villain Jacques. In this horrible situa- gone to meet the king, he went into tion several years had expired, when one the room, and taking the requisite day, walking round his solitary dun- materials, wrote a letter and sealed geon, he chanced to tread on a spring, it, taking it with him, and, concluding and immediately a trap-door started that if he found on his next visit a open. This was too interesting a dis- stranger with his son, that stranger covery not to be proceeded in ; he ac- would be the king, he resolved to drop cordingly descended, and groped his it at his feet; which he accordingly did way through dark passages and vaults, as we have seen. The Earl having till he found himself at the door of a thus satisfied his auditor's curiosity, the subterranean chapel and here he king grew very merry.

“ l'faith, d'ye heard the voices of Ferdillan and see, nane but siccan a fule as clod” Jacques consulting together, on a plan (the merry andrew) “ as would fear a of murdering him and his son, when a ghaist. Aye, I'd cut in twa a hun’red the title and estates were to be seized thousand o'them dreadfu' ghaists! Beby Ferdillan. The agitated and horror- like, Earl, you thought for to freeten struck Earl hastily retired to his dun- your sovereign lord King James ; na geon, and ruminated on what he had such jokes for the future, or 1 s'all cut heard. What could an insulated pri- ve in twa d’yesee :” which, it appears soner like himself do to counterwork was his favourite phrase. The fatigued their machinations ? He resolved to party, after wishing every joy to the releave it to time, till his son came stored Earl of Northumberland, retired home, and, in the mean time, to find to their separate chambers, to court that some means of communication with repose to which each had been so long a the bed chamber usually occupied stranger. In the morning, the King by the owner of the castle. This, in commanded the conspirators to be the course of one of his subterranean brought before bim, as he was determinperegrinations he found. Soon after, he ed himself to sit in judgment upon heard that his son had arrived at the them; upon which they were all comcasile ; and immediately commenced mitted into the charge of the Earl's his endeavours to converse with him, servants, and brought before him. The and counteract the malice of the Earl King addressed Ferdillan, who was Ferdillan. The first day that he made heavily ironed, Rascal! what ma' his appearance, we have seen that he ye ha’ te say for yoursell ? We're retired unsatisfied, in a few minutes : your Royal Master, James; and were the reason of his abrupt departure, at i’ the same room in which you made his several appearances, was, that he your traiterous attempt, close anent feared his enemies, finding his cell you?” The Earl remained speechless. empty when they came to bring his “ You, Jacques, murdered your fellow food, might at once murder him; and, servant, who was attending his lord. in order to prevent the danger which Now list! Ferdillan, there's proof posiwould be incurred by the joy and tive anent you, a murder committed astonishment, which no doubt his sud- with malice aforethought; whilk, by the den annunciation would occasion to law o' England is death; so, d’ye see, his son, and knowing his nature to Ferdillan and Jacques will be hangit be superstitious, he chose that manner i’the morn, opposite this castle ; and to unfold it gradually to him. To your companions s'all all leave the his infinite vexation, his son was too country; that is our royal sentence, an? terrified for him ever to succeed; may God ha' mercy on your sauls !" and he always returned a few mo 66 Oh damnation !” exclaimed the frenments after his first speech, cheerless zied Earl of Ferdillan, “ die with Jacand disappointed to his cell. As he ques !” He fell into the most ungovernlay concealed one night, previous to able rage imaginable, and was carried his appearance, he heard his son in- out. During the day, a scaffold was form his countess of the King's in- erected opposite the great gate, where tended visit; and when the room was the old Earl had first been seized; and, untenanted, owing to his son's being in the morning, going into Ferdillan's

cell, found him stretched along lifeless next day, the King returned to London, on the ground, covered with gore. With and ratified his promise to the Earl cona concealed and poisoned dagger he had cerning Ferdillan's estate. The old committed this horrid deed. Jacques Earl lived to a good age, honoured was immediately executed, and his and admired by all around, while the body, together with Ferdillan's thrown name of Ferdillan was never mentioned into a hole in a cross road, without but with detestation and contempt. The Christian burial; their associates being Earl erected a small stone across the spot less guilty, were banished for life. in which the wretched couple were interThe Earl again took possession of his red, merely mentioning their names, castle, to which was annexed, by the with this solemn motto :-“ He who King's command, Ferdillan's estate and sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his title to be assumed by the Earl of North- blood be shed.” umberland and his heir for ever. The


(Lond. Lit. Gaz.)


