bithicules and adverfities, thro? Das Hangers and pilgrims;

fafely kept under the shadow of arc chy People, and Sheep of diy thy Wing, and supported by thy Pafture, Thall give chee thanks for power, he may triumph over all guer, and will always be showing Opposition, that so the world may forch thy praise from generation acknowledge Thes to be his De to generation. Amen. fender and mighty Delirerer in all The Epiflo. I S. Pet. 2. !I.

Early beloved, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. [ Then the Prayer for the High abitain from fleshly lufts, which

Court of Parliament of Sirring.) war against the soul; Having your In the Communion-Service im. conversation honest among the mediately before the Reading, of Gentiles: that whereas they speak the Epiftle, inftead of the Collex againft you as evil-doers, they may for the King and that of the by your good works which they Day, loall be used this Prayer for Thall bebold, glorific God in the the Ring, a Supreme Governor day of vihtation. Submit your of thn Church.

selves to every ordinance of man for B Lefled Lord, who haft called the Lords sake: wbccher it be to

Chriftian Princes to the De- the King, as supreme ; or unto fence of chy Faich, and bast made Governors, as unto chem chat are it their Duty to promote the Spiri- sent by him for the punishment of cual Welfare together wich" che cvil-doers, and for the praise of Temporal Interest of their People; chem that do well. For so is, che We acknowledge with humble and will of God, that with well-doshankful hearts chy great Goodness ing ye may put to silence the ignoto us, in setting thy Servant our rance of foolish men : As free, and moft Gracious King over chis not using your liberty for a cloks Church and Nation; Give him, we of maliciousness, but as the for. bescech shee, all chofs heavenly yants of God. Honour all men. Graces that are requisite for fo Love che brocherhood. Fear God. high a. Truft ; Lecce work of Honour che king. thoc his God prosper in his hands į The Gospel. S. Mart. 22, 16 Ler his Eyes behold the Success of Nd chey sent out unto bim true Religion established amongé rodians, saying, Mafter, we know us ; And make him a blessed Instru- that chou art true, and tcacheft ment of protc&ing and advancing the way of God in truth, neicher thy Truch whcreever it is Peclecu- carcít thou for any man : for chou ced and Oppressed; Let Hypocrific regardeft for the person of men. and Profaneness, Superfacion and. Tell us therefore, What tinkcit Idolatrý fly before his Pace; Let chou? Is it lawful to give tribute not Herelics and Falle Do&rincs unco Colar, or not? But Jesus per

disturb the Peace of che Church, ceived their wickedness, and laid, not Schisms and causeless Divifions Why cempt ye me, ys hypocrites weaken it ; But grant us to be of Show me the tribuce-moncy. And onc heart and one mind in saving they brought, unto him a peny. thee our God, and obeying bim And he saich unto them, Whosc is according to diy will : And that this image and superscription these Blcflings may be continued to They say unto him, Cesars. Tbcn After-Ages, Let were never be Saich bc unto them, Render chereone wanting in bis House co suca fore unto Célar the things which ceed him in the Government of are Cesars į and unto God che chele Kingdoms, that our Pofterly things chat are Gods. When they may fee his Childrens Children heard these words, they marvelled, and Pface upon Krael. So we chat and left him, and went aber way.

( After

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After the Nicens Creed, jball World may be so peaceably orfollow the Sermon.

dered by thy Governance, char chy 9 In the Ofertory foall this Sen- Church may joyfully (crve chec in tence be read,

all godly quietness, through Jesus man be content with that he hadi Gmighty God, that the words Godliness is great. Riches, if a Chrift our Lord. Amen.

