-9. The Brazen Serpent.--10, neither will I let Isracl go.' And be it Considerations on the Character recollected, that he made the impious of Balaam.-11. The Reproof of

f challenge long before the sentence of ob.

duracy was pronounced against him. God Moses to the tribes of Gad and had indeed declared, that he would barden Reuben.-12. Considerations on Pharanh's heart, because he had foreseen the Cities of Refuge.-13. The the wilful rebellion of his guilty instruDeath of Moses.-14. The Pas

e ment. I am sure the king of Egypt will

not let you go.' The sentence I have sage` of Jordan. — 15. Jericho hardened Pharaoh's heart' went not forth, taken.--16The Sin and Punish- until he bad resisted every effort for his ment of Achan.–17. The Strata instruction and conversion. The Sove. gem and Success of the Gibeon

reign of the earth declares his will to his

creature; the creature positively refuses ites. - 18. The Victory obtained

to obey, asserts his independence, rebel by Joshua over the confederated and traitor as he is, and will act just the Kings of Canaan.-19. The pro- contrary. Nay, as if to make the unwilmised Land divided by Lot among

lingaess of God to cast off Pharaoh for

ever, indisputable, we find him expostuthe Israelites.-20. Joshua's Re

Jating with the monarch, even after he is monstrance with the Israelites said to have hardened his heart; and upon their want of Exertion, to crying, “How long wilt thou refuse to finish the War, and to take Pos

humble thyself before me?' Surely then,

we can hardly consider the dreadful sensession of the promised Land.

tence to have been finally and irreversibly 21.-Joshua's dying Testimony to passed, and the king absolutely abandoned the Fidelity of God in the Accom- to his impenitence without remedy and plishment of his Promises.

without hope. In a work embracing such a

“ Moses came to Pharaoh, with warn

ings given in mercy, and was received variety of topics, selection be with denial, menace, and persecution. comes difficult. It will, however, Is it then wonderful, if he who hath said, be most acceptable to our readers,

• Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall be

also reap,' should have done according to and most just to our author, to

the tyrant's desire, and judicially aban

the tora present specimens of the varied doned him? The offenders of the old parts of several discourses, by world had one hundred and twenty years which his style of discussion, ex. allotted for repentance ; but they sinned

away the whole time of their probation ; Postulation, or appear may be and then the deluge made repentance im. fairly estimated. The following possible. Elijah" went to plead with extract from the 9th discourse -- Ahab, and was received with mockery " The Case of Pharaoh consic and indignation-. ' Art thou he that troudered”-exhibits Mr. B.'s method

bleth Israel ?' Is it then strange that he

was left to himself ? The prophet came of treating a confessedly difficult to remonstrate with Amaziah, for his subject; and its important and idolatrous reliance upon the gods of satisfactory sentiments, and conse Edom ; ' and it came to pass as he talked

with him that the king said unto him, cutive character will apologize for

Art thou made of the king's counsel ? its length.

forbear, why shouldest thou be smitten?' • “ Read the history of this self-willed Is it then to be thought harsh, that the and presumptuous inan. How repeatedly prophet should forbear any further effort, does God vouchsafe him opportunities and say, 'I know that God bath deterand occasions for repentance! Every re..

mined to destroy thee, because thon hast monstrance from the lips of the Most done this, and hast not hearkened to my High, every judgment, and every plague counsel ? My people, saith the Lord, from his band, was a loud and a solemn would not bearken to my voice, and call to the soul of Pharaoh. Against all

Israel would none of me.' Was he then these solicitations, however, pride, cru.

unjust in adding, • I gave them up unto elty, avarice, enmity toward Israel, and

their own heart's lusts, and they walked in the God of Israel, united, and made this their own counsels ? . Is God unrighteous wretched man stifle all his good convic.

