the whole of the evidence, on all sides, of a blood-vessel in a fit of coughing. She Sir William made a second report iv fa- was the daughter of an Irish officer, of the your of the claimant. The matter was name of Bland, with whom her mother had then referred to the House of Lords, when eloped from the house of her father, a digthe claim to the Anglesea peerage was nified Clergyman, while the Captain was disallowed, though defended by Lord Chief on duty with his regiment in Wales. Justice Mansfield. The House of Lords Necessity compelled the youthful pair, it of Ireland having then a distinct judica- is said, io have recourse to the stage for ture, the claim to the litles of ViscountVa

support; and the little Dorothea first drew Jentia, Baron Mountnorris, and Baron Al. her breath among the Thespiau corps. The tham, in Ireland, was referred to that as. father of Mrs, Jordan, Capt. Bland, was sembly; and was finally decided in favour of a very respectable family in Ireland, of his lordship, as the undoubted son and who were also in possession of a genheir of Richard, seventh Viscount Valen- teel income; his embracing the profession tia in Ireland, sixth Earl of Anglesea in of an actor, therefore, tended to widen the England. He consequently became the breach already made amongst his relatives eighth Viscount Valentia, and in 1703 by his precipitate marriage: these relawas created Earl of Mountnorris. The de. tives, at lengih, succeeded in disannulling eision of the claim to the English honours the marriage ; and Mrs. Bland was left of Earl of Anglesea, &c. remained with. with a numerous family, totally dependant out any revision of the judgment, not. on herself for that inadequate support afwithstanding the peculiar circumstances forded by her profession. To the honour of the case.-The Earl lest issue by his of Mrs. Jordan's filial affection, as she adfirst Countess, Lucy, oniy daughter of vanced towards womanhood, she nobly George the celebrated Lord Lyttelton, an resolved to exert all her abilities to assist ooty sont, George Viscount Valentia, now her unhappy mother; and at a very early second Earl of Mountnorris ; and two age she procured an engagement with Rydaughters, viz. Lady Juliana Lucy Barry, der, the Dublin manager, making her first and Lady Hester Arabella Macleod. By appearance in Phæbe, in As You Like It,' his second Countess, Sarah, daughter of little imagining then that she would fascithe Rt. hon. Sir Henry Cavendish, bart. nate a crowded audience in London by her by Sarah, Baroness Waterpark, he has Rosalind. A natural sense of propriety left issue one son, Henry; and three induced her to take the game of Francis, daughters, viz. Lady Joho Somerset, Lady on her first appearance, in order to avoid Frances Weddę burn Webster, and Lady wounding the pride of her father's relatives. Juliana Annesley.

Daly soon afterwards engaged her for his At Calgarth Park, Wes moreland, the Theatre, in Crow-street, and her favour Right Reverend and truly Venerable with the publick increased ; but some im. Richard Watson, D. D. Bishop of Landaff; proper conduct towards her, on the part of whom some memoirs shall be given in of the manager, obligiog her to quit Duba our next.

lin, she joined the Yorkshire company of July 5, At Kentish-town, aged 66, Rev. Tate Wilkinson, at Leeds. The manager A. Austin, more than 30 years pastor of asking her what line she wished to engage the Baptist church meeting, Elim-place, in, sh: immediately answered, with that Fetler-lane,

fascinating frankness and vivacity so naAt Church Hill House, Walthamstow, tural to her, “ All!” She was then first Frances, widow of the late C. J. Sims, esq. introduced, the same night, as Calista in of the Island of Jamaica.

