-blush deep before the Dyers-and, ears--we but heard the echo-about as they value a sound skin, offer no as senseless a scrauch as ever disresistance to the Hammermen. The turbed a dunghill. We are far, howEleven are all delighted with his liter- ever, from meaning any disrespect ature, and virtually declare, that with to the Political Union, which, though out elegant literature, no man ought laughed at by all but its members, to represent in Parliament the me- and we must believe by many too tropolis of the nation of gentlemen. even of them, and the most childish Whatever else he may be, he must be of all nurseries for radicals in daidle a critic. One of the Eleven speaks of or dotage, we cannot help liking" the eminent services he has render- while, on other grounds, we have ed his country,”-without thinking it much esteem for more than one of its necessary to enter into any details— members. The newspaper editors leaving the Council to establish the here do not patronise it, and under general principle by an induction of their scowl what flower, however fair, particular facts. And others speak will not wither ? For our own parts, of him-as we observe he did t'other we should wish to see it more prosday of himself at Perth-as having perous, which it never can be till it been for many years the firm and con- is commonly consistent; for such is sistent friend of reform. We observe, their power of miscellaneous swalhowever, that considerable caution is low, that the Unionists strenuously observed by most of the memorialists recommended the Town-Council to in speaking of Mr Jeffrey's political elect Mr Jeffrey-in furtherance, we writings; we know not whether be- presume, of the political objects which cause they are not so familiar with it is the beginning and will be the them as with his purely literary la- end of their own existence to probours, or because their light has been mote-short Parliaments and vote by dimmed or extinguished in that other ballot-these being the two measures brighter lustre.

which Mr Jeffrey has lately set his Meanwhile were held meetings of face against most frowningly, and what were called-if we mistake not pledged himself to oppose, as preg-the inhabitants-or citizens of nant with confusion and ruin to all Edinburgh ; at which Highland laird regular and established government. and Lowland loon declaimed away The Edinburgh Political Union, in panegyric on the friend of the too, holds fast, it would appear, by People, in all sorts of styles—the bu- the skirts of Mr Jeffrey's creed in siness-like and acute matter-of-fact its literary faith ; and one young or no-matter-of-fact of the leading gentleman, as learned as he is facelawyer--the prolix prosiness of the tious, delighted the assemblage by a fast superannuating young pleader wonderful-pay, almost a miraculous at the side-bar--the unswallowable tale of his having absolutely-and prescriptions of formal physician, bona fide-with his own eyes-and contrary to all use and wont of the no deception-seen translations into craft, embodied in nautical slang, the French tongue or the German, picked up apparently in Cockaigne we forget which, of certain extracts -the rhodomontade of half-pay offi- from articles of Mr Jeffrey's in the cer, buckled up to the black stock, Edinburgh Review, in the hands of in a blue surtout, by no means rough the Monks of St Bernard, who gloatin the pile—and the raving of Dunne- ed over them with greedier eyes than wassal from the mountain, which we did ever priest over virgin kneeling should not fear to back at odds at the confessional ! against any bit of insanity, of equal The young, and indeed also the length, from any cell in Bedlam. middle-aged and old Modern Atheni

That most influential of all bodies, ans, have got a ready knack of matoo, the Edinburgh Political Union, king themselves publicly ridiculous, like a clocking hen, gathered its by binding themselves into small chickens under its wings-most of knots—bouquets, where a few fresh which were shivering in the pip- flowers are sometimes mingled with and amidst much chuckling, there those that have long been faded, and was a sound uttered by one cock, with weeds that were better deadwhich with some passed current for and thus flaunting themselves abroad erowing, but which seemed to our on the eye of our little world here, which is as ready with its admiration slave to keep whispering into his ear, of any thing new

to-day, as it is with its “ Remember, o Francis! that thou contempt to-morrow. At present, no art mortal !” individual can be sufficienily obscure In all this, it is too plain almost to or absurd to be entitled to a denial bear mention, that nothing was heard of admission into any Society, Union, but the expression of the opinion of or Club- literary or political — of the Whig party through all its restwhich one object is to promote the less organs; yet had that party the cause of Reform. Every prig and audacity to declare,and some of them puppy who, from prating habits, sup- the folly to believe--for the delusions poses he has a voice, wishes that it of unprincipled and self-conceited may be heard by the ministry, and weakness are incredible—that it was the nation, and the king-and must the voice of the whole city, nay, of in some place or other, so public as the entire nation! to be at least out of his papa's house, Had the party been satisfied with make a speech, to be foisted into such vain-glorious assumptions and some newspaper, mutilated and in assertions, their behaviour had been great affliction. If the young De worthy but of laughter; but while mosthenes has not had sufficient they thus raised their idol to the strollings on Leithor Portobello skies, they strove to sink all who sands, with some chucky-stones in would not worship it into the dust his mouth, he confines himself to after having bedaubed one and all of writing, and adds his signature to a them over with filth that Aies filthier requisition. It gratifies us to see from the hands that hurl it. With that the Six-Feet Club have kept several of the newspapers there was themselves aloof from this folly but one general rule, without any though Lord Errol's body-guard- exceptions. Every man who opposed and henceforth, in our eyes, they will the Bill was a fool, or knave, or both; seem to hold their heads higher than the abusive, but somewhat vague, ever.

