subscribed thereunto, the Names of all such persons within his Parish, as he shall think fit to be prefented to the Bishoop to be Confirmed. And if the Bishop approve of them, he shall con

firm them in manner following. The Order of Confirmation, or Laying on of

hands upon those that are baptized, and come to years of discretion. Upon the day appointed, all gregation renew the solemn that are to be then confirmed, promifeand vow that was made being placed, and standing in in your Name at your Baptism; order before the Bishop; he (or ratifying and confirming the Some other Minister appointed same in your own Persons, by him ) mall read this Pre- and acknowledging your selves face following.

bound to believe and to do all 'O the end that Confir- those things which your God. mation may be mini- fathers and Godmothers then

stred to the more edify- undertook for you? ing of such as siiall receive it, ( And every one shall audibly the Church hath thought good

answer, I'do. to order, That none hereafter The Bishop Thall be confirmed, but such as Ur Prayer and the Ten Command. Answer. Who hath niade ments;

and can also answer to heaven and earth. such other questions as in the Bimop. Blessed be the Name Thort Catechism are contained: of the Lord. which order is very convenient Answer. Henceforth world to be observed, to the end without end. that children being now come Bish. Lord, hear our prayors. to the years of discretion,

and Anmer. And let our cry having learned what their Godo come unto thee. fathers and Godmothers promi- Biskop. Let us pray, may themselves with their own God, who vouchlamouth and content openly be- fed to regenerate these thy serfore the Church ratifie and vants by water and the Holy confirm the same; and also pro- Ghoft,and hast given untothem mise, that by the grace of God forgiveness of all their fins ; they will evermore endeavour strengthen them, we beseech theinselves faithfully to ob- thee, O Lord, with the Holy serve such things as they bý Ghost the Comforter, and daitheir own confession have al- ly increase in them thy mani: sented unto.

fold, ifts of grace ; the Tpirit of Then shall the Bisip say, wisdom and understanding ; of God and of this Con- ftrength ; the spirit of know

ledge dans

can say the Creed, the Lords Unbelp is in the Name of

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Answ. And
with thy Spirit. O Almighty Lord, and


Let us pray:

ledge and true godliness; and vants, upon whom (after the fill them, O Lord, with the example of thy holy Apostles ) fpirit of thy holy icar, now and we have now laid our hands, to for ever. Amen.

certifie them ( by this fign) of 9 Then all of them in order kneel, thy favour and gracious good

ing before the Bishop, be pall neis towards them. Let thy lay his hand upon the head of Fatherly hand, we beseecha every one severally, saying, thee, ever be over them, let Efend, 'o Lord, this eny thy Holy Spirit ever be with

child" [or this thing ser- them; and to lead them in the vant ] with thy heavenly grace, knowledge and obedience of thy that he may continue thine Word, that in the end they may for ever: and daily increase in obtain everlasting life, through thy Holy Spirit more and more, our Lord JesusChrift,who with until he come unto thy ever- thee and the Holy Ghost liveth lasting kingdom. Amen. and reigneth, ever one God,

Then Mall the Bishop Say, world without end. Amon, The Lord be with you.

lasting God, vouchsafe, Ard ( all kneeling down ) the we beseech thee, to direct, sanBifhop all add

Etifieandgovern both our hearts

and bodies in the ways of thy O

Ur Father, which art in laws, and in the works of thy Name. Thý Kingdom come. thy most mighty protection, Thy will be done in earth, As both here and cver, we may it is in heaven. Give us this day be preserved in body and soul, our daily bread. And forgive through our Lord and Saviour us our trespasses, As we forgive Jesus Chrift. Amen. them that trespass against us. Then the Bishop shall bless And lead us not into temptati- them, saying thus, on; But deliver us from evil. He blelling of God AlmighAmen.

ty, the Father, the Son, ( And this colleit.

and the Holy Ghost, be upon God, us hoth ever. . to will and to do those things 4 And there shall none be admitthat be good and acceptable un- ted to the holy Communion,un. to thy divine Majesty; We til such time as he be Confirmmake our humble fupplications ed, or be rozdy and defirous unto thee for the e thy ser- to be Confirmed. The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony.

Irft the all Divine Service, immediately F are to be married together, before the Sentences for the of must be published in the fertory ; the Curate saying af Church three several Sundays ter the accumstomed manner, or Holy-days, in the time of " publish the Bans of Mar:

A Lovahy and here the front young and remain with you


'Fire to be married together

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é riage between M. of--- and N. mens carnal lufts and appetites,

of--- If any of you know cause like brute beasts that have no or just impediment why these understanding; but reverently, two persons should not be joyn- discrectly, advisedly, soberly,

ed together in holy Matrimo- and in the fear of God, duly y ny, ye are to declare it : This considering the causes for which

is the Firft [second, or third ] Matrimony was ordained.
time of asking.

First, it was ordained for the
And if the perfons that are to procreation of children, to be
be married dwellin divers Pa- brought up in the fear and nur-
rishes, the Bans must be ask- ture of the Lord, and to the
ed in both Parimes; and the praise of his holy Name.
Curate of the one Parish shall Secondly, it was ordained for
not folemnize Matrimony be- a remedy against fin, and to a-
twixt them, without a Certifi- void fornication, that such per-
cate of the Bans being thrice fons as have not the gift of con-
asked, from the Curate of thic tinency, might marry, and keep
other Parish.

themselves undefiled members ( At the day and time appoint- of Christs body.

ed for folennization of Matri. Thirdly, it was ordained for mong the persons to be married the mutual society, help, and

fall come into the body of the comfort that the one ought to 7

Church with their friends and have of the other, both in proneighbours: And there ftand- sperity and adversity : into ing together, the man on the which holy estate these two right hand, and the woman on persons present come now to be

the left, the Priest fhall say, joyned. Therefore if any man . in they may be jo; ?

