Mall make a Cross


ç Put if they certifie that the Then all the Priest ray, child's treak, it fall fuffice W links, most merciful

E yield the to pour water upon it, saying the foresaid words,

Father, that it hath pleased N.

Name of the Father, with thy Holy Spirit, to receive and of the Son, and of the him for thine own child by aHoly Ghost. Amen.

doption and to incorporate him Then the Priest soall say, into thy holy Church. And

E We

to the Congregation grant, that he being dead unto

of Christs flock, sin, and living unto righteousHere albe. Police * and do sign him ness, and being buried with xpon the childs with thesign of the Christ in his death, may Cruci.

Cross, in token fie the old man, and utterly athat hereafter he shall not be bolish the whole body of fin, ashamed to confess the faith of and that as he is made partaker Christ crucified, and manful- of the death of thy Son; he may ly to fight under his banner a- also be partaker of his relurgainst sin, the world, and the rection so that finally with the devil; and to continue Christs residue of thy holy Church, he faithful soldier and servant un- may be an inheritor of thine to his lifes end. Amen. everlasting Kingdom, through Then mall the Pricst say,

Christ our Lord. Amen. Science renderlys believe in Eeing now, dearly beloved Then all standing up, the

Priest mall say to the Godfa

ther's and Godmothers this regenerate and grafted into the

Exhortation following: Church, give thanks unto Almighty God Fopromised by you'lis Sure

Orasmuch as this child hath for these benefits, and with one ties, to renounce the devil and accord make our prayers unto all his works to believe in God, him, that this child may lead and to serve him ; ye must rethe rest of his life according to member that it is your parts this beginning.

and duties to see that this InThen shall be said, all kneel- fant be taught, so soon as he

shall be able to learn, what a Ur Father, which are in folemn vow, promise and proName. Thy Kingdom came. you. And that he may know Thy will be done in Earth, As these things the better, ye shall it is in Heaven. Give us this call upon him to hear Sermons, day our daily bread. And föör- and chiefly ye shall provide give us our trespasses, As we that he may learn the Creed, forgive them that trespass a- the Lords Prayer, and the Ten gainst us. And lead us not in- Commandments in the vulgar to remptation; Buç deliver us congue, and all other things from evil. Amen.

which a Christian ought to




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viour Christ, and to be made obat children which are bap.

know and believe to his souls shop to be confirmed by him, so health; and that this child may soon as he can say the Creed, be virtuously brought up to lead the Lords Prayer, and the Ten a godly and a Christian life; Commandments in the vulgar remembring always that Bap- tongue, and be further incism doth represent unto us structed in the Church-Caour profession, which is to techism set forth for that pur. follow the example of our Sa- pose.

T is , like unto him ; that as he died and rose again for us; so should tized, dying before they commit we who are baptized, die from actual Jin, aré undoubtedly sasin, and rise again unto righ- ved. teousness, continually mortify

cerning the use of the ligne fections, and daily proceeding of the Cross in Baptism; the true in all virtue and godliness of li- Explication thereof, and the just ving.

reasons for the retaining of it, Then mall he add, and say, máy be seen in the xxxth caé TE are to take care that this non, first published in the year Y Ebild be broughreto the Bi. MBAV.


ing all our evil and corrupriai To take away all scruple cor



The Ministration of Private BAPTISM of

Children in Houses. 'T ,

HE Curates of every Parish shall often admonish the Peoger than the first or second Sunday next after their birth, or Other Holy-day falling between, unless upoň a great and reaSonable cause to be approved by the Curate. And also they shall warn them, that without like great cause and necessity they procure not their children to be baptized at home in their houses. But when need mall compel them so to dog then Baptism fall be administred on this fashion, First, let the Minister of the Parish (or in his absence, any other lawful Minister that can be procured) with them that are present, call upon God, and say the Lords Prayer, and so many of the collects'appointed to be said before in the Form of Publick Baptism, as the time and present exigence will suffer. And then, the civild being named by some one that is present, the Minister

Mall pour water upon it, saying these words; N. , 1. Baptize thee In the Minister shall give thanks

unto God, and say,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Wrank, most merciful

E yield thee
Ghost. Amen.
Then all kneeling down, the Father, that it hath - pleased


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thee to regenerate this Infant then shall the Minister exa• with thy Holy Spirit; to re- mine them further, saying, ceive him for thine own child Y whom was this child bapby adoption, and to incorporate tized ? Prim into thy holy Church. Who was present when this And we humbly beseech thee child was baptized ? to grant, that as he is now Because some things effential made partaker of the death of to this Sacrament may happen thy Son, so he may be also of to be omitted through fear or his resurrection : And that fic haste, in such times of extremi. nally with the residue of thy ty; therefore I demand further Saints be may inherit thine of you, everlasting Kingdom, through With what matter was this the same tly Son Jesus Christ child baptized ? our Lord. Amen.