epithet “boroughmongers" being The Whigs of Scotland have their first applied to them all-they were headquarters, of course, in Edin- pictured as all wallowing in politiburgh; and numbering among them cal profligacy and corruption; and some men of great, and many men of this language was, with all the famiconsiderable abilities, ready enough liar insolence of low-born and lowerwith tongue and pen, though tongue bred apostates, levelled not against be their more powerful weapon, this or that individual,whose conspiwhich they keep wagging indefatiga- cuous talent or integrity might have bly in pursuance of all political purpo- made him a mark for their mire-for ses, however apparently insignificant the calumniators we allude to are the -you may imagine, if you can, the obscurest dastards—but against all shout set up on this occasion, by so those classes of citizens whose opimany active agents, in honour of their nions they knew to be adverse to Great Sultan. Pipes and trumpets such a plan of Reform as blunders (they can be purchased for a penny) in the three bills-with the princiwere never for a moment silent, and ples and details of which these starvethe pigmies who played upon them ling scribes are at this moment as conceited themselves musicians. ignorant as they are of the meaning Even the “God-help-you-silly-ones” of the simplest Latin sentence they of the set, bestirred themselves sur- have ever misquoted. We allude not prisingly; and still the cheep was, now to any of the long-established and " A Jeffrey! a Jeffrey !” from the consistent papers-such, for example, beaks of the tiniest bantams. The as the Scotsman, which has all along newspaper press, with almost the ex- advocated the same principles, and is ceptions alone of the always stanch entitled now to advocate them more and spirited Evening Post

, and the strongly than ever-nor to the Obnow right-thinking and judicious Ad- server, which, though its politics be vertiser, kept up a ceaseless, though too moderate for our taste, is edited often ill-directed fire of paper pellets by a scholar and gentleman-but of panegyric on the man of the peo. chiefly

to those apostate upstarts, that ple; and thus, on the day of election, from Tories, high or low, have beMr Jeffrey had really much need of a come Whig or Radical. Into their columns communications are con- the power of political personal persestantly admitted, of which their re- cution in a small spot like Edinburgh. puted editors, men of character, if One of a million and a half of inthey ever think of the past, must be habitants, what the deuce need you in their hearts, and on their faces, care for an angry buzz, here and there, most painfully ashamed. Of the at a few points of the immense and Electors, supposed to be in the in- enormous hive? In your own cell terest of Mr Dundas, some wretched you are secure-and make or eat ingrates have lately written with a your own honey, without caring eilibellous quill, ludicrously quivering

ther for drones or workers. Seldom to the apprehension of the law; and or never does a long lank wasp force with the most brutal threats they his way beneath the lintel of your have at times kept mingling the most skep, and threaten to sting you to nauseous flatteries, as if on wiping death, unless you suffer him to rumtheir slaver from his sleeve, any mage at will in the interior, and to honest man could think it worth his convert your balmy store into poison. while to consider whether it had We mean by a long lank wasp, neibeen spat in the drivel of fear or fa- ther more nor less than a ferocious vour. Seemed you but to shew to their political agent of some fine or thinbleared eyes but one single solitary skinned candidate, who darkens the symptom of being like themselves, an doors of your domicile daily till he apostate, and the shout in a moment finds you in the dumps or dismals, would have been,“ hail goodfellow and wrings or rugs your vote out of well-met, we are all Friends of Free- your conscience; and then leaves you dom.” Had it been but suspected that naked of principles, and covered with you were even candid to the claims promises, as sorry a sight as may be of Mr Dundas, you would have been seen in a summer's day. Bribery set down instantly and thenceforth as and corruption, we doubt not, are a corruptionist.

