The Parliamentary Novels, 第 13 巻


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25 ページ - You remember the sapphire brooch," he had said once. " That was part of the price I had to pay for being allowed to approach you." He was sitting at the time with his arm round her waist, looking out on beautiful scenery and talking of his old difficulties. She could not find it in her heart to be angry with him, but the idea brought to her mind was disagreeable to her. And she was thoroughly angry with Mrs.
291 ページ - I am angry with you because the thing vexes me. I am dreaming always of some day when we may go away together with the children, and rest in some pretty spot, and live as other people live.
236 ページ - But them men, when they get on at money-making, — or money-losing, which makes 'em worse, — are like tigers clawing one another. They don't care how many they kills, so that they has the least bit for themselves. There ain't no fear of God in it, nor yet no mercy, nor ere a morsel of heart. It ain't what I call manly, — not that longing after other folks
203 ページ - Do remember where you are!' or, 'My dear John!' — if no stranger were present. But then a wife should be initiated into it by degrees; and there are different tones of bad language, of which by far the most general is the good-humoured tone. We all of us know men who never damn their servants, or any inferiors, or strangers, or women, — who in fact keep it all for their bosom friends; and if a little does sometimes flow over in the freedom of domestic life, the wife is apt to remember that she...
8 ページ - His honesty is not like the honesty of other men. It is more downright ; — more absolutely honest ; less capable of bearing even the shadow which the stain from another's dishonesty might throw upon it.