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Anfwet. And let our cry come unto · Anointed Servant now set over us, shee.

and to his Hcirs after him: Whom of Inftead of the fir A Colleet ar Moro we beseech thee to bless with all in

ning Prayer, soal these two which crease of Grace, Honour and Hap. follow be used.

piness in this world, and to crown O

Almighty God, who art a him wich Immortality and Glory in to chy servants against the face of his-lake, our only Lord and Savi. their Enemies; Weyield chec praise our. Amen. and thanks for the wonderful deli- In the end of the Litany, (which verance of these Kingdoms from Stball ways this day be used after THE GREAT REBELLION, and the Collect. [We humbly besecch all the Miseries and Oppressions chce, O Father, c.) Joall this be consequent there upon, under which

Said which next followeth. they had so long groned. We aco: knowledge it thy

goodness that we ages showed forth chy power were not utterly delivered over as and mercy in the miraculous a prey unto them: Beseeching chec and gracious Deliverances of thy Aill to continue such thy Marcies Church, and in the prote&ion of towards us ; that all the world may righteous and religious Kings and know that thou art our Saviour and States, profeffing thy holy and ecermighty Deliverer, chrough Jesus nal Truch, from che malicious ConChrist our Lord, Amen.

fpiracies, and wicked Practices of who haft been exceedingly chce from the very bottom of our gracious unto this Land, and by thy hearts unfeigned chanks and praise, miraculous Providence didft deliver as for thy

many great and publick us out of our miserable Confusions, Mercies, fo especially for chat sige by restoring to us, and to his own nal and wonderful Deliverance by juft and undoubted Righes, our then thy wise and good providence, as moft gracious Sovereign Lord, thy upon this day, complered and feryant King Charles the Second, vouchsafed to our then most graci(notwithstanding all the power and ous Sovereign King Charles the Semalice of his Enemies) and by pla- cond, and all the Royal Family": cing him in the Throne. of desc And in them and with chem to this kingdoms; thereby restoring also wholc Church and State, and all unto us the publick and frec pro; Orders and Degrees of men in boch, fefsion of thy true Religion and from the unnatural Rebellion, uc Worship, cogecher with our former furpation and Tyranny of ungodly peace and prosperity, to the great and cruel men, and from the fad comfort and joy of our hearts: We confusions and ruin thereupon enare here now before thee, with all suing. From all these, gracious due thankfulness, to acknowledge and merciful Lord God, not our shinc unspeakable goodness herein, merit, but thy mercy; not our foreas upon this day, Ihewed unto us, fight, but thy providence z not our and to offer up our sacrifice of own arm, but chy fight hand, and praise for the same, urro shy grcat cinc arm, and the ligbt of chy and glorious Namc; bumbly be countepance did rescue and deliver leechingebee to accept this our un us; even because chou hadft a lafeigned though unworthy Oblation vour untqus. And cherefore not unof our felves • Vowing all holy O to us, O Lord, not unto us, but unbedience in thought, word and to thy Name be ascribed all hawork, unto thy divine Majesty; and - nour, glory and praise, with moft promising in thee and for chee all humbic. and hearty chanks, in all loyal and dutifulAllegiance to shipe Cbüsches of the saints: Even so,

blefied iwaga



blessed be the Lord our God, who thy oblation of our felves : Vowing alone doch wondrous things ; And all holy obedience in. Thought, blessed be the Name of his Majefty Word and Work, unto thy Divine for ever, chrough Jesus Christ our Majesty; and promising in thee and Lord and Saviour. Amen.' for thee all loyal and dutiful Al

In the Communion-Service, imme- legiance to cinc Anointed Servant diately before the reading of the E- now set over us, and to his Heirs pistle, Joall these two Colects be after him : Whom we beseech chee used, instead of the Collect for the co bless with all increase of grace, King, and the Collect of the Day. - honour and happiness in this world,

ftrong Tower of Defence un- ty and glory in the world to come, to shy servants againit che face of for Jesus Christ biş fakc, our only their

enemies; We yield chec praise Lord and Saviour. Amen. and chanks for the wonderful deli- {The Epiflo. I S. Pet. II. 11.--17. verance of thesc Kingdoms from The Gospel. S. Matth. XXII. THE GREAT REBELLION, 16 ---22. and all the miseries and oppressions ( In the Offertory foall this Sentence consequent chereupon, under which be read, they had so long groan'd. We ac- Not cvery one that falth unto me, knowledge it thy goodness, that we Lord, Lord, shall enter into the were not utterly delivered over as kingdom of heaven;

bút hic chat a prey unto them: Besecching chce doth the will of my Fatber which Aill to continue such chy Mercies is in heaven. S. Matth. 7.21.. towards us ; that all chc World ( After the Prayer [ For the whole may know that thou art our Savi- Aate of Christs Church, 6. ] our and mighty Deliverer, through this Colle&t following foall be used. Jesus Christ our Lord. Ameno Oled God been exceedinging and unpredictable

