bought on the part of the French. He not occur without violent opposition enters upon a detail of the different on the part of the people on board, who actions, and states, as the result of the positively insisted that there was no. operations, that the Blacks were driven thing contraband in the ship. In the in on all fides to a plantation called mean time this circumstance had at. Auglemont, where three hundred blew tracted a great number of persons tothemselves up in the mansion-house, wards the quay where the lay. The which seems to have been one of their mob, with indignation at whathad hapdepots, and the few that survived the pened, manifelted their displeasure toexplofion were put to the sword. The wards the Officers, by pelting them French troops are stated to have lost on with stones. The French guard bavthis occafion the advanced posts of two ing got intelligence of this, a corporal of their columns. The General, in and four men were sent to keep the concluding his dispatch, observes, people off from the ship. But the mob “ This lait affair has destroyed the in. having by this time considerably insurrection in its source; the chiefs are creased, the choler of the people was dead, and their followers, disarmed, fo greatly hcated on seeing these French have submitted and resumed their ac- military, who were unable to cope with customed labours. The white soldiers, them, that they pushed one into the who were unable to quit the island, water, and compelled the others to were, at the time of our arrival, col. flight. The French Commander imlected in Fort St. Charles. The execu- mediately caused an alarm to beat, and tion of the plan laid for blowing them ordered the whole garrison under arms. up, and which was on the point of be- This seemed as if it were the fignal of ing carried into effect, failed, in conse a frightful carnage : the whole city colquence of the promptitude with which leated ; and the rage of the mob being our troops pursued the enemy on the wound up to its height, on beholding evacuation of the fort."

the French troops, a terrific cry for The Algerines have sent a fleet of vengeance ascended from among them. twenty-two fail of Mips of war to sea, A particular class, called Bylties, linamongst which are several large fri- gularly distinguished themselves, ex gates.

claiming, “We have arms too!” and The Cine Portuguese frigate, of 40 made a motion to go and fetch them. guns, was captured on the isth of May In this critical moment, our Bailiff venby an Algerine frigate, and carried into tured himself in the midst of the rabAlgiers. She was taken by boarding; ble, and succeeded in quieting them by the crew having ran below, the Ofi- the force of argument: in consequeno cers, 21 in number, remaining on of which every thing ended without deck, were cut to pieces.

further misfortunes. There is still a Recent accounts from Germany state, French guard on board the vellel in that the Stadtholder is to have the rich question. Bift.opric of Fulda as his indemnity, VIENNA, June 23.–We learn from The revenues of the Bishopric amount Hungary, that a terrible fire has hapa to 250,000 florins.

pened at Debretzein (between Tockai · HAGUE, July 12. -Citizen Schim- and Wardin), by which two thousand melpenninck, who has been so long houses have been reduced to alhes, ioAmbassador from our Republic to the gether with the College and the ReFrench, is appointed in the same capa- formed Church. A great number of city to the Court of London.-Before cattle perished in the Hames. The da. the Revolution, he was the moft cele- mage is estimated at more than 2,000,000 brated advocate of Amsterdam.

of fiorins. FLUSHING, July 6.-The 4th inft. a Within the space of two months small cutter arrived here from London, forty.leven suicides lave heen commisladen with piece-goods. This vessel, ted at Vienna, and it is said to be in con. immediately on her arrival, was stopped templation to order that the dead bo. by the French Custom-house Officers, dies of those who shall kill theinfelves, 1 and taken possession of, under pretence shall be hung on the gallows by the that it was laden with contraband public executioner, in order to deter goods. This seizure, however, which others from the commilica of this der. was likely to have produced the most perate act, serious consequences for our city, did






EDWARD HAMILTON, who was dels of monuments, as voted by the dismissed the Naval service some Legislature to their countrymen who time ago, for ordering an inebriated have fallen in battle, and to report their seaman to the throuds, has been rein opinion to their Lordthips. stated in his rank.

Last week a statue of the Prince of JUNE 21. Mr. M‘Leod, who was re Wales, seven feet high, was erected in manded laft Term, was brought up to front of the new Crescent at Brighton. receive judgment for two libels in 26. A King's Meslenger, of the name serted in The Albion. Mr. Justice Grose of Hertzlet, blew out his brains in passed sentence upon him ; to be im Crown-court, Westminster. prisoned 18 months for each of the 27. T. Harrington, Esq.of Walthamtwo libels; the beginning of one fen hall, walking in the Green Park, lud. tence to commence from the cxpiration denly dropped down in a fit of apo. of the other, and the first sentence to plexy, and in a few minutes after excommence from the expiration of the pired in the arms of a gentleman time for which he now stood commit- whose humanity led him to his aslift. ted under a former sentence; and at the end of that time to find fureties for In the parith church of Sheffield, the his good behaviour for seven years, bunns of marriage of 52 couple were himleif in 1000l, and two furcies in published ! 2001. - The defendant said, the Court 28. A genteel looking man fell down had pailed sentence of death upon him. in a fit in the Court of King's Bench,

