like man, whose personal qualities We saw no domestic animal what. had an excellent foil in the captain- soever, not even a cat or a dog ; but general of the province, whom at first I will not dwell on these horrible I took for a dancing-master, or, at

details any longer. the best, perruquier en general to the One morning, shortly after our arstaff.

rival, as we strolled beyond the land After being furnished with food gate, we came to a place where four and raiment, we retired to our qua- banquillos (a sort of short bench or tres, a most primitive sort of couch, stool, with an upright post at one end being a simple wooden frame, with firmly fixed into the ground), were a piece of canvass stretched over it. placed opposite a dead wall. They However, if we had no mattrasses, were painted black, and we were not we had none of the disagreeables left long in suspense as to their use; often incidental to them, and fatigue for solemn music, and the roll of proved a good opiate, for we slept muffled drums in the distance, were soundly until the drums and trum- fearful indications of what we were pets of the troops, getting under to witness. arms, awoke us at daylight. The First came an entire regiment of army was under weigh to occupy Spanish infantry, which, filing off, Carthagena, which had fallen through formed three sides of a square,—the famine, and we had no choice but to wall near which the banquillos were accompany it.

placed forming the fourth; then I knew nothing of the misery of a eight priests, and as many choristers siege but by description; the reality chanting the service for the dying ; even to me, case-hardened as I was next came several mounted officers by my own recent sufferings, was of the staff, and four firing parties of dreadful. We entered by the gate of twelve men each. Three Spanish the raval, or suburb. There was not American prisoners followed, dressa living thing to be seen in the street; ed in white, with crucifixes in their the houses had been pulled down, hands, each supported, more dead that the fire of the place might not than alive, by two priests; but when be obstructed in the event of a lodge- the fourth victim appeared, we could ment in the outwork. We passed on, neither look at nor think of any thing the military music echoing mourn- else. fully amongst the ruined walls, to On enquiry we found he was an the main gate, or Puerto de Tierra, Englishman, of the name of S-, which was also open, and the draw- English that is, in all except the place bridge lowered. Under the arch- of his birth, for his whole education way, we saw a delicate female, worn had been English, as were his pato the bone, and weak as an infant, rents and all his family; but it came gathering garbage of the most loath- out, accidentally I believe, on his some description, the possession of trial, tha the had been born at Buenos which had been successfully dispu. Ayres, and having joined the patrited by a carrion crow. A little far- ots, this brought treason home to ther on, the bodies of an old man him, which he was now led forth to and two small children were putre. expiate. Whilst his fellow-sufferers fying in the sun, while beside them appeared crushed down to the very lay a miserable, wasted, dying negro, earth, under their intense agony, so vainly endeavouring to keep at a that they had to be supported as they distance with a palm branch, a num- tottered towards the place of execuber of the same obscene birds that tion, he stepped firmly and manfully were already devouring the carcass out, and seemed impatient when at of one of the infants; before two any time, from the crowding in front, hours, the faithful servant, and those the procession was obliged to halt. he attempted to defend, were equally At length they reached the fatal spot, the prey of the disgusting gallinaso., and his three companions in misery The houses, as we proceeded, ap- being placed astride on the banquilpeared entirely deserted, except los, their arms were placed round the where a solitary spectrelike inha- upright posts, and fastened to them bitant appeared at a balcony, and with cords, their backs being towards feebly exclaimed, Viva, los Espa- the soldiers. Mr S-- walked firmly noles! Viva, Fernando Septimo!"- up to the vacant bench, knelt down,

negro and

and covering his face with his hands, whereupon ensued such a crowing rested his head on the edge of it. of cocks, cackling of geese, barking For a brief space he seemed to be of dogs, lowing of kine, neighing of engaged in prayer, during which he horses, and shouting of men, women, sobbed audibly, but soon recovering and children, amongst the hiniself he rose, and folding his arms coloured domestics, as baffles all deacross his breast, sat down slowly scription, whilst the various white and deliberately on the banquillo, inmates of the house (the rooms, for facing the firing party with an un- air and coolness, being without ceilshrinking eye.