Eariy beloved, we are ga- can Dew any just cause why the fight of God, and in the ed together, let him now speak, face of this Congregation, to or else hereafter for ever hold joyn together this man and this his peace. woman in holy Matrimony, which is an honourable estate And also speaking unto the initituted of God in the time of

Persons that shall be married, mans innocency, signifying un

be mall say, to us the myitical unionnais I bornuc as ye will answer at

Require and you

Church; which holy estate Christ ador- the dreadful day of judgment, ned and beautified with his when the secrets of all hearis presence, and first miracle that fhall be disclosed ) that if either he wrought in Cana of Galilee, of you know any impediment, and is commended of Saint why ye may not be lawfully Paul to be honourable among joyned together in matrimony, all men ; and therefore is not ye do now confess it. For be ye by any to be enterprized, nor well assured, that so many as taken in hand unadvisedly, are coupled together otherwise lightly or wantonly, to satisfic than Gods Word doch allow,

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mony lawful.


to the man,

are not joyned together by <7'hen all they give their troth God, neither is their Mairi. to each other in this manner..

The Minister receiving the woAt which, day of Marriage if a- man at her fathers or friends ny man do alledge and declare hands, hallcaufetheman with any impediment why they may bis right hand to take the wonot be coupled together in Ma.

man by her right hand, and to trimony, by Gods Law, or the Say after him

as followeth. be bound, and fufficient

Sure. I deda kife, to have managed to this Realm, and

take thee N. my ties with him, to the parties, hold, from this day forward, or else put in a Caution ( tothé for better for worse, for richer full value of such charges as for poorer, in fickness and in the persons to be married do health, to love and to cherish, thercbný sustain) to prove his till death us do part, according Allegation :Then the solemni- to Gods holy ordinance; and zation must be deferred until thereto I plight thee my croth. Such time as the truth, be tried. Then Jall they loose their 4'if no impediment be alledged, hands, and the woman with then all the Curate say un- ler right hand takingthe man

by hisright hand, Jhall likeIlt thou have this wa. NW"

wife say after the Minister ; man wedded N. take N. wed wife, to live

together after Gods I dod husband, to have and ordinance, in the holy estate to hold, from this day forward, of Matrimony ? Wilt thou love for better for worse, for richer her, comfort her, honour and for poorer, in sickness and in keep her in fickness and in healih, to love, cherish, and to health, and forsaking all other, obey, till death us do part, ackeep thec only unto her, só cording toGods holy ordinance; long as ye both small live? and thereto I give theemytroth. © The man att anlirer, I will. 4 Then all they again loose

Tlen fi:all the Friet lay un- their bands, and the man Mall to the woman,

give unto the woman a Ringg N. Ilt thou have this man laying the same upon th books

to thy wedded hur- mith the accuftonied duty to band, to live together aferGods the Priest and clerk. And ordinance, in the holy estate the Priest taking the Ring, of Matrimony? Vilt thou obey Mall deliver it unto the man, him, serve him, love, honour to put it upon the fourth finand keep him, in sickness and ger of the womans left band, in health, and for saking all o- And the man holding the thier, keep thee only unto him, Ring there, and taught be so long as ye both thall live ? the Priest, shall say,

,I Then fhall the Mini fremsay, ill. With this Ring I thee wed, say

my I the Who giveth this Wo:nan to worship,and with all be married to this Man

my worlda ly goods I the endow: In the


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Let us pray.

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Name of the Father, and of the Father, and of the Son, and the Son, and of the Holy Ghoft. of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Amen.

And the Minister shall add Then the man leaving the Ring

this blelling: womans certaines yn G Son, God the Holy Ghoff

, upon the fourth of the Od the Father, the both kneel down, and the Mi- bicís, preserve and keep you; nister shall say,

the Lord mercifully with his

favour look upon you, and so O

preserver of all mankind, diétion and grace, that ye may giver of all spiritual grace, the so live together in this life, that author of everlasting life; Send in the world to come ye may thy blelling upon these tãy ser- have life everlasting. Amen. vants, this man and this wo- & Then the Minister or Clerks man, whom we bless in thy going to the LurdsTable, mall Nave; that as Isaac and Re- Say or sing this Psalm followbecca lived faithfully together, ing so these persons may surely Beati omnes. Psalm 128. perform and keep the vow and Lefsed are all they that covenant betwixt them made fear the Lord: and walk ( whereof this Ring given and in his ways. received is a token and pledge) For thou shalt Eat the labour and may ever remain in per• of thine hands : O well is thee, feet lo and peace together, and happy Malt thou be. and live according to thy laws, Thy wife shall be as the fruit. through Jesus Christ our Lord. ful vine: upon the walls of thy Amen.

house. ? Then mall the Priest joyn Thy children like the olive. their right hands together, branches:round about thy table.

Lo, thus fall the man be Those whom God hath joyn- blefied: that feareth the Lord. ed together, let no man put The Lord from out of Sion asunder.

shall so bless thee: that thou Then mall the Minister speak shalt see Jerusalem in prosperiunto the People.

ty all thy life long; Fhaven uchirented together

Yea, that thou shalt see thy have cunsented together childrens children: and peace in holy wedlock, and have wit- upon Ifrael. messed the same before God

Glory be to the Father, b. and this company, and thereto As it was in the, doc. have given and pledged their Or this Psalm. troch either to other, and havé Deus mifereatur. Psalm 67.

the same by giving Od be merciful lis, by joyning of hands; I' pro- the light of his countenance, nounce that they be nian and and be merciful unto us. wife together, In the Name of " That thy way may be known


and say,

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