22. A Gentleman who came par. and was removed into the open Hall. senger in the Anna, from Bengal, cut Mr. Justice Lawrence fent bis smellinghis throat with a razor, on board that bottle from the Bench, which was ap. vesiel as soon as the arrived in light of plied with some fuccefs; but when it Brighton. It appeared, that the lofs of mould have been returned, it was difan amiable wife in India, had alrected covered that a perion into whose hands his intellects. He had four children it bad fallen had made off with it, towith him, who were landed a few hours gether with the man's hat. after he expired.

Specimens of a herring net wrought 23. As. Mr. G. Mingay, of Orford, in a loom, were laid before the Royal was failing in a small boat, with his Highland Society, the knots of which fifter and the two Miffes Burroughes, a are more firm, and the meshes more Squall of wind (all fails being let) en. equidistant than those wrought with a gulphed the little bark, with its unruf needle. The machine is the invention pecting freight. Mr. M. with much of a Highlander, and did not cost more difficulty swam athore, but the ladies than 51. to complete it; and has this perished. The Miss Burroughes kept a advantage, that a child ten years very respectable school, and were bichiy may work 36 square yards in a day, of esteemed in their neighbourhood. Miis 36 meshes in breadth. Mingay was their pupil.

JULY 4. A very melancholy and barFinlay, Cock, and Hartzuright, con barous transaction took place at Corva, victed of forgery. 'were executed be. near St. Ives. A woman, whose name fore Newgate. They ail behaved with is Brey, while her husband was on his the most becoming decency.

buliness at a tin-mine, took an infant The Board of Treasury has adopted of ten months old out of the cradle, a regulation adinirably calculated to undreised it, and laid it on a red-hot proinote an emulation among the pro baking iron, then throwing a fheave of fefTors of sculpture, and at the fame reeds over the infant, set it in a blaze. time tending to secure immortality to The cries of the child brought persons the memory of those great men who to the horrid scene; but too late to have fallen in the defence of their fave it. The woman had been for fome country. A Committee of Taite has time insane, and had that morning been appointed, of which Mr. C. Long broken loose. The Jury returned a is the Prelident: it is composed of five verdict of Insanity: or fix Centlemen, who are authorized A boat, containing ten passengers by the Treasury to examine the mo. and five horses, going from Liverpool


of age

for Chester, was upset, and four per. only without broken limbs, but little sons, with all the horses, perished. bruiled.

Another Statue to Mr. Pitt.-The in. The following, shocking circumhabitants of Glasgow have resolved to Itances occurred in Birmingham: a raise a subscription to erect a Itatue, soldier who had been absent nine years, without delay, in that City, to our late returned, and found his wife cohaPrime Minilier.

biting with another in21 ; he de. 5. At a meeting of the Lord Pro. manded her, and the went with him; voit, Magistrates and Council of Edin- but having left forne writings in the burgh, it was unanimously resolved to hands of her paramour, the went to erect by subscription a statue of the fetch them, when the wretch first cut Right Hon. Henry Dindas.

her throat, and then his own. The fubfcriptiin for building ? new Last weck the Rev. Mr. Norton, Theatre at Glałgow, already amounts Vicar of Poletworth, in Warwickshire, to above 6oool.

unfortunately feil from his horse, and The four prizes given annually by broke his neck. the Representatives in Parliament for A few days ago two boys, one seven the University of Cambridge, for the years old, the other five, having wan. bett dillertation in Latin Prote, are this dered into the fields near Measham, and year adjudged to Mr. H. V. Bailey and removed a plank over an old engineMr. C. Le Bas, senior Bachelors of Tri- fhaft, the latter flipped in.-The Shaft nity College; Mr. H. Martyn of St. was 80 yards deep, fifty of which were John's, and Nir. C. Grant, of Magdalen water.--His cries being heard by a perCollege, Middle Bachelors.

son at work in the fiel!, he procured The gold medals of the late Sir W. allistance from a neighbouring village; Browne are adjudged this year, at and, atter much time, the boy was Cambridge, to Mr. G. Pryme, of Tri- fately brought to the furface, not in nity College, for the Greek Ode; to the least bruiled: he had kept bis head Mr. J. Parke, of Trinity College, for ahove water, by nieans of a small the Latin Ode ; and to Mr. C. Bayley, plak. of Christ's College, for Epigrams: 9. Mr. Smitli, of Chelmsford, was