who thus taketh vengeance? God for. tions, and riishon towards destruction. bid.' f Pharaoh persisted in believing He absolutely declared war against the the word of the magicians, rather than the Lord : · Who is the Lord, that I should word of the Almighty--if the ancient peoobey his voice? I know not the Lord, ple of tha Most High çried, Stand aside,

get you out of the way, cause the Holy in thy soul. Then it is that he may be One of Israel to cease from among us,' said to harden the heart, to make the is there ground for surprise that the ears of such a people heavy, and to shut dreadful desire of their hearts should have their eyes ; lest they should see with their been eventually granted, and that the eyes, and hear with their ears, and underspirit of life, wearied and insulted by their stand with their heart, and be converted; obdurate resistance, should have forsaken and God should heal them. This is the them in wrath and judgment ?

condemnation, that light is come into the It seems to have been thus with Pha world ; and men love darkness rather than raoh. God permitted him to reap the light, because their deeds are evil.! Speak bitter fruits of his devices--to follow the to men thus forsaken by the convincing, bent of his own rebellious nature; and and restraining Spirit of God --speak to thus, although not by a direct act, gave them of their everlasting state, and they rise to that obduracy, which he had la regard you not. Tell them of the aggraboured, with such a dreadful perversion vated evils of sin, and they smile with of ingenuity, to produce in his own heart. contempt or incredulity. Tell them of the He had already sinned most proudly and woes by which it will be repaid, and you cruelly. He had oppressed the heritage of seem to them like Lot to the sinners, upon Jehovah; he had destroyed their chil. whom the deluge of fire was to fall--as dren; he had driven the iron deeply into one that mocks. Tell them of the infinite their souls; he had subjected them to the love of the Father ; of the infinite propitirigours of a relentless captivity. He was, ation of the Redeemer's cross ; of the in short, a presumptuous and daring of blood shed in their behalf, and of the free fender against the law of nature. He sorereign pardon which it has offered. delighted not in blessing, therefore was it Tell them of the abundant grace which far from him : he loved cursing, and it they might possess ; and it will encourage came unto him.' That he hardened bis them in sin. Tell them of the great gosown heart, was bis sin; that the Lord, in pel provision ; and they make light of it. offended justice, gave him up to bis own Tell them of the exceeding salvation prewill, was his merited and righteous pu- pared for believers in heaven; and they nishment. God took away all the mo- despise it, because they will have their tions of his Spirit, all the pleadings of portion in this world. Tell them of the conscience, all the restraints of grace, torments which despite of the Spirit of from a man who checked, silenced, broke grace will assuredly and eternally produce ; through all. The barriers which could and either they feel not, or they fear not, alone keep him from the precipice of ruin, the dreadful consummation and recomtowards which be rushed with headlong pense of transgression. And if the Lord speed, were removed, and he fell to rise no sooner left Hezekiah for a little moagain no more. The enemy of his soul, ment to himself, to try what was in his no longer restrained, was peripitted to heart, than he fell and sinned ; if even in assault him. When men do not like to retain him there dwelt no good thing, indepenGod in their knowledge, he gives them over dently of the operations of the Holy to a reprobate mind. When they receive Spirit, they, who like Pharaoh have sold not the love of the truth, that they may be themselves to commit evil, will as cersaved, bis insulted Spirit sends them tainly do it with a high hand, and fall strong delusions that they should believe into obdurate iniquity, as if God had a lie; that they all might be damned,' actually turned the heart of flesh into a (I tremble while I give the record,) who heart of stone, and hardened it against the believe not the truth, but have pleasure in things that belong to its eternal peace. , unrighteousness.' 0, presumptuous trans. " This most mournful judgment was ingressor, who art bardening thine heart Alicted upon Pharaoh, as the consequence, against God, marvel not if he withdraw not merely of being resigned by God to every gracious influence from it, and say, the desires of his own wicked heart, but . Be it done unto thee according to thy likewise of the removal of every hindrance dreadful wish, and thy perverted purpose to the commission of those sins which he Marvel not if he retire from thee, and cry, was bent upon perpetrating. He might, as the most terrific woe which the voice of indeed, have been effectually checked in the Almighty wrath will pronounce upon his career. His way of death might have thee, on this side death, judgment, and been hedged up with thoros, that he eternity, - Ephraim is joined to idols, let should not pass along it. God, instead of him alone!". He was ready to help and chastising him, might have taken away all save thee; but thou didst put salvation the power of his mighty empire ; and from thee. He only withdraws that pre. thus have effectually prevented him from sence which thou dost not value ; that injuring Israel. He might have restrained

Spirit which thou art resisting ; that con- such impious rage, and compelled Pha. 'viction of the sin and danger of rebellion - raoh to let them go without a struggle ; which thou art endeavouring to wrestle but this measure would have been an act down and destroy from its seat of mercy of mercy which the king despised, and to · New SERIES, No. 20.

