Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education


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54 ページ - The infants, if any, attending the school are instructed suitably to their age, and in a manner not to interfere with the instruction of the older children.
lvii ページ - PRESENT, The QUEEN'S most Excellent Majesty in Council. Her Majesty in Council was this day pleased...
xxxvii ページ - Inspector's examination in practical skill. Acting teachers who take this paper must produce a certificate from some competent person (such as the organist of their church) that they have " such an amount of musical skill, vocal or instrumental, as is sufficient for the purpose of teaching children to sing from notes.
xviii ページ - You will judge every school by the same standard that you have hitherto used, as regards its religious, moral, and intellectual merits. The examination under Article 48 does not supersede this judgment, but presupposes it.
xxxviii ページ - ... 48. Teachers attending the examination may at their option take the papers of the first or second year's students (Article 102).
xxxvi ページ - CANDIDATES. 241 2), some of which he will be called upon to repeat at the annual inspection of the training college. Second Year. Candidates will be expected to show improvement in the higher qualities of reading, such as expression, modulation of voice, and the correct delivery of long or involved sentences.
vii ページ - MAY IT PLEASE YOUR MAJESTY, WE, the Lords of the Committee of Your Majesty's Privy Council on Education, humbly...
xviii ページ - The grant to be made to each school depends, as it has ever done, upon the school's whole character and work. The grant is offered for attendance in a school with which the inspector is satisfied. If he is wholly dissatisfied (Article 50), and if the reasons of such dissatisfaction are confirmed (Article ole), no grant is made.
viii ページ - December last, these students, and 2,087 other candidates were simultaneously examined for the end of the first, second, or third years of their training, or for admission, or for certificates, as acting teachers. The inspectors also visited 539 schools for pauper children, containing 47,527 inmates, and 118 Reformatory, Ragged, or Industrial Schools, containing 7,793 inmates.
33 ページ - Bishop Butler ; it has been denounced by another, of a very different school, as " destructive of healthful moral perception." That the doctrine in question, instead of being opposed to Butler, is directly taken from him, may be seen by any one who will take the trouble to read the extract from the Analogy quoted at p. 211. But it is of little importance...