A singular instance of the caprice of killed by endeavouring to stop an unfortune has occurred within thefe few ruly horse, which leaped over a pole, days at Sunderland, wiere a thoe. with a cart, and overturned it. maker, named Webiter, who, with a A singular Medical Cafe lias arisen in wife and family, had long lived in ex Chicheiter, in the pe: son of a cradled treme poverty, has been left beir to infint, who, left in charge of a child, property of the value of 20,000l. received into its mouth, froin its ju

Two bulls have lately been baited in venile nurse, a small two-bladed penthe Itle of Wight: one of these poor knife, which being missing upon search, creatures had his horns fawed to the occalioned the observation of the in. quick in order to provoke ferocity. fant's linen becoming daily and hourly

The other, when he lay down quite ex- iron-moulded. After a few days (true hausted, and panting for breath, bad as ftrange!) the bandle was voided, gunpowder put under his eye, the ex. and one blade came away at the mouth, plofion of which was judged to be a the other has not yet pailed. The exhappy means of re-animating his spirits triordinary point of ihe cafe is, that and vigour.

the child's usual functions of feeding, A few days ago, the sides of a well, digesting, &c. have not become innear Blackburn, in the neighbourhood peded. The internal leparation of the of Manchester, thirteen yards deep, instrument into parts is yet more unfell in while two men were at work. accountable.--Sujex Chronicle. The accident happened at two o'clock Among the curiosities brought from in the afternoon, and after incessant la. Egypt by Colonel Hill, is a Turkin beuring till ten at night, R. Wilson, tent of a very fingular construction, and a linker, was heard to speak ; at richly embroidered. It is pitched in twelve, the other person was found the pleasure grounds at Hawkestone, dead. At this period, from the pres- with the following inscription over one lure of a crowd, the earth again gave of the doors ! --" This tent once be. way, and clic dead and living man were longed to the famous Murad Bey ; it once more buried. About four in the was taken at the battle of the Pyra. inorning the latter was released, not mids by the French, and retaken when



Grand Cairo surrendered to the Eng- in consequence of this lofs): and the lish, June 25, 1801."- It appears that principal object of the defendants in it was in this tent that the celebrated this trial was, to ascertain how the treaty of El Arith was signed. A re- plaintiff came by the note in question ; markable large Ass, brought by the it being alledged by their Counsel, that Colonel from Malta, is also exhibited he must have known it to have been unin Hawkeftone-park.

fairly obtained at the tiine he took it. 20. The Prince of Wales reviewed, The trial lasted the whole day; and the on Wimbledon Common, about 10,000 result was, that the Jury found a vermen, consisting of several battalions of dict for the plaintiff, with damages to Foot and Life Guards, and four squa- the full amount of the note. drons of Light Dragoons.

A clothing_factory, belonging to M. Garnerin exhibited a night bal. Mr. Nash, of Trowbridge, was set on loon at Vauxhall Gardens, with great fire by some incendiaries, and burned effect. It afcended with wonderful ve. to the ground. It seems, the people locity; and after having remained for concerned in the woollen manufacsome time in the air, the fire-works at. tories are incensed at the introduction tached to it went off, and the balloon of the new machinery, which deprives at lait took fire, presenting at once a them of a part of their employ: fight novel and entertaining.

22. In the evening the coffer.dam, J. Fry, of Wherweil, was appre. which served to bay out the Thames hended' for ill-treating his wife : the from the works carrying on at the New Officer nut being able to read the war Docks, Blackwall, gave way; by which rant, requested the Rev. Mr. Iron- unhappy accident leveral of the workmonger, Minister of the parish, to men loft their lives, the rupture havread it for him : on which Fry took up ing been so sudden that they could not a bill hook and struck Mr. Í. so vioall extricate themselves from their pelently on the head that his life is de. rilous situation. A gentleman itandSpaired of.

ing by law it begin to burst, and called Mr. Wm. Brevitor, of Stokeferry, out to the men ; by which means a Norfolk, has been fined in the penalty number escaped, who must otherwise of gol. on the Tallow Chandler's Act, have been drowned. Five have tince for having made candles from the been taken out, and three more are kitchen stuff of his house, for its use. missing.

