Primitive Rituals of the Aryan People

Global Vision Publishing House, 2003/08/01 - 202 ページ
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The Present Work Primitive Rituals Of The Aryan People Deals Mainly With The Ritualistic Way Of Worship That Were Commonly Practised By The Aryan People In Prehistoric Times. These Aryan Races Aryan Races Can Be Traced By Means Of Tradition Or Excavation. They Honoured Their Dead By A Long Series Of Customscustoms Which Shed A Surprising Light On The Ideas Of Man Concerning A Life After Death.The Aryans Undoubtedly, Like Other Races, Once Worshipped And Prayed To Trees, Stamps, Stones And Animals Not Only As Symbols Of Divinity, But As Real Embodiments Of A Divine Anima. Along With Sun, Moon, Thunderstorm And Thundercrash, We Find Also Fire As An Object Of Worship In Primitive Time. The Fundamental Features Of The Old Indian Ancestor Worshipancestor Worship Must Be Regarded As Belonging To The Vedic Period Vedic Period. It Is Believed That Its Forms In Most Of The Sources Show That The Ruling Priesthood Exerted A Strong Influence On Them And To A Large Extent Transformed Them.

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