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these things the better, ye shall and daily proceeding in all vira call upon him to hear Sermons, tue and godliness of living. and chiefly ye shall provide q But if they which bring the that he may learn the Crced, Tufant to the Church do make the Lords Prayer, and the Ten Such uncertain answers to the Commandments in the vulgar Priests questions, as that it tongue, and all other things

cannot appear that the child which a Christian ought to was baptized with water, In know and believe to his souls the Name of the Father, and health; and that this child may of the Son, and of the Huly, be virtuousy brought up to lead Ghift, / which are essential . à godly and a Christian life

; parts

of Baptism) then let the remembring alway that Bapó Priest Baptize it in the Form tism doth represent unto us our before appointed for Publick profession, which is to follow Baptism of Infants; saving the example of our Saviour that at the dipping of the Child Chrift, and to be made like in the Font, he shall use this unto him ; that as he died and Form of words. rose again for us, so should we F thou art not already baptiwho are baptized, die from fin, 1 tized, N. I baptize thee In the and rise again unto righteous. Name of the Father, and of the ness, continually mortifying all Son, and of the Holy Ghost. our evil and corrupt affections, Amén. The Ministration of Baptism to such as are of ri

per years, and able to answer for themselves. WH Hen any such, Perfons as are of riper years are to be bas.

tized, timely notice shall be given to the Bishop, or whom lze mall appoint for elvat purpose, å week before at the least, by the Parents, or some other discreet Persons; that so due care many be taken fór tl:eir examination, whether they be sufficiently in. structed in the Principles of the Chriftian Religion and that they may be exhorted to prepare themselves with Prayers and Fasting for the receiving of this holy Sacrament. And if they Mall be found fit, then the Godfathers and Godmothers ( the People being a sembled upon the Sunday or Holy-day appointed ) mall be ready to present them at the Font immediately after the Second Lifin, either at Morning, Evening Prayer, as the Curate in his diferetion Mall think fit. And standing there, the Priest fall ask wherlich any of the Perfons bere presented be baptizedt, or no: if they all answer, No : Thien mall the Priest Saytines,

Early beloved;forasmuch are in the field cannot please as all men are concei- God, but live in fin, commic.

ved and born in fin, cing inany actuat tranfgrefTions; ( and that which is born of the and that our Saviour Cirrift fieth is filesh) and they that taith None can enter into the

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Kingdom of God, he regenerate, and boracantele be A Goes tele aid of annuntad

Lmighty immortal water and of the Holy Ghost ; need, the helper of all that fiec I beseech you to call upon God to thee for succour, the life of the Father, through our Lord them that believe, and the reJesus Christ, that of his bounte- surrection of the dead; We ous goodness he will grant to call upon thee for these persons, these persons that which by na- that they coming to thiy holy ture they cannot have, that the Baptismi, may receive reniillion may be baptized with water of their fins by spiritual regentand the Holy Ghost, and recei- ration. Receive them, O Lord, ved into Christs holy Church, as thou hast promised by thy and be made lively members of wel-beloved Son, saying, Ask, the same.

and ye shall receive'; seek, and (Then mall the Priest Say, ye fall find ; knock, and it Let us pray.

shall be opened unto you: so And here all the Congrega- give now unto us that ask ; let tion Mall kneel. )

us that 'seek, ' find; open the A of ever

Lmighty and everlasting gate unto us that knock ; that mercy didst save Noah and his lasting tenédiction of thy hea. Family in the ark from perisha venly washing, and may come ing by water, and also didft to the eternal kingdom which

safely lead the children of Isra- thou hast promised by Christ el thy people through the Red our Lord. Amen. 1ea, figuring thereby thy holy q Then shell the People stand Bapriim; and by the Baptism up, and the Priestsall say, of chy wel-beloved Son Jesus Hear the words of the Golpel Christ in the river Jordan, written by Saint John, in the didst fan&tifie the element of third Chapter, beginning at water to the mystical washing the first Verse. away of fin; We beseech thee for thine infinite mercies, that Pharisees, named Nico

o thou wilt mercifully look upon demus, a ruler of the Jews. The these thy servants; wash them, same came to Jesus by night, and fanctifie them with the Ho, and haid unto him, Rabhi, we ply Ghost, that they being deli- know that thou art a teacher vered from thy wrath, may.


come from God; for no man veccived into the ark of Christs can do these miracles that thou 'Church; and being ftedfast in doft, except God be with him.

