The Antananarivo Annual and Madagascar Magazine, 第 1〜2 巻

Press of the London Missionary Society., 1875

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14 ページ - For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.
124 ページ - Crown 8vo. 6s. cloth boards. Madagascar and its People. Notes of a Four Years' Residence. With a Sketch of Mission Work among the Malagasy. By the Rev.
55 ページ - ... it assures the Adventurer the most plentiful! return, being furnisht with such commodities as no other Plantation ever afforded. If we regard the wholesomeness of the ayre and the pleasure of the soyle, it furnisheth the Planters health and delight. And if we look on the nature of the people we are to deal with, they, however not civilized into our manners, retaine the first incorrupt innocence of man. An earth like that of Eden, pleasant without artifice and plentiful without labour ; a people...
1 ページ - Magazine, a record of information on the topography and natural productions of Madagascar, and the customs, traditions, language, and religious beliefs of its people.
123 ページ - Ellis's Madagascar. Three Visits to Madagascar during the Years 1853— 1854 — 1856. Including a Journey to the Capital, with Notices of the Natural History of the Country and of the Present Civilization of the People. By the Rev. WILLIAM ELLIS, FHS, Author of "Polynesian Researehes.
101 ページ - WHAT mighty princes poets are ? those things The great ones stick at, and our very kings Lay down, they venture on ; and with great ease Discover, conquer what and where they please. Some phlegmatic...
53 ページ - Island in the World. Wherein The Temperature of the Clymate, the Nature of the Inhabitants, the Commodities of the Countrie, and the facility and benefit of a Plantation by our people there, are compendiously and truely described. Dedicated To the...
102 ページ - I changed my opinion, however, before I left ; and the perusal of Robert Drury's book, but more especially the Vocabulary, has quite convinced me that the language has really been one all over the island. "I do not know that I have read...
82 ページ - ... Book of Fate, we cannot doubt that the Malagasy system of divination has been derived from an Asiatic source. From whom it was derived is shown by the Rev. L. Dahle's statement that " out of the three different tables of names that are necessary in the practice of it, the first one, containing sixteen names, appears to be entirely Arabic, whilst in the two others Arabic names are mixed up with Malagasy ones.
102 ページ - Among the Tanala one of the months called Faosa is extremely unlucky. " No one works on that month, no one changes his place of abode or goes about. If any one happens to be in the fields when the month comes in there he remains. Almost all children born in that month are buried alive in the distant forest ; but, should the parents determine to let one live, they fetch the ombiasy or diviner.