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“We all sball be kings in our turns." HY, Bob ! well, I declare so it South Seas in a whaler,' replied Bob.

is! Why, Bob, you young son “ Whaler, eh? Ah, I used to love that of a sea-coot, where have you been sport when I was a boy, and many a "knocking to windward for these two or harpoon I've handled. And what three years past ?” exclaimed old Jack sort of a voyage bave you made?"Rattlin, as he started up with surprise “A proper whaler's, plenty of hard and pleasure, though he had been dis- work, and but little money.'-—“ Aye, turbed while composing himself for his aye, share 'em out, share 'em outafternoon's nap in his little cabin. understand it; but where did you touch “Lord love the boy, how he's grown! at?”—“We touched at the Sandwich Why, you warn’t higher than the wind- Islands.'_“ Did you? then mayhap lass end when you went away. And you've seen the King and Queen.”— where have you been to, and how's - seen 'em ? ah to be sure I have. sister Poll, and all the rest on ’em? Why to go for to ax such a thing as Come, bring your starn to an anchor. that now, when we brought 'em home Why I'm right heartily and sincerely in our ship!'_“Well,who'd ha thought glad to see you ; but who'd ha’ thought it? I can remember it as if it was but it! Lord love the boy! he's just like yesterday, for old age arn’t blotted out his poor father, my son Jack that's every mark in the log-book of memory. dead and gone, and left his old dad a I can remember it as if it was but yesshattered old hulk behind, only fit to terday, when I was out there along with be broke up (he dashed a tear from his Vancouver, and that's thirty years ago. eye.) But it's of no use overhauling There was King Tommy-Yammer and that consarn now; so bring up, I say, Queen--but I forgets their hard and tell us all about it.” This was ut- names now. There was one Davis, tered with his usual volubility to a fine too, a white man, and another of the young sailor, who grasped the veteran's name of Young, that was taken prisonhand, and showed in the outlines of his ers by the savages, and lived upon the face a striking resemblance to the hoary island ; but I suppose they're all deTar. 'Twas youth and age contrast- funkt now." —No, Young is living ed, and yet both so mild, that the heart still, and has got a large family. One scarcely could tell which claimed the of his sons came with us, as interpre. preference. “ Come, tell us all about ter, as far as Rio Janeiro; but he tell it, (repeated old Jack ;) and where out with the skipper, and so they left have you been to?”I've been to the him behind. Old Young lives out

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there like a pastry-cook-no, no, patri- knocked one of them overboard.
arch I mean. He has a snug little hut, hands saw it, and stood petrified, except
a delightful situation in a valley, and Mat Cleland, a mulatto, and he jump-
several fine daughters.'_" Daughters, ed under the main channels, and cling-
eh? Why, you young rascal, how dare ing with one leg round the chain-plate,
you look at the girls ? There, none of threw the rest of his body into the wa-
your grinning :-why, I've a great ter, and as the lad caine astern, he
mind to lay my leg about your back, grabbed hold of him by the collar and
(taking it from the table and flourishing brought him safe on board. Well, we
it.) And so the old boy 's alive, eh?" anchored at Paita, the same place that

