Round the Yule Log: Norwegian Folk and Fairy Tales

Sampson, Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1881 - 316 ページ

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59 ページ - Far, far away in a lake lies an island ; on that island stands a church ; in that church is a well; in that well swims a duck; in that duck there is an egg, and in that egg there lies my heart — you darling ! " In the morning early, while it was still grey dawn, the Giant strode off to the wood.
66 ページ - Good day, pancake," said the hen. "The same to you, Henny Penny," said the pancake. "Pancake, dear, don't roll so fast; bide a bit and let me eat you up," said the hen. "When I have given the slip to Goody Poody, and the goodman, and seven squalling children, and Manny Panny, I may well slip through your claws, Henny Penny," said the pancake, and so it rolled on like a wheel down the road.
65 ページ - Stop, pancake," they all screamed out, one after the other, and tried to catch it on the run and hold it; but the pancake rolled on and on, and in the twinkling of an eye it was so far ahead that...
269 ページ - ONCE on a time there was a King who had a daughter, and she was such a dreadful storyteller that the like of her was not to be found far or near. So the King gave out, that if any one could tell such a string of lies as would get her to say, "That's a story," he should have her to wife, and half the kingdom besides.
270 ページ - ... courtyard, and put himself before the Princess's window, and read and preached like seven parsons, and sang and chanted like seven clerks, as loud as all the parsons and clerks in the country round. The King laughed loud at him, and the Princess almost smiled a little, but then became as sad and serious as ever, and so it fared no better with Paul, the schoolmaster, than with Peter the soldier— for you must know one was called Peter and the other Paul. So they took him and flogged him well,...
196 ページ - ... Never mind," said the King, "I'll give you a hundred dollars. It's true you've fooled me out of a horse and saddle, and bridle besides, but all that shall go for nothing if I can only get the pot." "Well, if you must have it, you must," said Peik. When the King got home he asked guests and made a feast, but the meat was to be boiled in the new pot, and so he took it up and set it in the middle of the floor. The guests thought the King had lost his wits, and went about elbowing one another, and...
233 ページ - ... home. So when she had rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, and wept till she was tired, she set out on her way, and walked many, many days, till she came to a lofty crag. Under it sat an old hag, and played with a gold apple which she tossed about.
65 ページ - ... run and hold it; but the pancake rolled on and on, and in the twinkling of an eye it was so far ahead that they couldn't see it, for the pancake was faster on its feet than any of them. So when it had rolled awhile it met a man. "Good day, pancake," said the man. "God bless you, Manny Fanny!" said the pancake. "Dear pancake," said the man, "don't roll so fast; stop a little and let me eat you.
67 ページ - you needn't be in such a hurry; we two can then go side by side and see one another over the wood; they say it is not too safe in there." The pancake thought there might be something in that, and so they kept company. But when they had gone awhile, they came to a brook. As for Piggy, he was so fat he swam safe across, it was nothing to him; but the poor pancake couldn't get over. "Seat yourself on my snout," said the pig, "and I'll carry you over.
66 ページ - Piggy Wiggy," said the pancake, which, without a word more, began to roll and roll like mad. "Nay, nay...