Investigations in Currency and Finance

Macmillan and Company, 1884 - 428 ページ
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354 ページ - Seed wherewith to sowe the same. I say, that when this man hath subducted his seed out of the proceed of his Harvest, and also, what himself hath both eaten and given to others in exchange for Clothes, and other Natural necessaries; that the remainder of Corn is the natural and true Rent of the Land for that year; and the medium of seven years, or rather of so many years as makes up the Cycle, within which Dearths and Plenties make their revolution, doth give the ordinary Rent of the Land in Corn.
xxiv ページ - I have long aimed at) to express myself in terms of number, weight, or measure; to use only arguments of sense and to consider only such causes as have visible foundations in nature...
122 ページ - Transactions for 1798 (part i, p. 176), it was proposed, more than thirty years ago, -to correct the legal standard of value (or at least, to afford to individuals the means of ascertaining its errors), by the periodical publication of an authentic price current, containing a list of a large number of articles in general use, arranged in quantities corresponding to their relative consumption, so as to give the rise or fall, from time to time, of the mean of prices; which will indicate, with all the...
328 ページ - Afterwards, many gentlemen in the West sent up to the Treasury a petition, that the receivers might take them again at...
121 ページ - For any change in gold will affect all prices in an equal ratio; and if other disturbing causes may be considered proportional to the ratio of change of price they produce in one or more commodities, then all the individual variations of prices will be correctly balanced off against each other in the geometric mean, and the true variation of the value of gold will be detected.
303 ページ - Money that gold and silver, free from the action of a legal ratio, are like two unconnected reservoirs of water, each liable to be raised or lowered in level by various accidents. Establish a communication between these reservoirs, and then each new supply spreads itself over a double area and each new demand is supplied with less effect upon the general level. The legal currency ratio of 15^ to 1 actually does establish a communication of this sort between the reservoirs of gold and silver in the...
309 ページ - IT may be safely said that the question of bimetallism is one which does not admit of any precise and simple answer. It is essentially an indeterminate problem. It involves several variable quantities and many constant quantities, the latter being either inaccurately known or in many cases altogether unknown. The present annual supply of gold and of silver are ascertained with fair approach of certainty, but the future supplies are matter of doubt.
172 ページ - July. A complete explanation of all these variations, pointing out how much is due to each particular cause, could only be founded on a wide basis of statistics, which do not exist. Much might, indeed...
78 ページ - I have already alluded, whose incomes consist of a sum of money (Napoleons or sovereigns) fixed in advance. They will live in a perpetual state of trouble, anxiety, and uneasiness. They will sink by whole sections from their present state to another, in which they will enjoy only the half of their previous comforts; reasoning, as I always do, upon the assumption that gold falls to the half of its present value.
205 ページ - I read a paper giving the supposed results of a new attempt to prove the relation suspected by Herschel. Subsequent inquiry convinced me that my figures would not support the conclusion I derived from them, and I withdrew the paper from publication. I have since made several attempts to discover a regular periodicity in the price of corn in Europe, but without success. Nevertheless, I have long felt convinced that a well-marked decennial periodicity can be traced in the activity of trade and the...