The History of Johnny Quae Genus: The Little Foundling of the Late Doctor Syntax

Methuen & Company, 1903 - 251 ページ


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87 ページ - Dares man upon himself confide ? The wretch who glories in his gain, Amasses heaps on heaps in vain. Why lose we life in anxious cares, To lay in hoards for future years ? Can those (when tortur'd by disease) Cheer our sick heart, or purchase ease ? Can those prolong one gasp of breath, Or calm the troubled hour of death ? What's beauty ? Call ye that your own ? A flower that fades as soon as blown.
212 ページ - SONG. It has long been agreed by all persons of learning Who in stories of old have a ready discerning, That in every country which travellers paint, There has always been found a protector or saint. Derry down, etc.
88 ページ - Stretch life beyond the destined hour ? Consider, man ; weigh well thy frame ; The king, the beggar is the same. 70 Dust form'd us all. Each breathes his day, Then sinks into his native clay. Beneath a venerable yew, That in the lonely churchyard grew, Two Ravens sat. In solemn croak 75 Thus one his hungry friend bespoke : Methinks I scent some rich repast ; The savour strengthens with the blast ; Snuff then, the promised feast inhale ; I taste the carcase in the gale.
212 ページ - He'd fight foiyhis country's religion and laws, And when beauty was injur'd he took up the cause ; • For the gallant St. Patrick, as ev'ry one knows, Was fond of a pretty girl, under the rose, Derry down, 2cc.