3 K

which he could advancé no claim. Warn- defend the honour of his heavenly Father. ings and denunciations were still given That is the only justifiable reproof which him, that God in all things might be is administered with the mind that was in justified; but the way by which he might Christ Jesus, who, while he condemned harass Israel was left open ; the gate that sin in the fiesh, came filled with holy love led to his own ruin was unbarred; and be for sinners. He bore with their contra. was permitted to go through it to retura diction. When he was reviled, he reno more. Little does the impenitent viled not again; when he suffered, he transgressor consider how he may be in threatened not; hut committed himself debted to a restraining providence, which to bim that judgeth uprightly. He holds him back by a registless, though prayed for his murderers on the cross; and invisible hand from adding sin to sin; and his purchased salvation, among its first thus from heaping an increased weight of acts of mercy, on the day of pentecost, condemnation upon himself, and charging converted above three thousand of those his soul with a still heavier burden of the who had been instrumental in crucifying wrath of God.”—Vol. I. pp. 172-179. the Lord of glory. Bebold then, o Chris. The remarks made upon the pu

tian, thy propitiation, in the Lamb of

God that taketh away the sins of the nishment of exclusion from Canaan, world!'. Bebold thy pattern, in that denounced against Moses and meek and lowly Saviour, who bath invited Aaron, impressed us as practical

thee to learn of him! Few templations and judicious; we can only spare

are more dangerous to magistrates, and

ministers of religion, than that which room for the following useful sen

prompts them to address offenders in antiments, which we wish were em ger, instead of endeavouring 'to restore balmed in the memories of all who such in the spirit of meekness.' Nor, minister at the altar of our God.

do occasions often arise to their expe

rience, in which they will not find it need. ..^I. View the offence with reference to ful to offer up the Psalmist's prayer, Set the Israelites, and judge, whether it did a watch, O Lord, upon my mouth, and not look towards them with an aspect of keep the door of my lips. Let the words injurious tendency ? Moses was placed of my mouth, and the meditations of my among them, as a city set upon a hill, to heart, be always acceptable in thy sight, exhibit an illustrious pattern of meekness, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.' faith, and patience, and to call upon the " Hitherto the people had beheld in people in the hour of trial, to be still, Moses the meekest man upon the face and to know that Jehovah was God. In- of the earth; a man whom no wrongs, no stead of such a manifestation of the power contumely, no scorn, could ronse to indigof religion, we behold him exhibiting an nation. Sorrow he had often felt, when undue and causeless anger, Hear now, he saw the obdurate rebellion with which ye rebels.' He had used this term on they provoked God. But that sorrow other occasions; but in a chastised and led him to plead in their behalf, and to in. gentle spirit. That he was zealous for his tercede for them, that they died not. God cannot be doubted; and that as the Alas, "how is the gold become dim, how fire kindled he spake accordingly, `is is the most fine gold changed !'. That equally evident. But it was the strange heart which once bore Israel upon it, in fame of an uuhallowed burning. It re prayer to the throne of God, is now filled sembled the mistaken zeal of the brethren, with wrath against the congregation. who would have called down fire from That voice which never spake to them, or "heaven upon the village that denied en- of them, except in tenderness and love, 'trance and rest to their wearied Saviour. is now loud in reproach and wrath. Moses ' Israel provoked his spirit, so that he should have been an ensample to the flock. spake unadvisedly with his lips.. Alas, How, if they follow it ? How, if his we know not what manner of spirit we rank, bis high standing in religion, his are of! The wrath of man, however nearness to the counsels, his acquaintance 'sacred the cause in which it may be ex. with the divine mysteries should sanctify cited, worketh not the righteousness of his anger in their regard, and make them God. His great and glorious cause can imagine it lawful to imitate him ? Would never want the assistance of that warmth to God, that all men who are placed in which is untempered by love, and of that high situations were visited with a spirit of zeal whieh occupies the mind, to the ex- reflection, and would consider the present clusion of some measure of that patience and eternal consequences which may fol. and long-suffering, which are continually low from their example! Would to God,