Yes; and more respected than any Commodore Anson took : it was after-
one beside, not bating the King him- ward rebuilt, but now lies in ruins,
self. He is universally esteemed over having been almost entirely destroyed
all the islands, and every one rever- by the Patriots under Lord Cochrane.
ences him.'—" And did you see the We staid here about ten days to get
place where poor Cook was killed at stock, but there was very little to be
Owhyhee, and Mr. Hergest was mur- procured, so we stood away for the
dered at Woehoo ?”– I saw the spot Gallapagos Islands to catch Turpin.
where Captain Cook lost his life ; but we sailed in the afternoon, and next
there is only one man now in existence morning we fell in with a pod of forty-
that was engaged in it, and he's des- barrellid bull-whales.'-_- Did you, my
perate old.'_Well, well, 'twas a sad boy? (said old Jack, taking his limb
job; but come, give us the whole yarn off the table, and poising it like a har-
from beginning to end, and I won't in- poon)—and did you get fast ?"_ A-
terrupt you again. Come, bear a hand. vast, and I'll tell you. The boats were
Lord love the boy ! why he's the very lowered down. The Chief Mate got
spit of his father. There, there, begin, fast* first, but his line parted; the
I say, and I'll be as mum as a stock- Second Mate then pulld up, and fixed
fish. Avast though, wash the cobwebs his harpoons. The Captain directed
out of your throat first ; I always keeps the Chief Mate to proceed after an-
a round of grape and cannister, (pour- other fish, but he preferr'd attacking
ing out a glass of rum.) Ah, that bot- the first again, and darted in another
tle was my old grandmother's. There, iron. The eagerness of the two Offi-
toss it off, and don't make so many wrycers to see which should have the glory
faces: why you won't begin to-day. of killing the whale, induced them to
Always rince your bucket, Bob, when haul up alongside to shove the lance
you've done with it, and swab it dry, under his fin for that purpose. The
(said the old veteran, swallowing down fish feeling the attack, settled down
what remained in the glass ;) and now under the water, and shortly afterward
spin away." - Why, d’ye see, we he was observed rising again with his
sailed from England, January 5, 1822, jaws open, right under the Second
in the L'Aigle, and after a fine passage Mate's boat, who immediately struck
of four months we arrived at Paita, on the lance into his head to shove the
the coast of Peru, without any thing boat off; but before he could fully ac-
very material, except an accident off complish his purpose, the lower jaw of
Cape Horn, which I'll tell you. D'ye the fish caught the off side of the boat,
see we had two lads on board belong- and turned it over, otherwise he would
ing to the Sandwich Islands which had have snapp'd us in two. Well, we all
come home in the ship the voyage be- had a swim for it; and just as I was
fore. They were fine young men, full going to catch hold of the gunwale of
of life and spirit, and used to keep us Chief Mate's boat, the fish made a
all alive by their comical descriptions start, and run her half a mile away
of what they had seen in England. from me. The next thing that I saw
Well, one day we were running before was this very boat flying aloft in the
the wind with a stiff breeze, at the rate air, and the men in all directions. She
of eight knots, when the jib-boom

* Got fast--i. e, fixed with the barpoon. ATHENEUM VOL. 1. 2d serice.


was literally cut in two by a blow from turpin ; and this not being properly the tail of the fish, and the crew were extinguished, it caught the dry grass, swimming about. On the fore part of (which stood about three foot high,) her remains was the cooper, and a and run up Blue Morris mountain, and coloured boy on the aft part, neither of continued burning for two days, so that whom could swim. As soon as the afterward we had turpin ready cooked; whale had done all the mischief, it indeed the men hardly escaped. From ranged a-bead and lay still, and the there we went to the coast of Mexico, fourth Mate's boat came to pick us up. and encountered a severe hurricane, in However, while he was getting us in, which we lost our boats, and was very the fish recovered, and came rolling near capsized altogether. After taking down to the remnant of the wreck some fish we proceeded to the Sandwich where the poor cooper was, and before Islands, and supplied ourselves with we could take him off, the whale had boats; and then for eight months went carried him down, and we saw him no a fishing, and was very successful, fillmore. We were now seventeen men ing about two thousand barrels of oil. in one boat, and did not dare to move We returned again to the Sandwich for half an hour, for we could plainly Islands, and anchored at Woehoo

; distinguish the monstert under us, lay- from thence we went to Mowee to reing on his side and looking up. Some- ceive the King, and took him, with five times he would rise to spont at a little or six of his queens and a great many distance, and then resume his station. chiefs, to Woehoo, when it was finally At last he went off in the wind's eye, settled that they should come to Engspouting blood. In the meantime the land, though the Americans endeavourCaptain had killed one fish about five ed to persuade them from it. The miles to leeward, without any difficulty. Parting with the in babitants at Mowee After this we pursued our route to the was very affeeting, but particularly so Gallapagos, and arrived in about a at Woe-hoo. The King was not atweek ; and all hands set off for the tended with much state; but no monmountains to catch turpin ainong the arch is more absolute, and this probushes. These islands are uninhabited, ceeds from the love and reverence of and we landed at Charles' Island. The the natives. His earnest wish was to method of bringing the turpin down is leave Young in charge of the governby means of a belt strapp'd over the ment, but he excused himself on acshoulders, one behind and one before, count of his great age (84); and therewith a raft of little ones slung by rope- fore it devolved on Billy Pitt, the brothyarns over the arm. In the course of er of Boguey* that's come to England: nine or ten days we had collected 640, but still the King would not leave the the heaviest weighing about eight hun- place till Young had sanctioned his dred weight, down to the size of wish. At bis departure the natives a dollar. At Albermarle Island, on gathered round him, and tore their hair, the south end, there is one of these and shriek’d and yell’d with the most gentry that enjoys an undisturbed pos frantic gestures. The King was dresssession of an extensive and fertile plain, ed in European fashion, and when the on account of his immense size pre- boat shoved off from the shore, he venting any possibility of moving him. stood up without betraying the slightHis extreme height is eight feet, and est emotion ; while the natives swam the circumference on the flat of the round and clung to various parts, cryback upwards of twenty. He is an old ing and yelling with the greatest bitteracquaintance to all the South Sea men. On coming aboard, the decks A few days after our arrival some of were crowded with queens and chiefs, the people made a fire up in the bush, pigs and poultry. Of pigs there were (about seven miles from the spring, about 300; goats, 36; sheep, 6; and and nine or ten from the shore,) to bullocks, 4 ; with 8 dozen of fowls, cook themselves some chocolate and and 4 dozen of ducks,-all adrift to+ These fish were from fifty to sixty feet in length

