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were liberal, and done with love unfeigned: Rev. Cooper WILLYAMS (see p. 91.). at one time he restored by 'prudence There are very few persons whose loss what his liberality had impaired; but at will be more felt in society than that of the other, he acted as if he felt himself Mr. Wiliyams. Of him it may be said, to be the trustee of an extensive fortune, with strict attention to truth, that he was rather for the purposes of useful good, an active and useful magistrale ; an af. than for the self-indulgences of luxury; fectionate husband and father ; a kind he possessed the means of both, but for neighbour; a warm friend; and a pious one luxury he had ten charities.


Christian. The soundness of his underconciliatory manner in which he bestowed standing, the excellency of bis heart, and his relief, filled many a heart with joy, his peculiarly social disposition, added and many an eye with tears of gratitude ; to various acquirements, and set off by and wbile this spirit animated bis active the manners of a gentleman, gained him labours, and associated itself with the ex almost as many friends as he had acteosive means of general good, his name quaintance; and among these were many will be blessed by the remembrance of persons as eminent in station as in chahis deeds, in the hearts of numerous in racter; while his total exemption from dividuals, and of as mavy public Insti envy and malice, and all the baser vices tutions, of which he never suffered himself of our nature, made it almost impossible to be an inactive benefactor.

that he should have any enemies. Let Throughout a large circle of friends and the writer of this article be permitted to associates from his earliest years, there add, trite as the quotation is, Multis ille is not one that would hesitate for a mo bonis flebilis occidit, nulli flebilior quam ment to bear testimony, to his unswerving mihi. Mr. Willyams married Elizabethintegrity-to his undeviating loyalty to Rebecca, daughter of the late Snell, his King and attachment to the Consti esq. of Whitley-court, co. Gloucester, by tution of his Country, and also to the whom he has left two sons and two sincerest respect to its Established Church daughters. and to its constituted authorities :-those who krew him in business will subscribe July 27. Died, at Surbiton Lodge, near their witness to his correctness in every Kingston, Surrey, early in the morning, transaction; those who were admitted to

very suddenly, after an illness of only his confidence and his friendship will bear two hours, in the 66th year of his age, ample record to his urbanity, and to the the Rev. George Savage, M. A. Vicar of just value which they placed in his es Kingston cum Richmond, in the coun. teem; and those who had occasion, to ty of Surrey, and Rector of St. Mary unite with him in his many plans for the Aldermary, and St. Thomas the Apostle, public good, and for the arnelioration of in the city of London. On the fol., the condition of the poor, for the promo- lowing Saturday, the 3d of August, his tion of all which he was an active and remains were deposited in a vault under zealous contributor and allviser, will Kingston church, anidst the sincere la. readily subscribe to tbe tribute justly ac mentations of a considerable number of corded to his anxious solicitude for their friends and parishioners, assembled, on welfare! Where, if we look round, shall we the melancholy occasiou, to pay their last find a man fit to be placed in the chair respects to departed worth. After passing which he has lest?-where is the man, so through the usual gradations of Eion possessed of the inind and the power to school with credit and reputation, he was will and to do? whose soul was so truly entered at King's liege, Cambridge, the spirit of meekness ? and whose bounty B. A. 1774, M. A. 1777, and was for some was the unostentatious charity of Chris- time a distinguished preceptor in the ye. tian love?

uerable seai of literature where be re..
"I have offered this feeble tribute to the ceived his education. lo 1790, he suco,
memory of a valued friend, whose charac ceeded to the vicarage of Kingston, on
ter and conduct it was one of my accus. the presentation of Eton College; and soon
toined satisfactions to observe; I respecte after, without any solicitation of his own,
ed it, not so much for the kind marks of was spontaneously preferred by his highly
his friendship which I received, as from revered friend Dr. Weston, Canon Resi-
its own intrinsic excellence for I have dentiary of St. Paul's, 10 the rectory of
no fear of contradiction, when I assert St. Mary Aldermary, with attending cir-
it to have been innately good ; studious cumstances, which reflected mutual bo.
of acquitting himself of all his duties; nour upon both parties. From attachment,
and as universally esteemed as he was to his patron, and the handsome manner
universally known. Of bim, I may truly in wbich the living was conferred upon
add, that he lived beloved and died la. him, he ever regarded St. Mary Alder-,
mented. May it be my lot, so to live and mary's with partiality and complaceocy.
so to die!

