Annalen der Physik und Chemie, 第 118 巻

J.A. Barth., 1863


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87 ページ - The flame of sulphur and nitre contains a red ray which appears to me of a remarkable nature. This red ray appears to possess a definite refrangibility, and to be characteristic of the salts of potash, as the yellow ray is of the salts of soda, although, from its feeble illuminating power, it is only to be detected with a prism.
98 ページ - Rechte, dass eine Strahlung ebensowohl von dem Inneren der Körper, als von ihrer Oberfläche ausgeht. Er knüpft hieran die Frage : „are we to suppose each particle of each substance to have at a given temperature an independent radiation of its own, equal, of course, in all directions? A priori", fährt er fort, „this is the most probable supposition, and it seems likewise to be conformable to experiment...
87 ページ - Of all salts the muriates succeed best, from their volatility. The same colours are exhibited also, when any of the salts in question are put in powder into the wick of a spirit-lamp...
87 ページ - The pure earths , when violently heated, as has recently been practised by Lieutenant Drummond, by directing on small spheres of them the flames of several spirit-lamps, urged by oxygen gas, yield from their surfaces lights of extraordinary splendour, which, when examined by prismatic...
404 ページ - Verhältniss verbunden ist, dass sie drei Mal so viel Sauerstoff enthält als die Basen. Ein ähnliches Verhältniss findet im Wolfram zwischen der Wolframsäure und den Basen statt, die bei diesem Minerale, wie im Columbit aus Eisen- und Manganoxydul bestehen.
89 ページ - It is also remarkable," he continues in the text, " that alcohol burnt in an open vessel, or in a lamp with a metallic wick, gives but little of the yellow light ; while, if the wick be of cotton, it gives a considerable quantity, and that for an unlimited time. (I have found other instances of a change of colour in flames, owing to the mere presence of the substance, which suffers no diminution in consequence.
88 ページ - For instance, the orange ray may be the effect of the strontia, since Mr. Herschel found in the flame of muriate of strontia a ray of that colour. If this opinion should be correct, and applicable to the other definite rays, a glance at the prismatic spectrum of a flame may show it to contain substances which it would otherwise require a laborious chemical analysis to detect.
89 ページ - ... it is not easy to explaiu why the salts of potash, etc., should not produce it likewise. Wood, ivory, paper, etc., when placed in the gasflame, give off, besides their bright flame, more or less of this yellow light, which I have always found the same in its characters. The only principle which these various bodies have in common with the salts of soda is water; yet I think that the formation or presence of water cannot be the origin of this yellow light, because ignited sulphur produces the...
87 ページ - The colours thus communicated by the different bases to flame, afford in many cases a ready and neat way of detecting extremely minute quantities of them.
94 ページ - Bunsen und mir, mit Klarheit vorgelegt; es war das wichtigste Ziel unserer gemeinsamen Arbeit, dieselbe zu beantworten; durch Versuche, die in der mannigfaltigsten Weise abgeändert wurden, und die zum gröfsten Theile nen waren, wurden wir zu der Entscheidung geführt, die die Grundbedingung für die »chemische Analyse durch Spectralbeobachtungen