at law.

20. At West Cowes, in the Ine' of Goodmanham, near Market WeighWight, Lady Burrell.

Lately, in Dublin, Hamilton Gorges, James Turnbull, esq. advocate, at esq. M. P. for the county of Meath. Edinburgh.

22. John Cornwall, esq. of Grosve 8. Captain William Lindsay, of nor-place, in his 29th year.

South Shields. Miss Henley, daughter of the Rev. Mr.

At Eton, in his 86tli year, Mr. Henley, rector of Rendlesham, Sussex, A. Angelo, fencing and riding malter. aged 18.

Miss Temple, daughter of Lieutenant23. At Dulnotter, Scotland,' Mr. Colonel Temple. Robert Whitworth, engineer.

Henry Capall, efq. of Feltham Hill, At Clapham, in his 70th year, William Middletex. Feuilleteau, esq. F. A. S.

Mr. William Howard, sen, of North Lately, at Darlington, aged 88, Mar. End, Fulharn. maduke Bower, elq.

Lieutenant - General William Spry, Lately, at Manchester, William Mon commandant of the corps of royal engin sell, eiq: late lieutenant-colonel of the 29th regiment of foot,

12. At King-freet, Bath, Mrs. Lately, Mr. Franklin, of the Notting- Woodhouse. ham Theatre.

13. At Oxford, the Right Hon. Dow. 24. At Purford, near Ripley, Mr. ager Lady Viscountess Cullen. George Lucock, sen.

14. At Alborough House, Dublin, At Buxton, in his 58th year, Thomas 'the Right Hon. Countess of Alborough, Butterworth Bayley, efq. of Hope, near widow of Edward the late Lord, and since Manchester.

married to George Powell, esq. barrister 25. At Homerton, Mrs. Sarah Albert, in her 97th year.

Lately, at Guildford, within a few 26. In Little Ormond-street, James days of having completed his 701h year, Lock Rollinfon, esq. of Chadlington, Thomas Morgan, e q. for many years an Oxfordshire.

eminent haberdasher in Piccadilly, and a Lately, the Rev. Mr. Norton, vicar of constant Correipondent in Woodfall's Polesworth, in Warwickshire, by a fall celebrated newipaper, the Public Adver-. from his horse.

titer, until the publication was disconti. 27. G. F. Schutz, efq. of Shotover nued. houle, Oxfordshire.

Lately, at Wargrave, Berks, the Rev. Henry Be wicke, esq. son of Calverley Mr. Tickell, rectos of Gawlworth, in Btwicke, esq. of Clapham.

Clieliire, and Eat Merlea, in Ellex. 28. In Marlborough ftreet, Dr. Tho. 17. Lieutenant-Colonel Fitzgerald, of mas Garnetr. (See p. s)

the third regiment of foot guards, and Mr. Edward Flower, aged 66, aid-de camp to the Duke of York. formerly a wholesale jeweller.

Mrs, Anne Cracherode, fiter to the Charles Brandling, esq. late one of the late C. M. Cracherode. representatives for Newcastle, in his 76th

In anhope-street, in his 76th year.

year, the Right Hon. Isaac Barre, clerk Lately, Mr. George Stepher Moore, of the pelis. second son of the Rev. Stephen Moore, Mrs. h, athcote, wife of the Rev. Tho. vicar of Doncalier.

mas Heathcote, rector of Stone, in Kent, Lately, Stanhope Pedley, esq. of Tet. and daughter of Sir Thcinas Parker, lord worth, Huntinguonshire.

chiet baron of the exchequer. JULY 1. At Penrith, Cumberland, in his 99th year, Richard Bicamire, ely. father of Mr. Bleamire, of the policeoffice, Hatton-garden.

MAY 1802. Mrs. Martha Washing. At Dulwich, John Rix, esq. many ton, at Mount Vernon, relict of Gericia years accountant-general to the Excite. Washington. olhce,

William Foord, esq. on board the At Marlay Abbey, near Leixlip, Anna, from Bengal. He cut his thinat the Right Rev. Dr. Richard Mariay, as soon as he came in fight of Figo bishop of Waterford and Lilinore. He land. was confecrated in 1787.