A, H. He for 26 years discharged the office of
an exemplary, resident pastor in his pa-

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rish of Kingsion, and from his general was during some years Lieut.-colonel ofthe benevolence, uodissembled piety, and nu. Royal Lanarkshire Militia, and was chief iberous, though secret acis of charity, was of the very antient and distinguished fauniversally beloved and respected by all mily of Lockhart, concerning whom, and who were acquainted with his character. the famous Lee penny, belonging to them --As a scholar, his information was sound since the fourteenth century, are several and extensive, without the smallest taint curious particulars in the Gen. Mag. for of pedantry or affectation. As a Divine, Dec. 1787, p. 1045. Sir Alexander, who his belief in the doctrines of our holy re for several years bore the name of Maca ligion was form and unwavering; and his donald of Largie, from the estate of that desire to inculcate its saving truths, ge. appellation which he inherited in right of nuine and earnest, without a shadow of his mother, assumed that of Lockhart on ostentation or vain glory.--His temper succeeding to the estates of that family, was mild and serepe-his manners were which, by virtue of entails excluding fe. affable and conciliating; and whilst "bis males, passed, on the death of Charles easy presence checked no decent joy," Couni Lockhart, in August 1802, over bis such a decorum presided over his whole sister (wife of Anthony Aufrère, esg. of demeanour, as was a powerful restraint Hoveton, in Norfolk) to his cousin german upon every rudeness or impropriety of Alexander, eldest surviving son (James conduct. In short, he was a gentleman Macdonald, his elder brother having fal. and an exemplary Christian.

len before Dunkirk in 1793, an ensiga in

the 37th regt.) of Charles Lockhart, esq. DEATHS

only brother of the late James Count 1815, ON board his Budgerow, on the Lockhart (who died at Pisa in February Dec. 8.

river Ganges, in his 37th 1790), and who had so distinguished him. year, Capt. G. Waite, Bengal Native In- self in the Seven Years' War in the service fantry. This officer was on his way to of the House of Austria, that he was suce Calcutta to join his regiment at Chunar, cessively promoted to tbe ranks of Colowhen he and his wife were suddenly nel and Major. General, and rewarded with taken ill, and stopped for medical aid at the titles of Baron and Count of the Holy Bankipore, when Capt. Waite died at Roman Empire, the order of Maria Teresa, two in the morning, and Mrs. Waite six and the key of Chamberlain to the Empehours after. Their remains were removed ror of Germany.. This General Count L. to Dinapore, and intérred in one grave. united in his person the houses of Lee and

1816. April 26. On his passage from Carowath, having succeeded to the LairdCalcutta, J. S. Holines, esq.

ship of Lee on failure of male issue in the At St. Martin's, P. P. Despard, esq. posterity of the celebrated Sir William collector of that island.

L. a renowned general under Cromwell, May 3. At St. Helena, the wife of (whose niece, Robina, Sewster, he inara Major David Kinnaird.

ried) Governor of Dunkirk, and Ambasa June 20. At Hastings, aged 70, H. sador to Louis XIV. both from Cromwell Byne, esq. of Carshalion, Surrey.