goodnese cowards Lord God of our falvation, A might God and heavenly

, who of chine gracious unto this land, and by chyus, didft in a moft extraordinary miraculous Providence didft deli- and wonderful manner disappoint ver us out of our miserable Confu- and overthrow the wicked Deligns fions, by restoring to us, and to his of those traiterous, heady and own just and undoubted Rights, high-minded men, who under the Our shen moft gracious Sovereign pretence of Religion, and cby moft Lord, thy Servant King Charles the holy Nams, had contrived, and Second, (not wichftanding all the well-nigh effe&ed the utter deftrupower and malice of his enemics ) dion of this Church and Kingdom: and by placing him in the Throns As we do this Day moft heartily of scle Kingdoms; thereby refto and devoutly adore and magnific ring also unto us chc publick and chy glorious Name for chis thinc free Profeffion of thy cruc Religion infinite gracious, goodness alrcady and Worship, together with our youchfaled to us ; so we moft humformer peace and prosperity, to bly beseech thee to continue thy the great comfort and joy of our grace and favour towards us hihearts: We are here now beforç ding and covering us under the shasec, with all due thankfulness, co dow of thy wings, that no such acknowledge shine unspeakablc dismal calamity may ever again fall goodness herein, as upon this day upon us. To this end send forth thewed unto us, and to offer up thy light and chy truth, for the disour sacrifice of praise for the fame, covery of these depths of Satan, this unto thy great and glorious Name; mystery of iniquity. Infatuate and humbly beseeching thee to accept defeat all the secret counsels of the this ous unfeigned chougb unwor ungodly. Abate chcir pride, al

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fwage their malice, and confound of Defence against the face of ati chcir devices. Strengthen the hands his enemies. As for those that are of our gracious Sovercign King implacable, clothe them with shame GEORGE, and all that are puč and confusion, but upon himself in Authority

under him, with Judg, and his pofterity let the Crown ment and Justice, to cut off all for ever flourish. So we that are fuch workers of iniquity, as turn thy people, and the sheep of thy Religion into Rebellion, and Faith Pasturc, shall give the thanks for inco Faalon ; that they may never ever, and will always be thowing again prevail against us, nor tri- forch thy praise from generacion to amph in the ruin, of the Monarchy generation, through Jesus Chrif and thy Church among us. Prored our

only Saviour and Redeemer; and defend our Sovereign Lord che to whom with thee, O Facher, and King, with the whole Royal

Fa- God the Holy Ghost, be glory In mily, from all Treasons and Con. the Church throughout all ages, fpiracies. Be unto him an Helmet world without cod. Amen. of Salvation, and a strong Tower


OR Will and Pleasure is, That these three Forms
vember, the Thirtieth of January, and the Twenty
ninth of May, be forthwith Printed and Published,
and for the future' annexed to the Book of Common
Prayer and Liturgy of the Church of England, to be
used Tearly on the said Days, in all Cathedral and
Collegiate Churches and Chapels, in all Chapels of Col-
leges and Halls within both Our Universities, and of
Our Colleges of Eaton and Winchester, and in all Pa-
rish Churches and Chapels within that part of Our King-
dom of Great Britain called England, the Dominion
of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed.
Given at Our Court at St. James's the Ninth Day

of November, 1714. in the Firft Year of
Our Reign.

By His Majefties Command,


A Form of Prayer with Thanksgiving to Almighty God; to be used in all Churches and Chapels within this Realm, every Year upon the First Day of August : Being the Day on which His Majesty began His Happy Reign.

The Service foall be the same with the usual Office for Holy-days in all

things ; Except where it is in this Office ozberwise appointed. $ If this Day Spall happen to be Sunday, the Proper Office for that Sunday

food be wholly omitted. and this ufed instead of it: Bict however, it bad happen, there fbal br Notice therroj given publickly in the Church the Sunday before.

Morning Prayer fball begin with hold thou up his Goings in thy thefe Sentences.

Paths : that his Footíteps sip not. Éxhore chat firft of all, Sup. Plal. 17.5. plications, Prayers, Intercef- Grant the Ring a long life : and fions, and giving of thanks, be make him glad with the joy of thy

made for all men : for Kings Countenance. Pfal.61.6. & 21. 6. and all that are in Authority; That Let him dwell before thee for ever: we may lead a quics, and peaceable o prepare thy loving Mercy and life in all godliness and honesty : Faithfidnefs, that they may preserve For chis is good and acceptable unto bim. Pfal. 61.7., God our Saviour. Tim. 2. 1, 2, 3. In his time her the Righteous

If we say that we have no lin, Aourish : and let Peace be in all we deceive oar felves, and the our Borders. Pfal. 72.7. & 147. 14. truth is not in us ; But if we con- As for his Enemies clothe then fels our fins, he is faithful, and just with foane : but upon himself les to forgive us our fins, and to his Crown flouriso. Pfal. 132. 19. cleanseus from all unrighteousness. Bleffed be the Lord God, even IS.Fahri 1.8, 9.

the God of Israel : which oply Instead of Venite, cxultemus, doch wondrous things. Pfal. 72. 18. the Hymn following shall be said And Blessed be the Name of his er fung : One Vorfe by the Prieft, Majesty for ever : and all the Earth and another by the Clerk and Peo- soat be filled with his Majesty. A. ple.

men, Amen. Pfal. 72. 19, Lord our Governor : how Glory be to the Father, c.