At Jamaica, 16th April, kichard 6. The Rev. Mr. Clarke, 'rector of Nicolson, elg, of Mount Pleasant.





79 MARCH. At Charlestown, South its greatest ornaments, and I loft, more Carolina, Dr. Henry Purcell, twenty than all, my best friend and patron. fix years rector of St. Michael's, in that The many good qualities I have found city.

him to poffets since I have known him, APRIL 7. At Bilboa, in Spain, Robert have so endeared him to me, and to every Elliott, M. D.

one that knew him, and his kindness to JUNE 2. Rear-Admiral Thomas

me has been so great, that his memory Totty. Of this Gentleman the follow. will be cherished by me as long as there, ing account is extracted from a letter is breath in my body. The talk would from young Midhipman*, on board be endless were I to enumerate the many the Saturn, to his father in London, benefits he beltowed on all such as were dated Spithead, July 2.

so fortunate as to be known by him. “ If the public reports have not already One circumstance alone will prove this informed you, how great must your lur. assertion ? having while in health proprise be, on receiving a lelter from me, moted several young men who depended dated at Spithead, after having informed entirely upon him, there were lill leveral you very lately that we expected to left unprovided for; these, while on his remain some time longer in the Welt death-bed, troubled with a multiplicity Indies.

of public affairs, he fill remembered, “ Would to God we had remained and it was almolt his first concern to give there for years, rather than that the me them their commillions, and lend them on lancholy circumstance which has caused board the ship they were appointed to. our return had happened ! in that cli- Suffice it to lay, that on board this ship, mate even, fo inimical to English conitio which he had been long Captain of, at tutions, I should have felt mytelf happy, his death there was scarce a man that did so long as I continued under the patron.

not thed a tear to his memory. Totty, age of Admiral Totty. By the blessing adieu ! happiness is your portion." of God, I there enjoyed a perfect ftate of Lately, at the Hague, Mr. Irhoven van health, although daily hearing of the Dam, late Secretary of the Council for death of some of my brave Thipmates, the American pofleflions. The following most of them cut off in the prime of lite. eulogium in the public journals will proIn the midst of this mortality, the Ad- bably be thought too highly coloured. miral, having been on there for a few “ He may be ranked among the mot days while the thip was painting, was learned men of Europe. Hie Spuke almost attacked by the fever, and on coming on

all the living languages as fluently as his board was immediately put to bed ; and He was alio 1killed in the Greek, thinking that the trenn air at sea might Hebrew, and Latin tongues; and he was benefit him, he ordered the Captain to experienced in the several branches of the get urder way. We cruised a day or

sciences. He excelled in every thing iwo off the Island, when the Admiral which related to the belles leities; and, finding his end fait approaching, with it politics had not unfortunately engroiled. the ailidance of the Secretary and Cap- his attention, he would have thine as one tain, he arranged the public affairs, and of the greaiell lages of Europe, and acappointed a Commodore in the Bay. quired an immortal name.

His exterir On the 24th of last month, we tailed for figure diftinguithed him from nearly all England, and in a day or two we heard other men. He was of small Mature, the joyful news that the Admiral was fhort of body, high-brealied, l:ad a humpmending considerably, and that there were back, an inclining head, a long nose, a fome hopes of his recovery ; but Provi. wide mouth, and very piercing eyes. dence, alas! ordained it other wile ; for This curious machine was lupported by on the 2d of this month, death teized two ja:hs, instead of legs. Such was the upon its prey, and his noble fpirit fled to relidence of a loul, which lzemed too the realms of bliss, to receive that reward great for her.imperfect habitativa." his numberle's virtues deferved. Thus Great Britain did lose one of her braveit ERRATUA, p. 423, for Mr. Robert and molt zealous officers, lociety one of Thenlon, read Mr. James Thumlun.

* The Writer of this interciting letter was with Admiral Torty, in the Invincia We, when the was last year loit in going out of Yarmouth Roads to juin the Baltic fleet,


Printe!'y NUXWE? ar ! GOLD,

sb-wl, Lern...