ing, and simply divided by partitions He was now told that he must turn run up about ten feet high) were, his back and submit to be tied like one and all, calling to their servants the others. He resisted this, but on and each other, in accents which did force being attempted to be used, he not by any means evince great comsprung to his feet, and stretching out posure. In a moment this hubbub his hand, while a dark red flush pass- again sank into the deepest silenceed transiently across his pale face, man, and the beasts of the field, and he exclaimed, in a loud voice,“ Thus, the fowls of the air, became mute thus, and not otherwise, you may with breathless awe, at the impendbutcher me, but I am an Englishman ing tremendous manifestation of the and no traitor, nor will I die the power of that Almighty Being in death of one.” Moved by his gal- whose hands the hills are as a very lantry the soldiers withdrew, and left little thing—for the appalling voice of him standing. At this time the sun the earthquake was once more heard was intensely hot, it was high noon, growling afar off, like distant thunand the monk who attended Mr S- der mingling with the rushing of a held an umbrella over his head; but mighty wind, waxing louder and the preparations being completed, he louder as it approached, and upheae' kissed him on both cheeks, while the ving the sure and firm, set earth into hot tears trickled down his own, and long undulations, as if its surface was stepping back, when the un- had been the rolling swell of the happy man said to him, with the fathomless ocean. The house rockmost perfect composure, “ Todavia ed, pictures of saints fell from the padre, todavia, mucho me gusta la walls, tables and chairs were oversombra.” But the time had arrived, turned, the window frames were the kindhearted monk was obliged to forced out of their embrazures and retire. The signal was given, and broken in pieces, beams and rafters they were as clods of the valley, groaned and screamed, crushing the

Truly,” quoth old Splinter, "a man tiles of the roof into ten thousand does sometimes become a horse by fragments. In several places the being born in a stable.

ground split open into chasms a faSome time after this we were thom wide, with an explosion like a allowed to go to the village of Tur- cannon shot; the very foundation of baco, a few miles distant from the the house seemed to be sinking uncity, for change of air. On the der us; and whilst men and women third morning after our arrival, about rushed like maniacs naked into the the dawning, I was suddenly awak- fields, with a yell as if the Day of ened by a shower of dust on my Judgment had arrived, and the whole face, and a violent shaking of the brute creation, in an agony of fear, bed, accompanied by a low grum- made the most desperate attempts bling unearthly noise, which seemed to break forth from their enclosures to pass immediately under where I into the open air, the end wall of my Jay. Were I to liken it to any thing apartment was shaken down; and I had ever experienced before, it falling outwards with a deafening would be to the lumbering and tre- crash, disclosed, in the dull grey mor of a large waggon in a tempes- mysterious twilight of morning, the tuous night, heard and felt through huge knarled trees that overshadowthe thin walls of a London house. ed the building, bending and groanLike-yet how fearfully different. ing, amidst clouds of dust, as if they

In a few seconds the motion ceased, had been tormented by a tempest, and the noise gradually died away although the air was calm and moin hollow echoes in the distance tionless as death.


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It has long been a questio vexata vings, you can have no conception of with moralists, whether greatness of the united sense of glory and of gramind be most severely tried by pro titude which lifts us up above-but sperity or adversity. We have now not aloof from—that unhappy mass the finest opportunity afforded us of mankind. “The general madness that ever befell philosophers of lull- sayest thou, friend ?" quoth a Quaing it into perpetual peace. For we, ker. “ Yea, verily, the general madwho a few months ago were sitting like ness,” is our prompt reply; and we a bright young bridegroom black- are prevented but by our unconquerbird on the topmost twig of the tree able courtesy from adding, that of of felicity, making the woods ring all the insane now shouting under with our song, are now sitting like an the epidemic, Broadbrim himself is old sick widower crow at its foot, the most conspicuously absurd, bawlincapable even of a caw, and deep- ing for reform in a garb that holds euing the gloom with that of our dis- the prophetic soul of the wide world shevelled plumage that bears tokens "dreaming of things to come,”at such both of Erebus and Friesland. defiance as, had she any sense of the

" Surely you don't say so ?” whis- ludicrous, would long ere now bave pers, with the sweetest of all susur- made her split her sides with inexrus, the Pensive Public. “ Awake! tinguishable laughter. arise ! or be for ever fallen !" continu- Whatever, then, be the true nature eth she the silver-trumpet-tongued; of the predicament in which weand responsing, “ Christopher is him who seem to be in what Brother Joself again !" we spring suddenly to nathan would call a pretty considerour feet, and exult to feel, what all able minority-are now placed,—and the world sees, that still doth our whatever the feelings which now "stature reach the sky!”—that even agitate our secret hearts,—you see in these days there are giants. we are resolved at least to put on a