exercised by God, in all his dealings with that those especially, who have felt the "sinful men. God is love. He who dwel. gracious influences of his Holy Spirit, leth in love dwelleth in God, and God in would remember, that sinners will fortify him.' In such a spirit should every mem- themselves in iniquity, by the authority of ber of the family above stand forward, to their failure, be encouraged to defy God, and bring condemnation upon themselves from the rock of Horeb, to follow his by the habitual commission of sin for fainting heritnge through the desert. Ye which they will plead and magnify the hare engaged with your enemies, while least departure of a Christian from the your great Intercessor was praying for law of his God, and the mind of his Sa. you on the hill--while infinite love and viour The authority of example and almighty power held up his bands, that ye influence is one of the most formidable might conquer. Often endangered, and hindrances to a young pilgriin, in his way even worsted, ye have not been destroyed. from darkness to lighi, and from Satan to The same hand which took you forth from God. As the sails of a ship may be filled the captivity and death of sin, has still led with a favourable wind, while the rapi- you onward, cheered with increasing hope dity of the current arrests her progress, so of reposing in the kingdom and glory of may the heart be inuch occupied by holy Jesus Christ. As your day, so has your desires, while worldly opinion, and the strength been. When ye have been dissanction which professing Christians af posed to faint beneath your warfare, and to ford to evil by thoughtlessness and sin, shrink from the difficulties of the combat, may greatly prevent its access to God, aud have ye not heard within your hearts the detain it in the conflict of uncertainty be animating voice of that God and Saviour tween earth and heaven. It should be the who appoints your station in this holy desire of every man's heart who feels his war, · To him that overcometh will I give weiglıt of obligation to the Saviour, as to sit upon my throne; even as I also the author of his redemption and his hope, overcame, and am set down with my Fato address all who see him-not indeed in ther upon his throne ?' Now is your the high mindedness of a pharisaical lan- salration nearer than when ye believed.' guage, but in the silent pleading of a holy While ye are in the midst of the spiritual consistent, blameless life; • Be ye followers blessings which the gospel opens to the of ine, as I also aim of Christ."'"--Vol. II.' need of lost and dying transgressors-pp. 159--163.

while the seriptures and the public ordi

nances of religion are as widely opened to Joshua's remonstrance with the your approach, as the porches of the pool Israelites, How long are ye slack of Bethesda to the sick of old, will ye to go to possess the land which the refuse to profit by the mercy ? Wbile Lord God of your fathers hath given

your Redeemer stands at the door of your

EN given hearts, and knocks for admission--while you? suggests the following strain the pardon of God, his peace which passof heart-stirring expostulation. eth all understanding, the sure and certain

hope of a resurrection to eternal life, and ." I ask you then, my brethren, who pro, the unfathomable depths of joy and glory fess to have entered within the spiricual which it will open to the soul, are placed boundaries of the kingdom of heaven, but within your reach by the rich bounty of who, instead of going on towards per your heavenly Father, will ye be contented fection, are loitering in self-indulgence and to remain at a distance, as strangers and worldliness, does no analogy exist between foreigners, instead of becoming fellowyour case, and that of the ungrateful, citizens with the saints, and of the housethoughtless Israelites ? Hath not the hold of God ?' The feast is spread, the Lord God of your fathers freely given you voice is spoken, All things are now a title to the country of peace and rest in ready, come ye to the marriage.' Is there heaven? May not an entrance be admi. then, in the little circle of perishing ennistered unto you abundantly into the joyments around you, is there, even among everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Sa- the present spiritual privileges, with which viour Jesus Christ ?' His hand broke divine love has invested you, any thing asunder your chains, when ye lay helpless sufficiently great to satisfy the aspirations in the land of your spiritual bondage-- of one who looks for the mercy of our when Satan was your task-master, sin Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life? Bless. your service, and death your wages. He ings temporal and for ever await your acpaid the full ransom of your deliverance. ceptance ;, and will ye rest short of their He made a way for you to escape, when full possession ? Will ye not aim to obyou were beset with difficulties, as impas- tain an interest in them for both worlds ? sable in your own strength, as were the Will ye not appropriate them to yourmountains and forts, the Red Sea, and the selves; and say of him, in whose goodness Egyptians, when Israel was shut up among they originate, This God is my God, for them in the wilderness. The pillar of the ever and ever?' Others have already en. cloud has led you in the day of prospe. tered into present rest, by believing the rity, and its light of fire in the gloom of gospel, and fulfilling the demands of that afiliction. The bounty of a gracious God spiritual kingdom which is righteousness, bas largely ministered to your spiritual peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. Behold need, in sacramental mercies, as he poured the fair inheritance which they possess, in manna from heaven, and made water gush the abundant mercies of your common Sa