and from King Charles the Second ; and June 22. Aged 40, Sir Alexander being grandson of George Lockhart of Macdonald Lockhart, of Lee and Carn- Carnwath, who was eldest son of Ambaswath, baronet, (so created May 24, 1806) sador Lockhart's next brother, Sir George who is succeeded in his title and unin. Lockhart, Lord President of the Court of cumbered estates of 14,0001. per ann. by Session, and who was a very able and disbis eldest sin, now Sir Charles Lockhart, tioguished member of the Scotch and Brie & minor of about seventeen years. The tish Parliaments, the sole Scotch Jacobite death of Sir Alexander was owing to his be named as a Commissioner for treating of ing thrown from the box of his carriage, 15 ihe Union, an intrepid and active advomiles from Inverary, to the inn at which cate for the rights and independence of bie place he was conveyed for medical assist. native country, an unsbaken friend to the ance, when it was found that the wheels house of Stuart, and a much respected of the carriage 'having passed over bis character in public and in private life. ehest had given rise to some dangerous This eminent senator and patriot left bea symptoms of inward hurt; he however con hind him, for publication at a distant petinued some days without apparently in- riod, and chiefly in his own handwriting, creasing danger, received the visit of his a collection of most iuteresting papers brother and elde-t sister, was well enough relative to the affairs of the two countries to quit his bed, and even spoke of himself from the accession of Queen Anne in as sufficienily recovered to be able to pro 1702, until 1728, a memorable period, ceed upon his journey; but shortly after during which he acted a conspicuous part; wards he felt weak, lay down upon the and as he had much intercourse with the bed, and soon expired. He once repre Queen's ministers, he had an opportunity 'sented the town of Berwick upon "Tweed, of becoming acquainted with many of the Gent. MAG. August, 1816.

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secret springs of action during the latter the memory of a friend he highly esteem years of her reign. Among these papers ed, and for the loss of whom he feels, is is his correspondence (from 1716 to 1728) common with his surviving relatives, the with the son of King James the Second, deepest regret. The affliction in which generally called the Chevalier de St. this event has involved a family, consiste George, or the Old Pretender, trapscribed ing of a widow, five sons, and as many by Mr. Loikbart from the cypher em daughters, will, it is hoped, be soothed by ployed by' that prince and himself. All cherishing i bose principles which the subthese papers, together with many others ject of this memoir ever inculcated, and containing curious particulars concerning which he left behind him as the richest the young Chevalier's expedition in 1745, legacy he could bequearb. and wonderful escape in 1746, which are “ Not lost, but gone before." believed also to be inedited, are in the At Weston-super-Mare, in her 52d year, posses.ion of Mr. Aufrère; and as he con. Mary, wife of Isaac Jacobs, esq. of Bristol siders them a valuable acquisition to our In France, aged 6+, James Stephens, historical literature, he is preparing them esq. of Cainerton, near Bach, in the comfor the press.

mission of the peace for The county of SoJune 26, O.S. At Kiew, where he had merset, and late colonel of the Bath Foresided some years, and received a pen rum volunteers. sion from the Russian government, aged July 2. In Gloucester-place, after an 56, Prince Ypsilanti, formerly Hospodar illness of only three days, in her 7512 of Moldavia and Wallachia. He had re year, Mary Baroness Nolcken. This lady, turned that day from St. Petersburg, had well known in the circles of fashion, and conversed cheerfully and in good health celebrated in her youth for the charms of with his family, and died during ihe night. her person and the elegance of her man. Four of his sons serve in the Russian army. ners, as well as for her strong resemblance

June 29. In Leicester-square, aged to the unfortunate Queen of France, was 76, Robert Bland, M.D.

a native of Dublin, and youngest daughJune 30. At Whitehaven, aged 80, ter of Roche, esq. of the county of William Don, esq. capt. R. N. brother of Cork, the lineal descendant of the ancient General Don, lieut.-governor of Gibraltar, Viscounts of Fermory, attainted for their

At 'Aberdeen, W. Brebner, esq. eldest attachment to the house of Stuart. She son of Alex. Brebner, esq. of Lairney. was educated in England by her maternal

Aged above 89, Rev. Patrick Hare, grandfather, Commodore Brown, who, as D. D. rector of Goolden and Templetooly, a reward for his heroic services as second and many years vicar-general of the dio in command at the capture of Monte Bela cese of Cashel.

lo, held the post of Commissioner of ChatJune .... Aged 87, at Meliorby, in ham Dock-yards.-Her first husband was Coverdale, Yorkshire, Richard Kunder, S. C. Lemaistre, esq. Recorder of Rocheswho was parish clerk of Coverham up ter, and afterwards one of His Majesty's wards of 48 years, and during the whole Judges of the Supreme Court of Judicatime performed the duties of his office ture at Bengal. By his gentleman she with great attention.

had three children, Mrs. Rawlins and Mrs. July 1, At Upper Homerton, where he Macrae (both dead), and J. G. Lemaistre, had resided for the greatest part of his esq. (author of the Rough Sketch of Paris, life, in his 65th year, Nicholas De St. of Travels, and other publications), who Croix, esq.