One thing at least is already mani- cheerful pbiz, and not to die either fest, (and our enemies, we do hope, of the dumps or the mumps, or any will not fail bitterly to abuse us for other of the dismals. Such is the ity) that our high opinion of ourselves natural and acquired obstinacy—or, is not lowered by the Decline and Fall in other words, the heroic hilarity of of that Tory Empire of which we yet our hearts, that a thousand times are the head. Perhaps Decline and Fall rather would we be what we are, a are words too Gibbonian for the oc- poor placeless Tory, who came into casion ; and we should be speaking this world with a wooden ladle in his more correctly, perhaps, were we to mouth, than any one of the devil's say, the Dismemberment or Partition dozen of my Lord Grey's rich kith of Toryland. Those provinces which and kin Whigs, who are now revelhad been wrested from us by the ling in place or pension, and who, to Radicals, our valour has already more the astonishment of their respective than half-rescued from their gripe accoucheurs, made their successful and we fear not but that the issue of debut on the stage of life each with this opening campaign will be the re- a silver spoon in his sucking organ. storation to us, their lawful monarch, We know that the downfall of of the other provinces now in the pos- Christopher North would rejoice the session of the Whigs. And thus the savage souls of the British Jacobins Empire will, as of old, maintain the now, as intensely as the downfall of balance of power in Europe, and put Paris rejoiced the savage souls of an end for ever to that kicking of the the French Jacobins at the Revolubeam so offensive to the ear of blind- tion. If things keep progressing, we folded Justice.

shall not be at all surprised to find Our high opinion of ourselves, ourselves, on some fine sunny sumwe say, has not been lowered; and mer morning-guillotined. Let all pray why should it? It has-pardon then who love us and themselves the expression-been highered; and prevent things from progressing; when we look around us on the ge- and thus the properties and persons neral madness, and listen to its ra- of Tories that is, all those blessings


that make life desirable—and all Thames, the Tweed, or the Shanthose Christians who are worthy of non-the charge be with heads of enjoying them-may be preserved columns-Christopher North Geneinviolate-in bright succession-in ralissimo of the allied armies-and secula seculorum.

our power shall level their long arWhat are the Tories about ? An- ray like a storm laneing a forest. swer that question they who can ; We have for a long time past been for it is one of the few to which we sick of being never abused. What must pause for a reply. Where is can everybody mean by nobody curthe Tory-Press? The only one we sing Blackwood ? The time was— know is in Messrs Ballantyne's 'tis like the indistinct memory of a printing-office, and even now the dream-a dream too like that of a happy engine has the ever-young region supposed by some to lie in and blooming Maga in his arms. He the bowels of the earth, long to last cannot contain himself in his ecsta- on its surface-when all of woman sy; but tells the secret of their loves born seemed to have entered into a to the whole court by a clanking and solemn league and covenant to make creaking that disturbs the peace, and Maga a monster. The Gentleman in threatens to shake the foundation of Black, in their imagination, was the establishment. What a contrast a beauty to the Lady in Brown. he to the lazy lubber in the adjacent Horns she had not, nor yet a tail ; chamber, shamming sleep with old but such a face — such a head faded Blue and Yellow at his back, and such a tongue in it! Why, who, dying of vexation, solicits in the Fates, the Furies, the Harpies, vain one feeble pressure once a-quar- and the Gorgons, in the world's dister! Were there a few more such eased fancy, made but one Venus, nymphs as Maga in the world, and a Love's goddess on Mount Ida, in comfew more such patent presses, soon

parison with Maga, a hell-cat from would Toryism flourish like a green the kingdom of Pluto, who, at the bay-tree, while the Loves and Graces, instance of Proserpine, (jealous) the Sciences and the Virtues, would had expelled her for sake of the peace lead choral-dancers round its trunk, of his doleful dominions. But now and duly Morn and Eve celebrate -we could shed tears to think of beneath its shade their blameless it, fast as “Arabian trees their mediorgies. The whole island would be cinal gum"-we are, alas ! looked on a perfect Picardy; and one continue as human; our infernal is lost in our ous Noctes Ambrosianæ (grumble earthly; nay, some charitable single not at the grammar) rule the year, souls, if not whole sects, have pubthat would not then miss the un- licly hinted their suspicions that we needed sun, and forget the dull dayin may be Christians; and one spirit those ineffable nocturnal splendours. beyond the present age-for which