viour; and hasten onwards to the same is found in his style of composition distinctions. A great cloud of witnesses

so many of those qualities which encompasses you. Having fought the good fight of faith, they are now sur

constitute a finished sermon, it is rounding the throne of their Leader and

most desirable that he should Saviour, with ceaseless songs of adoring avoid that which gives a negligent love and wonder. Will ye linger here, air to the outline of almost every when the mansions of their rest are also die

discourse. thrown open for your reception : and wben you, like them, may join the armies

We take leave of Mr. Buddiof the living God, in the service of his cum' with feelings of sincere eternal temple? We desire that every respect, and rejoice in the provione of you do shew the same diligence, to dential suggestion which led to the the full assurance of hope unto the end-that ye be not slothful, but followers of composition of these Sermons, them, who, through faith and patience, which, under the divine blessing, inherit the promises. You march be. we doubt not, will reward him in a neath the banner which led them to vic

large degree with that recompence tory. You bave resources in the same all-sufficient Spirit which supplied their

after which he evidently aspiresnecessities. By the grace of God they usefulness. These handsome voonly are what you may be. Arise then lumes are inscribed by permission and behold the land, for it is very good :

to Dr. Blomfield, the Bishop of and are ye still ? Be not slothful to go, and to enter to possess the land.'"-

Chester, and we ardently wish pp. 425--429.

that every pulpit of his Lordship's These quotations satisfactorily diocese echoed with discourses prove how compatible the fait like those now on our table. . discussion of the historical types,

หหหห is, with doctrinal accuracy and Narrative of a Tour of Hawaii, or practical appeal, and the success Ohwyhee; with remarks on the ful attempt of the able preacher History, Traditions, Manners, before us, will encourage, we trust, Customs, and Language of the many others thus to employ the Inhabitants of the Sandwich Isnarratives of the Old Testament, lands. By William Ellis, Misfor the purposes of evangelical in sionary. 8vo. pp. 442. Fisher struction.

and Co. Price 12s. We cannot congratulate Mr. (Concluded from page 260.) Buddicom upon the construction The arrival of the late king and of his divisions, which, though queen of the Sandwich Islands in sufficienty accurate for the pur- this country, excited no ordinary poses of discussion, have a very degree of interest amongst all trite and meagre air ; indeed, classes of the friends of missions. on looking through the forty-three Those who are in the habit of discourses in reference to this sub- forming right views of the influject, we were 'surprised at the ence and danger of worldly assowearisome monotony, and great ciations; who know how much poverty of invention which his there is to deplore in this nomileading heads of arrangement dis- nally Christian land, respecting cover. We are not the advocates the principles and manners of the of complicated plans and jingling great majority of its population, alliterations, but we have often and who regard the public amuseobserved a powerful effect pro- ments and fashionable dissipations duced on an audience by the an- of the metropolis as prolific sources nouncement of an elegant and of vice and misery, could not but perspicuous scheme, at once dis- feel the deepest regret at the circlosing in harmonious agreement cumstances in which the sovereign all the parts of the subject under of Hawaii, and his consort and discussion. This is a defect Mr. attendants were placed, during B. can easily correct, and as there their short and melancholy resi

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