With what words was this And let them not doubt, but child baptized ? that the child so baptized, is And if the Minister shall find lawfully and fufficiently bape by the answersof such as bring tized, and ought not to be bap- the child, that all things were tized again. Yet nevertheless, done as they ought to be; then if the child which is after this Niall not le Christen the child fort baptized, do afterward again, but shall receive him live, it is expedient that it be as one of the flock of true Cliri. brought into the Church, to the ftian People, saying thus intent that the Minister of Certifie , that in this baptizethat child, the Congre- ing unto due order, concerning gation may be certified of the the baptizing of this child ; who true Form of Baptism, by him being born in original fin, and privately before used: In which in the wrath of God, is now by cafe he shall say thrus, the laver of regeneration in Certifie yo u, that according Baptism received into thenum.

to the due and prescribed 'ber of the children of God, and Order of the Church, at such a heirs of everlasting life: For time, and at such a place, be- our Lord Jesus Christ doth not fore divers witnesses I' baptized deny his grace and mercy unto this chill.

such Infants, but most lovingly Ut if the child were bap, doch call them unto him, as

tized by any other lawful the holy Gospel doth witness to Minister ; tlpen the Minister of our coinfort on this wise. the Paris where the child wa's S. Mark 10. 13. bonne Clarifi ned, hielt ein They brought young chile or Mall ex.

dren , that child be lawfully baptized, dould touch chem; and his or no. In which cafe, if those disciples rebuked those that that bring any child' to the brought them. But when Jesus Church, do answer that the fawit, he was much displeased, fanie child is already baptized, and said unto them, Suffer the

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After the Gospel is read, the Almighty and everlasting

Saviand con

little children to come unto me, Name. Thy Kingdom come. and forbid them notz for of Thy will be done in Earth, As such is the kingdom of God. it is in Heaven. Give us this Verily I say unto you, Whoso- day our daily bread. And forever shall not receive the king- give us our trespasses, As we dom of God as a little child, he forgive them that trespass a. shall not enter therein. And gainst us. And lead us not inhe took them up in his arms, to temptation; But deliver us put his hands upon them, and from evil. Amen. blessed them.

God, heavenly Father, Minister Mall make this brief we give thee humble thanks, Exhortation upon the words of that thou haft vouchsafed to the Gospel.

call us to the knowledge of thy Eloved, ye hearin this Go- grace and faith in thee; Inour Chrift, that he commande firm this faith in us evermore. 5 ed the children to be brought Give thy Holy Spirit to this In7 unto him; how he blamed fant, that he being born again, 1 those that would have kept and being made an heir ofever23

them from him; how he ex- lasting salvation, thro'gh our $ horted all men to follow their Lord Jesus Christ, may contie i innocency. Ye perceive how by nue thy servant, and attain thy

his outward gesture and deed he promi e, through the same our

déclared his good will toward Lord Jesus Christ thy Son, who to them; for he embraced them livet i and reigneth with thee

in his arms, he laid his hands and the Holy Spirit, now and

upon them, and blessed them. for ever. Amen. oll Doubt ye not therefore, but ( Tlen Mall the Priest demand I earnestly believe, that he hath the Name of the child, which

likewise favourably received this being by the Godfathers and present Infant, that he hath Godmothers pronounced, the embraced him wirh the arms of Minister Mall say,

his mercy, and ( as he hath pro- Oit thon in the name of 2 mised in his holy word) will

renounce the I give unto him the blessing of devil and all his works, the vair y eternal life, and make lim

par- pomy and glory of this world, taker of his everlasting King- withi all covetous desires of the dom. Wherefore we heinz thus fame, and the carnıl desires of perswaded of the good will of the field, 1o that thou wilt not our heavenly Father, declared follow nor be led by them? by his Son Jesus Christ towards Answer. I renounce them all. this Infant, let us faithfully and


Oft thou in God
and Prayer the
Lord himself taught us. ker of Heaven and Earth?
Ur Father, which art in Andin Jesus Crist his only




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Dotis child

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devoutly give thanks unto him. Dhe Pachet Almi chty,Ma

from thence hall come and WE yield th-e molt hearty

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that he was conceived by tlie by Baptism regenerate and Holy Ghoit; born of the Vir- grafted into the body of Christs gin Mary; that he suffered un- Church, let us give thanks unto der Pontius Pilate, was crucifi- Almighty God for these beneed, diad, and buried; that he fits, and with one accord make went down into hell, and also our prayers unto him, that he did rise again the third day; may lead the reft of his life acthat he ascended into heaven, cording to this beginning. and fixtech at the right hand of ( Then mall tlie Priest say,


again thanks, most merciful at the end of the world, to Fat ier, that it hath pleased the judge the quick and the dead ? to regenerate this Infant with

And dost thou believe in the thy Holy Spirit, to receive him Holy Ghost ; The holy Catho- for thine own child by adoptilick Church; The Communi. on, and to incorporate lim inon of Saints, The remits;on of to thy holy Church. And humfins; The resurrection of the bly we beleech thee to grant, fem and everlasting life af- that he being dead unto sing and ter death ?

living unto righteousness, and Answer. All this I stedfastly being buried with Christ in his believe.

death, may crucifie the old Minifter.

man, and utterly abolish the llt W

keev Gods holy will he is made partaker of the death and commandments, and walk of thy Son, le may also be parin the same all the days of thy taker of his returi cction fo life?

what finally with the residue of Anmer. I will.

thy holy Church, he may be Then the Priest mall say, aninheritor of thiné everlasting E to the Congregation our Lord Amen. of Christs flock, $ Then all standing up:

the Mi+ The Prill and do t sign him nister Mall make this Exhcr. Curs upon ride wich the sign of the tation to the Godfathers and

Crols, in token that Godmothers. not be ashamed to confess the promised by you his Surefaith of Christ crucified, and tics, to renounce the devil and manfully to fight under his all his works, to believe in God, banner against sin, the world, and to serve him ; ye must reand the devil; and to conti- member that it is your parts fiue Chirits faithful lollier and duties to see that this in. and servant unto his lifes end. fant bé tangh', fu foon as he Anen.

Thall be able to learn, wilac a Then all the Priest say, Tulemn vow, pronile, and Ecing now, dearly beloved profession he hath made by


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W , Jesus Christ

Mal take a


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