Couldn't guess to save my life," way - I am almost sure that you the officer replied, as he fingered would agree with me one or two; “ artificial insects, “I am sure that I should, sir. spiders, tadpoles, shrimps, or dra- No doubt about that. I never saw gon-flies—no, that won't do; I give anything so beautiful in my life. it up, Sir Imar.”

But we have exceeded our time, Sir “I know what it is,” I said, not Imar. Thank you—well, I will taste by any stroke of genius, but through a toss of that liqueur. Upon my my brother's workshop; "it is all word, you know the right thing all of it type, of some queer sort, but round! Sir Imar, your best health ! what the metal is I have not the Trappistine is not a patch on it. least idea."

Beg pardon, Sir Imar, for having “Type it is, as you perceive. hit your gate so hard. I am not But to what language it belongs, I quite a literary man myself, but am doubt whether even the British able to allow for all in that way Museum could tell you. For the situated. Good-bye, Sir Imar, and very simple reason that nothing if any one encroaches upon the freehas been printed in that language dom of the Press, for the folk about yet. It is type of the Lesghian here are not like us, just one line alphabet, the first that has ever to Scotland Yard

a cigar, sir ? been cut, or cast, or in any other Yes, it will enable me to think. manner fashioned. Our language And I shall take that young fellow's is a very fine one, infinitely the horse back to the station." finest of all the forms of speech Sûr Imar sat down, while I went in the long tract of mountains. to see them off; and outside the But nothing in it has been print- upper door they gave three cheers. ed yet. We are obliged to have “Wonderful old chap! Grand old recourse to Arabic, if we desire to cock!” the officer said to me as publish anything. And not only I offered him a light; “English that, but the children even of Aristocracy not a patch upon him our noblest families have not the for cooking a dinner or for lanleast idea- -Officer, I see that you guages. But as mad as a March are pressed for time; but if you hare ; what a pity! Don't he know had leisure to see me work this what is good, though? Mr Cranpress, not with those castings, but leigh, attend to me. A man who the larger form, the capitals in fact, can do French things to satisfy an the coarse capitals, which we turned Englishman-that's what I call inout first — for we had to feel our ternational, and no mistake!”


Before I went away, which I was loved me, but received from me as obliged to do without even a glimpse yet no better reward than disaster of Dariel, her father very kindly and war ? You are eager to be put this question to me, “Do you told? Then if you can come on really wish to know more, my Saturday, when the work of the day friend, of the scheme which has has been accomplished, you shall brought me to this lonely valley, hear, not of that alone, but of things and kept me occupied here so long, which have befallen me, from which in the hope that I may be of service you will perceive most clearly that to the race which has trusted and the greater the distance preserved henceforth between Mr Cranleigh to be borne with, not for the low and all Caucasians, the better it esteem of me it implied, but rather will be for his welfare and that of on account of the paltriness imputed all his relations."

to the highest, and noblest, and Now it is useless for me to trouble loveliest of her sex. Against all anybody, even if anybody would be that my truer mind revolted, and troubled, with all the wild thoughts my own experience did the like. that came into my head, and all the But men have a trick of saying such sad things that would not let my small things about women (when heart alone, as I went with this the feminine back is turned), partly burden of doubt to bear. It must because they think it lofty so to not be supposed for a moment, be- speak, and partly because of the cause I have chanced not to touch poets and sages who have set them upon the matter, that I had cast this example, and partly (a very away all sense of duty to my re- small part, let us hope) in right of latives in this adventure. The their own experience. And these home, and the farm, and the wel- things come into a man's lower fare of the family, had not been im- mind, when depression sinks it in paired by a single penny, through the mud-deposits of the heart. what some might call the distrac- “ Halloa, George Cranleigh ! tion of my mind. Only let every What a blue study you must be one attend to business, as I had in! Don't I carry a light at my never failed to do all this time, and fore-peak? And if you can't see it what a different place the world you might smell it.” would be! And as for disturbing It was rather dark as I came my father and mother, with any de- near home, after that interview scription of what had happened to with the police, and the trees at myself, when the chances were that the back of the Hall were thick; all of it would come to nothing but I might have seen Stoneman —that would indeed have been and his cigar, if I had been at all wicked thing to do, in spite of all on the look-out. “Come in,” he their preference for Harold.

I waylaid you because I So clear was I from doubt upon want a chat with you most unthat score, and all my proceedings commonly, and they told me at had been so blameless, ever since your den that you were gone this that casual “peep through the way. Fishing again? No rod hedge”—as Dariel's father called it this time! But perhaps you leave —that instead of any squeamish- it at some farmhouse.”