The Fair Penitent, and Lucy in The Virgin Susan, eldest daughter of Thomas Stone, Unmasked. Her fame soon became known esq. of Barrow-upon-Soar, co. Leicester. -he applause she received, in whatever

In her 75th year, Anne Milnes, relict character she undertook, was unbounded : of the Rev. James Andrew Milnes, LL.D. she was applied to by the London ma. of Newark upon-Trent, Nottinghamshire. nagers, and eogaged at Drury-lane at four

At Exeter, aged 19, Pobert, third son pounds a week. Peggy, in The Country of Gen, and Lady Theodosia Bligh, nephew Girl, was her chef d'æuvre, and we despair of the Earl of Darnley.

of ever again witnessing the sterling naïveté At Margate, the day after his arrival with which she performed that character. from Africa, having been absent from Her salary, after performing this part, was England 27 years, in his 49th year, E. iminediately doubled, then trebled, and W. White, esq. late governor in chief of two benefits in the season were allowed the British Forts and Settlements on the her. For a very long period, she contiGold Coast.

nued in the highest receipt of any salary AtSt. Cloud, lhe celebrated and favourite hefore given at Drury-lane. Soon after representative muse, Mrs. Dorothea Jur. her engagement in the Metropolis, she dan. She had been seized with an inflam- lost her mother; but all her relatives have mation of the lungs, but the more imme- felt the effects of her bounty ;, for though diate cause of her death,was the rupture her maternal fondness certainly first point.

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ed towards her own numerous family, yet from whence he had recently arrived, and her generosity has been extreme to others. intended to retire from the service. :'3

July 6. At Bath, aged 85, Rev. Thos. July 12. lo Nottingham-place, in his 63d Webster, D. D. a member of the Esta- year, Vice-adm. Sir W. Essington, K.C.B. blished Church of Sequand, a map of truly lo l'ortman-square, Mrs. Hornby, wit unaffected piety, apd of real uuostenta- dow of the late Wm. Hornby, esq. fortious charity.

merly governor of Bombay.
At Shrewsbury, Rev. T. Goodinge, At East Sheen Vale, Mortlake, Mrs.
LL. D. rector of Coand, formerly of St. Marianne Vias ; of whom in our next.
Jobn's-college, Oxford.

At Bath, aged 23, R. L. Hopkins,
July 7. In Devonshire-street, in his youngest son of Wm. Hopkins, esq. of
27th year, Prancis Towne, esq. an artist Hanwell, Middlesex.
of great eminence as a landscape painter. Aged 67, Wm. Hall, esq. alderman of

In Compton street, Brunswick-square, Beverley. Eleanor, wife of Richard Addison, esq. At St. Pol, France, in consequence of solicitor, Staple-inn.

having been overturned in a gig on the la Sloane-street, in her 31st year, Eli. 4th inst. Henry Egerton Marsh, brevet zabeth, wife of Francis Luvell, esq. major of the Royal Artillery. Being the

At Bromley, Middlesex, in his 24th first captain of the Artillery list, he was year, George, eldest son of the late Mark upon the eve of being promoted to a full Hodgson, esq.

majority, in consequence of the recent At Camberwell, in her 64th year, Mrs. death of Lieut,-col. Dyer, same corps. Sherer, widow of the late John Sherer, esq. July 15. At Aberdeen, in the 34th year

At Belmont Lodge, near Uxbridge, the of his Episcopate, Rt. Rev. John Skinner, wife of T. Harris, esq. chief proprietor of Primate of the Episcopal church in ScotCovent Garden Theatre.

laod : of whom probably more hereafter. At Kensington, in his 65th year, T. July 14. In his 66th year, Rev. Sir Harris, esq.

John Wheate.
Sarah, only surviving daughter of Edw. July 15. At Lord Bagot's, Blithfield,
Armitage, esq. of Farnley Hall, Leeds. co. Stafford, Georgiana Mary Sophia,

July 8. At Hull, near Barnstaple, aged fourth danghter of Walter Sneyd, esq. of
15, Charles, eldest son of Charles Chi. Keel, in the same county.
chester, esq.

Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas Martin, July 9. At Hammersmith, Mrs. Da- surgeon at Reigate, leaviug a husband vies, widow of Major A. Davies, of the with five young children, to lament their Last India Company's service.

irreparable loss. July 11. AtBrixton,suddeuly,aged 54, Mr. July 23. At Maidstone, in Kent, Wm.. Heary Garden, late purser of the Marquis Alexander, esq. of the British Museum; Camden Indiaman. This gentleman had of whom a short Memoir will be given in made fifteen voyages to the East Indies, our next Number.