Iaith, joyful through hope, and Jesus answered and said unto 10d in charity, may so pass him, Verily verily I say unto 'ihe 'waves of this troublesome thee, Except a man be born a. • Wor's, that finally they may gain, he cannot see the king. cone to the land of everlasting dom of God. Nicodemus saith hile, there to reign with thee unto him, How can a man ha world without end, through born when he is old ?. Can be cu: Christ our Lord. Amen. enter the fecond time into his

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mothers womb, and be born? Repent and be baptized every, Jesus answered, Verily verily I one of you for the remission of say unto thee, Except a man he fins, and ye shall receive the born of water and of the Spirit, gift of the Holy Ghost. For he cannot enter into the king the promise is to you and your dom of God. That which is children, and tall that are born of the files, is fleth ; and afar off, even as many as the that which is born of the Spirit, Lord our God fhalicall

. And is spirit. Marvel not that I said with many other words exhortunto thee, Ye must be born a- ed he them, laying, Save your gain. The wind blowech where selves from this untoward geit lifteth, and tlion hearest the neration. For (as the same found thereof; but canst not Apostle testifieth in another tell whence it cometh, and whi- place ) even Baptism doch also ther it gocth : so is every one now save us, ( not the putting that is born of the Spirit. away of the filch of the Ang

but the answer of a good con. After which he mall say this science towards God) by the Exhortation following:

resurrection of Jesus Christ. fpel the express words of earnestly believe that he will our Saviour Christ, that except favourably receive these present a man be born of water and of persons, truly repenting and the Spirit, he cannot enter into coming unto him by faith ; the kingdom of God. where that he will grant them remiso by ye may perceive the great fion of their fins, and bestow necessity of this Sacrament; upon them the Holy Ghoft; where it may be had. Likewise that he will give them the blero immediately before his ascensi- sing of eternal life, and make on into heaven ( as we read in them partakers of his everlastthe last Chapier of Saint Marks ing kingdom. Gospel, ) he gave command to Wherefore we being thus his disciples, saying, Go yein- perswaded of the good will of to all the world, and preach our heavenly Father towards the Gospel to every creature, these persons, declared by his He that believeth and is bap. Son Jesus Christ; let us faithtized, shall be saved ; but he fully and devoutly give thanks that believeth not, shall be to him, and say,

. unto us the great benefit we reap thereby. For which cause we give thee hunble thanks Saint Peter the Apostle, when for that thou hast vouchsafed to upon his first preaching of the call us to the knowledge of thy Gospel many were pricked at grace and faith in thee; In the heart, and said to himn and crease this knowledge, and cona the rest of the Apostles, Men firm this faith in us evermore : and brethren, what máll we Give thy Holy Spirit to these do? replied and said unto them, persons, that they may be born


dam.ned. Which

also thewedle A God, heavenly Father,

H 3

wech and reiệnethwith thee and Doft Chou believe in God

again, and be made heirs of Answer. I renounce them all. everlasting salvation, through

Question. our Lord Jesus , li.

the Father Almighty,Mathe Holy Spirit, now and for ker of heaven and earth? ever. Amen,

And in Jesus Chrift his only Tljen the Priest fall speak to begotten Son our Lord ? And the persons to be baptized, on that he was conceived by the this mise.

