmen ? They say che, undoubted Heir of his Crowns, unto him, He will miserably de our chen gracious Sovereign King Atroy chofe wicked men, and will Charles the Second, from his bloody let out his vincyard unto oshee enemies, hiding him under the sha. husbandmen, which shall sender dow of thy wings, until their tye him the fruits in their seasons. ranny was over-paft ; and didft

After the Nicene Creed, shall be bring him back, in thy good apread instead of the Sermon for that pointed time, to fit upon the throne day, the first and second parts of the of his Father; and together with Homily againf Dilobedience, and the Royal Family, didît restore to wilful Rebellion, fer forth by Au us our ancient Government in thority; or the Minister who offi- Church and Statc. For chele chy ciates, Sball preach a Sermon of his great and unspeakable mercics, we own compofing upon the same argu- render to thee our moft humble

chanks from the bottom of our In the Offertory Soall this Smience hearts ; beseeching shee ftill to be read.

continue thy gracious protection Wharloever ye would that men over the whole Royal Family, and should do unto you, even so do un- to grant to our gracious Sovereign to them ; for this is the law and King George, a long and a happy

; the prophets. S. Mar. vii. 12. Reign over us : So we, chat are chy

After the Prayer, For the whole people, will give thee thanks for State of Chrifts Church, C.] ever, and will alway be Thewing these two Collects following fall be forch thy praise from generation to ufed.

generation, through Jesus Chrift who did ft not punish us, as Nd grant, O Lord, we beseech the midst of judgment remembred world may be so peaceably ordered mercy ; We acknova ledge it thine by thy governance, chat thy Church especial favour, ebar though for may joyfully serve chec in all godly our many and great provocations, quietness, through Jesus Christ our thou didnt suffer thine Anointed Lord. Amen.



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The Order for Evening Prayer. 9 The Hymn appointed to be used at The second, Hebr. xi. 32: and

Morning Prayer, instead of Venite, xii, to v. 7. exultemus, jbau bere also be ujed s Inflead of rhefi. f Colle&t ar Evcnbefore the Proper Pfalms.

ing Prayer, sball these two, which Righteous art thou, O Lord, Cr next follow, be used.

Proper Pfalms.
Lxxix, xcir, lxxxv.

thy wisdom not only guideft Proper Leflors.

and ordereft all things mof sultaThe first, Jer. xii or Daa. ix. bly to thine own juft'ce; but also

performest thy pleasure in fucb a


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from us and our pofterity and choose Almighty and everlafting God,

manner, that we cannot but ace on, to restore thy true Religion,
knowledge thee to be righteous in and to settle peace amongst us : For
all thy ways, and holy in all thy which we glorifie thy Name
works: We eby finful people, do chrough Jesus Chrift our blessed
here fall down before chec, con- Saviour. Amen.
feffing char chy judgments were

in permitting cruelmen, fons Immediately after the Collect, of Belial, as this day, to embruc (Lighten our darkness, Oc.) their hands in the blood of thine

Joall these wres next following be Anointed; we having drawn down

used. the same upon our selves, by the Lord, we beseech thec, O.c. great and long provocations of our O moft mighty God, C. fins againft thee. For which we do Turn thou us, 'O good Lord, &c. cherefore here humble our selves As before ar Morning Prayer. before thee; imploring thy mercy for the pardon of them all; and Immediately before the Prayer of that thou wouldst deliver this Na- Saine Chryfoftom fball this Cole tion from blood-guiltiness, (thac

lect which next followeth, be used. ) turn

wbose judgments which we by our fins the ftrong mountains, and thy judga have deserved : Grant this for the ments like the great deep; and who al-fufficient merits of thy Son our by that barbarous murder, as upon Saviour Jesus Chrift. Amen. this day commitced upon the San