plentiful as blackberries in London; But this was but a small part of but her citizens of credit and renown, the policy of the Billmen. They during times of political ferment, in kept threatening the electors who the exercise of their elective fran. should vote for Mr Dundas with ven- chise, are seldom, if ever, we believe, geance, and pointed their fingers at exposed to an organized system of them in the face of a populace, whom merciless persecution, whose ministheir base and brutal arts had exas- ters haunt their daily and nightly life, perated and infuriated; and warned and threaten, if they withstand it, to them, “but with no friendly voice," cut them off from fire and water. that if blood were shed—which pro. Nay, such political persecution is not, bably it would be—if the people we verily believe, in England at all ; were defrauded of their right to the she has no such tyrants-no such Lord Advocate-for it seems his slaves. But Scotland, small and saLordship is their natural or acqui- vage, (start not at our seemingly inred property—that it would lie at consistent speech,) has many of both their doors, and for ever stain their breeds-or rather, here many Whig thresholds. No more savage system tyrants do sometimes, on such occaof intimidation ever raged in Paris sions, prevail over a few Tory slaves, under the sway of the Jacobins, than and, with liberty on their lips, affix that which was transacted here-on to the limbs of their victims, irons a small scale indeed—against all that eat into the bone-and into the those respectable citizens who were soul. It needs rare strength of mind supposed to be in the interest of the to stand dut against such devilry; “ corrupt candidate," forsooth-a imps swarm round your very hearth, man, like his fathers before him, and and Satan himself, in the Figure of a all his race, of the highest and most tall man in black, or perhaps in blue, stainless honour, equal to that of the with cord breeches and top-boots, Lord Advocate himself, and far su- assails you on your threshold, over perior indeed to that of many, if not which you have neglected to nail a most, or all of his noisiest agents and demon-driving horseshoe. The lost supporters.

elector goes to bed dazed in despair, People living in a prodigious place and, waking early in the morning, like London, can have no notion of shivers to feel that he is no longer an

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honest man ;—for that he " has sold lent seventeen thousand, till you to brass what gold could never buy." think you hear the bursting of all

Never anywhere in small and the bladders in the island. This is şavage Scotland, had the political the only logical mode of putting the persecutor been abroad, with the question and exposes, it will be bootikins and the thumbikins that seen, the Whigs of Edinburgh, whatcrush the heart, in such truculence ever may be their numbers, when in as in Edinburgh on this Election. a state of fancied security to casti. Men's wives were tampered with gation, which it would be equally we mean their fears and their loves disagreeable to hear as to see, and for their own husbands; and small indeed odious alike to all the senses, families of children-consisting, per. A few grains of modesty, therefore, haps, each of about a dozen-in si. might not be amiss to relieve their lence or in squall beseeched daddy swollen stomachs-and so save them to vote for the Lord Advocate, that from the necessity of having rethey might see his Bill. It must course to medicine “made of sterner have happened that the elector who stuff,” which would waste them to had resolved to vote according to shadows. his conscience, did, in some instan- The same logic applies strictly to ces, begin to doubt if he were hu- the question of honesty. That any man-and not a misbegotten and seventeen citizens should have more almost anonymous monster. What! honesty than seventeen or seventy shall seventeen citizens presume to thousand, we should hope-without set up their private or public opi. selection for the honour of human nion against seventeen or seventy nature, is unlikely; though it will be thousand ? Are they wiser in their granted that it is certain there must generation than all the Eleven Cor- be among them less dishonesty ;porations, each with a distinguished but then, again, what can the amount Deacon at its head ? If they think 80- be of the honesty of such a mere why then they are fools—if they do trifle of men, as seventeen or sevennot think so-but vote against the ty thousand, in comparison with man of the people,

then they are that of some millions ? And by what knaves; but whether fools or knaves, powers of the differential calculus or both, let them cut their cozen'd might La Place himself, were he now consciences, and come over, and then alive, work out the result, in that the city shall celebrate their names more than “ irreducible case,”-if in annual pomps, instead of tramps you will allow us to confuse geomehawking them, as now, about the try and algebra,--where the thoustreets in opprobrious ballads. sands happen to be Whigs, and the

