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323 ページ - ORIGINAL LETTERS, written during the Reigns of Henry VI., Edward IV., and Richard III., by various Persons of Rank or Consequence.
241 ページ - Let him that is a true-born gentleman, And stands upon the honour of his birth, If he suppose that I have pleaded truth, From off this brier pluck a white rose with me. Som. Let him that is no coward nor no flatterer, But dare maintain the party of the truth, Pluck a red rose from off this thorn with me.
432 ページ - ... children; and did save Isaac, when the hand was stretched forth to sacrifice him; preserved the second brother. For I myself, that stand here in your presence, am that very Richard, Duke of York, brother of that unfortunate prince, King Edward the Fifth, now the most rightful surviving heir male to that victorious and most noble Edward, of that name the fourth, late King of England.
226 ページ - ... of the Grand Overseer's Square, in the great day of trial and retribution. Then, although every rod should become a serpent, and every serpent an enemy to this institution, yet shall their utmost exertions to destroy its reputation, or sap its foundation, become as impotent as the leprous hand, or as water spilled upon the ground, which cannot be gathered up again.
163 ページ - ... condemned to death by the rebellious barons : he was hanged on a gibbet ; his body was cut in pieces, and thrown to the dogs ;§ and his head was sent to Winchester, the...
133 ページ - good as his word, when, on ascending the throne of Brittany, the Earl of Perche became his vassal. We cannot know what measures were used to force this degradation on the reluctant and high-spirited Constance; it is only certain that she...
142 ページ - Are whispering many a gentle word, And all earth's sweetest sounds are heard, Save thy sweet voice. Wake, lady, wake, thy lover waits, Thy steed stands saddled at the gates ; Here is a garment rich and rare, To wrap thee from the cold...
596 ページ - Philosophers, arranged so as to form half an hour's reading for every day of the year. The student finds a taste of every quality, and a specimen of every style. Should he grow weary of one author, he can turn to another : and if inclined to be critical, he can weigh the merits of one writer against those of his fellow.
283 ページ - thou speakest foolishly, for by the God of heaven, on whose grace I have relied, and in whom I have a firm hope of victory, I would not, even if I could, increase my number by one...
323 ページ - And last of all, as heartily and as lovingly as ever father blessed his child in earth, I give you the blessing of Our Lord and of me, which of his infinite mercy increase you in all virtue and good living; and that your blood may by his grace from kindred to kindred multiply in this earth to his service, in such wise as after the departing from this wretched world here, ye and they may glorify him eternally amongst his angels in heaven. Written of mine hand, The day of my departing fro this land....