Rant, we chec,

the World, neither can we carry any which we have heard this day chipgour. iTim, 6.6, 7.

with our outward' cars, may After the Prayer [ Por the whole through chy grace be so grafred ftate of Chrifts Church, 0c] inwardly in our hearts, that they ..thefo Cottects following fall be may bring forth in us the fruit used,

of good living, to the honour and © A Prayer for Unity. praise of thy Namc, through Jesus o

God the Father of our Lord Chrift our Lord. Amon.
Jesus Savi-

of all , knowus grace seriously to lay tó heart eft our necessities bsfore we ask, the

great dangers we are in by our and our ignorance in asking ; W6 unbappy divisions. Take away all befeech thee to nave compassion hatred and prejudice, and what upon our infirmities ; and those soever else may binder us from things which' for our unworthigodly Union and Concord: Tbat nefs we dare not, and for our as there is but one

Body, and one blindness we cannot ask, vouchSpirit, and one Hope of our Calle safe to give us for the worthlaess ing, one Lord, one Faith, one of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, Baptism, one God and Facher of us Axen. 211fo we may benceforth be all Therapie understanding, keep

of God of one Hearrand of one Soul, united in one holy Bond of Truth and your bearts and minds in this Peace, of Faith and Coarity, and knowledge and love of God,' and may with one mind and wich one of his Son Jesus Chrift our Lord: mouth glorifie chee, through Jesus and the blessing of God AlmighChrist our Lord. Amen.

ty, the Father, tbc Son, and che Rant, O Lord, wo beseech Holy Ghoft, be amongst you, and

thee, that the course of this remain with you always. Amen.

oleh Prince of Peace, Give A Lunghty God, the fountain

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Ur Will and Pleasure is, That this Form of Prayer with
Thanksgiving for the Firft Day of August, be forthwith
Printed and Publised, and be used Yearly on the faid

Day in all Cathedral and Collegiate Churches and Chao
pels, in all Chapels of Colleges and Halls within both Our Univer.
fities, and of Our Colleges of Eaton and Winchester, and in all
Parish-Churches and Chapels within Our Kingdom of England,
Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed.
Given at Our Court at St. James's, the Thirteenth Day of
June, 1775. In the First Year of Our Reign.
By His Majefties Command,




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Eing by Gods Ordirance, according to Our just Title, Defender

of the Paith, and Supreme Governer of the Church, within these Our Dominions, We bold it most agreeable to this Our Kingly of. fice, and our own Religious

Zeal, to conferve and maintain the Church committed to Our Charge in the Unity of crue Religion, and in the bond of Peace : and not to suffer unnecessary Disputations, Altercations, or Questions to be raised, which may nourish Fa&lon both in tbc Cburch and Common-wealth. We have therefore upon mature de liberation, and with the advice of so many of Our Bishops as might conveniently be called together, thoughe fit co make this Declaration following.

Thatche Articles of the Church of England (which bavebeen allow. ed and authorized beretofore, and which Our Clergy generally have fubfcribed unto ) do contain the true Do&rine of the Church of England, agreeable to Gods Word : which We do therefore ratife and confirm, requiring all Our loving Subje&s to continue in the uniform profefsion shercof, and prohibiting the least difference from the fald Articles, whicb to that end We command to be new Printed, and this Our Declaration to be published cherewith.

That We are Supreme Governor of the Church of England. And that If any Difference arise about the external Policy, concerning Injunctie ons, Canons, and other Confitutions wbatsoever thereto belonging, the Clergy in their Convocation is to order and settle chem, baving first obtained leave under Our Broad Seal so to do, and We approving deir faid Ordinances and Conflutions ; providing chat none be made contrary to the Laws and Cuftoms of the Land.

That out of Our Princely care, that the Churcbmen may do the work which is proper unto them, the Bishops and Clergy, from time to time in Convocation, upon their humble degre, shall have Licence under Our Broad Seal, to deliberate of, and to do all such things, as being made plain by them, and assented unto by us, shall concern the settled continuance of the Do&rine and Discipline of the Church of England now cftablished; from which We will not endure any varying or departing in the leaf Degree.