This man or self - reproach, I had two had his little faults'; and among points to dwell upon of maltreat- them was a trick of suggesting a ment to myself. Why had I been handy fib, and then smashing it, sent to London on a special errand, if exercised; the which is not a and then deprived of all chance of friendly trick. “Not been fishing, completing it? And again, had I eh? Something better, I daresay. been told of that hateful Prince Well, come in here ; I want to Hafer, and purposely goaded into show you something good, and the just wrath against him, simply that wonderful fellow who does it.” I might break forth into rude be- This was as dark as the sky ithaviour, and so be dismissed as a

self to me.

But I followed him, savage, who could not control him- for he was a leading man; and in self before a lady?

little matters I submit my steps to That supposition was too wretched theirs. Verily, on this occasion I

went on ;



did not walk amiss. For when we feeling, as his sense of perfection were in Jackson Stoneman's little and of duty bade him. While in crib, such as any man of nous, the tray beneath them some clear with a big roof over his head, is brown gravy was simmering, with fain to keep for his own better a beaded eddy where the basting moments, there something trickled. In and out among them, which no magnificence can bring the silver spoon was gliding most home into the simple human breast. skilfully and impartially, adminisWho is the most delightful writer tering a drip to each, as sweetly and of our race, since Heaven took fairly as their own dear mother did Shakespeare away in hot haste, it, in their happy nest. But inwhen his hand was too close on the stead of their dear mother, alas it Tree of Life? The answer, although was not even an Englishman who 80 long in coming, comes louder, was tending them, but a German as every year adds to the echo— doctor with a very red face, gazing “William Makepeace Thackeray.” most severely at them through big That man of vast brain, with the silver spectacles. “Not you

look! fresh heart of a child, would have Not you come near !” this gentlebeen pleased to see what I beheld ; man cried, as he gave me a push, in and his tender touch only could return for the bow I offered him. have touched it off. A bright fire “Come in here, George," said was burning in a low plain grate, Stoneman, with a wink at me. there was not a whiff of smoke

“Let him alone; and I will tell throughout it, and in front of the you all about him. He is the best red clear glow, at a distance nicely fellow that ever lived; but you calculated, stood a beautiful machine will never get it out of his head with its back to us. Kneeling on that almost everything we do is the rug was a long-sided man, so wrong." intent on his work that he never “Everyting, everyting ! Not heard the door, with a silver spoon almost, but everyting the English(once Apostolic perhaps) in his man do wrong," the Herr Doctor right hand, and a long slender crook shouted, as Stoneman led me into in his left. What he was tending the next room, where a snug suppercould not be seen as yet; but a table was set out for the three of us. glorious fragrance held possession “Rather a queer customer, isn't of the air, and wafted a divine he?” said my host; “but I have afflatus to any heart not utterly in- known him more than ten years sensible. Sûr Imar's broil was not now, and got ten times as fond of a patch upon it.

him every year.

He is the kindest" Ach! it is to spoil everyting hearted fellow I ever came across; dat

The artist and there is scarcely anything he frowned and grunted, without gets cannot do. He is well known in ting up, as Stoneman introduced London; he might be Professor of

My name is Hopmann; but this, that, and the other. But he dese bairds, what will dere names has not a particle of ambition, be, if I interrupt?”

though he values his profession Peeping in over the lid of the mightily. He is fond of money, alcove, which had an enamel lining, of course ; but chiefly for the sake I saw four partridges hung skilfully of his widowed mother, and two from hooks, with a swivel to each; sisters whom he supports. You 80 that every bird might revolve know that old Chalker of Cobstone with zeal, or pause with proper Hill went the way of all flesh last

you are here."


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month, leaving a large practice all one another; and I longed to know abroad. Well, I persuaded Hop- more of the man, because I knew mann to take to it, for they were so much of him already. For who paying him shamefully in London, cares to get nearer to a man who for a lot of work at one of the keeps his distance ? hospitals. He has only been here Hopmann is a queer fellow in about a fortnight yet, but he is his way, but in a very good sort of sure to get on; he must get on; a way,” said Jackson Stoneman, nothing comes amiss to him. And as we two filled our pipes, and he I want you to help him, wherever lit his half-a-crown cigar, which I you can : you need have no fear, would not have smoked for half-ahe is quite tip-top—too good a great crown; "I am glad to see you deal for a country practice. But enter into each other's merits. he would never do in London; he Now, will you fall in with a little is too honest sees through any plan which I have conceived for humbug in a moment, and would the good of us all? My German tell the patient so, though he were friend is an excellent shot. He can of the Royal family. But


knock a bird over, as well as he can should see Hopmann with some cook it. He was out with us on old woman, who will never say the first, when George Cranleigh 'thank you,' or pay him sixpence. would not come. Two or three That is what I admire in a man; swells were inclined to laugh, but and that tells for him too in the he very soon turned the laugh on end, you may be sure.