He was born in the island of survives ber. After the death of Mr. JusJersey, of respectable parents, both of tice Lemaistre, sbe married his Excellency whom he lost in his youth. At eight years Baron Nolcken, who for fifty years was old, he was sent to England for education, his Swedish Majesty's Envoy Extraordiand imbibed, in this country a steady at pary and Minister Plenipoteutiary at the tachment to its Constitution, which he con Court of London. By this marriage she stantly evinced in conversation, and more bad two sons yet living, Gustavus, the recently, in active co-operation, as an of. present Baron, and Major Nolcken, forficer of the volunteers who had united in merly of the 3d Regt. of Guards, and now its defence. His conduct, as a parent, of the 83d Foot. The Baroness will be was regulated by a high sense of duty. long reinembered and sincerely regretted He was aa hospitable friend, and a cheer by a numerous circle of attached friends. ful companion. As a member of the church At his brother's seat, Glannamore, Ireof England, his religion was free from en. land, Edm. Nagle, esq. celebrated as an thusiasm, and his piety from moroseness unrivalled performer ou the pipes. and vstentation. His charisies were bound.

July 3. At Dowager Viscountess Syded only by his means, the necessary limits ney's, Chapel - street, Grosvenor-square, of which, he was at all times ready to ex. Hon. William Augustus Townshend, M. P. tend by bis advice and personal exertions. for Wbitchurch. More would have been said, had not the Aged 80, T. Neale, esq. of Charlotte writer of this paragraph feared to injure row, New-road, St. Marylebone.

Lieut:-gen, the Hon. Sir Brydges Tre Jand, in her 91st year, Mrs. Graham, wiGothick Henniker, bart. of Newton Hall, dow of T. Graham, esq. late of Edmond Essex, youngest son of the late, and bro Castle, mother of Sir James Grabam, harta, ther of the present, Lord Henniker. He' M.P. for Carlisle. had the command as Brigadier-general at July 14. At Kinneris, near Forfar, N.B. Carlow during the Rebellion in Ireland; John Nicoll, esq. late of Threadoeedleand the grateful thanks of that part of the street, London. country were voted to him, for his un At Barry's Court, co. Cork, Wm. Copwearied exertions in their defence, and for pinger, esq. the maintenance of legal authority. In July 15. At Stirling, aged 25, Wm.. the war which was terminated by the Macfarlane, esq. late surgeon of H. M. peace in 1802, he volunteered for the ship Crescent. Continent with three detachments of the Seized with an apoplectic fit after walk5th, 71h, and 9th drag. (of the last of which ing from his own house to a bookseller's he was lieut.-colonel); but on the very in the neighbourhood, which terminated point of enibarkation, be received orders' fatally, notwithstanding medical exertion, to join the camp at Ketley, under Lord Ricbard Colies, esq. barrister, of DubMoira. His life as a inagistrate in his lin. As a lawyer, he was of most indus. native county of Essex was exemplary ; trious habits, and had attained a very no less his death to those who were the high professional character-as a gentlemournful witnesses. A widow, four sons, man, he was possessed of engaging and and two daughters survive bim.

useful qualities. He was twice married ; At Plympton, Rev. W. Payne, perpe. first to the sister of Baron George, and tual curate at Plympton St. Mary, and' secondly to the sister of Surgeon Richards, rector of Coleridge.

who survives him. At Bourdeaux, on his return from Spain

July 16.