That for the present, though some Differences have been III raised, yet We take comfort in this, that all Clergy-men within Oar Realm have always moft willingly subscribed to the Articles established which is an argument to us, that i hey all agree in the true uluallireral meaning of the faid Articles, and that even in those curious Points in which the present Differences lie, men of all sorts take the Articles of the Churcb of England to be for them ; wbicb is an Argument again, chat none of them intend any Desertion of the Articles established.

That therefore in these both curious and unbappy D.fferences wbich bave for so many hundred years, in different times and places, exercised the Church of Christ, We will that all further curious search be laid aside, and these Dilpures shut up in Gods Promises, as they be generally set forth to us in the holy Scriptures, and the general meaning of the Articles of the Church o England according to thein. And that no man bereafter shall either Pript or Preash to draw the Article afide any way, but shall submit to it in the plain and full meaning thereof;


and thall not put his own Sense or Comment to be the meaning of the Article, but (hall take it in the literal and Grammatical Sense.

That if any publick Reader in elcher Our Univerfities, or any Head or Mahter of a College, or any other Person respeđively in either of chem, shall affix any new Sense to any Article, or Thall publickly read, determine or hold any publick Disputation, or suffer any sucb to be held either way, in either the Universitles or Colleges refpe&ively i or if any Divine in cbe Universities shall Preach or Print any chlog either way, other chan is already eftablished in Convocation with Our. Royal Assent; he, or they che Offenders, shall be liable to Our Difpleafure, and the Churches Censure in Our Commission Ecclesiastical, as well as any ocher : And We will see sacre shall be due Execution upon them,



T beter and preserves of 3 things H. Scripture containech all

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1. Of Faith in the Holy Trinity, is of one Subftance, Majesty and

Here is but one living and Glory, witb the Facher, and the

crue God, everlasting, Son, very and eternal God. wirtout body parts, or VI. Of the Sufficiency of the holy

passions; of infinite pow- Scriptures for salvation. , wisdom and goodness, ma

things boch visible and invisible, and in so that wbatsoever is no: read chereunity of this Godbead there be in, nor may be proved thereby, is three Persons of one substance, pow. not to be required of any man, that er and eternity; the Father, the it should be believed as an article Son, and the Holy Ghost.

of the Faich, or be thought requiIl. Of the Word or Son of God, fire or nesersary to salvation. In which was made very Man. the Name of the holy Scripture we "He Son, which is the Word of do understand those Canonical

de Facher, begotten from e- Books of the Old and New Testaverlasting of the Farber, the very ment, of whose Auchority was neand c ernal God, of one substance ver any doubt in the Chuptb. with the Father, took mans narure in the womb of the blessed Virgin, f of the Names and Number of the of her substance: lo sbar (wo whole

Canonical BOOKS, and perfe& natures, chai is to say, rbe Godhead and Manhood, were I Exodus, joyned together in one Person, ne- Leviticus, ver to be divided, wbercof is one Numeri, Christ, very God, and very Man, Deuteronomium, who truly suffered, was crucified, Folour, dead and buried, to reconcile his Fudges, Father to us, and to be a face fice, Ruth, AOC only for Original guilt, but al- The Book of Samud, so for a&ual fins of men.

The 2 Book of Samuel, Ift. Of the going down of Christ into The i Book of Kings, Heu.

The 2 Book of Kings, s Christ died for us and was A buried it be

The i Book of Chronicles,

The 2 Book of Chronicles, licved, that he went down into The 1 Book of Efdras, Hell.

The 2 Book of Esdras, IV. Of the refuxečtion of Chrift. The Book of Hofer, Hrift did truly rise again from The Book of Fob,

The Plalms, dy, wicbfich, bones, and all things The Proverbs, appertaining to the perfeâion of Ecclefiaftes or Preacher. mans nature, wbere with he ascend. Cantica, or Songs of Solomon, cd into Heaven, and there forreth 4 Prophets the greater, undl he return to judge all men at is Prophets the less. the last day.

And the other Books (as Hien V. Of the Holy Ghoft. rome faith the Churcb dotto read "He Holy Gbok, Proceeding for example of Ilfe and inftruālost


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