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METEOROLOGICAL Table for July, 1816. By W. CARY, Strand.
Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.

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BILL OF MORTALITY, from June 21, to July 23, 1816.

2 and '5 143 50 and 60 120 Males 984 Males

5 and 10 71

60 and 70 110 1930 Females 946


10 and 20

52 | 70 and 80 Whereof have died under 2 years old 389

20 and 30 113 | 80 and 90 57

30 and 40 148 | 90 and 100 11, Salt 1. per bushel; 441l. per pound.

-40 and 50 166

sol 이


} 1470




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0 327

AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending July 20.

Wheat | Rye Barly, Oats „Beans

Wheat Rye Barly Oats Beans. d. s. d. S. d. s. d. s. d.

s. d. s. d. s. d., s. d., s. d. Middlesex 78 3100 030 3128 934 11|Essex 73 036 0127 628 Surrey 78 8/36 0 32 027 639 61|Kent 76 400 0131 8/26 0 31 Hertford 74 8 30 0 30 025 236 3|Sussex 77 700 028 027 3 40 0 Bedford 74 4109 027 10 24 4|33 2||Suffolk 80 · 900

029 10/26 01325 Huntingdon 74 3100 028 020 1029 8|Camb. 70 2100

0 25 11/20 030 8 Northamp. 70 000 0 28 10/22 8 30 5|Norfolk 75 038 10 24 4/21' 4130 0 Rutland 75 000 0 30 0122 0 32 6| Lincoln 70 347

028 2119 7296 Leicester 71 4 36 027 4/22 6 30 0 York 71 038

8 29 1 20 931 9 Nottingham 73 640 029 623 8 33 6||Durham 176 100 000 025 2100 0 Derby 75 400 000 0/27 0 38 3 Northum. 75 360 0130 026 500 Stafford 73 400 000 021 335 5 Cumberl. 68 6 38 1028 721 00 Salop 72 0 43 2100 0 21 5 39 1||Westmor. 74 2 48 027

223 100 Hereford 75 733 627 8/22 631 1||Lancaster 74 000 000 022 38 Worcester 70 737 4130 2 26 231 1 | Chester 67 10100 Oloo 000 100 Warwick 71 1100 0130 0124 4134 0 Flint 67 000 031 11100 000 Wilts 72 8100 032 4123 638 8||Denbigh 69 400 0/23

17 4100 Berks

78 300 0 30 0 28 2 88 1||Anglesea 68 000 028 013 6100 Oxford 70 3100 027 024 9132 0|| Carnarvon 74 800 028 019 4.00 Bucks 76 1100 0/31 326 1032 8||Merioneth 72 200 035 0118 6100 Brecou 77 400 029 214 000 0||Cardigan 64. 000 026 0116 000 Montgom. 69 1044 9 32 022


0 Pembroke 56 100 0 22 1000 000 0 Radnor -75 700 0127 419 8100' 0 | Carmart. 60 800 032 0115 600 0

Glainorg. 75 000 034

8/20 0100 0 0 Average of England and Wales, per quarter Gloucest. 71 300 0 30 3125 1033 73 7140 6129 81225134 | Somerset 81 200 029 718

4138 0 Average of Scotland, per quarter :

Monmouth84 700 040 0100 000 0 70 2131 0127 6123 3131 4 Devon 84 300 0132 9/21 200 0 Aggregate Average Prices of the Twelve Ma- Cornwall 88 700 033 919 9000 ritime Districts of England and Wales, by Dorset 77 300 0135

300 000 0 which Exportation and Bounty are to bellHants 76 200 028 7124 4138 0 regulated in Great Britain.

......,00 Oloo

oloo 0100 000 PRICE OF FLOUR, per Sack, July 22, 70s. to 75s, OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, July 20, 25$. 7d.,

AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, July 24, 43s. 383. per cwt.

