Poems for Youth, 第 1〜2 部

Baldwin, Cradock, & Company, 1821 - 78 ページ

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64 ページ - But they all laughed so loud that he pulled in his head, And went in his own little chamber to bed. Then as evening gave way to the shadows of night, Their watchman, the glowworm, came out with a light. " Then home let us hasten, while yet we can see, For no watchman is waiting for you and for me.
62 ページ - And the sly little Dormouse Crept out of his hole, And led to the feast His blind brother the Mole ; And the Snail with his horns Peeping out from his shell, Came from a great distance, The length of an ell.
63 ページ - Harlequin fell ; Yet he touched not the ground, but with talons outspread, Hung suspended in air at the end of a thread. Then the grasshopper came with a jerk and a spring, Very long was his leg, though but short was his wing ; He took but three leaps, and was soon out of sight, Then chirped his own praises the rest of the night. With step so majestic the snail did advance, And promised the gazers a minuet...
62 ページ - Snail, with his horns peeping out from his shell, Came from a great distance — the length of an ell. A mushroom their table, and on it was laid A water-dock leaf, which a table-cloth made ; The viands were various, to each of their taste, And the Bee brought his honey to crown the repast. There, close on his haunches, so solemn and wise, The Frog from a corner looked up to the skies ; And the Squirrel, well pleased such diversion to see, Sat cracking his nuts overhead in a tree.
1 ページ - How sweet the birds sing in the skies ! 2 How fresh appear the hills and trees ! And oh ! how pure the morning breeze ! I bless Thy love in all I see, For, were not these things made for me ? 3 .Not me alone — for Thou hast given Thy good to all beneath the heaven ; And I rejoice that others share The gift, the blessing, and the prayer.
99 ページ - THE shades of night were scarcely fled; The air was mild, the winds were still; And slow the slanting sun-beams spread O'er wood and lawn, o'er heath and hill: From fleecy clouds of pearly hue Had...
100 ページ - Unconscious of a mother's care, No infant wretchedness she knew; But as she felt the vernal air, At once to full perfection grew. Her slender form, ethereal light, Her velvet-textured wings infold ; With all the rainbow's colours bright, And dropt with spots of burnish'd gold.
61 ページ - COME, take up your hats, and away let us haste To the Butterfly's ball, and the Grasshopper's feast; The trumpeter Gadfly has summoned the crew, And the revels are now only waiting for you.
61 ページ - Saw the Children of Earth and the Tenants of Air For an Evening's Amusement together repair. And there came the Beetle, so blind and so black, Who carried the Emmet, his friend, on his back. And there was the Gnat and the Dragon-fly too, With all their Relations, green, orange and blue. And there came the Moth, with...
102 ページ - Another day shall still unfold; "A sun of milder radiance rise, "A happier age of joys untold. ' ' Shall the poor worm that shocks thy sight, "The humblest form in Nature's train, "Thus rise in newborn lustre bright, " And yet the emblem teach in vain.