At Hastings, in the arms of for the recovery of his health, Sir John her disconsolate parents, after a lingering Hunter, consul at Madrid.

illness, in her 341h year, Madlle. VicJuly 4. In London - street, Fitzroy toire Ruffy, eldest daughter of Prince square, aged 66, Capt. W. Scory, formerly Castelcicala. She was a pattern of ex. a commander in the East ludia Compa. emplary and Christian fortitude, endowed ay's naval service.

with every accomplishment and virtue In the City-road, aged 83, J. Elisha, esq. the best of daughters, the best of sisters,

Aged 66, the wife of John Spooner, esq. the best of friends, banker, Ipswich.

At sea, on his passage from Jamaica; At Scotney Castle, in a paroxysm of where he had been employed on the staff mental derangement, aged 66, Edw. Hus af tbat Island, in his 56th year, Major sey, esq. in the commission of the peace for gen. Trevor Hull. Sussex and Kent, his seat standing in both July 17. Mr. Wm. Tash, of Broomcounties.

field-house, Southgate. At Doncaster, Mrs. Buck, relict of Sa At Oxford, after retiring to rest in permuel Buck, esq. (many years Recorder fect health, Joanna, wife of Alex. Nicoll, of Leeds) and eldest sister of Richard El esq. of Baliol college, Oxford, youngest Jison, esq. M.P. for Lincoln.

daughter of the late A. A. Feldborg, esq. July 5. At Clontarf, near Dublin, Maria, of Copenhagen. She was a most amiable wife of Sir Wm. Bagpall Burdett, bart. young lady, and had been married only

July 19. lo his 61st year, Richard a week. Hughes, esq. of Lincolu's-ino.

Ai Bath, aged 89, J. Erving, esq. This At Seal, jo bis 73d year, Rev. Wm. gentleman was descended from a very Humphry, M.A. 46 years vicar of Kemp. ancient Scottish family ; and was, exceptsing-cum-Seal, and vicar of Birling, Keni. ing one, the last survivor of the Honour

Mary-Anne, wife of Rich. Stanley, esq. able Mandamus Council at Boston, New of Barber Wood, near Sheffield, daughier England. He married Maria-Catherine, of the late Joseph Thacker, gent. of Wilne daughter of Hon. Wm. Shirley, GovernorMills, co. Derby.

general of New England, who died only a Leut.-gen. Cliffe, of Taunton. A libe. few mooths before him, after having lived rality of mind diffused itself through the together in uninterrupted affection upwhole of his conduct; and while to his equals

wards of 60 years. he was cordial and friendly, to the poor At Dant-y-goltry-house,

near Aber. he was a monitor and benefactor. He gavenny, suddenly, Mrs. Gabbell, widow served a considerable part of the war in of Rev. T. Gabbell. America, was at the capture of the Cape July 18. At the Royal Hotel, Chester, of Good Hope, and for some years filled Henry Augustus Leycester, esq. second the situations of Adjutant-general to the son of the late Sir Peter Leycester, bart. King's troops, and Military secretary to of Tabley-house, Cheshire, and Lieut.. the commander-in-chief in India.

col, of the Prince Regent's regimeut of At her daughter's, Stoneham, Cumber. Cheshire Yeomanry cavalry.



July 19. The wife of Henry Hoare, year, Robertson Buchanan, esq. of Glas. e esg. of Mitcham-grove.

gow, civil engineer. He was the author At Islington, in bis 71st year, John of some useful works, particularly “ Es- s Down, esq. brother of the late Richard says on the Economy of Fuel, and Ma. Down, esq. banker, Bartholomew-lane. nagement of Heat," 1810, 8vo, and “Prace'i

Mr. Brydges, surgeon, of Leicester, for- tical Essays on Mill work, and other Ma., merly house.surgeon to the Infirmary chinery, mechanical and descriptive,"1814,;" there with cunsiderable credit to himself, 3 vols. 8vo; and was a contributor to the and advantage to the institution. After Philosophical Magazine, and to the Edinhis resignation, he was with the army at burgh Encyclopædia. Walcheren, and in the Peninsula, The In bis 17th year, Mr. R. Howe'l, jun, opportunities thus afforded him of acquire son of John Howell, esq. of Clonmel. Deing a practical knowledge of his profession, prived in his infancy of the sense of hear. and the skill and assiduity with which he ing, and the faculty of speech, he evinced discharged its duties, will render him a a capacity of mind, an accuracy of taste serious loss to the publick.' In society and discernment, and an ap:itude to the he was cheerful and humorous, possess business of life, that are rarely to be met ing an honourable mind, and an ardent with at ihat age with the best advantage philanthropic disposition.