Holy Ghost; born of the Virgin WEB

Elbeloved, who are Mary; that he suffered under

conie hither defiring Pontius Pilate, was crucified to receive holy Baptism, we dead,and buried; that he went have heard how the Congrega. down into hell, and also did tion hath prayed that our Lord rise again the third day; that Jesus Christ would vouchsafe he ascended into heaven, and to receive you, and bless you, to fitteth at the right hand of God release you of your fins, to give the Father Almighty; and from you the kingdom of heaven and thence sijall come again at the everlasting life. Ye have heard end of the world, to judge the also that our Lord Jesus Christ quick and the dead? hath promised in his holy And doft thou believe in tlie Word, to grant all those things Holy Ghoft; The holy Cathothat we have prayed for; which lick Church'; Tlie Commupromise he for his part will nion of Saints; Theremission of most surely keep and perform. fins; The resurrection of the

Wherefore after this promise fleth ; and everlasting life after made by Christ, ye must also death'? faithfully for your part promise Answer. All this I stedfastly . in the

presence of these your believe. witnesses, and this whole Con


Ilt the devil and all his works,anca Wethou be baptized in

this constantly believe Gods holy Answer. That is my desire. Word, and obediently keep his

Question. commandinents. Then fall the Priest demard Wilt thou then obediently

of each of the persons to be commandment, and walk in baptized, severally;these Que- the same all the days of thy pions following:

life? Question.

Answer. I will endeavour to Dvit and all his works, the Oft thou renounce the de- to do, God being my helper.

Then all the Priest say, vain pomp and glory of the Merciful God, grant that

, o of the fame, and carnal de- fons may be fo buried, that the fires of the flesh, so that chou new man may be raised up in wilt not follow nor be led by them. Amen. them?

Grant that all carnal affeéti.


11, may live and grow in them. N. Name of the Father and

* !ve the Pier Luke


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ons may die in them, and that

ter, or pour water upon him, all things belonging to the Spi. Saying, God

I Baptize thee In the ME


Grant that they may have of the Son, and of the Holy

poner and strength to have Ghost. Amen. Find

vi&tory,and to triumph against th the devil, the world, and the

Then all the Priest say, fieri. Amen. Grant that they being here WE receive this perfon in

to the Congregation dedicated to thee by our office of Chifts fuck,

and ministry, may allo be en- and * do sign him di

dued with heavenly virtues, and with the sign of the airson the

everlastingly rewarded, through Cross, in token that was foreand

thy merey, Oblessed Lord hereafter be shall And God, who doft live and govern not be ashamed to confess the all things, world without end. faith of Christ crucified, and

manfully to fight under his Lmighty everliving God, banner against lin, the world, ved Son Jesus Chriit, for the Christs faithful soldier and ler. forgiveness of our sins, did fied vant unto his lifes end. Amen. out of his most precious side both water and blood, and gave

Then mall the Priest say, che

Eeing that they should go teach all brethren, that these persons

nacions, and baprize them in are regenerate and grafted into 1 the Name of the Father, the the body of Christs Church,

Son, and the Holy Ghost; Re- let us give thanks unto Almighgard, we beseech thee, the sup- ty God for these benefits, and plica:ions of this Congregation; with one accord niake our prayfanctifie this water to the my- ers unto him, that they may ítical washing away of fin: and lead the rest of their lite accord

grant that the persons nuw to be ing to this beginning. dy

bapiized therein, may receive end the fulness of thy grace, and

Then mall be said the Lord's in ever remain in the number of

Prayer, all kneeling. hy thy faithful and lift children: O'Heacher, whichwere in Jesus Christ our Lord.

; Hallowed be fo Amen.

thy Nam:. Thy Kingdom q Then all the Priest take come. Thy will be dons in

each person to be baptized, by Earth, As it is in Heaven. Give the right hand, and placing us this day our daily bread. bim canveniently by the Font, And forgive us our trespasses, according to liis discreti n. As we forgive them that tressi all ask the Godfathers and pass against us. And lead us Godmothers the Name; and not into temp:ation; But dethen swall dip him in the wa- liver us from evil. Amen.




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