PRICE OF HOPS, IN THE BOROUGH MARKET, July 22 : Kent Bags 31. 10s. to 61. 10s. Kent Pockets

61. Os. to 91. 9s. Sussex Ditto 31. Os. to 61. Os. Sussex Ditto..

51. 55. to 81, Os. Farnham Pockets....101. Os. to 161. Os. | Essex Ditto....... 61. 10s. to 91. Os.

St. James's, Hay 41. 5s. 6d. Straw 21. 145. Od.---Whitechapel, Hay 51. 8s. Straw 21. 145.
Clover 61. 16s. 6d, Smithfield, Hay 5l. 15s. Od. Straw 21. 145. Od. Clover 61. Os. Oda

SMITHFIELD, July, 22. To sink the Offal—per Stone of 8lbs.
Beef .......
..4s. Od. to 5s. Od.

..48. 8d. to 6s. 40. .4s. Od. to 5s. Od. Head of Cattle at Market Jaly 22 : Veal

45. Od. to 5s. 4d. Beasts ........ 1,760. Calves 250. Pork

3s. Od. to 4s. 8d. Sheep and Lanabs, 16,860, Pigs 280. COALS, July 22: Newcastle 34s. Ud. tp 45s. 9d. Sunderland 34s. 6d. to 38s. '6d. SOAP, Yellow, 86s. Mottled 94s. Curd 985. CANDLES, 10s. 6d. per Doz. Moulds 12s. Od. TALLOW, per Stone, 81b. St. James's: 3s. 18. Clare Market Os. Od. Whitechapel 3s. 04.



Mutton ....

THE AVERAGE PRICES of NAVIGABLE CANAL SHARES and other PROPERTY, in July 1816 (to the 26th), at the Office of Mr. Scott, 28, New Bridge-street, London.Birmingham Canal, 7301. div. 361. clear per Apnum,-Coreotry Canal, 7001. div. 441. clear.-Oxford Canal, 4401. 311. per Aunum.-Leeds and Liverpool, 2001. ex. div. 41. Half-year.-Monmouth, 1201. ex. div. 41. dilio.-Grand Junction (div. suspended), 1201.--Grand Union, 531.-Kennet and Avon, 131.-Ellesmere, 761. div. 41.Cheliner, 70!, div. 47.-Lancaster, 171. 10s.-West-India Dock, 1481. 1471. div. 101.London ditto, 741.-Globe lusurance, 1051.-Chelsea Water Works, 81, 18s. od.Strand B.idge Annuities, ll. 155. premium. -Ditto Shares, 171.- London Lostitution, 401.-Pussel ditto, 151, 15s.

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63 62% 63 | 624

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RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. Bank Buildings, Loudon.

[ocr errors][ocr errors]

perCi Cons.


Cons. Navy
Red. 13 per Ct. perCt. 5 percnk. LongIrish 5, Imp. | Imp.



India So. Sea 3 perc India E. Bills Ex. Ta.

2 dis.
2 dis.

3 pr.
I pr.
I dis. par
Sdis. 2 dis,
4 dis. 3 dis.
2 dis, l 1 dis.

5 pr.
5 pr.

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3 pr.


[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

Prialed by NICHOLS, Son, and BENTLEY, Red Lioa Passage, Fleet Street, London.



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Cornw.-Corent. 2 GENERAL EVENING

Cumb.2. Doncast. M.Post-M.Herald

Derb.-Dorchest. Morning Chronic.

Durham Essex Times-M. Advert.

Exeter 2, Glouc. 2 P.Ledger&Oracle

Halifax-Hants 2 Brit. Press-Day

Hereford, Hull 3 St. James's Chron.

fluntingd.-Kent 4 Sun-Even, Mail

Ipswichi, Laitcas. Star-Traveller

Leices.2--Leeds 2 Pilot--Statesman

Lichfield, Liver.6 Packet-Lond.Chr.