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EACH DAY'S PRICE OF STOCKS FOR JULY 1802. Bank sperCols per Ct 4perC:| Navy New Long


Imp. | Imp. India India India Exche. Irish Irish Omn.

English À Stock Reduc. Cunsols Consols sperC: sperCt Ann Ann.

3pr Cl Aun.

Stock. Scrip Bonds. Bills. sperC Omn. Lott. Tick.

1055 21 316

731 12 5.16

903 1051 21 3.16 5

733 28 74 §

90 g



1054 215

par 723 733

898 1041 203 725 112 316

1013 189 741

90 105 21 1-361

5 par 725 741

1051 21 1-16



par 721 741 173ý a 74 901 | 1025 1056 21 116



743 74 a 90g / 102]

105 21 3-16

1 73
190 74

743 a í

90 g 1015 1058 20 1.16

5 par 72 12 9 1904 743 74 a 901 | 1015 105 21 1-16

1 73 12 5.16 2155 746 741 a ģ 1025 105 21 310


12 3-16) 743 73} a 74 904 1025 105 211

par 725 12 5.16 13 741 73 74

90 1051 21 1.16

724 12 5:16 14 745 731 a go 1011 1051 21 3-16

7212 5.1611 74 732 at 903

101 1051 21 1.16

721 121 74. 731 a 901 1011

i 1-36 dir.

72 3 12 7-161 17 74 733 a 901 1051 21 1-16'5 i 16 dil.

72 12 7-16 19 744 731a 90 101

105 21 1.16


20 190
746 73. a
goš. 101 1051 21 1-16

736 724 a 891 101 105 203 5 1.162 dir.

734 724 a
105 1051

733 724 až 90



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i dir.
i dir,


16 199



[blocks in formation]

N.B. In the 3 per Cent, Consols the highest and lowell Price of each Day is given; in the orber Stocks the higheft Price only.


European Magazine,




96 98

For AUGUST 1802. [Embellished with, 1. A PORTRAIT of the Hon. BARON Dimodale. And, 2. A View of WANLIP HALL, LEICESTERSHIRE.)


Page Memoirs of the Hon. Baron Dims. stronger Paffions of the Mind, dale, M. D. F.R. S.

each Passion being the Subject of Sentences placed on the Conduits on a Tragedy and a Comedy

126 King James the First's Entrance Juvenile Friend hip; or, The Holiinto London

days : and, The Arrogant Boy ibid. Account of the new Inse&s so pre. A short View of the Natural Hir. judicial to Apple Trees, and a

tory of the Earth

ibid, Method of extirpating them 88 Fither's Brighton New Guide ; or, Topographical Account of Wanlip, A Description of Brighthelmiston, Leicestershire

ibid. and the adjacent Country ibid. Vestiges, collected and recollected,

by Joseph Moser, Esq. No. II. 89 Theatrical Journal; including FaOn Contentment


ble and Character of The Voice Rules tending to promote Long Life of Nature, with the EpilogueAccount of Solomon Gellner

Character of a new PerforinerAccount of the Life Boat

Fable and Character of Fairies' Letter from the Hon. Horace Wal Revels; or, Love in the Highpole to the Earl of Buchan


127 Elays after the Manner of Gold Poetry; including The Dream,

smith. Essay XVIII. [Con to Mrs. in a dangerous Illa cluded)

ibid. ness-Ode to the River Darwend Loose Thoughts on Rural Poetry 107

The Ruftic and Plutus--SonM. Garnerin's Account of his Ae.

net to the Nightingale on her rial Voyage from Vauxhall 109 Departure-The Maniac 131 Supplement to the Conítitution of the French Republic

Journal of the Proceedings of the

Second Sellion of the First Par.
Evans's Cambrian Itinerary ; or, liament of the United Kingdom
Welch Tourist

of Great Britain and Ireland

133 Charnock's History of Marine Archi List of Members returned to serve in tecture (Continued) 118 '. New Parliament

146 Blake's Designs to a Series of Bal Foreign Intelligence, from the Lonlads written by William Hayley, don Gazettes, &c. &c.

