The Works of Solomon Gessner: Translated from the German. With Notes, Critical and Explanatory, to which is Prefixed, a Copious Memoir of the Life of the Author, 第 2 巻

James Cundee, 1805 - 263 ページ

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113 ページ - Why are the inhabitants of the rich plains of Lombardy, where nature pours forth her gifts in such profusion, less opulent than those of the mountains of Switzerland ? Because freedom, whose influence is more benign than sunshine and zephyrs, who covers the rugged rock with soil, drains the sickly swamp, and clothes the brown heath in verdure ; who dresses the la.
115 ページ - O angels of heaven! Was that generous man thy father ? YOUNG SHEPHERD. He had a scar here — pointing to his left cheek — he had been wounded with a lance ; perhaps it was before he carried you from the field. OLD MAN. His cheek was covered with blood when he bore me off. O my child ! My son ! YOUNG SHEPHERD. He died two years ago, and as he was poor, I am forced, for subsistence, to keep these goats.
211 ページ - But no ! what a pleasing deception ! 'twas a butterfly which has flown away, and left the slender, trembling blade behind. What insect rushes past me armed with black scales, on red glistening wings, and settles (perhaps beside his mate) on yon blue-bell ? Flow gently, thou murmuring stream I Wave not the grass or the flowers, ye zephyrs'!
212 ページ - Bend the flower over the stream, beautiful butterfly, and contemplate thy image ; then wilt thou resemble the fair Belinda, who, as she gazes on her mirror, forgets that she should be something superior to a butterfly ; her robes are not so splendid as thy wings, but she is thoughtless as thou. . What wanton sport are ye beginning little zephyrs? They flutter in...
213 ページ - I gaze not on your proud gait, and your splendid dress ; for here, on this blade of grass, crawls an insect whose wings of green and gold exhibit all the brilliant and varying tints of the rain-bow. Forgive me, Hyacinthus ! and forgive Nature, who has bestowed on a fly a more beautiful dress than human heart is capable of producing. O how fair art thou, Nature ! how beauteous in thy smallest works.
213 ページ - ... free from remorse, unclouded by care, is alive to every impression of thy beauty. The scenes which others pass with insensibility and disdain, are to him replete with pleasures ; to him all Nature appears arrayed in charms ; his senses are continually discovering inexhaustible sources of pleasure in every path in which he walks, in every shade beneath which he reposes.
112 ページ - Go and fetch it, and then I will relate to thee the history of my wooden leg. The young shepherd ran and quickly returned with a fresh draught from the stream. The old man had refreshed himself.
210 ページ - THOU black, towering pine-wood, whose perpendicular stems rise thick and high amid thy dark shades ! ye lofty oaks, and thou stream, that pourest thy dazzling, silvery current behind yon grey mountains; it is not you that I now wish to contemplate : to the grass around me, my observation is now confined.
212 ページ - They flutter in pursuit of each other, through the grass ; as a gentle breeze drives before it the waves of the lake, so they bow the rustling herbage. Its little party-colored inhabitants...