That seventeen citizens--for such millions Tories ? proved to be the amount-should And this brings us back, with a suppose themselves sufficiently ca- beautiful airy motion, like that of a pacious to contain the wisdom of glad bird on full-imp'd wing floatseventeen or even of seventy thou- ing through the sunshine homeward sand, does, indeed, at first hearing,' to its native tree-back to the tower seem not a little presumptuous, and of Toryism, the stronghold of truth. such self-conceit appears not unde- The seventeen electors uttered the serving of reproof, or even punish- voice of the friends—the fourteen ment. But, on consideration, 'tis electors uttered the voice of the not more unreasonable than for se- foes-we use the words in a political venteen or seventy thousand to blow sense-of their native land. Look at their stomachs up with the windy the Scotch counties-listen to the belief that they are continent of the speeches of such men as Sir George lore of at least á million. On the Murray and Sir George Clerk, and lowest computation there must be compare their eloquent speeches some million Anti-Reformers and with such dismal drivel as the atModerate Reformers — Tories tempt of that apparent imbecile, Sir within the four seas; and while they John Dalrymple, t'other day, at our come to the relief of the presump- County Meeting, or with such intuous seventeen, they do not besi- flammatory Radicalism as that of Mr tate for a moment to knock the Maxwell—though he is a man of tabreath out of the bellies of the inso- lents, accomplishments, and worth,

the more's the pity he so should speak and then we shall confess that -and then dare to talk of the intel- their practice is consistent with their ligence of all the Counties, as well profession--that the world must be as of the Boroughs, being in favour very near its end—and that there of the abortion.

will be no loud laughing even for What, then, was the real meaning the Times' reporter in Parliament, of this audacious and profligate de- on a motion by Mr Perceval for a gemand and command, that the seven- neral fast. teen should elect the Lord Advo- Political principles, forsooth! recate ? Risum teneatis ? - That the form! What do these useless words Tory power should lower its ban- of a few unmeaning syllables signers to the Whig, without a blow, pify, when genius is in the field, ardeliver up its camp, and be marched, rayed in his golden helmet and re. bound two and two, under the yoke, fulgent arms. Blow, heralds! blow! Unstomachable insolence! bespeaks clear the way, cavaliers !--for lo ing tyranny that had suddenly lost “ star-bright his head appears,” and its senses, in its supposed escape the wide welkin of Scotland is torn from a long life of servitude ! with one national shout that hails

Let us tie down these idiot Whig the glorious advance of- -Sir Waldespots to the iron prison-bed they ter Scott. There is a Knight of the had prepared for us Tory kings, and Shire! His “ European reputation" administer to them some of their is even equal to that of the illustri, own intended discipline. Do they ous Ex-Editor of the Edinburgh Resay, that in all cases-everywhere view. Yet hear it, ye Whigs, and else as well as in Edinburgh—where give ear, O thou radical, “ the fore, a celebrated man of sixty opposes most man of all this world” is asan uncelebrated man of thirty-he sailed by culprits you cherish, with shall be elected by them, Tory, in a dismal hiss, the sound of public preference to Whig? Cashier Mr scorn! Return him to Parliament ! Kennedy then, though he is fat, No! Rather than that he should fair, and forty-and elect Chris- have his vote, not a Whig, or WhigTOPHER North. Do they say, that ling, but would pluck up courage to in every contest for city or coun- endure, without much shrieking, the ty, the political principles of the martyrdom of the first joint of his candidates must by their respec- little finger chopped clean off above tive friends be set aside, and no- the dirt-encircled nail—and express. thing be considered but talent, or es would be sent all over broad the reputation of talent, or the glory Scotland to announce the glorious of grizzled hair? Do they say, that intelligence that a Cockney-cub, the nothing else shall be considered, in reputed author of a rejected article addition, but the voice of the majo- for the Edinburgh, was cutting his rity, though that majority be com- monkey capers, to the delight of all posed entirely of their own political true believers, at the top of the poll. foes ? Bah! They would bluster till The truth is-the truth must be they were black in the face to bring that the Whigs care little or nothing in, in opposition to Sir Walter Scott -in most cases--about the talents of -Mr Robert Hunter!

their own members of Parliament, If not—let them commence their provided only they stick to the leadcareer-and, out of courtesy, the To- ing articles of their creed. This ac. ries will follow them on their grand counts—and there is no other equaldiscovery of a new patriotism. Let ly handsome explanation of the fact them work a miracle before our no - for the excessive stupidity of the longer incredulous eyes, and when Scotch Whig members of Parliament. they have the black and white balls There are many men of talent in the in their own hands, send to Parlia- party—then why do they in Parliament half a score, or half a dozen, ment so rarely appear? The men of or even one old, eloquent, ingenious, talent are generally embarrassed in and amiable Tory—the brilliant their circumstances, or if not, tied to counterpart of Mr Jeffrey-in prefe- the professional oar ; they lie by, and rence to a young, tongue-tied, un- send up some richer ninny who prates idea’d, and sulky Whig—the cloudy at their dispose and at their cramcounterpart of Sir John Dalrymple ming; and thus cooks at a distance

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