Maidst, Manch. 4. Albion--C. Chron.

Newc.3.-Notts. 2 Courier-Globe

Northampton Eng. Chron.--Ing.

Norfolk, Norwich Cour.d'Angleterre


N.Wales Oxford 2 Cour, de Londres

Portsea-Pottery 150therWeekly P.

Preston-Plym. 2 17 Sunday Papers

Reading -Salisb. Hue & Cry Police

Salop-Sheffield2 Lit. Adv. monthly

Sherborne, Sussex Bath 3—Bristol 5

Shrewsbury ! Berwick-Boston

Staff.-Stamf. 2 Birmingham 3

Taunton-Tyne Blackb. Brighton

Wakefi.- Warw. Bury St. Edmund's

Wolverh. Worc. 2 Camb.-Chath.

York3.IRELAND37) Carli.2.- Chester 2 CONTAINING

SCOTLAND 24. Chelms. Cambria.

Jersey 2. Guern. 2. Meteorological Diaries for June & Aug. 98, 190 Pieview of Dew Publications.

miscellaneous Torrespondence, &c. Surtees's History of Durhain, Vol. 1 ....... 1.37 Character of Mr. Sheridan vindicated........99 Dr. Wbira ker's History of Craven, co. York 140 Tour through various parts of Flanders,&c. 102 Woolnoth's Illust.orCanterbury Cathedral 143 MSS.of R. Warner, Esq.--Index Indicatorius. 104 Gall's Life of Benjamin West, Esq. P.R.A.,144 Felixstow Coltage.- Brasses at Amphill,&c.105 | Narrative of Ten Years' Residence at Tripoli 146 Poetica Epitaphs.-John of Lidgate's grave? 106 Systematic Education, by Shepherd, &c... 150 Lonth School, Poem by Robert Naunton. 107 Sermons on Moral and Religions Subjects ibid. Dr. Richardson on value of Fiorin Grass..108 Christian's Manual; by P. W. Crowther..151 On the Bust and Portrait of Shakspeare ..110 White's Sermon, &c. on the Liturgy 152 Short Visit to France: Calais,Boulogne, &c.113 Dr. Tatham on the Scarcity of Money..... 155 Bequest for the Redemption of Captives...118 Reasons for Gratitude.-- Public Prosperity.156 Slave Trade.--The Colony of Sierra Leone. 119 Literary Intelligence.

.157 Report on the Labours of M. Asselin......ibid. Select Poetry for Augnst 1816.......158-160 Remarks on Rey. xx. 2-4. Millenium...120

Vistorical Chronicle. Dean Forest. — Education at St. Pancras... 122 Proceedings in last Session of Parliament..161 Observations on the Slave Registry Biil... 123 Abstract of principal Foreign Occurrences169 Controversy on Bap:ismal Regeneration...127 Country News 173.-- Domestic Occurrences 174 Clergy at Brecon. --The King of Bavaria.128 Theatrical Regist. Promotions, Preferments. 175 Case respecting Hundreds of Gartre, &c..129 Births, and Marriages of eminent Persouş.176 Address of Association for Relief of Distress 130 Memoir of Right hon. R. B. Sheridan......177 'Pursuits'of The Architect.- Form ofChurches132

David Pike Watts, Esq.... ......182 ARCHITECTURAS. INNOVATION— Blenheim...133. Rev. C. Willyains.-- Rev. George Savage., 184 Strictures on Repairs at Canterbury Cathed.155 Obituary, with Anecd.of remarkable Persons 185 MS Letters of Q. Anne and D. of Marlboro'136 Bill of Mortality.-- Prices of Markets, &c.]91 Model of Colosseum.- Modern Manners..ibid. Canal, &c. Shares.-Prices of ihe stocks... 192 Embellished with a Picturesque View of Felixstow Cotrace, near Landguard-Fort;

and a Silhouette of the laie DAVID WILLIAM, Es q.

Founder of the Literary Fund.

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