Legislation on the International Energy Agency: Hearing Before the Subcommittees on International Organizations and on International Resources, Food, and Energy of the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, Ninety-fourth Congress, First Session, March 26, 1975


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57 ページ - Country to meet its emergency reserve commitment. 2. The Standing Group on Emergency Questions shall report to the Management Committee, which shall make proposals, as appropriate, to the Governing Board.
70 ページ - Article 51 1. The Governing Board shall adopt decisions and make recommendations which are necessary for the proper functioning of the Program. 2. The Governing Board shall review periodically and take appropriate action concerning developments in the international energy situation, including problems relating to the oil supplies of any Participating Country or Countries, and the economic and monetary implications of these developments.
76 ページ - Article 63. — 1. Any State may at the time of its ratification or at any time thereafter declare by notification addressed to the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe that the present Convention shall extend to all or any of the territories for whose international relations it is responsible.
65 ページ - Market, after consultation with oil companies, shall submit a report to the Management Committee on the procedures for such consultations. The Management Committee shall review the report and make proposals to the Governing Board, which, within 30 days of the submission of the report to the Management Committee, and acting by majority, shall decide on such procedures. Article 38.
76 ページ - Convention to any other territory or territories specified in the declaration and for whose international relations it is responsible or on whose behalf it is authorised to give undertakings. 3. Any declaration made in pursuance of the preceding paragraph may, in respect of any territory mentioned in such declaration, be withdrawn according to the procedure laid down in Article 13 of this Convention.
73 ページ - Countries; i hi that they shall be binding only under certain conditions. Article 62 1. Unanimity shall require all of the votes of the Participating Countries present and voting. Countries abstaining shall be considered as not voting. 2. When majority or special majority is required, the Participating Countries shall have the following voting weights: 3.
65 ページ - Article 39 1. The Standing Group on the Oil Market shall, on a continuing basis, evaluate the results of the consultations with and the information collected from oil companies. 2. On the basis of these evaluations, the Standing Group may examine and assess the international oil situation and the position of the oil industry and shall report to the Management Committee.
70 ページ - Article 48 1. The Standing Group on Relations with Producer and other Consumer Countries will examine and report to the Management Committee on the matters described in this Chapter. 2. The Management Committee may make proposals on appropriate cooperative action regarding these matters to the Governing Board, which shall decide on such proposals. CHAPTER IX. INSTITUTIONAL AND GENERAL PROVISIONS Article 49 1. The Agency shall have the following organs: A Governing Board; A Management Committee; Standing...
76 ページ - Any declaration made pursuant to paragraph 1 may, in respect of any territory mentioned in such declaration, be withdrawn in accordance with the provisions of Article 69, paragraph 2. Article 71 1. This Agreement shall be open for accession by any Member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development which is able and willing to meet the requirements of the Program.
65 ページ - Article 33 which are required under the Special Section to ensure the efficient operation of emergency measures and specifying the procedures for obtaining such data on a regular basis, including accelerated procedures in times of emergency. 2. The Management Committee shall review the report and make proposals...