Christus Redemptor: An Outline Study of the Island World of the Pacific

Macmillan, 1906 - 282 ページ


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194 ページ - I know a few of the groups close on the line, and for at least nine years of my life I have lived with the savages of New Guinea ; but I have never yet met with a single man or woman, or a single people, that your civilization without Christianity has civilized.
34 ページ - as the people return from the services, I take my seat by the wayside, and beg a bit of the word of them as they pass by ; one gives me one piece, another another piece, and I collect them together in my heart, and, by thinking over what I thus obtain, and praying to God to make me know, I understand a little about his word.
194 ページ - Wherever there has been the slightest spark of civilization in the Southern Seas it has been because the Gospel has been preached there, and wherever you find in the Island of New Guinea a friendly people, or a people that will welcome you, there the missionaries of the Cross have been preaching Christ. Civilization ! The rampart can only be stormed by those who carry the Cross.
31 ページ - This is the most civilized place I have been at in the South Seas. It is governed by a dignified young lady twenty-five years of age. They have a good code of laws, and no liquors are allowed to be landed on the island. It is one of the most gratifying sights the eye can witness, to see on Sunday in their church, which holds about five thousand, the Queen near the pulpit, with all her subjects around her, decently apparelled and seemingly in pure devotion.
152 ページ - Do you see that great stone over there? On that stone we smashed the heads of our victims to death. Do you see that native oven over yonder? In that oven we roasted the human bodies for our great feasts. Now, if it...
33 ページ - Lord, I am a great sinner ; may Jesus take my sins away by His good blood ! Give me the righteousness of Jesus to adorn me, and give me the good Spirit of Jesus to instruct me and make my heart good, to make me a man of Jesus, and take me to heaven when I die.
53 ページ - I found them without a knowledge of the Sabbath; and when I left them no manner of work was done during that sacred day. When I found them, in 1823, they were ignorant of the nature of Christian worship ; and when I left them, in 1834, I am not aware that there was a house in the island where family prayer was not observed every morning and every evening. I speak not this boastingly; for our satisfaction arises not from receiving such honours, but in casting them at the Saviour's feet; " for his...
132 ページ - As to this friendly deed of mine in saving Mr. Whalon, its seed came from your great land, and was brought by certain of your countrymen, who had received the love of God. It was planted in Hawaii, and I brought it to plant in this land and in these dark regions, that they might receive the root of all that is good and true, which is love.