who didit permit thy dear haft taught us, that neither the Servant, our late dread Sovereign greatest of kings, nor the beft of King Charles the First, to be as up- men, are more secure from vioon this day given up to the violent lence, than from natural deaths outrages of wicked men, to be de. Teach us also hereby co to number spitefully used, and at last murder. pur days, that we may apply our ed by them : Though we cannot hearts unto wisdom. And grant refleå upon so foul an Ad, but that neither the splendor of any with horror and astonishment; yet thing that is great, nor the conceit do we moft gratefully commemo- of any thing that is good in us, may Fate the glories of chy grace which any ways withdrawy our eyes from then shined forth in thine Anoint- looking upon our selves as finful ed; whom thou wert pleased, even duft and alhes: But that according at the hour of death, to endue wich to the example of this thy blefied an eminent measure of exemplary Martyr, we may press forward topatience, meekness and charity, ward the prize of the high calling before the face of his cruel enenlies. that is beforeus, in faith and patiAnd albeit thou didnt fuiter them ence, humility and meekness, morto proceed to such an height of vi- tification and self denial, charity olence as to kill him, and to take and constant perseverance unto the possession of bis throne ; yer didst end ; And all this for thy Son our thou in great mercy preserve his Lord Jesus Christ his lake : To Son, whole right ic was, and at whom with thes and the Holy lengch by a wonderful providence Ghost, be all honvus, and glory, bring him back, and let him.there' world without end, Amsn.

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A Form of Prayer with Thanksgiving to Almighty God, for having

put an end to the great Rebellion, by the Restitution of the King and Royal Family, and the Restauration of the Government after many *-years Interruption : Which unspeakable Mercies were wonderfully

completed upon the Twenty ninth of May, in the Year 1660. And in Memory thereof, chat Day in every Year is by A& of Parliament apo pointed to be for ever kept Holy.

The At. of Parliament, made in the Twelftb, and Confirmed in the Thirteenth Year of King Charles the Second, for the obfervation of the Twenty ginth day of May gearly, as a day of Publick Thanksgiving, is to be read. publickly in all Churcbes ar Morning Prayer, immediarely after

the Nicenç Creed, on the Lords-day next before every such Twenty ninth of May, and norice to be given for the duc obfervation of the laid Day. The Service Saall be the Jame with the usual

Office for Holy days; except where it is in this Office otherwise appointed.

If this day fball happen to be Afcenfion-day, or Whitfunday, the Colo lects of this Office are to be added to the Offices of those Festivals in their proper places; And if Munday ar Tuesday in Whitsun-week, or Trinity Sunday, the proper Pfalmus here appointed for this Day, infitead of those of ordinary course, Jhall be also used, and the Collects added as bem fore; And in all these cases the rest of this Office floall be omitted : but if it shall happen to be any other Sunday, this whole office fall be used, as ir followeth, entirely. And whit Festival soever fall happen to fall upon this solemn D 1y of Thanksgiving, the following Hymn appointed instead of Venite, exultemus, Iball be constantly ufed.

Morning Prayer foill begin with Who can express the noble acts these Sentences.

of the Lord: or shew forth all his 1o the Lord our God belong praise? Psal. cui. 2.

mercies and forgivenesses, The works of the Lord are great :

though we have rebelled a- forgght out of all them that have pleagainst him : neither have we obey, fure therein. Plal.cxi. 2. ed the voice of the Lord our God, The Lord ferreth up the meek : Ko walk in his laws which he set and bringeth the ungodly down to before us. Dan. ix.9, 10.


ground. Pfal. cxlvii. 6. It is of the Lords mercies that we The Lord executeth righteousness were not consumed: because his and judgment: for all them that are compaffions fail not. Lam, jii. 22. oppressed with wrong. Psal. ciii, 6.