of cultivation. July 20, At his father's, Dover.street, July 23. At Harrogate, 'Mrs. Elizaaged 29 J. Ainslie, esq. of Plumplon- beth Hainilton ; a lady well known to the lodge, Ulverstone.

world as the author of several useful and Benj.Wright, esq. of Clapham-common. elegant works, of the most beneficial teua At Lidlington, co. Bedford, aged 27, dency, and happy execution. The quaW. Platt, esq.

lities of her heart keeping pace with the Benj. Parker, esq. of Dudley, who for excellency of her understanding, she was several years past successfully carried not more revered by the publick for her, on extensive iron-works in that neighbour talents, than beloved by her friends for þood, in partnership with his brothers. her virtues: she died after a long series

At Tamworth, in his 80th year, Samuel of sickness and suffering, patienily and Cooper, esq. formerly of Southampton. piously sustained, and has left behind her, buildings, Chancery-lane,

all the regrets which were due to the loss July 21.

lo Euston-square, in his 201h of such a character.--She was sister of year, Frederick-Augustus, eldest son of Lieut. Charles Hamilton, who died in Jobo Earle Pitcher, esq. of Bath. 1792, in the service of the East India

At Welwyn, Herts, aged 77, Capt. Hugh Company in Bengal. She was entrusted Barkie, R. N.

with the education of the daughters of a At Tolcross, near Glasgow, in his 75th Scottish Nobleman, to the eldest of whom year, James Dunlop, esq.

her Letters on the formation of the Relia At Madrid, Mr. Lyell, Kiog's Messen. gious and Moral principle were addressed, ger for about 20 years. He was found The following is a list of her publicalions: murdered in the Retiro, with seven distinct “ Letters of a Hindoo Rajah," 1796, 2 stabs in his body, four of which were in vols. Svo. “ Memoirs of Mollern Philo. the heart; given by a triangular instru• sophers,” 1800, 3 vols. 8vo.“ Letters op ment such as a bayonet, or a tuck which the Elementary Principles of Education," is generally carried in a cane. He had 1802, 2 vols. 8vo. « Life of Agrippina, Spanish money amounting to 301. on him. wife of Germanicus,". 1604, 3 vols. 8vo. He was formerly in the family of Lord " Letters on the Formation of the Reli. Cathcart, and was a man of singularly gious and Moral Principle," 1806, 2 volsa mild and quiet manners, the last to plunge 8vo. “ The Cottagers of Glenburnie,” into riot or disturbance. The Spanish 1808, 8vo. “ Rules of the Annuity Fund Government have made every endeavour for the Benefit of Governesses,” (Anor.) to trace the assassins, but hiiberto with 1803, 410. “ Exercises in Religious out effect. His remains were interred the Knowledge.” 1809, 12mo. " Popular following evening in the garden of the Essays, illustrating Priuciples esseniially Recoletas.

coupected with the Improvement of the July 22.

At his chambers in the Tem. Understanding, the Imagination, and the ple, aged 51, Robert Pooley, esq. bar. Heart," 1813, 2 vols. 8vo. rister-at-law, a man distinguished for good Lately. Elizabeth, wife of the Rér. Jo sense, sound judgment, high independence seph Monkhouse, rector of Market Deep of mind, and inflexible integrity.

ing, Lincoloshire. In Great George-street, Westminster, At Chesham, in his 33d year, John 'aged 78, Mrs. A. Meyrick, daughter of Bailey, junr. Hon. Lady Lucy Meyrick, and grand At Ounille, aged abont 70, Mr. Jahn daughter of Ridgley, Earl of Londonderry. Noort houck, nearly 50 years a liveryman

At his uncle's, (Dr. Iones, of Creech of the Company of Stationers. He was St. Michael, gear Taunton) in bis 46th the son of Herman Noorthouck, a book


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