Niles' Weekly Register, 第 3 巻


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324 ページ - He passed them on the ,'* forecastle, and was surprised at seeing not a single man alive on the Frolic's deck, except the seaman at the wheel, and three officers. The deck was slippery with blood, and strewed with the bodies of the dead. As he went forward, the captain of the Frolic, with two other officers, who were standing on the quarter deck, threw down their swords, and made an inclination of their bodies, denoting that they had surrendered. At this moment the...
13 ページ - M'Arthur, should be included in the above capitulation, it is accordingly agreed to ; it is however to be understood, that such part of the Ohio Militia, as have not joined the army, will be permitted to return to their homes, on condition that they will not serve during the War ; their arms, however, will be delivered up, if belonging to the public.
13 ページ - Brock, and will be considered prisoners of war; with the exception of such of the militia of the Michigan territory who have not joined the army. II. All public stores, arms, and all public documents, including every thing else of a public nature, will be immediately given up.
216 ページ - Lieutenant Claxton, who was confined by sickness, left his bed a little previous to the engagement, and though too weak to be at his division, remained upon deck and shewed by his composed manner of noting incidents, that we had lost, by his Illness, the services of a brave officer.
102 ページ - And no subject shall be hurt, molested, or restrained, in his person, liberty, or estate, for worshipping God in the manner and season most agreeable to the dictates of his own conscience : or for his religious profession or sentiments ; provided he doth not disturb the public peace or obstruct others in their religious worship.
195 ページ - If you thus behave yourselves, and so become a terror to evil doers and a praise to them that do well...
337 ページ - The resistance which he has opposed to so formidable a combination, cannot fail to excite sentiments of lasting admiration. " By his own magnanimity and perseverance, by the zeal and disinterestedness of all ranks of his subjects, and by the gallantry, firmness, and intrepidity of his forces, the presumptuous expectations of the Knemy have been signally disappointed.
337 ページ - I have received from his imperial majesty, in the measure which he has adopted of sending his fleets to the ports of this country, is in the highest degree gratifying to me ; and his imperial majesty may most fully rely on my fixed determination to afford him the most cordial support in the great contest in which he is engaged.
324 ページ - He sprang up, and as the next swell of the sea brought the Frolic nearer, he got on her bowsprit, where Lang and another seaman were already. He passed them on the ,'* forecastle, and was...
324 ページ - Biddle, therefore, jumped into the rigging himself, and hauled down the British ensign, and possession was taken of the Frolic in forty-three minutes after the first fire. She was in a shocking condition ; the birth-deck, particularly, was crowded with dead, and wounded, and dying ; there being but a small proportion of the Frolic's crew who had escaped. Captain Jones instantly sent on board his Surgeon's mate; and all the blankets of the Frolic were brought from her slop- room for the comfort of...