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fion of" fins

; The resurrection O 'hath lefe power to his

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And in Jesus Christ his only states, whilst they are in Es begotten Sin our Lord ? And health.

that he was conceived by the these words before rehearsed, fua Holy Ghoft; born of the Vir. may be said before the Mini3 gin Mary; that he suffered un- fter begin his Prayer, as be

der Pontias Pilate, was cruci- Mall see cause.
ficd, dead, and buried; that he q The Minister mould not onit
went down into hell, and also earnestly to move such fick

did rise again the third day ; persons as are of ability, ti be be that he ascended into heaven,

liberal to the poor. and fitreth at the right hand « Here sali tlie fick person be I of God the Father Almighty ; moved to make a special Con

and from thence fall come fefion of his firs, if he feel his again at the end of the world, Conscience troubled with any to judge the quick and the dead? weighty matter. After which

And doft thou believe in Confclion, the Priest Mall Ab. the Holy Ghoft; The Hoy solve him if he humbly and

Catholic Church, The Com- heartily defire it) after this
munion of Saints; The remis- rort

of the flesh; and everlasting
life after death ?

Church to abfolve all finners
The sick person mall answer, who truly repent and believe

All this I stedfastly believe. in him, of his great mercy forSË Tlier Mall the Minister exa- give thee thine offences : And

mine whether le repent him by his Authority committed to
truly of his fins, and be in me, I absolve thee from all thy
charitý mrith all the world ; fins, In the Name of the Father,
exhorting him to forgive from and of the Son, and of the Ho-
the bottom of his leait all per- ly Ghost. Amen.
fons that have offended him, And then the Priest Mall say
and if he hath offended any o- the Colle. 7 following:
ther, to ask them forgiveness;

Let us pray:
and where he ha l done injury Most merciful God, who

according to the multitude make amends to the uttermost of thy mercies, doft so plit aof his power. And if he hath way the fins of those who truRot before disposed of hisGoods, ly repent, that thou rememlet him then be admonished to breit thein no more; Open make his Will, and to declare thine eye of mercy upon this bis Debts, what he oweth, thy fervant, who most carneitand what is owing unto him, ly desireth pardon and forzivefor the better discharging of ness

. Renew in him ( molt lohis Conscience, and the quiet- vinz Father ) whatsoever hach ness of his Executors. But men been decayed by the fraud aad

Pould often be put in remem- malice of the devil, or by bis Fal brance to take order for the own carnal will and frailness ; settling of their temporal e- preserve and continue this fick


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or wrong

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man, that he acco


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I and

member in the unity of the Caft me not away in the Church ;

consider his contriti. time of age : forsake me not on, accept his tears, afswage his when my strength faileth me. pain, as shall seein to thee most

For mine enemies speak a. expedient for him. And fora!- gainst me, and they that lay much as he putteth his full trust wait for my soul, take their only in thy mercy, impute not counsel together, laying: God unto him his former fins; but hath forsaken him, persecute strengthen him with thy blessed him, and take him ; for there Spirit; and when thou art plea. is none to deliver him. fed to take him hence, take Go not far from me, O God: bim unto thy favour, through my God, haste thee to help me. the merits of thy most dearly Let them be confounded and beloved Son Jesus Christ our perish, thai are against my Lord. Amen.

soul : let them be covered with Then all the Minister say shame and dishonour, that seek this Psalm.

to do me evil. Inte, Domine, speravi. Pfal. 71. As for me, I will patiently a.

Nthee, O Lord, have I put bide alway: and will praise put to confusion : but rid me, My mouth shall daily speak and deliver me in thy righte- of thy righteousness and falvati. ousness; incline thine ear un- on : for I know no end thercof. to me, and save me.