21. An interesting trial took place in 23. The cloathing-mills and works the Court of King's Bench. The ac. at Clifford were entirely consumed ; tion was brought by a Mr. Blake, a there is every reason to suppose they jeweller, in Leicester Fields, against the were maliciously set on fire. Governor and Company of the Bank, Lord Nelson and Sir W. Hamilton to recover the value of a note of 1000l. were presented by the Corporation of It appeared, that a person came to the Oxford with freedoms of that City, in plaintiff's shop in April last, and or- gold boxes. dered a number of articles, for which 24. A Coroner's Inquest was taken he ten ered the note in question ; it on the five nen who were drowned by was dated in 1793; but the plaintiff, the bursting of the coffer dam, at the having no doubt of its being a good West India wet docks; when, after a one, gave other notes and goods in cx. full investigation of all the circumchange, to its full amount. The fol- ftances attending that melancholy aflowing day he lent it to the Bank for fair, the Jury returned a verdict of Acpayment, when he learned it had been cidental Death. stopped, as it was supposed to have In the Court of King's Bench. Sir been secreted by one Noland, a bank- John Eamer v. Merle, Esq.-This rupt in 1793, with a view to defraud was an action for Nander; the de. his creditors. The bankrupt had long fendant having said, that he had heard ago alerted that he had been over that a bill for 2000l. of the house of turned in the Chester coach, and loft bis Eamer and Co. had been noted, or was pocket book. containing this and other on the point of being fo; which was notes, of the value of 3000l. The denied to be the case. Lord Ellenbo. creditors, however, being inclined to rough was, however, about to non fuit discredit this story, treated him very the plaintiff, on the grounds of variaharthly (we have even heard that he tion between the evidence and the al. has been imprisoned for several years, legations on the record; when Mr. Er

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kine, the defendant's Counsel, after it will be found they are considerably paying many compliments to the high thicker, that the found is much thriller, character and credit of the prosecutor, and the impression on the face fide proposed, as a means of conciliating the fuller and bolder than those struck in fuit, that a Juror should be withdrawn; the Mint die. This illegal coinage is which was agreed to.

supposed to be made of the metal called Fecundity. The wife of B. Parting. platina. ton, of Park-ttreet, Stockport, was a few days ago delivered of three children,

Emigrations to America.-Emigrations two boys and a girl; the has been four to the Western Continent, from the teen years married, during which pe

Northern parts of Ireland and from the riod the has had eighteen children, Highlands of Scotland, are continued four times twins, and the rest at fingle which, on principles of humanity as

to an extent highly alarming; and births. At Weardalt, in Lancashire, the wives of J. Brown and J. Peat, well as policy, are entitled to the immeboth miners, were delivered each of diate consideration of the Government. three children, the former girls and American Trade to India. The comthe other boys : the latter women are

merce of the United States to India is coufins.

increasing in a degree highly injurious Mortality.-A fingular mortality has to the interests of this country. Dur. taken place in the family of Mr. G. ing the present feason, upwards of two Cooke, of Lilling, near York :--Abouit hundred ships have failed from Ame. a fortnight ago a fine girl, his daugh- rica to India and China. The little port ter, was taken ill, and almost instantly of Salem alone has sent out twenty-fix. expired ; a few days after, her brother The Americans can build and víctual and sister were attacked with a similar their chips at a third part of the excomplaint, died, and were buried in pence to which we are subject, and the same grave ; two other boys, bro- their trade is unincumbered by the thers to the above, were taken ill, and enormous charges for civil and milidied on Sunday; and another girl, their tary establishments in Hindoftan, to fifter, is so ill, that her life is despaired which our traffic necessarily contriof.

butes : the consequence is, that they Caution.-A number of counterfeit can and do undertell us in most of the seven Shilling pieces have, within the foreign markets ; and that unless fome lait week, been circulated with infinite new measures be adopted, the importasuccess. They can only be discovered tions of our Company mult thortly be by a comparison with a good one, when confined to our internal consumption.


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TH BOYDELL, of Hamp- Villiers, daughter and sole heiress of the


Charles Thomas Hudson, eldest son of At Hamburgh, Sir Robert Barclay, Sir Charles Grave Hudson, bart. to Miss bart, to Madame de Cronttadt.

Pepperell, daughter of Sir W. Pepperell. Lord Henry Stuart, third son to the Mr. Sylvanus Phillips, of Tower-Atreet, Marquis of Bute, to Lady Gertrude to Miss Mary King, of Walworth.


JUNE 14.

19. Mrs. De Chair, wife of the AT Cobham, in Surrey, in his 86th Rex. Dr. De Chair, and daughter of Sir year, Mr. John Harden.

William Wentworth, bart. 15. At Fulbeck, in Lincolnshire, Mr. Harry Clarke, of King's Bench Charles Blair, efq. of Blandford St. Walks, Temple. Mary's, in the conoty of Dorset.

At Brighton, Thomas Morris, esq.

20. At


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