The Poetical Works of Walter Scott, Esq, 第 6 巻

James Eastburn & Company, 1818


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103 ページ - Nature herself, it seemed, would raise A minster to her Maker's praise ! Not for a meaner use ascend Her columns or her arches bend ; Nor of a theme less solemn tells That mighty surge that ebbs and swells, And still, between each awful pause, From the high vault an answer draws In varied tone prolonged and high That mocks the organ's melody.
218 ページ - Beyond the shadow of the ship, I watched the water-snakes : They moved in tracks of shining white, And when they reared, the elfish light Fell off in hoary flakes. Within the shadow of the ship I watched their rich attire; Blue, glossy green, and velvet black, They coiled and swam; and every track Was a flash of golden fire.
142 ページ - O! many a shaft at random sent Finds mark the archer little meant! And many a word at random spoken May soothe or wound a heart that's broken!
74 ページ - But here, — above, around, below, On mountain or in glen, Nor tree, nor shrub, nor plant, nor flower, Nor aught of vegetative power, The weary eye may ken. For all is rocks at random thrown, Black waves, bare crags, and banks of stone...
104 ページ - Corrievreken's roar, And lonely Colonsay; — Scenes sung by him who sings no more ! His bright and brief career is o'er, And mute his tuneful strains ; Quench'd is his lamp of varied lore, That loved the light of song to pour ; A distant and a deadly shore Has LEYDEN'S cold remains ! XII.
172 ページ - He spurred his steed, he couched his lance, And darted on the Bruce at once. As motionless as rocks that bide The...
304 ページ - Before all other that there were. And knew the king, for that he saw Him so range his men on row ; And by the crown, that was set Also upon his bassenet, And towards him he went on haste.