I will go forth in the strength Be thou my strong hold, of the Lord God: and will wherсunto I may alway resort : make mention of thy rightethou haft promised to help me, ousness only. for thou art my house of des Thou, O God, haft taught fence, and my castle.

me from my youth up until Deliver

me, O my God, out now : therefore will I tell of of the hand of the ungodly : thy wondrous works. out of the hand of the uniigh- · Forsake me not, O God, in teous and cruel man.

mine old age, when I am gray, For thoni, u Lord God, art headed : until I have shewed the thing that I long for : thou thy strength unto this generatiart my hope even from my on, and thy power to all them youth.

that are yet for to come. Through thee have I been

Thy righteouincís, O God, holden up ever since I was born: is very high, and greai things thou art lie that took me out of are they that thou hast done : my mothers womb; my praise o God, who is like unto thee? Thall alway be of thee.

Glory be to the Father, &r. I am become as it were a As it was in the beginning, monster unto many : but my c. sure trust is in thee.

"Adding this. my mouth be filled with thy praises that I may Oby thy Crors and pre, vous

Saviour of the , who sing of thy glory and honour Blood halt redecined us, save all the day long.

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, in

and through whom thou mayft O God of all comfort, our

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us, and help us, we humbly where the souls of them that beleech thee, O Lord. Neep in the Lord Jesus, enjoy

Then mall the Minister say, perpetual reft and felicity.

"He Almighty Lord, who Grant this, O Lord, for thiy all them that put their trust in Son our Lord Jesus Christ, him, to whom all things in hea- who liveth and reigneth with ven, in earth, and under the thee, and the Holy Ghost, ever earth, do bow and obey, be now one God, world without endo and evermore thy defence, and Amen. make thee know and feel, that I A Prayer for a sick Person, there is none other name under when there appeareth small heaven given to man, in whom, hope of Recovery.

Father of mercies, and receive health and falvation, but only the Name of our Lord only help in time of need; We Jesus Christ. Amen.

Ay unto thee for succour in beAnd after that mall say, half of this thy servant, here

Neo Gods gracious mercy lying under thy hand in great thee. The Lord bless thee and ously upon him, O Lord, and keep thee. The Lord make his the more the outward man deface to shine upon thee, and be cayeth, strengthen bim, webcgracious unto thee. The Lord feech thee, so much the more lift up his countenance upon continually with thy grace and thee, and give thee peace, both Holy Spirit, in the inner man. now and evermore. Amers Give him unfeigned repentance < A Prayer for

a fick Child. for all the errors of his life past, O adone

Almighty God and mer- and stedfast faith in thy Soni lone belong the issues of life and away by thy mercy, and his death; Look down from hea- pardon' sealed in heaven, beven, we humbly beseech thee, fore he go hence, and be no with the eyes of mercy, upon more seen. We know, O Lord, this Child, now lying upon the that there is no word impoffibed of sickness : Visit him, o ble with thee'; and that if thou Lord, with thy salvation ; de- wilt, thou canst even yet raise liver him in thy good appoint- him up, and grant him a longer ed time from his bodily pain, continuance amongst us. Yet and save lois soul for thy mer. forasmuch as in all appearance cies sake. That if it shall be thy the time of his diffolution pleasure to prolong his days draweth near, lo fic and piehere on earth, he may live to pare hind, we beseech thee, athee, and be an initrument of gainst the hour of deach, thar thy glory, by serving thee faith- after his departure hence in fully, and doing good in his ge- peace, and in thy favour, his neration; or else receive him Toulınay be received into thine into those heavenly habitations, everlasting kingdom, through

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a lick Person at the point of O Bf mercies, and the God

the merits and mediation of Je- merits of Jesus Christ thine lus Christ thine only Son, our only Son our Lord. Amen. Lord and Saviour. Amen. A Prayer for persons troubled