151 Elq. and founded on Anecdotes Domestic Intelligence,

154 relating to Animals

125 Marriages, Baillie's Series of Plays : in which Monthly Obituary,

ibid. it is attempted to delineate the Price of Stocks.





London :
Printed by L Geid, late Bunny & Geld, Sbee-lane, Flottefiretta


Persons who refide abroad, and xbo wish to be fupplied with this work every Montb as pube lifbed, may bave it fent to them, FREE OF POSTAGE, 80 New York, Halifax, Queber, and cvery part of the W eft Indies, at Two Guineas per Annum, by Mr. THORNHILL, of the General Poft Ofice, at No. 21, Sherborne Lane ; to Hamburg, Lisbor, Gibraltar, or any part of the Mediterranean, at Two Guineas per Annum, ty Mr. Bishop, of tbe General Best Office, at No. 22, Sberborne Lane ; 'to any part of Ireland, at One Guinea and a Half per Annun, by Mr. SMITH, of the General Poft Office, at No. 3, Sherborne Lane ; and to the Cape of Good Hope, or any Port of the East Indies, at Thirty Sbillings per Annum, by mdr. Guy, at ibe Eoft India Houjo. VOL, XLII, AVC. 1802.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO CORRESPONDENTS. Aurelius's communication came too late to be noticed last month. Dives is inadmissible. As is Speculator. The Poems sent by a Correspondent from Litchfield are printed in Johnson's Works. Roon Lycophron is unavoidably postponed till next month. Davis's Poems and E, s, in our next.

ERRATA in Anacreon, Ode I. for Cadmas, read Cadmus.

Ode II. for She, read Her.
In the Title-page in our last, for July 1801, read July 1802.

929 6

ol 47


0 18 1135




AVERAGE PRICES of CORN from August 7, to August 14.
Wheat Rye | Barl. | Oats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST.
8. d. s. d. s.

d. s.
d. s. d.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans London 00 000 oloo ooo oloo o Effex 67 2 32 6132 025 9/32 JO

Kent 66

o oo 0 34 624 1032 3 Suflex 65 6 oo OOO

0 24

2loo INLAND COUNTIES. Suffolk 68 41 30 0 33 322 829

Cambrid. 68

o 32 027 1018 Middlesex 71 636 635 725 435 8 Norfolk 66 435 029 621 032 5 Surry 69 4136 034

424 2 36 6 Lincoln

72 0 36 633 518 8 33 3 Hertford 60 638 31 321 10 35 9 York

74 Bedford 64 132

033 11 Durham
71 11 00 o oo

0 19 11100 Hunting. 67

0 28 917 8 30 7 Northum. 67 3 40 028 419 700 Northam. 66 10 46 030 019

o Cumberl. 83 859 436

6 20 Rutland 73

0 35 607 0 40
o Westmor. 85 553 030 223

2 Joo Leicester 68 oo

2/17 1033

Lancash. 75 900 Nottingh. 79 646 041 020 1040 o Cheshire 68

OZL Derby

78 6100 oloo 0226138 o Gloucest. 69. 1 oo 0 32 322 11 00 Stafford 74 700 C35 622 3.45 o Somerset 65 2 Salop 73 752 200 023 IT00

Monmou. 69 ooo oloo Ooo Hereford 63 839 231 5|23 3134 I Devon 65 sl oo 025 6 23 600 Worcest. 70 939 34 5/27 2 36 11 Cornwall 65 7 00 0 24 616 4,00 Warwick 72 700 234 623 440 9 Dorset

72 71 oo

028 824 9400 Wilts 65 000 0 28 0 21 1038 4 Hants 65 88 00

o'28 423 034 6 Berks 65 1100 029 423 737 0

WALES. Oxford 64 100 029 11 21 335

1 N. Wales 71 0948 0132 878 900 Bucks

67 gloo 0136 6a 1 034 g S. Wales 61 8100 0 28 013 4100

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