JB/T 10187-2011 Translated English of Chinese Standard. (JBT 10187-2011, JB/T10187-2011, JBT10187-2011): Rolling bearings - Specifications for vibration (velocity) of deep groove ball bearings

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This standard specifies the specifications for vibration (velocity) of deep groove ball bearings (hereinafter referred as bearings) of which the appearance dimensions comply with provisions of GB/T 276-1994; diameter series are 0, 2 and 3; nominal inner diameter is 3 mm ~ 120 mm; radial clearances comply with Group 0, 2 and 3 clearances as specified in GB/T 4604-2006. And it specifies the vibration (velocity) peak-value specifications corresponding to Group V3 and V4, and the inner diameter is 3 mm ~ 60 mm.



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