A commendatory Prayer for in Mind or in Conscience. departure. O in

Almighty God, with of all comforts, we beseech or just men made perfect, after compatiion upon this thy atthey are delivered from their flicted servani. Thou writest earthly prisons; We humbly bitter things against him, and commend the soul of this thy makest him to poffefs bis forservant our dear brother, into meriniquities; thy wrath lieth thy hands, as into the hands of hard upon him, and his soul is a faithful Creator, and most full of trouble : But, Omermerciful Saviour; most hum- ciful God, who halt written bly beseeching thee that it may thy holy Word for our learning, be precious in thy sight. Was that we through patience and it, we pray thee in the blood comfort of thy holy Scriptures of that immaculate Lamb that might have hope ; give him a was Nain to take away the fins right understanding of himself, of the world ; that whatsoever and of thy threats and promises, defilements it may have con- that he may neither cast away tracted in the midst of this mie bisconfidence in thee, nor place serable and naughty world, it any where but in thee. Give tırough the lufts of the filenti, bim strength against all his or the wiles of Satan, bein; temptations, and heal all bis purged and done away, it may distempers. Break not the brui. be presented pure and without sed reed, nor quench the imó. spot before thee. And teach us king flax. Shut not up thy who survive, in this and other tender mercies in dišplcarure; like daily spectacles of morta- but make him tolicar of joy and lity, to see how fiail and uncer- gladness, that the bones which tain our own condition is, and thou hast broken may rejoyce. so to number our days, that Deliver him froin fear of the we may seriously apply our enemy, and lift up the light of hearts to that holy and heaven- thy, countenance upon him, ly wisdom, whilst we live here, and give him peace, through which may in the end bring us the merits and mediation of Je to life everlasting, through the sus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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The Communion of the SICK. Orasmuch as all mortal menbe subje: Z to many sudden perils, Jhall depart out of this life ; therefore to the intent they may be alwaysin a readiness to die, whensoever it shall please Almighty God to call them, the Curates shall diligently from time to time


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(but especiallyin the time of pestilence, or other infe Jious lic"ness ) exhort i beir Parisioners to the often receiving of the holy Communion of the Body and Blood of our Saviour Clorist, when it Mall be publickly administred in the Church; that ls doing, they may in case of sudden visitation, have the lessciuse to be disquieted for lack of the same. But if the fick person be not able to come to the Church, and yet is desirous to receive the Communion in his house; then he must give timely notice to the Curate, fignifying. also how


there are to communicate with him (which mall
be three, or tmo at the least) and having a convenient place in
the fick mans ho use, with all things necessary fo prepared, that
the Curate may reverently minister, be shall there celebrate the
holy Communion, beginning with the Collect, Epiftle, and Gospel,
here following:
The Colleft.

The Epistle. Heb. 12. 5.
Lmighty everliving

Y son, despise noc thor
God, maker of man-

My kind, who doft correct those whom thou dost love, and rebuked of him. For whom

Lord, nor faint when thou art chaftise every one who:n thou the Lord loveth, he chastneth; dost receive ; We beseech and scolirgech every sou whom thee to have mercy upon mis he receivech. thy servant visited with thine hand, and to grant that he may

The Gospel. S. John 5. 24. take his sickneis patiently, and Erily verily I say unto thy gracious will ) and whensoe- word, and believetla on him ver his soul shall depart from the that sent me, hath everlasting body, it may be without spot life, and shall not come into presented unto thee, through condemnation ; but is passed Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. from death untolife.

After which, the Priest small proceed according to the Form bea fore prescribed for the holy Communion, beginning at these words, [ Ye that do truly, oc]

At the time of the distribution of the holy Sacrament, the Priest mall first receive the Communion himself, and after minister unto them that are appointed to Communicate with the fick, and last of all, to the sick person.

But if a man, either by reason of extremity of sickness, or for want of warning in due time to the Curate, or for lack of company to receive with him, or by any other juft Impediment, do not

receive the Sacrament of Chrifts body and blood, the Curate Mall instruct him, that if he do truly repent him of his fins, and stedfasily believe that Jesus Christ hath suffered death upon the Cross for him, and med his Blood for his redemp:ion, earnestly remembring the benefits he hath

, thereby, and giving him hearty thanks therefore, le doth eat and drink the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ profitably to his souls health,

I 2

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