gether; and potatoes and powey from and they grow to about one hundred


* Poki.

stem to stern. Well, we got under their chief amusement, and some of weigh, and then Comomorro, the fa- them played a good game. On arrivvourite Queen, came alongside in a ing at Rio Janeiro we fired a salute, double canoe paddled by 150 men, and which was returned by the forts and attended by the Princess of Atooi, a the Brazilian fleet, and the English Admost immense woman, as big as a tun miral promised to send his barge to butt. The Queen joined her lamenta- convey them ashore; but after waiting tions with the rest; and what with the two days, they landed from one of the grupting of the pigs and the howling of country boats, and took up their lodgthe natives, we were almost stunned. ings at a private house in a retired part The King preserved his composure till of the town. The Emperor was at his the Chiefs and other Queens took their country-house, but directly returned, leave, and then bis grief overpowered he granted them an interview, and the him. We fired a salute in return for two monarchs met together. The Emthose received from the forts and ship- peror behaved with considerable kindping, and the natives in the canoes ness and affability, and presented the gave us three cheers, and thus we quit- King with a handsome diamond-hilted ted the Sandwich Islands. The King, sword in gold sheath; and the EmQueen, Governor Boguey and his wife; press gave the Queen a pair of diamond the Pilot, and two other Chiefs; the ear-rings, for which they received in King's Steward and two servants, with return a very beautiful feather dress. two interpreters, made up the groupe. They visited the British Admiral on Among other things brought on board board the Spartiate, and were much dewas some salted dog's flesh, a favourite lighted with their entertainment. When dish with them. Sometimes they were they returned, the King described the sea-sick, and then the fowls went to two decks as one ship a-top of t’other. wreck, for they generally eat twice as Lord Cochrane paid them great attenmuch as at any other time. Whenever tion while on shore, as indeed did evea pig was killed the raw entrails com- ry body else. They frequently came posed a delicious feast ;-and grog for on board of us to get a mess of raw ever. They always drank their liquor fish and entrails, as the Captain would neat, and seldom less than a pint at the not suffer them to eat such garbage betime; and when one got drunk, all fore the Portuguese. One day the Caphands did the saine. They varied their tain landed with some ladies, and saw dress occasionally, from a piece of Governor Boguey swimming about near cloth round the middle, to their long the landing-place, to the great diversion coats and trowsers. The Queen was of hundreds of spectators. The mosometimes dressed in the richest silks, ment the Governor cotch'd sight of the which were soon covered with filth and skipper, he hastened out of the water, grease. They were very affable with and in a state of noddity just as be was, the crew, and it was no uncommon came up to the party and began to sight to see black and white pigging in converse. The ladies look'd so comitogether, like the checkers on a draft- cal, and the Captain rebuk'd him for board. There was no jealousy amongst his indelicacy; but he appeared scarcethem. When her majesty got groggy ly to know what shame was. On being she was very loving, and would be al- scolded, and asked whether he was not ways kissing and hugging her royal aware of the impropriety? He replied, spouse, till it was carried too far, and “No; they look me-me see them then she used to get knocked down. that very good.” Well, I carn't tell One of their greatest luxuries was to you half now; howsomever we left Rio strip naked, and get one of the crew to Janeiro with the same ceremony of sahea ve buckets of water over them. lutes, and soon after one of our boys Their majesties were uncommonly at- died. This seemed to affect them very tached, and if either one was siek the much, and they were particularly attenother would sit crying by the side. tive during the reading of the burial Boguey's wife was distinguished by the service. Just before we got into soundname of She Boguey. Cards were ings, one of the Chiefs departed this

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