Instead of, Venite, exultemus, For he will not always be chifball be faid or sung this Hymn fol ding: neicher keepech he his anger lowing i One Verfe by the Priest, for ever. verse 9. und another by the Clerk and Peo- He hath not dealt with us after over ple,

fons : nor rewarded us according to song shall be always of the cur wickedness. ver. 10.

loving kindness of the Lord : For look how high the heaven is with my mouth will I ever be shevec in comparison of the earth: so great ing forth his truth from one genera. is his mercy toward them that fear tion to another. Psal. lxxxix. I. him, verse 11.

The merciful and gracious Lord Yea, like as a father pitieth his hath so done bis marvellous works : own children: even so is the Lord that ihey ought to be had in ropem. merciful unto them that fear him. brance, Pal. cxi. 4,




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Verse 13

Thou, O God, haft proved us : Give thanks, O Israel, unto God dou allo haft cried us, even as silver the Lord, in the congregations : is criçd. Pal. lxvi. 9.

from the ground of the heart. Pfal. Thou suffereds men to ride over our lxviii. 26. heads, we went through fire and water: Praised be the Lord' daily : even bui shou baft brought us out into a the God who belperh us, and poureth wealthy place, verse il.

bis benefits upor us. Ver. 19. Oh, how great troubles and ad. Olet the wickedness of the wicke versitics haft thou shewed us! and ed come to an end: but establish yet didft chou turn and cefresh uş: thou che righccous. Pfal.vii.g. yea, and broughteft us fpm thes, Let all thefe that seek thee, be joydeep of the earth again.Psal.lxxi 18. iful and glad in thee : and let all such

Thors didA remember us in our love cas love thy Jalvation, say always, The eftate, and redeem us from our eneLord be praised. Pfal. xl. 19. mies : for thy mercy endurethfor ever. • Glory be to the Father, doc. Psalm cxxxvi. 23. 24.

As it was in the beginning, &C. Lord, thou art become gracious

ç Proper Psalms unto chy land : chou haft curned a- CXXIV, CXXVI, CXXIX, way the captivity of Jacob.. Pfal. CXVIII. 1***V. I.

Proper Lessons. God hath foewed us his goodness The first, 2 Sam. 19. ver. 9. Or plenteoully: and God hath let us fee our Numb. is. Te Deum. defire upon our enemies. Pfal. lx. 10. The second, The Epiftle of Saint

They are brought down and fal. de Jubilate Deo. len: but we are rifen and stand up- [ The Suffrages next after the Creed right. Pfal. **. 8.

shall stand thus. There are they fallen, all that work Priest. O Lord, shew thy mercy wickedness: they are cast down, and upon iis. Joul not be able to stand. Plal. xxxvi. Anfwer. And grant us thy salva

tion. The Lord hach been mindful of Prieft. O Lord, save the King. us, and he shall bless us : even he Answ.Who putieth his truft in thee. shall bless the house of Israel, he Prieft. Send him help from thy Thall bless the house of Aaron.Psalm holy place.

Answer. And evermors mightila He soall bless them that fear the defend him. Lord: both small and great. ver. 13. Priest. Ler his enemies have no

that men would therefore advantage against him. praise the Lord for his goodness: Answer. Let not the wicked apa and declare the wonders that he proach to hurt him. doth for the children of men ! Priest. Enduc thy Ministers with Pfal. cvii. 21.

righteousness. That they would offer unto him Answer. And make thy chefen peer facrifice of ihanksgiving : and tell out ple joyful. his works with gladness. ver. 22. Prieff, Give peace in our time,

And not hide them from the chil- O Lord. dren of the generations to come: Answer. Because there is none other but shew the honour of the Lord,

his that fighteth for us, but only thou, 0 mighty and wonderful works that God. he hath done. Psal. Lxxviii. 4. Priest. Be unto us, O Lord, a

That our pofterity may, also know strong tower, them, and the children that are yet Answer. From the face of our oneunborn: and not be as their forefa- mies. thers, a faithless and stubborn geno- Priet. O Lord bear our prayrarien, yer. 6,%.




GXV. 12.

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