Marriage in Changing Japan: Community & Society

Routledge, 2010/10/18 - 264 ページ

This book approaches its subject from two angles. First, there is a detailed and descriptive analysis of the social organisation of, and place of marriage in, one community in Kyushu. To this extent, the study is a regional one and provides valuable ethnographic information. The second angle, however, is to analyse this material in the light of other historical ethnographical writings on Japan, which puts the regional material in a national context, and brings together a great deal of information about Japanese marriage hitherto unpublished in English.


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List of Tables Diagrams Plans and Maps
Historical Context 14
The Community 37
The Household and Married Life 80
The Mechanics of Making a Match 114
Ceremonial and Celebration 155
Some of the Wider Implications
Housebuilding 216
Notes 222
the Pivotal Role of Marriage 228
The PreGregorian Calendar and Some Implications
Bibliography 254
Index 269

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