As it was in the beginning, &c. the world ! Pfal. 8.1.

I Proper Pfalms aro XX, XXI, CT. Lord, what Man, that thou

Proper Laffons. baft Such respect unto him : or ths The Firi, Josh. 1. to the end of the Son of Man; that thou so regardeft 9th Ver. Te Deum. bim! Pfal. 144.3.

The Second, Rom. xiil. Fubilate Deo. The merciful and gracious Lord i The Suffrages next after the Creed hath so done bis marvellous Noall stand thus. Works : that they ougbt to be bad Prieft. O Lord, show thy mercy in remembrance. Pfal. 111.4.

upon us. O that Men would therefore Anfwer. And grant w. thy fala praise the Lord for his goodness: and varion. declare the Wonders that he doth

for. Priest. O Lord, fave the King. the Children of Men !-Pfal. 107 21. Antw. Who putteth his truft in

Behold, O God our Defender: thee. and look upon the face of chinc Priest. Send him help from thy Anointed. Pfal. 84. 9.

boly place.


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pretiert. Give peace in our time, O

Anw. And evermore mighrily do- wanting in Honour to his Person, fend him.

and Dutiful Submission to his AuPrieft. Let his enemies have no chority ; let his Rcign be long and advantage againft him.

prosperous ,, and Crown him with Answ. Let nor the wicked apo Immortality in the life to come, proach to mort him.

chro' Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Prieft. Enduc thy Ministers wich In the end of the Lirany (which righteousness.

fall always beufed upon tha Day) Answ. And make the chosen peoafter the collect [We humbly plo joyful.

beseech thec, O Facher, ] lball Priet. O Lord, fave chy people. the following Prayer (for the King

Answ. And blefs thine inheri. and Royal Family) be used. sance.

Lord our God, who uphold.

cft and governcst all things O Lord.

in heaven and carch, receivs our Answ. Because there is none other humble Prayers, with our hearty that fightetb for us, but only thou, Thanksgivings for our Sovereign O God.

Lord GEORGE, as on this day, Priest. Be unto us, O Lord, a set over us by chy Grace and ProviArong tower,

dence to be our King; and so togeAnsw. From the face of our one- ther with his bless his Royal High. mies.

nels GEORGE Prince of Wales, Prieft. O Lord, hear our prayer, the Princess, and cheir Illue, and

Answ. And let our cry come wito the whole Royal Family, that they thee.

all eyes trufting in thy goodness, Instead of the First Colle&t ar protc&ed by the power and crownMorning Prayer, Joaill be used this ed with thy

gracious and endless following Colle&t of Thanksgiving favour, may continue before thee in for His Majefties Accession to the health, peace, joy and honour; Throne.

long and happy life upon carthy and over all the Kingdoms of thc and glory in the

Kingdom of HeaWorld, and disposeft of them ac- ven, by the Merits and Mediation cording to thy good pleasure; We of Chrift Jesus our Saviour, who yield chce unfeigncd chanks, for with the Father and the Holy Spirit that chou wast pleased, as on this livech and reigneth ever one God, day, to place thy Servant our Sove world without end. Amen. reign Lord King GEORGE upon

Then foall follow this Collect, for the Throne of chese Realms. Let Gods Protection of the King to thy wisdom be his guide, and let

gainst all his Enemies,

oft Atice, truth and holiness, let peace

set chy fervant GEORGE and

love, and all those virtues shat our King upon the Throne of his adorn the Chriftian Profeffion, Ancestors, we moft humbly befourish in his days ; Dire& ali secch thes to procca bim on che his Counsels and Endeavours to Cams from all the dangers to which thy Glory, and the Welfare

of his he may be exposed; Hide him P.cople; and give us Grace to obey from the garbering together of the him cheerfully and willingly for froward, and from the InsurrectiConscience faks, that neither out on of wicked doers;

Do thou wcafinful paflions, nor our private in: ken the hands, blant the designs, terefts may disappoint his Cares and defeat che enterprises of all

his for the Publick Good ; let

him Enemies, chat no (ecret Conspiraalways poffefs dhe bearts of his cics, nor open Violences may disEcople, that shey may never be quist his Reign ; buc chat being


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