Tips and Tidbits for the Horse Lover

Wiley, 2007/07/30 - 147 ページ
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An irresistible treat for horse lovers

With more than 300 morsels of intriguing information and one-of-a-kind illustrations, this is a fascinating romp through the world of horses. Along the way, you'll find answers to questions like:
* What was so unique about Caesar's horse?
* How do you lead a horse to water and make him drink?
* Exactly how many horses did they use in Hidalgo, anyway?
* Why would you use a leaf blower inside of a barn?
* Why shouldn't you walk through a hotel lobby with spurs on in Phoenix, Arizona?
* Who said, "I can make a General in five minutes but a good horse is hard to replace?"

This collection of equestrian trivia, lore, and more is equally at home on the coffee table or in the stable. It's a book you'll savor again and again.

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著者について (2007)

Tena Bastian is known both as a Western poet and as an equestrian expert. She has presented seminars at equine expositions across the United States and been a featured speaker on The Horse Show with Rick Lamb and Pet Talk Radio. Tena and her husband own and stand their three-time World Qualifying Stallion, This Beau's Eligible, on their ranch in Ohio. Tena also authored The Horses We Love, The Lessons We Learn (Howell Book House).