But come

them. Garrod said that he never along, he is calling us, and he will saw such a hand, which was not be in a fury, if we let all his very graceful to the man who beautiful cookery spoil. All right, pays his wages. I have not yet Hopmann, hop along, old fellow. found anything that Hopmann canA metal dish apiece for us, piping not do.' hot.”

“Shackson, there are two tings And ze last baird, he stay here vot he cannot do. He cannot ride and keep hot himself! And he very well ze horse; and he cannot become ze property of ze first gent listen to his own braises." zat is ready. Now, Mr Cranleigh, “ Never mind, he will very soon you tell truth !

You never taste learn both accomplishments, and bartrich before. For why? Be- then he will be absolutely perfect. cause you cannot cook them in But we have a little campaign in this land. You take away every view for the day after to-morrow. ting that gives what you call ze We have only been round the outflavour, that penetrates ze whole skirts yet, we have not touched the system of ze baird. Ach! I will best part of the shooting. Herr cook again for you, you shall see. Doctor, will you come with your Shackson is not half so wise." 16 - bore, that wiped the eye of

I was fortunate enough to please several of our thundering twelves, him, and not in words alone, for and show us straight powder on the effect of my bit of lunch had Thursday ?” quite worn off. In a very short “I vill only come on ze ondertime (as happens now and then standings of before

that all ze when two men widely different in bairds I do shoot shall belong to their main lines meet) our little me, to take home.” corners, which are

the clinging “You shall carry off, and cook points, had fitted very nicely into with their trails in, every blessed




bird you knock over.

And now
more careful.

One dog was my about you, George. I have never own, a very handsome lemon-andseen you shoot, but I hear you are white setter-bitch, who dropped to very good. Are you afraid to try shot almost before you could see your hand against this mighty the smoke; and yet somebody put Gernian?"

a shot through her ear, though I This put me a little on my did not find it out till afterwards, mettle, as was meant. Not that or home she would have gone, I ever cared to shoot in competi- whatever they might think

for that, as with fishing or losing the best of the bunch, as any other friendly sport, to my one might say. mind kills the enjoyment. More- For there were six guns, someover I had refused Stoneman's times close together—a dangerous invitation, from a sort of pride— affair for a country like that, even a very false pride it might be when every man knows his neighabout walking by his leave upon bour, and each is an experienced land that had been ours. And and careful shot; most Cockneyfied I had taken no certificate, this too, for the look of the thing; and year.

I had a great mind to keep away “I'll tell you what I'll do," I from them. But Stoneman would said. “I won't bring my gun, for I not hear of that; he had invited have taken no licence, and I would Lord Melladew, so he said, purely not shoot without. But I'll come a compliment to me, and how and work the dogs for you; they could I refuse to come with him ? know me

as well as they know To this I could make no reply ; Garrod, and I shall enjoy it quite being taken up with my own affairs as much."

to such a degree that I was not “But Hopmann has taken no at home concerning other people's licence, either. As if any one doings. The young Earl of Mellawould dare to ask you about that, dew was staying at the “Bell”for shooting round here! I should which used to be called the “Cranlike to see them ask him even, when leigh Arms," until we went down he is with me."

in the world—and there he had his “For me it is to my conscience valet, and artistic outfit, and all his 80,"—the German had a great gift large ideas, in the long room with of winking both eyes, through the magnificent view, where our his spectacles, with rapid alterna- tenant used to dry his onions. tion ; “I am not a subject of this Now I am the very last to say a realm. I make game of ze Game- word against people who have gone laws."

up in life, by merits which have However, I was not to be per- been denied to us. His grandsuaded ; and when the day came, father proved himself a fine man of there were guns enough without business, and made an exemplary mine, and far too many as it seemed fortune by lucrative Army-contracts to me, for a free beat and small during the Crimean war. If he enclosure. Luckily there was no compressed some dead cows in his covert - shooting yet; but one or hay, and compelled his old sheeptwo of the dogs had most narrow dogs to serve their time still by escapes, and I was obliged to inter- posthumous fidelity in the form of fere sometimes, and declare that mutton-as war-correspondents on I would walk them all back to very short commons were ungratekennel, unless the men tried to be ful enough at that time to aver-all

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