What are the Tories about? we the future will vote him canonizaagain ask, and again pause for a re- tion-has boldly declared, that not ply. Where are their pens that used only have we a soul to be saved, but to be like poniards? Why sleep the that saved it is, and that in due time assassins ? Has death dethroned the we shall go to heaven. Old Man of the Mountain ? Extin- All this is mortifying exceedingly; guished are the royal race of Tory yet mourn we not as those who have Anonymi—the viewless spirits who no hope. The bloody old Times for ages have kept the golden rim may yet fall foul on us; the foggy that rounds the temples of our King Morning Chronicle yet shower its from being torn from his forehead, cold blash of sleet in our faces; the and trampled under reforming and Herald cease the paltry sidewind war revolutionary feet? We call on them of the interpolation of our articles, to UNFURL THEIR STANDARDS. One, and boldly proclaim our general inhowever glorious, is not enough. Let famy; the Globe, and all which it them “ Post to their revenge.” Roar inherit, doom us, like Bellerophon, every John Bull as if he were of to “roam forlorn that sad Aleian Bashan. Be every banner-staff of field;" the Luminary, whom noboEbony–difficult to bend and impos- dy must dare to call false, strike us sible to break-true Blackwood; with a coup de soleil ; the Atlas, tempered be every blade in the whose place must be no sinecure, make us an exception, and drop us and many eyes wept-our own from his world-supporting shoulder among the number—when we heard into a sea of penal fires; that lynx. the gallantold admiral had gone down, eyed Minos, the Examiner, pry into and that his “last sea-fight was o’er!" our very heart, visited, as he once Not a fresh-water sailor, in prate or generously admitted it to be, with print, in House, magazine, or review, * occasional gleams of feeling," and but must have a shy, forsooth, at the sift our chaffy consciences, “ des- ship. Lord pity their squeamish stotitute,” as he once justly asserted machs, and ea-sick souls! Not one them to be, of “ principles, and leave of them all know the meaning of us not the likeness of a dog or a « abaft the binnacle” but old ChrisDiogenes; while the Spectator, who, topher North, who was once captain t'other day, perspicuously express- of the fore-top (we have run a rig ed his wonder, and obscurely his or two in our time)" on board the disappointment, that the Edinburgh Arethusa,” when she sailed with mob did not roll the seventeen citi. Seymour, Old Mick as we used to zens, who elected Mr Dundas mem- call him, till the day we “ floored ber of the city instead of Mr Jeffrey, that ere bloody Frenchman,” and in the kennel all the way down that then Old Nick, ever after- a noble magnificent inclined plane ycleped nickname—as we come right afore Leith Walk, and then cleanse them the wind, goose-wing fashion, with in the surgy Thetis, will, we would the best Forty-four in tow at our fain hope, with an intelligent coun- starn that ever left Brest; and had tenance, stand smiling by, while a she not struck when almost sinking, pulk or puke of Whigs, and a rag of why, then we should have prevented Radicals, assailing Christopher in a that, d’ye see, by blowing the sheer fine fit of heroic patriotism akin to hulk out of the water-Old Christo. that which they felt who of yore ex- pher, we say, took up the image_for claimed, “Oh! for a single hour of had he not many a time and oft admi. great Dundee !” attempt-perhaps to red the sea-nymph herself smiling their own discomfiture - to drown a-top the cut-water-and with “a sailthe “old man eloquent” in the sea of or’s zest, a painter's eye, and a poet's oblivion.

fancy” (so said of our picture one Yes! we trust to Providence that who has too high a heart often to let there is “ a braw time coming,” and his politics, though“ blowing a gale," that we shall yet escape on wings disturb the calm sea of literature) he from beneath the intolerable weight launched the “SHIP OF THE State,” of almost universal and grievous manned, masted, rigged her; and praise, up into the troubled air of then, having gotten her guns all to general and gross abuse, in which we look straight out of the port-holes, shall career like an eagle among the we let slip our cable-seas running murky clouds. How often we have too fresh to be bothered with raicompared ourself to an eagle-and sing our anchor-and as “ five hunyet every time with a new and various dred men on our decks did dance,” twinkle of our wing—so dissimilis, why--dang it-the Old Boy laid her but not impar sibi, is genius-it is up to the wind's eye, close-hauled not for us, but for the admiring as ever you saw a wild-swan on his world, to attempt in vain to enume- way from Norroway beating up again? rate. In our hands well fareth it with

an unexpected sou'wester, and sent eagle as with ship. Within the last her at ten knots snoring through the two months, in and out of Prate- swell like a sea-serpent.—Hurrah, ment-we beg pardon for that lapsus for the Arethusa ! linguæ- Parliament--some grosses Not a doubt of it. We shall not of times hath the state been figured only be abused “ along the line of by a ship. Sir James Graham, most limitless desires,” almost to the unelegant of land-lubbers, was suc- approachable point of contentment; ceeded in that image by Sir Joseph but we see, or think we see, the dawn Yorke-Heaven hold his honest of promise of a general massacre of soul! for he was himself,

Maga and her contributors. For

who are likely now to be our ene"A frigate tight and brave, as ever stem. mies ? High Whigs and low Whigs med the dashing wave;"

-Radicals and root-and-branchers

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